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February 2015
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A Heroe's Christmas
I Saw the Real Christmas
I “Wheelie” Like You!
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February 2015
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The Choske Biker Wedding
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A Heroe’s Christmas
I Saw the Real Christmas
I “Wheelie” Like You!
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It’s February and there is so much going on already! In Houston, it’s about rodeo time. In Galveston, it’s Mardi Gras. In Hondo, it’s Massacre time. And,
of course, it’s Valentine’s Day! All the love gushing about… how do we deal with it?
This month, we highlight a couple more toy runs. Bikers have the biggest hearts and we continue to show it year-after-year in a variety of forms. Our
own Bob Cooney went along with Yankee (of Yankee’s Tavern) on their annual Lake Loon Toy Run that starts at Snooks Tavern (another Yankeeowned bar), located in Snook Texas (just south of College Station/Byan). The other, a reader submission, the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club adopted
a special warrior family this past Christmas. There are plenty of charitable rides coming up this year, many of which Thunder Roads Texas will, once
again, sponsor. So get ready… here we go!
On our cover, a biker wedding. It is always so cool to see the non-traditional weddings and biker weddings top the charts in our book! It was a beautiful
day, a beautiful bride and bikes lining the aisle. How can you go wrong?
We also offer a couple of biker love stories. It’s interesting to hear how couples meet. Add a bike in the picture, and sometimes it just gets crazy.
Always good, either way.
We are sponsoring some really great events this year… starting with this month, the St. Valentine’s Massacre Rally at the Medina County Fairgrounds
in Hondo. This is hosted by the Gypsy Motorcycle Club, Alamo City Chapter out of San Antonio. It’s their 38th year running this charitable rally. Our
own, Pig and Rainman will be there… will you? Also this month, is the new Mardi Gras Rally in Liberty. This is a new one from Biker Rallies of Texas.
All adult, all fun… full of music, biker games, and more debauchery than should be allowed. There are more coming in March… so stay tuned!
If you have anything to share with our readers, we encourage you to send it our way! We love to have reader submissions! Tell us somewhere
interesting you’ve visited. Have a great ride/road? Send it! We do everything possible to get these submissions into the magazine. So share!
As always... please visit our advertisers. We can’t do this magazine without them! When you visit, let them know you saw their ad in Thunder Roads
Ride safe... and ride with THUNDER!
Shelly “TX Dragonfly” Horan
Co-Owner and Managing Editor, Thunder Roads Texas and Owner, Top of Mind Marketing
[email protected]
to the San Jacinto High Rollers
Named American Motorcyclist Association’s
2014 Club of the Year!
Page 6
February 2015
Thunder Roads Texas * Page 7 * February 2015
Avon Tyres of North America
is no cliché that the only thing a
motorcyclist has between the rider and
the road is two tires; nothing but two
small areas of rubber surface that actually
touch the pavement at any given time. Two
small areas that provide the friction on the
roads to GO and to STOP!
How much does the average motorcyclist know
about their motorcycle tires? Most Bikers
understand they need to keep the tires inflated.
But when the tread wears down, do they know
to replace them? We have seen far too often
that riders don’t even do replace tires as often
as they should! We have seen dry rot on the
tires, under inflated tires, and even dangerously
poor tread on tires. It concerns us to even ride
beside other motorcyclists with questionable
We understand that it is easy to forget the
tires… once they are mounted and inflated, you
don’t see much of them while you are riding.
They don’t make a lot of noise and all you have
to do is make sure they have air in them once in
a while. When choosing new tires, the simplest
route to is to install tires identical to those you’re
replacing. This is fairly easy if you’re riding a
motorcycle manufactured within the past 10 to
15 years.
Did you know that motorcycle manufacturers
will go to great lengths to develop a motorcycle’s
handling performance around a tire of particular
construction? In fact they work with only one or
two tire manufacturers to assure that the bike
they build handles just the way the bike builder
intends. But what if you want a better tire? A
bigger tire? A raked front end? You know… to
get just to get that look you want?
Selecting a tire with different dimensions,
even marginally different than the tire fitted as
original equipment, can dramatically alter the
way a motorcycle steers, stops, or accelerates.
Additionally you need to know that you DO have
options! In fact, you have a lot of options! You
may choose to go with a tire that gives you
extended mileage or tires that provides you with
a better grip for performance or smoother ride.
With all the manufacturers out there, how do
you know which one to trust? You understand
Page 8
February 2015
that your life depends on your selection, right?
Avon motorcycle tires have some of the world’s
most advanced tire technology. Avon has been
developing and manufacturing tires since
1885 and the technology they use has been
painstakingly developed and tested over the
years. This means that, regardless of what type
of bike you have and where you ride or how you
ride, you can have absolute faith in your tires.
We bet our lives on Avon Tyres!
for the development of a cling rubber tread
compound for car and motorcycle tyres, greatly
enhancing wet road grip.
Avon Tyres have developed motorcycle tires
for just about every purpose: Ultra High
Performance, High Performance, Sport Touring,
Cruiser / Touring, Street Bias, Adventure
Sport, Classic, Distanzia Supermoto, High
Performance Scooter, and Non-DOT Race
2003 Supermoto takes off as an international
sport. Avon responds with a range of Supermoto
tires for both amateurs and professionals.
You know how we like to promote out local
manufacturers… Avon Tyres of North America
is located right here in Ohio! Check them out:
Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America in Stow,
Ohio. Their phone number is (800) 624-7470
or (330) 928-9092 or to locate a dealer just
go to their web site
Just take a look at a few of their milestones that
caught our eyes:
1914-1918 Avon products are built and used for
almost every type of military vehicle.
1933 Avon shares are issued on the London
Stock Exchange.
1997 Avon Tyres Limited is acquired by Cooper
Tire and Rubber Co. of Ohio, USA. The
creation of Cooper-Avon Tyres Limited marks
the beginning of a new era for the company.
Cooper-Avon Tyres Ltd. was also the first tyre
manufacturer in the world to gain the prestigious
ISO 9001 quality award.
Today With superbikes becoming ever-more
super, Avon introduces its most advanced road
and track tire range to date, the VP2
Now is the time of year to check over your
bike; to fix it, maintain it or even upgrade it for
the spring and summer riding season. And
don’t forget to look at your tires! There are no
bragging rights to say your tires are the original
ones that came on the bike, particularly when
your bike isn’t new!
With years of experience, years of research,
and all the years of surviving our up and down
economy, Avon Tyres of North American is
certainly worth looking in to and they definitely
have the endorsement of Two Wheel Thunder
1941 World War 2
– Avon operates at
full stretch to support
the war effort with a total of 2,500
employees in all its enterprises.
Glory years; every solo world
champion, including John
Surtees pictured here,
rode to victory on Avon
motorcycle tires.
1961 Avon hits record
production with 1.5
million tyres per year.
Wide acclaim is won
Thunder Roads Texas * Page 9 * February 2015
Broken Hearts and Dead Batteries
reetings Piglets, I hope and trust you’re all
set for Valentines Day this year. Have you
got your eye on the perfect love themed
gift for your lady yet? Are you hoping you
can afford it, and she will love it? Yes, it’s that time
of year when love is in the air and the ladies are
anticipating red roses, sweet candy, and the taste
of fish tacos. Our adventure today starts back
in November, Thanksgiving day to be precise.
Rainman put a ham on the smoker, the beer was
flowing, and the air was filled with the heavenly
aroma of smoked meat. While I didn’t choose, nor
would I eat what he had on the smoker, it did smell
wonderful to him for the holiday; I’m sure all the
neighbors were quite jealous as well. It was about
that time when Phil text messaged us wanting to
go for a ride in the Hill Country on Friday. It was
a plan that sounded good to us, so we set up the
time to meet. It had been about two weeks since
the last time we rode the bike so Rainman thought
it would be a good idea to crank up the bike and
let it run for a bit.
A turn of the key, a twist of the throttle and a
push of the button...nothing happened. Silence;
the bike just sat there. The lack of multicolored
lights on the dashboard told the story, it was a
dead battery. Rainman flipped on the LED’s and
saw just the faintest of a glow. He plugged in the
battery tender and began to recharge the battery.
A few hours after dinner he tried once again to
start the bike. The battery had barely charged
up at all and started to look like this was going to
take awhile. The next morning, we tried the key
once again. The headlight came on with the turn
of the key but as soon as we touched the starter
button the bike cranked over very slowly and then
It didn’t look like we were going anywhere that
day. What pissed Rainman off the most was the
fact that the battery was only two years old. Y’all
remember we replaced the battery when we did
the St. Louis trip thanksgiving week two years ago.
We spent the night in Bentonville, AR and woke up
to 26 degree weather with a dead as a doornail
battery. We had to have the local bike shop come
over and install a new battery. So why was this
battery trying to pull the same BS? Rainman
pulled out all the stops; he pulled the seat off
and hooked up the bigger charger and began to
apply some amps to that puppy. Instead of riding
with Phil, we spent a very lovely day charging the
battery. It finished charging about 3 pm and the
Page 10
February 2015
bike fired right off. Cool. A ride around the block
and everything was fine. We rescheduled the ride
for Sunday and, as a precaution, Rainman kept
the battery tender plugged in. The ride Sunday
went without a hitch. It was good to get back out
on the road and feel the wind. All was perfect in
our world.
Five days later, Rainman went to crank up the bike
again, only this time it cranked just barely enough
to start the engine. “Uh, Houston, we may have
a problem” starting here rattled in my head. We
were one week away from the toy run and this
battery is giving us some trouble. What do we do?
All of our extra money had been donated to the
toy run. To replace the battery now, while it would
not wipe us out, it would take a big bite out of the
budget that we did not need. We found that if the
tender was on the battery everything was fine.
But still, there was that point of uncertainty that
had Rainman worried. Why would a two year old
battery start going out so soon?
A trip over to our good friends at San Antonio’s
world premier motorcycle repair shop, Quick’s
Performance Cycle, gave us the answers we were
looking for. Now when you say answers from a
motorcycle shop, one must always remember the
question while talking to a motorcycle mechanic,
a conversation with a good wrench turner can
bring up all kinds of stories related and unrelated
to the task at hand. The guys over at Quick’s are
no different than any other place. When Rainman
and I stopped by Quick’s, it was four days before
the toy run and the countdown had begun. Not
a whole lot of time to be playing games at this
point. Perfect timing though, as it was lunch time
for everyone. We sat at the picnic table there in
the shop and had a lovely conversation with the
boys. Quick must have been real hungry that
day as he took a huge bite out of his burger as I
began to question him. Quick was just too much
interested in his lunch, however, as he had that
“ahhhh beef” smile on his face. (Thank God it was
hamburgers today, I would have not wanted to see
what happens if it was pork!) So Dustin stepped in
to answer my questions.
My first question was did they think we could hold
off on buying a new battery ‘till after the toy run?
Of course Quick, being the answer man he is,
immediately answered my question before Dustin
could speak his wise words of wisdom. “Now Pig,
you know t is better to be safe than sorry. You know
good and well that you guys will make it to the toy
run, but I can guarantee you one thing for sure will
happen”. “What’s that Quick” I asked in return.
That was when his smile grew bigger as he began
to speak, “When it comes time to start your bike in
front of over two hundred bikers, you know damn
good and well that sucker won’t turn over one bit.
And right there in front of those men, do you think
you will ever live that one down?” I felt the veil of
embarrassment in my gut; Quick was right. Just
as sure as God made little green apples, our luck
would run out at and we would never live that one
down. Plus, just think of all those brokenhearted
children of the toy run if Santa Claus wasn’t there?
OK Quick, I have to grant you that you’re right on
that one, so go get us a battery.
While Quick went to look up the replacement
battery, Dustin and I had a chance to talk. He filled
me in on why that battery went dead two years
to the day it was installed. Well it seems that the
battery manufacturers have battery life down to a
science. Batteries only have to last just so long so
they can be able to sell you new one without using
any warranty. How can you make a battery last
longer than the designed life span? You can use a
battery tender, especially during the cold weather
periods. Lower temperatures drain batteries of
their “Cold Cranking Amps” Those are the needed
amps that make the starter motor spin and colder
temperatures use more amps to start the bike.
There is nothing more heart breaking than a dead
battery when you want to go ride. Here is another
important fact about bikes and batteries, the more
accessories you run on your bike is the more drain
you place on your battery. Here is why, the stator
(Charging system) will recharge the battery once
you start the bike. However it doesn’t recharge
it right away, it takes a little time for the battery
rebuild back up. The main purpose of the stator is
to keep the engine running, without drawing power
from the battery (i.e., power to the coil, computer
system, etc). Add the load of the headlight that
comes on automatically, use the brake lights and
turn signals, and you have just about everything
the stator is designed to run. Turn on the stereo,
LED’s, side lights, charge the cell phone, G.P.S.,
now the charging system has to work even harder
to keep up with everything on the bike.
So, how do you make sure you are achieving full
life from his battery? Use a battery tender when
the bike is sitting. This will help keep the battery
fully charged and ready for the next ride. This is
particularly true if you run a lot of accessories on
your bike. This is very important during the winter
months when you may ride less. The colder
temperatures will rob the battery of needed amps
to turn the engine over. Now, on the other hand,
the extreme heat is just as harmful on a battery as
well. To better protect the bike when it is not being
ridden, I would suggest keeping the bike indoors –
the dinning room should work well for this purpose!
Move those tables and chairs out to the back patio
and roll that bike indoors. The constant interior
temperature of the house will make it easier
to extend the life of the battery. Plus, you may
have more plugs to choose from for the battery
tender! Storing the bike indoors is also better for
protecting the finish of the bike from the elements,
thus keeping the bike in a better condition. Also,
storing the bike indoors allows you the watch the
game on TV while you do oil changes or maybe
some detailing. This is also more effective since
you will be closer to the kitchen to get you a cold
beer while working on your bike too! If your wife
objects to this storage solution, she will just have
to understand how important it is to protect the
bike from the elements. After all, won’t she want
your bike to have the best level of protection? I
would think so.
Ride HARD my Friends.
You can contact Pig or Rainman by e-mail at [email protected]
For more of Pig’s wild adventures, check out his blog at
or follow him on
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
February 2015
Page 11
Give Her the Precious Metals Loop
B Randy McCamey, TRT Associate Editor
he month of February is here and love
is upon us. St. Valentine would be proud
of all of us who selfishly share that love
by participating in various toy runs and veterans
benefit rides and rally’s. It can be an expensive
month for us guys, however, as our girls are
always in need of a few simple pleasures in life.
Usually, those “simple pleasures” seem to have
something to do with Silver and Gold! So this
month, let’s saddle up and find a little Silver and
Gold right smack-dab in the middle of Texas.
We’ll start our ride in the Heart of Texas and the
geographic center of the state, Brady. Known
for the Goat Cook Off every Labor Day, Brady
epitomizes small town Texas. North from Brady
on US 377 takes us
to our first stop in
northeast McColloch
County, Mercury. One
of the closest towns to
the actual geographic
center of the state,
Mercury is one of
many small towns
built for the railroads
in the early 1900’s that
then died a slow death
through the rest of the
20th Century.
East on FM 765, right on FM 45, then left on
FM 500… the road goes to through Regency.
A ghost town now, Regency has a sordid past
as the center of vigilantes and crime mobs
(yes, mobs!) in the 1800’s. For some of the
more adventurous of you, an interesting side
trip is to see the Regency Bridge that crosses
the Colorado River, one of the last remaining
suspension bridges in the state. The bridge is
about 5 miles off on a caliche road, but take it
slow and steady and you’ll be fine. dual sport
riders will have a blast, but fear not touring
riders, the big bikes make the short ride
hundreds of times every year – just don’t try it
after a big rain!
Continue east on
FM 500 takes us
just north of San
Saba where we turn
north on Highway
16. We strike gold
in Goldthwaite –
the Gateway to
the Hill Country.
Llano, to the south,
is the Deer Capital
of Texas but if you
have ever been
to Goldthwaite, I
think the citizens of
Mills County would
beg to differ! Deer
James and Karen Stovall
in bronze on the
at Brady Courthouse
courthouse square.
You will be treated
to Christmas in July if you happen to be riding
through during the middle of the summer, and
the Parade of Lights if your ride takes you
through town in December.
Riding northwest from Goldthwaite on
Highway183/Highway 84, a wide 4-lane that lets
us pack in some serious miles at cruising speeds
as we roll through Zephyr, Early, Brownwood,
Santa Anna, Bangs, and Coleman. It would be
criminal to mention riding through Brownwood
without saying that everyone needs to have
a meal at Underwood’s Bar-B-Q. Not only do
they have great beef steak barbeque, they were
Page 12
February 2015
rated third in the state for their fried chicken by
the television show “Texas Country Reporter”,
based on viewer voting.
About 14 miles north of Coleman, just off
Highway 84, we find the small town of Silver
Valley and just a few more miles north and
we strike gold a second time in Goldsboro.
According to the Handbook of Texas, Goldsboro
“developed with the construction of the Pecos
Valley and Northern Texas Railway in 1910–11.
It was optimistically named for gold-colored
stones in the neighboring hills.” Too bad there
wasn’t any real gold in them-thar hills!
With the bikes pointed north, we ride through
the small town of Lawn and on in to Tuscola
and then turn southwest on Highway 83 through
Ovalo, then Winters; taking FM 384 West toward
Bronte. For you Texas history buffs, some
14 miles north of Bronte is Fort Chadbourne.
Chadbourne is noteworthy in Texas history for
many reasons, but most notably because it
was both one of the line of forts on the Texas
frontier (1852-1873) and it was also a Butterfield
Overland Stage stop. Fort Chadbourne is
privately owned and, contrary to what we might
think, it is also one of the most well preserved
forts in the state with possibly one of the best
restored Butterfield stage stops on the Texas
frontier. I highly recommend this destination
any time you are in the area. Learn more at
Continuing out of Bronte on Highway 158, into
Robert Lee. Many references claim that Robert
Lee was named after the famed General of the
Civil War, Robert E. Lee, but noted historian A.
C. Green, Jr. claims this is not true.
North of Robert Lee, we loop around Lake E.
V. Spence on Highway 208, to the small town
of Silver. This little spot in the road was one of
many Texas towns built, not by the railroads,
but because of the discovery of oil in the area.
Taking FM 2059 South out of Silver, we join
Highway 158 West to our next destination,
Sterling City, the county seat of Sterling County.
Hey, everybody knows that the best kind of
silver is “Sterling” silver! Need we say more?
We head southeast on Highway 87, another
wide 4-lane to San Angelo. Again, for those
interested in Texas history, a visit to Fort Concho
is a must! As with Fort
Concho is one of the
best of the restored
Texas forts. You can
take a walking tour
of the fort any time
of the year but a visit
on the first weekend
in December you
will get to be part
Fort Chadbourne
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
At this point of the
ride, we have visited
all the Mercury, Silver,
and Gold locations,
so I hope you ladies
were able to get your
precious metals fix by
this point!
To get home after stuffing your gut, take FM
1929 East to Highway 83 South. You’ll ride
through Paint Rock into Eden. Here, take
Highway 87 East, back into Brady.
While you are out and about this year, I hope
you will take the scenic and historic tour of West
Central Texas on this Silver to Gold loop. Have
a great 2015.
February 2015
Page 13
of their Christmas at
the Fort celebration
– a great time for
Christmas shopping
next December!
Fort Chadbourne
Fort Concho
we could make the easy ride back to our
starting point in Brady on US 87, but let me
offer an alternative. As my byline states, I
like to travel the backroads, but secondly,
I like to eat! From San Angelo, we head
north on US 67 about 32 miles to Rowena
where we turn south on FM 381 to Lowake.
You want to make a beeline for one of the
few businesses in the little community, the
Lowake Steak House at the corner of FM
381 and FM 1929. The Steak House is a
little spot in the road that has been around
for years and serves what is arguably the
best steak in Texas! Sometimes I even think
of changing my byline to Ride-to-Eat, or
maybe, Will Ride for Food!
A Heroe’s Christmas
I am sending you this in hopes not to
" toot" our own chapter's horn, but to
hopefully share with your readers
who are members of other MCs &
RCs that want to share the holiday
giving spirit to deserving people but
do not know how what to do. I cannot
think of a better type of person to
bring this to than one of our wounded
veterans that have given so much for
our country and our freedom. I have
also included below a little information
about our wounded veteran.
VP - Chapter 44
Freedom Cruisers Riding Club
ere is a little information on our
wounded service man:
Andy Toppin was born in Sandy, UT.
Early in his childhood, his family moved to
Columbus, GA for a few years, before eventually
settling Dickinson, TX. Andy lived in Dickinson
until he joined the US Army in August 2007.
Upon completion of One Station Unit Training
at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO to become a Military
Policeman, he was assigned to Camp Casey,
South Korea, where he spent a year.
After Korea, Andy was assigned to the 4-2
Stryker Brigade Combat Team (“The 4-2”) in Ft
.Lewis, WA. He deployed to Iraq with The 4-2 in
September 2009. On December 12, 2009, he
was driving the lead Humvee in a four-vehicle
convoy in Iraq when the vehicle was struck by
an explosively formed penetrator. The vehicle
immediately caught fire. Despite the explosion,
Specialist Toppin was able to bring the vehicle
to a stop and attempt to get himself out of the
burning vehicle and away from the scene.
He collapsed as he exited the vehicle due to
severe fractures to his legs. Toppin's team
Page 14
February 2015
leader pulled him away from the vehicle, and
his squad applied tourniquets to his legs and
called for medevac. He was rushed to the field
hospital at the Balad Air Base, where his right
leg was amputated. Once stabilized, he was
transported to Germany, and then back to the
Unites States. In addition to losing his right leg,
Specialist Toppin suffered severe damage to
his left leg and burns to his face and arms.
Specialist Toppin received the Purple Heart,
Combat Action Badge, Iraq Campaign Medal,
Overseas Service Ribbon, Army Achievement
Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Army
Good Conduct Medal, and National Defense
Andy’s experience
with a prosthetic
leg began in
March 2010 in
San Antonio, TX,
at the Center for
the Intrepid. He
then went through
about two years of
rehab, relearning
how to walk before
being medically
retired from the Army in January 2012; at which
time he moved back to the Houston area.
camaraderie, and support from their community
that sadly, just isn’t being met; fueling his drive
and passion to become a part of the Houston
Amputee Society. As a member, Andy hopes to
be a positive force in the amputee community,
providing both new and more experienced
amputees with a positive, supportive,
passionate, and unbiased advocate on their
Since his retirement, Andy Toppin has seen
the growing need for all amputees, combat
related and otherwise, to have a sense of unity,
Thunder Roads Texas * Page 15 * February 2015
Thunder Roads Texas * Page 16 * February 2015
Event Listing
The MOST comprehensive motorcycle event listing published in the State of Texas!
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
Patriot Poker Run & Concert
Wind & Fire MC 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off
Thunder Roads Texas BIKE NIGHT
Our monthly (third Thursday) biker party
with a few hundred of our closest friends!
Co-hosted by the Outlaw Dave Show at
Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters
(6502 Washington Ave, Houston 77007;
cages, please park behind I-Hop). Outlaw
Dave broadcasting LIVE! Cages, please
park behind I-Hop. Live music with no
cover or drink minimum, drink specials,
door prizes, and MORE! Reserved
motorcycle-only parking.. Rain or shine…
the BEST and longest continually held
bike night in Houston!
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February 2015
Page 17
Wednesday Bluez, Rock n Red Dirt
Wild Rabbit Salad Band
EVERY Wednesday 8pm-10pm
Hosted by the Red River Ice House on
Main Street (10308 Main Street, Houston
77025 located just outside the loop 610
near Reliant Stadium). Find Wild Rabbit
Salad in Facebook!
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
[email protected]
38th Annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
hosted by Alamo City Gypsy MC. Back in
Hondo, TX! Come join us at the Hondo City
Park and Fairgrounds located at 733 FM
Rd 462 N. Plenty of camping and room for
self-contained RV’s. Food & merchandise
vendors; Run Pins for the first 1000; Fun
run w/ cash prizes; Live music all weekend!
For info visit our website or call (210)
601-1932. Sponsored by Thunder Roads
Quaker Steak & Lube – League City
Bike Nite – EVERY Wednesday
League City
The best weekly Bike Nite on the planet!
Live entertainment, theme nights,
contests, giveaways, food & drink specials
& much more! Like us on Facebook
(search for Quaker Steak & Lube League
City) for updates and specials!
Stubbs Harley-Davidson Health Fair
Blood mobile & the St Christus mobile
screening for bloodwork
Brazoria County Cavalry 7 Year
Lake Jackson
Daytona Bike Week
Daytona, FL
Page 18
February 2015
Mardi Gras on the Trinity
WARNING: Adult Content
Biggest ADULT Mardi Gras Party in
Texas! $40 weekend pass; $20 Saturday
day pass. Live music, golf cart & bike
lighted parade, campsite contest, Mardi
Gras costume contest, bike show, wet
t-shirt contest, tattoo show, pole dance
contest,m vendors and more! BEADS,
BEADS and more BEADS! Laissez les
bons temps reouler… Let the good times
roll! Saturday late night party... FREE
beer while it lasts and no dress code!
Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas!
Fort Worth Bikers Lifestyle Expo and
Fort Worth
... continued
Stagecoach Run
Registration begins at 9am and KSU at
10am. Benefiting Stagecoach Ministries,
providing food boxes, diapers, and clothing
to over 100 families living in Welfare,
Waring, Sisterdale, Fredericksburg,
Comfort, Center Point, Kerrville, Ingram,
Hunt, Bandera, Pipe Creek, and Boerne.
$25 per bike; $35 for couples; includes
ride, patch, and lunch. Live music
provided by The Flipside 1-4pm. For event
information, contact Mike 830.249.0300.
2015 Arlington ABATE Bikers Ball
27-March 1
EvenT Listing
Rough Riders Veterans Run
El Paso
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Thunder Roads Texas * Page 19 * February 2015
... continued
Thunder Roads Texas BIKE NIGHT
Our monthly (third Thursday) biker party
with a few hundred of our closest friends!
Co-hosted by the Outlaw Dave Show at
Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters
(6502 Washington Ave, Houston 77007;
cages, please park behind I-Hop). Outlaw
Dave broadcasting LIVE! Cages, please
park behind I-Hop. Live music with no
cover or drink minimum, drink specials,
door prizes, and MORE! Reserved
motorcycle-only parking.. Rain or shine…
the BEST and longest continually held bike
night in Houston!
Blowout’s Biker Bash
Bike games; special contests, including
best leprechaun nighty contest; best
dressed leprechaun; best St Patty’s Day
themed campsite. Live music all weekend,
with headliners Point Blank (Friday)
and Sid 17 (Saturday). Adult rally; 21 &
up only. Held at the Galveston County
Fairgrounds. $35 weekend pass includes
FREE tent camping. $140 Self-contained
RV sites include 2 FREE weekend
passes. Preregister by March 3, 2013 and
get a FREE T-shirt per weekend pass.
Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas!
EvenT Listing
4th Annual Route 49 Biker Rally
Wild Hog Explosion All Bike Rally & Hill
Country Poker Run
Page 22
February 2015
About Our Event Listing
Basic Event listings are FREE. Premium Event
Listings (bold and up to 75 word description)
are only $15/event. Send your event to: [email protected] To be included in the
print version, information must be received by
the 10th of the month prior to the month in which
the event is scheduled or the month before you
wish a Premium Event Listing to appear. Events
must have some motorcycle element.
Thunder on the Colorado
Riverbend Park located off of Highway
71 along the Colorado River. Come out
and join us for a roaring good time. Live
music, parade through historic downtown
Smithville, a fun run, bike games, and the
Miss Thunder Pageant. Adults age 21 &
up ONLY. Camp sites are available. Camp
site or RV reservations contact Smithville
Parks and Recreation at 512-237-3283
Ext. 7. For more information call 512-2372313, email [email protected]
And LIKE us on Facebook.
Stubbs Harley-Davidson Open House
Food, vendors, music, and more!
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Thunder Roads Texas * Page 23 * February 2015
EvenT Listing
3rd Semi-Annual Cricket 4 a Cure
April 24-26
Oldest Town in Texas Rally
June 11-14
5th Annual RDA Car and Motorcycle
May 1-3
Hill Country Run Motorcycle Rally
Annual fundraiser for the Fredericksburg
Optimist Club. The fun starts Friday social in
Fredericksburg; Saturday includes helicopter
rides, live music, stunt riders, Hill Country rides,
bike games, bike show, Cowboy Breakfasts;
Ending with Sunday services provided by the
CMA. Registration is open NOW. Register
online now… $50/per person includes: entry all
four days, social “kick-off” on Friday, Cowboy
Breakfast Saturday & Sunday, Hill Country
rides; bike games, and bike show. Sponsored
by Thunder Roads Texas!
Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit
Loveland, CO
Arizona Bike Week
Scottsdale, AZ
ABATE & Legislative Seminar
Lake Dallas
... continued
Thunder in the Hill Country
April 9-11
Louisiana State HOG Rally
West Monroe, LA
April 9-12
Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally
and the crew for a weekend full of music and fun
at Big Creek Park on beautiful Lake Somerville!
Live bands all weekend, RV Sites (book NOW),
free tent camping (with entrance fee), bike &
cart games, vendors, and more. The party
never stops with the Battle of the After Hours
Campsite Parties! Registration is open now.
Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas!
April 10-12
TMRA State Rally
Comanche City Park; Gates open Friday at
Noon. Pre-Registration by March 24 $20/
person. Gate $25/person. Under 16 free.
Tent camping included. Weekend on site RV
parking $25. Friday: Hobo Stew, Jam Session.
Saturday: Fun Run, Bike games, Bike Show,
Silent Auction, and much more. Awards
Presentation 7pm Saturday. CMA Services
Sunday. Please check website for updates.
Page 24
February 2015
May 2
Bikes & Bugs VII– Main Event
Sugar Land
Join Los Guys MC for the MAIN EVENT (time
and place to be announced). Live music,
5,000 pounds of crawfish, bikini bike wash,
Outlaw Dave emceeing. Silent Auction. Prizes
offered all day long. More information to come
as it becomes availalble or visit their website
regularly for updates. Sponsored by Thunder
Roads Texas!
International Female Ride Day
May 9-16
Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally
Myrtle Beach, SC
May 14-17
Texas State HOG Rally
The Aspen Cash Rally
Ruidoso, NM
May 24-25
Rolling Thunder XXVI
Washington, DC
Republic of Texas (ROT) Biker Rally
June 13-20
Laconia Motorcycle Week
Laconia, NH
June 15
Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day
June 18-20
Arkansas State HOG Rally
Hot Spring, AR
August 1-8
70th Annual Sturgis Bike Week
Sturgis, SD
September 9-12
New Mexico State HOG Rally
Las Cruces, NM
September 16-20
The Golden Aspen Rally
Ruidoso, NM
September 23-26
Bikes, Blues & BBQ
Fayetteville, AR
October 10-12
Oklahoma State HOG Rally
Poteau, OK
October 15-17
Daytona, FL
November 5-8
Lone Star Rally
Thunder Roads Texas does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and cannot be held liable.
Things change, there may be typos, and weather happens. So before you climb on your steed and ride to one of
these events, contact the organizers and verify the latest information.
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
February 2015
Page 25
I Saw the Real Christmas...
by Bob Cooney, CEO
all places to find an over flowing feeling of the
‘real’ Christmas… would you believe in Snook
Texas? They have a population of 503 people,
two building in the downtown area, with one of them a bar
called “Snooks Tavern”. My good friend Yankee, the owner
of Snooks Tavern and also owns Yankees Tavern in Carlos,
TX, called me one day and sald “ Hay Bob, you might want
to come out for our 28th annual Summerville Lake Loon Toy
Run on December 20th. You might enjoy seeing what we
are doing”. I knew about this event for years, but had never
been there to actually see what was going on. I said “Okay
Yankee, yes, thanks for the invite. I would love to be there”.
So at 9:30am on that cold, damp, misty Saturday morning,
I pulled into Snooks downtown to see a long line of bikes
staging alongside Snooks Tavern. I expected to see 30,
maybe 50 bikes. But no, there were between 140-150 bikes
in line. Look around, I know that every one of them was
anxious to head out for their annual run. They had coffee
and droughts setup outside the tavern and everyone
seemed to be having a great time.
I wondered around a bit then saw Yankee talking with his
friends. I walked over and Yankee yelled out “Hello Bob, I
see that you did make it”. I said hello and was immediately
introduced to several of his really good friends. Many of
them were people that have been involved with this ride for
a lot of years. As we chatted more bikes pulled into line,
making a very fine showing for this otherwise cold and
miserable day. I noticed that in the front of the line was a
large trailer FILLED with wrapped Christmas presents and
another trailer just filled with bikes. I kept thinking, that’s
going to make some people very happy.
Yankee introduced me to his right hand gal Jody who runs
Snooks Tavern, as well as this rally for the past 14 years.
She was standing in the back of a pickup barking out orders
to everyone, telling them the route and what to expect along
the ride and other useful information.
And then… it began. Kickstands up at 10:00 and
approximately 150 bikes went roaring down the road to
the first stop. Jody had told me they were making 7 stops
that day and would end up back at Snooks. I found myself
wondering what they would actually do next.
Page 26
February 2015
After about a 20 minute ride, we came to the first stop with
150 bikes parking in front of a small house spilling out into
the street. A number of small kids were wandering around
bursting with eagerness to see what was going on. After the
bikes finished parking, each one of them went to the trailer,
picked up a few boxes, then got into line. They all stood
patiently in line waiting for their turn to drop off packages
in the family’s living room, in front of their tree. Quickly the
room became very fill and overflowed with love from this
large group of hardened bikers.
That is when I met Rusty, their annual Santa Clause. He
has been playing Santa since the very first year. He told me
when they first started the Santa suit would not fit the guy
that planned to be Santa. So Rusty tried it on, it fit… and he
has been doing it ever since. He is a great guy and the kids
loved him.
When that was done, they all fired up their bikes and road
on to the next stop, another very needy family. This one was
a grand mom taking care of her grandkids all by herself,
because their granddad had been killed earlier in the year,
leaving her to take care of everything. Seeing each biker
get into line, grab gifts and patiently work their way into the
house to leave their packages of joy was truly amazing.
There is no doubt these kids had the Christmas of their lives.
Don’t let anyone tell you that the average biker is anything
like what they are portrayed as in that popular TV show.
Nothing could be any further from the actual truth. Each one
of them gave up an entire Saturday to ride around and make
sure that these seven families had a very Merry Christmas.
It was then, right there that I knew… “Today I saw the real
The thanks for all of this goes to Yankee his friends, Jody as
well as her Lady Loons and Rusty. They put all of the work
into making this happen, including six months of screening
various different families making sure they were all truly in
need. Along the way they raised many thousands of dollars
that was all put into use for the gifts and expenses to put on
this toy run. There is no way that anyone could not be truly
moved by this huge offering of love. Yes, today I saw the real
Christmas, and I was truly impressed.
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
February 2015
Page 27
I “Wheelie”
Like You!
Early Sunday morning in November 2008, I checked my BON messages. A big ole biker dude named SHARPSTEEL politely asked me if I wanted to
go for a ride that day. I checked his profile and saw he had worked for a stable company for 30 years, had his own home, and had various hobbies like
riding his motorcycle across this great country of ours. Like all over!! It said he'd been to Sturgis 5 times?! He must like that place I thought!!!
So I called him mid morning and told him I had sold my bike that I had not ridden in a while but I'd love to go for a ride! We met at the Y in Oak Hill. I
parked my car and hopped on the back of his bike after our introduction. He took me to the Shade Tree Saloon. We had a burger and then he brought
me back to my car. It was a safe ride and more hanky panky! I liked that!
I called him the next morning and have driven him
Three Sisters at Coyote Ranch!
crazy ever since then! The next weekend we went to our first rally - The
we plan a new adventure so that we can explore this great country
together! I never thought that I would be doing it on a motorcycle with
my best friend and we are so blessed to be able to do so!
Cat and Garland; Round Rock
Todd and I met at a bar through a mutual friend, Greg. They
had been out riding all day and I just popped in to see who was
there. Greg was trying to get his phone number into my phone
(we were both technically challenged) and Todd stood there
laughing at both of us. He then grabbed our phones and did it
for us. (This is the same guy who has not a clue how to turn
on the dishwasher!)
Everyone left, Todd and I were left behind. I asked him if he
danced, he said some. Well… yes the guy can dance very
well. We left when the bar closed, went our own way. NO
phone numbers exchanged, just “bye”. I looked him up on
My Space and friend him.
That next Friday night I went out but left my phone at
home, missing calls and texts. Todd called my phone
using our friend’s phone. No phone… I had no idea.
In my usual bar hopping fashion I went over to the bar
he had been the week before just to check it out. All
of a sudden this biker comes running around the bar
toward me. It is Todd.
He asks, “Did you get my call?”
I said, “No I don’t have my phone on me.” I told him
I would not have answered because I did not want
to date Greg.
That was over five years ago!
Unfortunately, Greg passed away three years
ago in a motorcycle accident. He would have
enjoyed this story.
Connie & Todd; Kerrville
Page 28
February 2015
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
February 2015
Page 29
The Choske
By Todd Harmon, TRT Correspondent
Photos by Connie Wunderlich, TRT Sales
set the stage for this event, we
need to go back a few years and
meet the bride and groom. A little
biker chick (Dawn ) in Minnesota loads up her
personal belongings, including her bike, and
heads south to Texas landing in Spring Branch.
I present to you the bride. After settling in, she
decides to meet a friend for a drink at The
Shade Tree in Spring Branch; a biker bar, go
In walks a smooth talking man of many words
(Carl) who has found his way to Spring Branch
by way of Illinois. I present to you the groom.
Story has it that there was a connection
between the two of them that night but the real
spark does not happen until sometime later.
Those of us who know Carl and Dawn know
Page 30
February 2015
the first year was full of ups and downs, good
times as well as bad. Sometimes even the bad
times can make a relationship grow stronger
when love is allowed to run its course. As time
marched on, with God and Love leading them
through life, it become clear that the two would
be joined together to face life as one.
Now you may be asking, how did I come into
the picture? Well, that is a story in itself. My
girlfriend, Connie, and I went to a meet and
greet at The Shade Tree bar in Spring Branch
where Carl and Dawn just happened to be. The
conversation was of normal things bikers would
talk about and was at a more-or-less normal
voice level. That is until I arrived. I grabbed a
chair and slide it up in the middle of the crowd.
Not being one to let a conversation go stale,
I started telling my stories. The look on Dawn
and Carl’s face was priceless…but we became
friends anyway!
As fate and God would have it, cupid’s arrow
hit its mark with Carl and Dawn and the
wedding plans started brewing. Dawn started
the list of things to do; putting in a swimming
pool, building a deck, assembling the gazebo,
patching the driveway, clearing out a sitting
area on the property, and practicing cooking
a pig in the ground. You all know the things a
bride starts planning before her wedding! Carl
starts wondering what he has gotten himself
into, but he’s a trooper and marches forward.
After many months of hard work, it was time for
a trial run party. Good friends, cold beer, and a
cooked pig; it was a great time. I think we are
Biker Wedding
ready for the real deal.
The wedding took place on a Saturday in
September. On Friday night before, in normal
Carl and Dawn fashion, there was a little party
to kick things off. The head cook, Raymond
Rainman Meinhardt, has the pit smoking and
the briskets slowly cooking. Dawn’s son Patrick
was picking some great tunes on his guitar and
the fireball whiskey was flowing fine. What a
great night it was and everything seemed to be
in just the right place for a wedding.
Saturday morning came and the bikes start
filing in. Being an outdoor wedding, motorcycles
were lined up making the isle for Dawn to walk.
The two rows of bikes must have been at least
seventy five feet long. It was a beautiful site. With
all of the family and friends gathered around,
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
the wedding begsn. Guests blow bubbles as
the wedding party walked down the aisle of
iron horses. The bridesmaids were Deborah
Montelongo, Janet Trevino, and the maid of
honor was the bride’s daughter, Cassidy Steele.
The groomsmen included the best man, Amos
Trevino, the bride’s son, Patrick Steele, and
Rainman Meinhardt. Andy Garcia officiated.
The bride was given away by her son, Patrick
The reception was held on the couple’s
property under a huge party tent complete with
BBQ and all the fixings. Liz Villegas made the
delicious cake which was decorated with a biker
theme including a replica of a motorcycle and
adorned with flowers and butterflies in honor
of the bride. With margaritas flowing and good
cold beer, everyone had a great time. Even a
little shower of rain did not slow down the party.
When a double rainbow appeared in the sky, it
was obvious this was a very special day indeed!
The party continued into the night with everyone
dancing to D.J. music and visiting with friends.
Patrick once again got his guitar out and sang a
few songs along with his sister, Cassidy. I even
joined in a time or two. Of course, at the end of
the evening, I was the last to leave; it was hard
to leave a party that was so much fun. Connie
and I were grateful to be there and share the
day of love. Congrats to the couple and many
years of happiness.
Ride safe and hope to see you down the road.
February 2015
Page 31
Want to see YOUR mug in our mag? Email your photos to [email protected]
Page 32
February 2015
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
February 2015
Page 33
A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee
each morning.
The wife said, “You should do it, because
you get up first, and then we don’t have to wait as long to get our coffee.”
The husband said, “You are in charge of the cooking around here so you
should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee.”
Wife replies, “No, you should do it, and besides it says in the Bible that
the man should do the coffee.”
Husband replies, “I can’t believe that! Show me.”
So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed
him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says, “HEBREWS.”
a little extra in the offering plate. He said that whoever gave the most
would be able to pick out three hymns.
After the offering plates were passed, the pastor glanced down and
noticed that someone had placed a $1,000 bill in offering. He was so excited that he immediately shared his joy with his congregation and said
he’d like to personally thank the person who placed the money in the
plate. A very quiet, elderly and saintly lady all the way in the back shyly
raised her hand. The pastor asked her to come to the front. Slowly she
made her way to the pastor. He told her how wonderful it was that she
gave so much and in thanksgiving asked her to pick out three hymns.
Her eyes brightened as she looked over the congregation, pointed to the
three handsomest men in the building and said, “I’ll take him and him
and him.”
Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her
mother, “Why is the bride dressed in white?”
“Because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day
of her life.”
The child thought about this for a moment, then said, “So why is the
groom wearing black?”
This is the story of the blonde flying in a two-seater airplane with just the
pilot. He has a heart attack and dies. She, frantic, calls out a May Day.
“May Day! May Day! Help me! Help me! My pilot had a heart attack and
is dead. And I don’t know how to fly. Help me! Please help me!”
She hears a voice over the radio saying: “This is Air Traffic Control and I
have you loud and clear. I will talk you through this and get you back on
the ground. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of problem. Now,
just take a deep breath. Everything will be fine! Now, give me your height
and position.”
She says , “I’m 5’4” and I support Mayor Ford.”..
“O.K.” says the voice on the radio....
“Repeat after me:
Our Father Who Art in Heaven.......”
One Sunday a pastor told the congregation that the church needed
some extra money and asked the people to prayerfully consider giving
Little Emily was at her first wedding and gaped at the entire ceremony.
When it was over, she asked her mother, “Why did the lady change her
Her mother asked, “What do you mean?”
“Well, she went down the aisle with one man and came back with
another one.”
Struggling to make ends meet on a first-call salary, the pastor was livid
when he confronted his wife with the receipt for a $250 dress she had
bought. “How could you do this?!”
“I was outside the store looking at the dress in the window, and then I
found myself trying it on,” she explained. “It was like Satan was whispering in my ear, ‘You look fabulous in that dress. Buy it!’”
“Well,” the pastor replied, “You know how I deal with that kind of temptation. I say, ‘Get behind me, Satan!’”
“I did,” replied his wife, “but then he said, ‘It looks fabulous from back
here, too!”
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, all you sexy bikers!
Remember, if you want to RECEIVE, you must be
sure to GIVE. Treat each other with lots of LOVE.
Page 34
February 2015
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
February 2015
Page 35
Thunder Roads Texas * Page 36 * February 2015
Biker Friendly
These businesses are SERIOUS about serving the Texas Motorcycle Community. The list is set up in business categories.
Regional and Metro information is included. An “ * ” means the location is a Thunder Roads Texas distribution point. Visit to find a full listing of distribution points. Tell them you saw them in Thunder Road Texas! Want to
be on this list - it’s only $149/YEAR; $125 for churches, bands, MC clubs/groups, and VFW/ALR Halls - visit our website or
email [email protected] for information.
Accessories & Parts
* Stitches
1308 Hwy 6 South
Houston, TX 77077
* West of the Brazos
23220 Hwy 36
Damon, TX 77430
* Yankee’s Tavern
8703 Ada Oaks Ln
Anderson, TX 77830
Wild Rabbit Salad
Great Party Band!
Contact Bucky Goldberg
Bars & Restaurants
* Dots Burgerz & Brewz
31623 FM 306
Spring, Branch, TX 78070
* Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop
Bent Rim Grill
657 West Ranch Rd
Leakey, TX 78873
*Garrett Road Ice House
14303 Garrett Rd
Houston, TX 77077
* Pivo’s Ice House
1564 FM 1291
Fayetteville, TX 78940
Find us on Facebook: Pivos-Ice-House
*Drink Texas (formerly Road Hawgs Saloon)
31138 I-10 West
Boerne, TX 78006
* Rolling Thunder Bar & Grill
6441 County Rd 2173
Fluvanna, TX 79517
325.573.HAWG (4294)
Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!
Continued on Page 38...
February 2015
Page 37
Biker Friendly
Biker Churches
*Northeast Texas Bikers Church
749 E 16th Street
Mt Pleasant, TX 75455
Church service on Thursdays @ 7pm
Bible study on Sundays @ 5pm
Dealerships & Shops
* Bill Allen Motorcycle Company
3607 S College Ave
Bryan, TX 77801
* Cowboy’s Alamo City H-D
11005 IH 35 North
San Antonio, TX 78233
* Gulf Coast Trikes
1907 Lawrence Rd, Ste 200
Kemah, Texas 77565
Hours: Tues-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-3pm
* Harley-Davidson of Waco
4201 S Jack Kultgen Expy
Waco, TX 76711
* Javelina Harley-Davidson
29078 I-10 West
Boerne, TX 78006
Kent Motorsports
1575 IH-35 North
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Page 38
February 2015
Kent Powersports of Selma
15664 IH-35 North
Selma, TX 78154
* Legacy Harley-Davidson
12100 W Hwy 80 East
Odessa, TX 79765
* Longhorn Harley-Davidson
2830 West I-20
Grand Parairie, TX 75052
* Mancuso Harley Davidson - Crossroads
12710 Crossroads Park Dr
Houston, TX 77065
* Southern Metal Choppers
11116 Middle Fiskville Rd, Ste E
Austin, TX 78753
* Woods Cycle Country
1933 I-35 East
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Insurance & Attorneys
* Farrar & Ball Law Firm; Law Tigers
1010 Lamar, Ste 1600
Houston, TX 77002
* Freeway Insurance
642 W Rhapsody, Ste A
San Antonio, TX 78216
... continued
Lodging & Campgrounds
DUBL-C Guest House (Vacation Rentals by
Kerrville area: located on Hwy 39 between
Ingram & Hunt; Stay 2 Nights, get 3rd FREE
*Scoot On Inn Cabins & Camping, LLC
4397 South Highway 83
Leakey, TX 78873
830.232.4442 Office/Home
512.517.5349 Cell-Tim
Motorcycle Towing
Cyclone Cycle Rescue
1100 Crane Dr
Euless, 76039 76039
Riding Gear & Leather Goods
* Motorcycle Outpost, The
103 S College
Westminster, TX 75409
* American Legion Post 402
11457 US Highway 190 West
Livingston, TX 77351
$149/basic or
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