ZEISS Process Gas Analyzer Inline Contamination Control for

ZEISS Process Gas Analyzer
Inline Contamination Control for Pressures < 10 -5 mbar
The ZEISS Process Gas Analyzer is a compact,
This way, a high robustness against corrosive
highly sensitive ion trap Fourier Transform
gases or hydrogen and therefore a significantly
mass spectrometer, ideally suited for inline
contamination control.
longer up-time and life-time than common
mass spectrometers is obtained.
The data is measured in real time. With
detection limits down to the 10-15 mbar
The modular structure allows it to be tailored
to your needs. It is an ideal tool for inline
range or below, every contamination is
contamination control in all kinds of processes
detectable. The excellent performance
where the working pressure is below 10-5
surpasses typical Quadrupole-RGAs by far.
mbar. Due to its compact design the PGA can
Owing to its robust design and the use of
easily be integrated in your UHV process
metal electrodes as detector, the analyzer
does not contain any fragile electron
multipliers or detectors.
Residual gas analysis of water at a background
pressure of 10-8 mbar
Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH
73447 Oberkochen
[email protected]
Possible Applications
The Process Gas Analyzer is a high performance
Fourier-Transform ion trap. Ions can be
Semiconductor Processes (Etching, PVD,
Implantation, …)
selectively accumulated and measured without
the use of electron multipliers. It allows selective
Monitoring of outgassing
wide mass-range storage and excitation of
Monitoring of cleaning processes
independent ion species. The measurement is
non-destructive, the same ion population can be
measured repeatedly, further increasing
sensitivity and dynamic range. There are two
possible ionization methods, EI (standard) or
Plasma Ionization (optional).
Outgassing of hydrocarbon contaminations of teflon parts
Limit of Detection
below 10-15 mbar
Operation Pressure
< 10-5 mbar
Measuring Speed
200 ms
Mass Resolution
m/ m>> 2000
Customer Benefit
Down to a few thousand molecules measurable
In-line measurements for industrial UHV
Real time measurement for fast processes
High accuracy molecule detection
Mass Range
Up to 2000 amu
Detect analytes from atoms to complex molecules
< 35x14x25 cm
In-line capability, flexible adaptation, modular