AWARDS - Geothermal Resources Council

38th GRC Annual Meeting, Part Two
“Geothermal: A Global Solution”
Attendees gather for the biggest
annual geothermal event in the world.
he latest edition of the GRC Annual
Meeting and GEA Geothermal Energy
Expo was held in late September/early
October in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Over 1,400 attendees from 39
countries around the world convened in
the “City of Roses” and by all accounts
had a very fruitful and enjoyable
We are documenting the meeting in
two parts. In the last GRC Bulletin we
reported on the Opening Session, Golf
Tournament, International Luncheon
and one of the Field Trips. In this issue
we write about the GRC Awards, other
GRC Fieldtrips, Student Leadership
Luncheon, Poster and Technical Session
awards, GEA trade show and the 34th
Geothermal Photo Contest.
GRC Bulletin l
Membership Meeting &
Awards Luncheon
by Ian Crawford
As a climax to the celebrations, distinguished
colleagues in the geothermal community from
around the world were honored at the GRC
Awards Luncheon.
Joseph W. Aidlin Award
Marilyn Nemzer
For her long-term commitment to the
Geothermal Resources Council and extraordinary
devotion to the promotion of geothermal energy
through education.
Ben Holt Award
John R. Brugman
For lifetime achievement and innovation in
geothermal power plant and process design.
John Brugman gives thanks for his Ben Holt Award
Marilyn Nemzer accepts the Joseph W. Aidlin Award with Awards
Program Chair Karl Urbank (left) and Award presenter Dennis
Gilles (center) applauding in the background.
Geothermal Pioneer Award
Joseph LaFleur
For lifetime achievement in the exploration and
development of geothermal resources worldwide.
Award presenter Marcelo
Lippmann (left) looks
on as Colin Goranson
receives applause for
his Geothermal Special
Achievement Award.
Geothermal Special
Achievement Award
Colin Goranson
For outstanding
geological interpretation,
well testing, and reservoir
and drilling engineering
contributions to the
characterization and
development of geothermal
Geothermal Special Achievement Award
Jill Robinson Haizlip
For her contribution to geochemistry, her efforts
to expand the use of geothermal worldwide, and
for mentoring young geoscientists.
Joe LaFleur receives his award from Karl Urbank (far left), award presenter and
GRC Annual Meeting Chair Alex Sifford (second left) and GRC President Louis
Capuano, Jr. (right).
Henry J. Ramey Jr. Award
Anthony (Tony) J. Menzies
For innovation in
geothermal reservoir
engineering and leadership
and dedication in
supporting the geothermal
industry worldwide.
Tony Menzies beams with
delight as he waits for his award
to be presented.
Jill Haizlip receives her award from Karl Urbank (far left), award presenter
Sabodh Gard (second left) and GRC President Louis Capuano, Jr. (right).
January/February 2015
Poster Session Awards
GRC Annual Meeting:
Awards Luncheon
Ann Robertson-Tait smiles as she
waits to accept her award with Louis
Capuano, Jr. looking on.
Geothermal Special
Achievement Award
Ann Robertson-Tait
For her great
contribution to the
study of geothermal
systems around
the world and for
her leadership in
the geothermal
Best Student Poster
The History of Lightning Dock KGRA: Identifying a
Blind Geothermal Resource,
James Crowell, & Anna M.Crowell.
James & Anna Crowell (center) are flanked by award presenters
GRC Board Members Toni Boyd (left) and Charlene Wardlow (right).
Best Non-Student Poster
Can Deep Stratigraphic Reservoirs Sustain 100 MW
Power Plants? by Rick Allis & Joe Moore.
The 2014 GRC Award Winners. From left to right: Colin Goranson, John
Brugman, Jill Haizlip, Marilyn Nemzer, Joe LaFleur, Ann Robertson-Tait and
Tony Menzies.
Rick Allis explains the research behind his poster presentation.
Andrea Aguirre of
Cornell University
talks to Joe Moore,
GRC Annual Meeting
Education Chair about
her poster presentation.
Jay Hepper accepts his first place certificate in the GRC
Geothermal Photo Competition from Karl Urbank (left). The
winning photos can be seen on page 29.
For more photos of the Awards
Luncheon, go to
GRC Bulletin l
For more photos of the
Poster Session, go to
Outstanding Technical Session
Presentation Awards
Awarded by Session Chairs
Basin & Range - Regional Crustal Discontinuities
as Guides for Geothermal Exploration, Siler, Drew &
Kennedy, B. Mack & Wannamaker, Philip.
Business Development - Geothermal Power for
Integration of Intermittent Generation, Edmunds,
Thomas & Sotorrio, Pedro & Buscheck, Thomas &
Bielicki, Jeffrey.
Case Studies - The Don A. Campbell Geothermal
Project, Orenstein, Rahm & Delwiche, Ben.
Direct Use/Heat Pump - Enhanced Agricultural
Production From an Intensive Bottom Heat System
Using Waste Geothermal Hot Water and Steam
Condensate in Iceland, Dell, Robert & Unnthorsson,
Runar & Wei, C.S. & Foley, William.
Drilling - Downhole Power Source for Geothermal
Drilling and Well Development Enabled by a Novel
Extreme High Temperature (200°C+) Ultracapacitor,
Brambilla, Nicolo & Martini, Fabrizio.
EGS 1 - The ECOGI EGS Project in Rittershoffen,
France, Baujard, Clement & Genter, Albert &
Maurer, Vincent & Dalmais, Eleonore & Graff, JeanJacques & Schmittbuhl, Jean.
EGS 2 - Utilization of PVA Flakes in Promoting Selfdegradation of Temporary Cementitious Fracture Sealing
Material, Sugama, Toshifumi & Pyatina, Tatiana.
EGS 3 - Numerical Thermo-Elastic Simulation for
Change in Fracture Aperture Associated With Cold
Fluid Injection, Kaneta, Kosuke & Mukuhira,
Yusuke & Ito, Takatoshi.
Exploration 1 - Prospecting for a Blind Geothermal
System Utilizing Geologic and Geophysical Data, Seven
Troughs Range, Northwestern Nevada, Forson, Corina
& Faulds, James & Wannamaker, Philip.
Exploration 2 - Toward a Continuum Geothermal
Model to Explain Variety of Medium to High
Temperature Geothermal Systems in Martinique and
Guadeloupe (French Lesser Antilles), Bouchot, Vincent
& Gadalia, Alain & Traineau, Herve & Caritg,
Finance/Economics - Uncertainty Analysis of
Geothermal Well Drilling and Completion Costs,
Silverman, Rachel & Lukawski, Maciej & Tester,
Geochemistry - Mineral Selection for Multicomponent
Equilibrium Geothermometry, Palmer, Carl & Ohly,
Sara & Smith, Robert & Neupane, Ghanashyam &
McLing, Travis & Mattson, Earl.
Geology - Determination of Geothermal Anomalies
Through Multivariate Regression of Background
Variables at Yellowstone National Park Using Landsat
5 TM Thermal Band Data, Karki, Sita & Kobs
Nawotniak, Shannon & Bottenberg, Carrie &
McCurry, Michael & Welhan, John.
Geophysics - Imaging the Roots of High-Temperature
Geothermal Systems Using MT: Results From the Taupo
Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, Lindsey, Nathaniel
& Bertrand, Edward & Caldwell, Grant &
Gasperikova, Erika & Newman, Gregory.
Instrumentation - Test-Stand for Geothermal Borehole
Probes, Holbein, Benedict & Isele, Jorg & Spatafora,
International - Geothermal Water for Mining, Ussher,
Greg & Parker, Cameron & Catane, John Patrick &
Urzua, Luis & Mills, Tracy.
Nevada - Alternatives to Reduce the High Cost
and Risk of Exploration, Drilling For Geothermal
Development Case Study - Northern Nevada 2010-2012,
Banta, Mathew.
Oil & Gas - Analysis of Sedimentary Geothermal
Systems Using an Analytical Reservoir Model,
Augustine, Chad.
Plant Chemistry - Control and Online Removal of
Metal Sulfide Deposits, Muller, Logan & Gill, Jasbir &
Rodman, David & Brown, Kevin & Robinson, Ray.
Plant Design - Optimization of NCG System Lineups,
Harvey, William & Fishman, Matthew.
January/February 2015
GRC Annual Meeting, Part Two
Plant Operations - Increased Reliability and
Availability of a Geothermal Steam Turbine,
Archambeault, David & Larsen, Garth & Layton,
Plant Turbines - The Geothermal Radial Outflow
Turbine, Spadacini, Claudio & Xodo, Luca & Quaia,
Matteo & Frassinetti, Marco & Rizzi, Dario.
Power Cycle - Combined Cycle Strategies for High
Enthalpy, High Non-Condensable Gas Resources,
Dunford, Tim & Lewis, Bill & Wallace, Kevin &
Harvey, William.
Power Solar - Design and Implementation of the
Gumuskoy Hybrid Geothermal and Solar Thermal
Power System, Kuyumcu, Ozgur Caglan & Serin,
Onur & Ozalevli, Camil Cihan & Baker, Derk Keith
& Somek, Sulejman Kazim.
Regulatory/Environmental/Policy - Social and
Political Consequences of Geothermal: A Case Study
from the Nereidas Valley, Colombia, Dewhurst, Kara S.
Reservoir Engineering - 3D Poro-thermo-elastic
Numerical Model for Analyzing Pressure Transient
Response to Improve the Characterization of Naturally
Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs, Abdel Azim, Reda
& Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima & Rahman, Sheik
& Tyson, Stephen & Regenauer-Lieb, Klaus.
Resource Assessment - Smart Tracers for Geothermal
Reservoir Assessment, Du Frane, Wyatt & Vericella,
John & Duoss, Eric & Smith, Megan & Aines, Roger
& Roberts, Jeff.
Resource Management - Summary of Historical
Production for Nevada Binary Facilities, Hanson,
Hillary & Mines, Greg.
Sedimentary Basin 1 - Can Deep Stratigraphic
Reservoirs Sustain 100 MW Power Plants, Allis, Rick
& Moore, Joseph.
Sedimentary Basin 2 - High Heat Flow in the Idaho
Thrust Belt: A Hot Sedimentary Geothermal Prospect,
Welhan, John & Gwynn, Mark.
GRC Bulletin l
The GRC has added all the papers associated
with the 2014 GRC Annual Meeting Technical
Session presentations, including the winning
presentations listed above, to the GRC Geothermal
Library at Papers
from the 2014 Annual Meeting are available for
members only. Papers from previous years are
available for all.
Call for Papers
The GRC invites you to present your
latest technical work in geothermal research,
exploration, development and utilization at
the 39th GRC Annual Meeting to be held in
Reno, Nevada, USA, September 20-23.
Successful selection to present at the
2015 GRC Annual Meeting is prestigious
and recognizes the presenter as a top
industry expert. International participation
is key to the success of the GRC Annual
Meeting technical programs and we
encourage geothermal researchers and
experts from around the world to submit
their work for consideration to be presented.
Authors may submit an oral technical
presentation and/or poster at the 2015
GRC’s Annual Meeting. The Draft Paper
submission deadline is April 10, 2015.
More information can be found on the GRC
Annual Meeting webpage at:
Photo Contest Winners
In total, 47 photos were entered in the 35th
Annual Amateur Geothermal Photography
Contest where they were judged for impact,
relevance, composition and technical quality.
In appreciation of their achievement, GRC
awarded cash prizes to photo contest winners. GRC
appreciates the creativity and quality of all contest
submissions and looks forward to next year’s photo
contest to be announced and showcased at the
39th Annual Meeting, September 20-23, 2015 at the
Peppermill Resort Spa, Reno, Nevada, USA.
1st Place
1st Place: Coil Tubing from 125 ft. Manlift by Jay
Hepper, Cobb, California, USA.
2nd Place: Nga Awa Purua Pipes by Sarah Milicich,
Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
3rd Place: El Tatio Dawn by James Stimac, Santa
Rosa, California, USA.
2nd Place
Honorable Mention: The Bulldog by Andrew
Tiedeman, Fallon, Nevada, USA.
Honorable Mention: Steaming Pilgrim Lagoon,
Fall Colors and Kiqluiak Mountains by Dick
Benoit, Reno, Nevada, USA.
Honorable Mention: Man Made Rainbow by Sam
Abraham, Nairobi, Kenya.
To see all the photos in the Geothermal
Photo Contest, go to
Honorable Mention
3rd Place
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
January/February 2015
Student Leadership Luncheon
A highlight of the Annual Meeting, the GRC
Student Leadership Luncheon attracted more than
60 students and geothermal leaders to discuss job
opportunities in the industry.
GRC Field Trip to Mount Saint Helens
The most popular GRC Field trip from the
GRC Annual Meeting was the one-day excursion
to Mount Saint Helens in neighboring Washington
State. 43 attendees spent an enjoyable day
exploring the sleeping volcano, notorious for
its catastrophic eruption on May 18, 1980, the
deadliest and most economically destructive
volcanic event in the history of the United States.
Expert guides from the U.S. Geological Survey
(USGS) Richard Waitt and Willie Scott led a
fascinating tour of the still recovering area.
Charlene Wardlow (left), Director Business Development
at Ormat Nevada Inc. talks to a student about her work.
Paul Brophy, GRC President imparts his geothermal wisdom.
The trippers gather for a first look at the slumbering
GRC Board member Gene Suemnicht (at one o’clock at the table) leads the
To see more photos from the GRC Student
Luncheon go to:
Richard Waitt (left) and Willie Scott (right) are
To see more photos from the GRC Fieldtrip to
Mt. St. Helens go to:
GRC Bulletin l
GEA Geothermal Energy Expo
In conjunction with the GRC Annual Meeting
the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) ran the
Geothermal Energy Expo. The GRC/GEA Opening
Reception in the Expo Hall is one of the social
highlights of the meeting.
The folks at the Power Engineers booth give a warm welcome.
The GRC/GEA Opening Reception is a networking nirvana.
Desmond Stubbs (left) of Oak Ridge Associated
Universities enjoys a chat.
Angel Pedraza, Eduardo Reyes of Solenis and Isaac
Silva of CFE represent Mexico in Portland, Oregon.
Steve Ahn (left) of Chicago Title National Services visits Rahm Orenstein
and Tatum Jackson (right) at the Ormat booth.
Paul Brophy (left) president of EGS, Inc. and the GRC President for 2015-16
with Juliet Newson, President of the International Geothermal Association
(IGA) 2013-2016.
Unless otherwise attributed, all GRC Annual
Meeting photos by Naim Hasan Photography LLC
of Portland, Oregon.
To see more photos from the GRC\GEA
Opening Reception go to: n
January/February 2015