Bugle 172 February 2015

A chance to blow your trumpet for the villagers of
Alport, Middleton and Youlgrave
No. 172
February 2015
Children’s knitted blanket warms residents
The children of Youlgrave All
Saints Primary School visited
the elderly residents of
Granby House last week to
deliver their much prized
blanket (pictured).
As part of the school’s
afternoons for the last half
were devoted
knitting. The blanket is the
result of their labours with
every child, from 4 to 11,
knitting at least one square.
invited Members of the School Council presented the knitted
members of the village blanket to residents of Granby House.
community to come and
support and assist the children, and
January has also seen the launch of
inspired some of even the less likely the new Breakfast Club at All Saints to
candidates to contribute. The resulting extend the school day for working
blanket is colourful and warm, and will be families. Catering for school children
treasured by Granby House residents.
from 8am, a simple breakfast is
provided with supervised indoor
activities for only £3 per session. To
enquire please contact the office on
01629 636289.
In other news, the School has
welcomed Miss Katie Blood as a
permanent teacher for Class 2. After
helping out on a voluntary basis before
Christmas, she says she already feels
part of the school family.
J.W. & J. Mettam
Wide range of carpets,
rugs and carpet tiles
Free fitting, free delivery
Free estimates
Home selection service
London House
Matlock Street
Bakewell DE45 1EE
Tel: 01629 814122
If you need:
to make a Will
help in administering an estate
to make an Asset Protection Trust
advice on Inheritance Tax
to make a Lasting Power of Attorney or
appoint a Court of Protection Deputy
I am a member of the Society of Trust and
Estate Practitioners and practise locally.
I charge £100 for a simple Will, £150 for a
couple and £100 an hour for other work.
Email:[email protected]
You can contact me on
01629 636523 or 07706 956067
Family Funeral Directors
since 1899
Ambrose House,
Granby Croft,
Bakewell DE45 1ET
(01629) 812114
Member of Parliament
for Derbyshire Dales:
Patrick McLoughlin MP
Telephone: 020 7219 3511
[email protected]
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
Personal care
required (Youlgrave)
For an elderly lady, seven mornings per
week from 9am to 10.30am. Possible
job share; good rate of pay for the right
person (sorry, female applicants only).
Duties to include assistance in and out
of the bath, help with dressing,
preparing breakfast, cleaning the
bathroom, making/changing the bed;
kindness, patience and understanding
more important than experience;
references required.
Please leave your name and number
on 07972 145729 (text or voicemail).
Roy Stubbs celebration event
As July is often warmer than earlier in
the year, several of Roy’s friends would
like to organise a celebration event for
him either on 10th or 11th July this
year. If you want to come along to a
planning meeting on Thursday 5 March
at 7.45pm at Thorntree, Alport Lane,
Youlgrave, please contact Edwina
[email protected]
We have become proud owners of a
small collection of old but solid garden
tools: a bow saw, shovel, garden hoe,
small scythe, pruning croppers, hand
axe and pick axe. Please call Edwina
Edwards on 636491 if you are
In March last year, we had a grand sale in
the Reading Room. It went so well we’ve
decided to have another one this year:
Silver paper recycling at back of
in the Reading Room
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
13, 14 and 15 March
10am – 4pm each day
No 1 – Book the date and come to browse,
buy and enjoy refreshments, including
proper coffee.
No 2 – If you have spare stuff for us to sell,
please get in touch – 636477 or 636469.
Youlgrave Waterworks Ltd. have a favour to ask of every householder in the village
supplied by YWW, as you may have seen the diligent Waterworks staff have
recently been trying to trace and repair any water leaks around the village. This is
quite time consuming and involves wandering about in the small hours of the
morning to see what part of the village the water is generally flowing to, then going
round every stop tap in that area until we find the leak. In most cases, the leaks
cause a high pitched whistle very much like escaping compressed air. This is also
accompanied by a gradual loss of pressure to the property as the leak worsens. It’s
usually quite audible in the house, so would you please have a listen late at night
when it is quiet (not straight from the pub) and if you do hear anything please ring
Malcolm on 07762053979 or John on 07710640142.
Even the slightest leak runs away with thousand of gallons over a week and all
that water has to be treated and pumped. Also, the consumption of the village
continues to rise with tourism, holiday lets, new houses, etc, and add to this the
Environment Agency flatly refusing to increase our 1978 abstraction licence, a rock
and a hard place comes to mind. MS
Attic Sale
Saturday 18 April
10am to 12 noon
To book a table ring Judith on
£6 per table, also tombola and cake
stall. Entry 50p which includes tea/
coffee and biscuits. All proceeds to
Village Hall funds.
Garden tools – free to a good home
Waterworks asks you to listen for leaks
We don’t want to stop raising money for
charity, but we are having a bit of a
problem with the collection. It can only
take tin foil dishes and tin foil as used
in cooking and milk bottle tops. They
can’t recycle yogurt pot lids, sweet
papers, pill press-out containers,
animal food pouches, etc. So please
don’t put those in your collection and
check it carefully before taking it to
church. Thank you.
A big “thank you” from Youlgrave Playschool
The children, parents and staff of
Playschool would like to say a huge
“thank you” to everyone who has been
involved with their recent fundraising.
We had some really great prizes
donated for our raffle, and parents and
friends did really well to sell loads of
tickets. We made over £700.
Thanks to Sue at The Farmyard Inn
for letting us hi-jack her Christmas
market and allow us to have a Santa’s
Grotto for the afternoon – hopefully this
will become an annual event.
Also to Youlgrave Parish Council for
their generous donation; and Lindam
Construction for their kind donation.
Thank to everyone at Granby House
and Monkee Genes who welcomed the
little ones when they visited them
singing carols.
Thanks to Nick Stacey, Tony
Ball and The Bulls Head team for
hosting a great quiz evening and again
to Tony and Belinda for their kind gifts
for the children.
To Andrea Willans for the superb
face painting at our last day of term
party, and to Mick Partridge for all his
help. From compiling a local quiz to
balloon modelling, we are really lucky
to have Mick involved.
And finally thanks to Santa, who
really made the children's faces light up
when he came to visit them at
Future fundraising events not to be
missed include the 'Fabulous at The
Farmyard’ – an evening of style,
fashion, make-up and beauty advice.
And look out for 'An evening with our
village paramedics' and an exciting
'open garden day'. More details on
posters and ads around the village and
in future issues of The Bugle.
Peggy Skinner (1926-2015)
Peggy was born in 1926 and was the
fourth of eight siblings. She was born
in a council house on New Road in
Youlgrave and it is fitting that she
spent her last few years at Granby
House – literally a stone’s throw from
the house where she was born.
1926 was a good year for births, so
Peggy was in esteemed company.
Notable births included our very own
Queen Elizabeth, Moira Shearer,
Williams, David Coleman,
David Attenborough and
Eric Morecambe to name
but a few.
Youlgrave School and won
a scholarship to Lady
Manners but with eight
mouths to feed, her father
couldn’t afford the uniform
and was too proud to
accept charity and so
instead she left school at
15 and went to work at
Granby Garments in Bakewell as a
Peggy’s hobbies included knitting,
reading and embroidery. Her knitting
output was prolific. She also liked to do
the crossword in the Sun newspaper
and never failed to complete it.
Peggy met her husband Bob through
her sister, Lilian, whose fiancé Ron
Wood served with him during the war.
Initially, Peggy and Bob became pen
pals. Eventually they met and were
married in 1947. During the early days,
they lived for short time with Bob’s
parents in London but neither of them
enjoyed city life and the opportunity to
move back to Youlgrave arose when
Bert Evans, a local builder, advertised
for a plumber. Bob eventually set up
his own business. They were happily
married until Bob’s death in 2011.
Peggy was blessed with a good
singing voice and was very proud of
the fact that she was selected to sing
the aria ‘I Know That My Redeemer
Liveth’ from Handel’s Messiah at
Derby Cathedral under the direction of
conductor Stanford Robinson, who
was the Simon Rattle of his day.
Peggy used to sing in the church choir
and church services on Sunday
followed by a game of whist
with her sister, Barbara,
and good friend, Kathleen
Peggy and Bob loved their
holidays and after their
sons had fledged the nest,
they enjoyed many a break
with Frank and Marie
Evans, although Peggy
would never travel by boat
or plane and so never had
a passport. She had a fear
of sailing, although after fortifying her
with a few gin and tonics, they did
manage the ferry to the Isle of Wight
on one occasion. She always
maintained that she would only fly if
she could keep one foot on the floor.
Prior to retirement, Peggy worked as
a teaching assistant at Youlgrave
Junior School where she helped many
a child learn to read. She spent the
last five years of her life at Granby
House and the family would like to
express particular thanks both to the
staff and managers of Granby House,
and to the home helps who visited
every day and helped her to dress and
get ready for morning coffee in the
conservatory with the other residents.
Youlgrave is so fortunate to have
such good retirement accommodation
where those in the autumn of their
lives can enjoy the comfort, security
and convenience of having meals
cooked for them, plus companionship
and recreation, and yet still retain
their independence.
Peggy suffered a slight stroke some
six years ago and although this didn’t
affect her speech, it did affect her
memory and she found meaningful
conversation a little difficult, although
she had the ability to surprise on
occasion. For instance, she used to
love poetry and surprised everyone at
Granby House recently by reciting
word perfect the poem by William
Butler Yeats The Lake Isle of
New Year sessions start again
from 7 February – jogging for
runners. Meet at the Scout and
Community Hut every Saturday from
10.30-11.30am. Ring me if you'd
like to get out at another time.
Come and learn to enjoy jogging
with a friendly group and trained
leader - it’s much easier than trying
on your own! Everyone is welcome
and it’s free, apart from an
occasional small donation for use of
the venue.
Any enquiries please contact Pete
Tapping 0775 2463918.
Important news from Youlgrave Band
Youlgrave Silver Band would like to give sincere and hearty thanks to all
wonderful music supporters who enjoyed the band playing carols around
village on that dark and wintry night before Christmas. They gave
generously we harvested double last year’s donations. This money will be
to good use. The players enjoyed it and I think the listeners did too.
The big change for this coming year is that our conductor Paul Harding has
kindly volunteered to tutor any budding brass instrument players on a weekly
basis. If you, or anyone you know, would like to learn a brass instrument then
this is your time to learn. Children learn more easily, but often adults have more
enthusiasm. Free lessons will take place at the Methodist Church Hall, Coldwell
End, Youlgrave, at 7pm till 7.45pm from Thursday 3 February.
There are a number of instruments to borrow, sample and find the one to suit
you. In a brass band each instrument is as important as every other. For a
child, learning an instrument teaches much more than just music skills. There
are many spin offs to help in adult life, such as the concept of practice, and
perseverance leading to achievement, self confidence, dexterity, breathing and
This is a very generous offer from Paul and a wonderful opportunity for
youngsters in our village. We look forward to meeting our future musicians any
time from February.
Judith Orchard (tel 630202)
R. Stone – Joinery
All types of joinery work undertaken
The Workshop, Moor Lane, Youlgrave
We supply delicious cakes, fresh Homity
Pies, ready meals, quiches.
Call in & try our delicious range of
brownies, flapjacks, Bakewell Tart,
biscuits or our daily specials, all freshly
handmade in the bakery.
Bring in your Pantomime ticket stub
to enjoy a 10% discount off all
products during February.
Doors &
Purpose made
Fitted Kitchens
Fitted Furniture
Made to measure
bespoke kitchens
We are open between 9am – 3.30pm
(sometimes later). Delivery service.
3 Ivy Lane, Elton, Derbyshire DE4 2BX
[email protected]
Call Rob Stone on 07971 815683
Anne Hunt
Driving School
Driving Tuition
New Drivers
No Job Too Small
Refresher Courses
Free Estimates – Fully
Pass Plus registered
24 years experience
Lavender Cottage
Fountain Square, Youlgrave
[email protected]
01629 636162 07792 059129
01629 630000 Find us on facebook :-)
David Kenworthy –
All types of joinery work undertaken
QUOTATIONS • Purpose made
• Glazing
• Fitted
• Doors &
• Fitted
• Garden
• Flooring
• Any General Home Maintenance
Work, no job to small
Rose House, Youlgrave, Derbyshire
DE45 1UT
Call David: 01629 636574
Mobile 07791 185536
Chris Hancock
Plumbing &
Heating Engineer
Gas Safe registered
01629 636455
07595 219256
Ring or email Phil
01629 630224
07580 652185
[email protected]
Please support the Bugle in 2015
Thank you to all the local businesses, community groups and individuals who are
renewing their back page sponsorship for the year ahead. Rates remain unchanged
at £25 for businesses and £20 for community groups and individuals.
Also, a big thank you to those people (some anonymous) who have made
donations to the Bugle to help us keep going for another year. The Bugle is an
entirely voluntary publication – no-one gets paid – put together by local people for
local people. Our printing costs are met by back page sponsorship, adverts and
individual donations. So, from all of us on the Bugle team, THANK YOU for your
continued support. If you want to make a contribution, however small, you can use
the form below or leave cash or cheque (made payable to The Bugle) in a sealed
envelope at Youlgrave Post Office; or drop it into Ann Knowles at The Garden
House, Fountain Square (behind the youth hostel).
£25 for businesses/local authorities OR £20 for individuals and community
Name ...........................................................................................................
Address/tel no .............................................................................................
Optional one-line description & contact details:
Please make cheques payable to The Bugle and deliver or send them,
together with this form, to Ann Knowles, The Garden House, Fountain Square,
Youlgrave DE45 1UR. You will be sent a receipt. Thank you.
Orchard plans begin to blossom
Enthusiasm is beginning to swell for the community orchard as the housing
project, that will be Hannah Bowman Way, nears completion. A small
group of enthusiasts led by Marie Christine Schmidt will shortly be pulling
together a scheme and making applications for funding.
The School’s gardening club has expressed an interest in helping, as have the
British Legion and the 1914-1918 community group. I have also had an offer to buy a
tree from a resident of the village who simply wanted ‘to do their bit and give
something back to the village’. Offers to buy trees, to remember a loved one or an
anniversary, or celebrate the arrival of a new member to the family, are also very
welcome. Anyone wishing to do so should contact me with their details, and then I can
set the wheels in motion. Anne Croasdell (tel 636887)
World War I Centenary Football Match
On Saturday 20 December
more than 100 people gathered
in the paddock at the top of
Holywell Lane to witness a
short re-enactment of the
historic Christmas Truce of
Some 14 players from
(recruited by Jonathan Figg)
took part, emerging from
sandbagged ‘trenches’ as the
Germans sang Stille Nacht
(Silent Night). Each side
symbolically removed the ‘bodies’ of
fallen comrades from No Man’s Land.
This was particularly poignant as it
recalled the actions of the local 1st
Battalion Sherwood Foresters a century
ago. The two sides then exchanged
gifts of tobacco, bully beef, cake and
A leather football was produced and
sandbags became improvised goals –
wholeheartedly in the football match
with plenty of vocal support from the
The grey-clad Germans took an early
lead and their goal advantage
increased, but the plucky khaki-clad
Tommies rallied and in a tense final few
minutes managed to equalise and
produce an honourable draw as the final
whistle sounded.
Both teams then lined up to face the
spectators and wooden crosses and
poppies were given to each player.
The modern folk song Coming Home
was played, reminding us that young
men and women are still making the
ultimate sacrifice for their country, with
the haunting Bonne Light Horseman
recalling losses of earlier Napoleonic
After the music there was a one
minute silence before the playing of The
Last Post and the young men planted
their crosses and poppies in the No
Man’s Land pitch, a very moving echo of
the sacrifice paid a century ago.
The players and supporters then
marched off to the Wesleyan Reform Chapel for
refreshments, including the popular Trench Cake (see
recipe below) and singing of wartime songs. We are
sorry that we were not able to accommodate everyone
who wanted to come in.
Some of the commemorative events to date have
involved the children and members of the older
generation and it was pleasing to see the young men
embracing the event so enthusiastically and respectfully,
even dressing the part.
The Youlgrave 1914-1918 Community Group would
like to thank all those who helped in any way with this
Recipe: World War 1 Trench Cake
1/2 lb plain flour
4oz block margarine
1 teaspoon vinegar
A good 1/4 pint milk
3oz brown sugar
3oz cleaned currants
2 teaspoons cocoa
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
A pinch of nutmeg
1 teaspoon of ground ginger
Grated rind from one lemon
Grease/line a 2lb loaf tin (or
Rub margarine into flour in a basin
Add dry ingredients
Mix well
Add the soda dissolved in vinegar
and milk
Beat well
Turn into tin
Bake in oven on moderate heat
(150c fan oven), test after 60 mins
Art classes at Youlgrave Reading Room
In March there will be two ten week art classes at the Youlgrave Reading Room.
The Wednesday morning class starts on 11 March, from 10am for two hours and
continues for ten weeks until 13 May. The Thursday afternoon class starts on 12
March at 2pm for two hours and continues for ten weeks until 14 May.
Both classes need to be booked ahead for the whole term as we are
following structured sessions. A variety of media will be used at both classes,
such as coloured pastels, water colour pencils, water colours, acrylic paints and
mixed media.
Please phone Diane Kettle (BA Hons Fine Art, Cert. Education) on 01629
636763 for more detailed information about the classes or to book a place for the
new term in March.
All Saints’ Church,
20-25 June 2015
holding a Flower Festival
in June with the theme
“Inspired by….”
The aim is to enhance
the beauty of our Church
with flowers at a time
when Youlgrave has
many people visiting the
sponsorship of our floral
displays to celebrate
someone’s life or to
birthday, anniversary or
would put a label by the
side of each display
giving the name of the
sponsors, unless anyone
wanted their sponsorship
to remain anonymous.
If you would like to
sponsor one of the floral
displays, please ring
01629 650451 or Joan
Roper on 01629 636498
or email Elizabeth on
To read the Bugle in
full colour, plus all the
back issues and
special editions (Bugle
2000, Mawstone Mine
Disaster and World
War II issue) go to:
And check out the
village website
[email protected]
A festive fistful
Frozen but friendly… as the W.I. begins a chilly
National Centenary year we recall a hectic Christmas
Party packed with fun and talent. As well as Dawn’s
superb 95th Birthday cake cut by Margaret Deeming
and our own feast with wine, we heard Cath’s lovely
solos, Jane Ide’s amusing poem and her winning
contorted ‘key game’ team, Lucy’s victorious Quiz
team, and Sue Reed’s successful Logo winners.
Sandra won the shouting game, and Joan Steed and
Jill the stand-up bingo. We also received a welcome
cheque for our new projector from Cllr Simon
Spencer. Our January meeting used the new
equipment to illustrate the superb handiwork of
member Paula Dengel, who showed us the unique Margaret Deeming with Cllr
world of Hardanger embroidery and brought some of Simon Spencer cutting the
her fantastic prize-winning items to admire.
95th Celebration cake.
On 17 January, the community bus took a crowd of
us to see ‘Anything Goes’ organized by Jane at the Crucible – a marvellously uplifting
evening and we all tap-danced in our sleep that night! January Supper Club on the 29th
was due to see the return of Sally Moseley, writer and walking expert. February Supper
Club, on the 26th at the Reading Room,
allows us to go ‘potty’ with paint. There
is a chance to join other members on 5
Feb at the village panto, and looking
forward, the list is growing for our annual
lovely lunch at Biggin Hall.
February Craft sessions will be held on
2nd and 16th, normally at
Zumba with David
Jean’s, from 2 till 4pm. Our next W.I.
Fantastic exercise to brilliant music
meeting is on 10 February at 7.30pm at
the Village Hall, when organ donation
‘But I can’t dance’ Don’t worry!
will be our topic. This is an open meeting
‘ I’ve got two left feet’ It just doesn’t matter!
when family and friends will be most
Just come along and have fun!
welcome. We were delighted to welcome
Youlgrave Village Hall Tuesdays 1.30 - 2.30 (£4)
new members Sandy and Jennifer, plus
visitors from Winster and Over Haddon
Medway Centre, Bakewell Tuesdays 7 - 8pm (£4.50)
at the last meeting.
South Darley Village Hall Fridays 6.30 –7.30pm*(£4)
If you would like to know more about
(* not the 3rd Friday of the month except July, August and December)
our W.I. do come along to a meeting,
Arc Matlock (for DDDC) Mondays 5.15—6.15pm
Thursdays 1.30 –2.30pm
every second Tuesday, or speak to any
For the latest information on dates and times visit
member to find out more.
www.davidpryor.zumba.com Contact [email protected]
Wishing A Happy New Year to all, and
warm wishes to Margaret for a return to
better health.
Liz Hickman
Happy and successful Crib Service once more
The 2014 Crib Service followed the usual happy, chaotic, family tradition! Many
thanks to all those who took part, especially Nikki and baby Georgie Leach, helped
out by Paul Skinner who was the Joseph ‘stand in’! and John Bingham, ‘stable ‘boy,’
gate, straw and manger supplier, not forgetting the catching and transporting of a
beautiful young sheep by the Bright/Gilbert family.
Christmas candles in church: 464 Memorial Candles were donated this year and
the new system of displaying the names seems to be working well. Many thanks to
Catherine Birch for doing the hard work of the printing, Joan Roper and Joy Frost for
putting them out and removing them and everyone who bought them. Without you
buying them, we wouldn’t have that wonderful red glow down the side of the Lady
Thanks too to those who gave donations towards the red candles in church.
Happily all the cost of the candles was covered, with some left over towards next
year’s candles. David Camm, Eddie Oldfield, Mike Gibbs and Andrew Parker put up
and took down the candles, a time consuming job and next year would love to have
some more help so please offer NOW and then we’ll remind you in December!
Thanks. BS
‘Minibeast’ poems from Class 1, All Saints Primary School
A Centipede
Runs as fast as a racing
It’s a wild life thing.
100 legs.
Thin, as long as a ladder.
It lives in the wood.
It’s wiggly.
A Ladybird
As red as a berry.
As beautiful as a diamond.
The legs are as small as an
As spotty as a cheetah.
Sparkling like a diamond.
Shy like a pony.
Red like an apple.
A Worm
It goes slow
It can go in the soil
It can go on the road.
By Ged Year 1
By Evie Year 1
By Olivia Year 2
Please come and join us on Friday 6 February at 2.45pm in church for
our end of term Celebration Collective Worship.
Youlgrave Cinema presents:
Captain Phillips (Cert 15)
Starring Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips is
based on the true story of the 2000
hijacking of the US container ship
Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates.
The film focuses on the relationship
between Captain Richard Phillips of the
Alabama (played by Tom Hanks) and
the Somali pirate captain, Muse
(Barkhad Abdi), who takes him hostage. Director Paul Greengrass has made
both a thriller and a complex portrait of the effects of globalisation. (To be shown
without a short movie) 134 mins
Friday 13 February, 7.30pm, Youlgrave Village Hall. Free to members or £5
on the door.
Youlgrave Wildlife Notes: December 2014 & January 2015
Even though we are in the dead of winter
the bird activity in the last two months
has been tremendous. The star has been
a little egret. I first saw this small white
heron on 6 January below Alport and it
has been widely reported since, including
the bottom of Brookleton and Rheinstor.
There has been some conflict between it
and a heron. Little egrets started to
appear in Britain in significant numbers in
the late 1980s and the first breeding
record was in 1996.
Since then they have
established throughout
England and Wales
regularly. They still
however, and this is
certainly a first for me
in the village. If you see
it, look out for the huge
yellow feet on black
Another local favourite
kingfisher. There have Little egret
definitely been at least
two this year as they
have been seen together and are still
around. My best view was on 12
January, sitting on a fence post above
floodwater by the track up to Hollow
Our winter visitors have been plentiful.
There were large numbers of both
fieldfare and redwing above the Dale and
around the New Dam. On the 15th and
30 December I had redwings in the
garden finishing off the last of the
cotoneaster berries. At the end of
December over 30 lapwings were
present above Alport. On Christmas Day
I counted 32 species of birds around the
village. Both siskin and redpoll have
been visiting sunflower heart feeders
along Grove Place. Our river birds such
as the dipper and heron can be seen and
some swans and cygnets have also been
Other good sightings have been tree
creeper and jay, with plenty of bullfinches
and even one flock of seven, to add a bit
of extra colour.
Buzzards, sparrowhawks and kestrels
have all been seen along with probable
possibly even a hen
harrier. There was a
very good sighting of
a tawny owl near the
January. Goldfinches
and sparrows have
been plentiful on the
feeders with around
Our resident feral
chicken has so far
survived the winter
with a bit of food aid.
Apart from the birds I
had a rather close
encounter with a large
stag near Hawley’s bridge on 8 January
and hibernating butterflies, disturbed by
household warmth, have been sucking
honey solution down Bankside. Finally,
the snowdrops have started to bloom.
Spring is on its way!
My thanks for the many interesting
reports I have received for this article
from Simon, Jayne, Kath, Denise, New
Road Birders, Charlotte, Sue, Mick,
Keith, Eve and Ann. I hope I have
acknowledged everyone. Please keep
the reports coming in.
Ian Weatherley
[email protected] or 636350
Community Transport is offering
free training for Drivers
MiDAS is the award winning Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme,
accredited to the Community Transport Association. It is a
nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers
and is designed to enhance driving standards and promote the safe operation of
This certificated MiDAS qualification leads to work within the voluntary sector
offering an opportunity to support the community by assisting with trips and tours
throughout the Peak District and Derbyshire Dales.
The training, which includes both practical and short classroom sessions, can be
completed over a limited period, usually in half days or two hourly sessions and is
offered completely free.
Following the training, opportunities for utilising your new skills will be provided at
Community Transport enabling you to build your expertise on a voluntary basis.
After a period gaining experience you would receive early notification of any paid
positions which may arise.
If you have been driving for more three years and would like to take this
opportunity please contact Community Transport on 01629 641920. Places are
limited so early contact is recommended.
Youlgrave Playschool, Monday-Friday,
9am-12 noon
07745 191366
Youlgrave Reading Room
Youlgrave School Association, friendly
fundraising for our local school, contact Karen
Youlgrave Scout & Community Hall
Youlgrave Silver Band
Youlgrave Village Hall
07762 120494
Youlgrave Welldressers
Youlgrave Wesleyan Reform Chapel 636251
Youlgrave Women’s Institute
In aid of OXFAM
Monday 2 March
Bakewell Town Hall
Entrance 10p
Sale includes clothes, bric-a-brac,
books, household goods, jewellery,
toys, home produce, tombola.
Delicious refreshments available.
If you have any items to donate,
please telephone 814474 or 812784
Andrea Willans
~ Make-up artist ~
Wedding make-ups
Promotional photos
Make-up lessons &
07521 294712
[email protected]
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Youlgrave Medical Centre
For appointments, enquiries, home
visits and repeat prescriptions call
(01629) 636207.
8.30am - 12pm, 2pm-6pm
8.30am - 1pm
Wednesday 8.30am - 1pm
8.30am - 12pm, 2pm-6pm
8.30am - 1pm
9am - 11am, 4pm-5.30pm
9am - 11am
Wednesday 9am - 11am
9am - 11am, 2pm-5.30pm
9am - 11am
Mondays Monday Club (Day Centre),
Youlgrave Village Hall, 10am-3pm
Tuesdays Art Club, 10am-12 noon, ring
630407 for details of venue
Tuesdays Yoga with Iris Pimm (636341), The
Barn, Greenfields Farm, 7-9pm
Tuesdays Youlgrave Bell Ringers practice
night, All Saints Church, 7.30-9pm
Tuesdays Scouts 7-8.30pm, Scout Hall
Mon-Fri Youlgrave Playschool, Scout &
Community Hall, 9am-12 noon
Drawing and painting classes,
Youlgrave Reading Room, 10am
Bingo, Youlgrave Reading Room,
Beavers 5-6pm, Cubs 6.15-7.30pm,
Scout Hall, 7.45pm (term time)
Yoga with Iris Pimm, 9.30-11.30am
Beginners class 7-8.30pm, The
Barn, Greenfields Farm (636341)
Youlgrave Silver Band, Methodist
School Room, 7.30-9.30pm
2nd Mon Mobile Library, Mt Pleasant
9.25-9.40am, Bradford Dale 9.459.50am, Grove Place 9.5510.15am, Holywell Lane 10.2010.40am, The Pinfold, Middleton
by Youlgrave, 10.50-11.20am
2nd Tues Youlgrave WI meetings, Youlgrave
Village Hall, 7.30pm (636353)
4th Wed Confidential Advice Sessions with
Matlock & District Citizens Advice
Bureau, Youlgrave Medical
Centre, 9.30am-12.30pm
For more local information go to:
THE BUGLE: Andrew McCloy (Editor), Englemere, Brookleton, Youlgrave,
Derbyshire DE45 1UT tel 01629 636125
e-mail [email protected] www.thebugle.org.uk.
Printed by Greenaway Workshop, Hackney, Matlock (tel 01629 734089).
The views in this publication are not necessarily those of the editorial team.
Amy’s Dairy, for fresh milk, free range eggs, cream,
orange juice, yoghurts
Bakewell Bridge Car Park (M. & D. Rhodes),
Coombs Road, Bakewell
The Bakewell Soap Company, natural skincare deli,
Granby Arcade, Bakewell
www.bakewellsoap.co.uk, 812989
L.T. Birds, Joinery & Home Maintenance,
23 Northwood Lane, Darley Dale
07786 434376
Dave Brown, Plastering and Home Maintenance
636075 & 0777 3045148
Bulls Head
Castle Farm, Bed & Breakfast and Caravan CL site
Derbyshire Aggregates
Dulux Design Service, your local designer Chris Read
chris.duluxdesignservice.co.uk or 0333 222 7021
Farmyard Inn
David Frederickson, Derbyshire Dales District
George Hotel
Hollands Butchers
Hopping Farm Caravan Site (Mrs M. Frost) 636302
Anne Hunt, Driving School – Beginners, Refresher
courses, Pass Plus
Lathkill Cleaning, Holiday and domestic cleaning
service, property management and laundry service
contact [email protected] or 07973 374429
Long Rake Spar Co Ltd, The largest selection of
decorative stones for all your garden projects 636210
Frank Mason, Portable appliance testing, specialising
in churches, village halls and holiday lets 650241
J.W. & J. Mettam, Family Funeral Directors since
Simon Northcott, Will-making, estate administration,
inheritance tax advice, lasting powers of attorney
[email protected], 07706 956067
T.Nutt & Sons, Supply and fit carpets, vinyl, wood,
laminate and karndean www.nutt.co.uk 01246 863148
The Old Bakery, Bed & Breakfast and Self Catering
Accommodation, [email protected]
Judith Orchard, Dress designer, repairs and alterations;
portraits, paintings and lessons (proceeds to charity)
Peak Feast, Huge range of home-made cakes, pies,
ready meals, quiches, etc – call in to The Workshop,
Moor Lane, Youlgrave, www.peakfeast.co.uk 630000
Iris Pimm, The Barn, Greenfields, Alport
Pots from France, Exhibitions Sept and Dec, reserve
stock always available
Kathi Roche, Woodwind instrument repairs
[email protected], 636179
Barbara Scrivener, Reflexology, massage, Reiki
Smerrill Grange, Bed & Breakfast
The Wee Dram, specialist whisky retailer, 5 Portland
Square, Bakewell
Youlgrave Post Office, Church Street
Youlgrave Garage – Motor engineers and MOT
Test Station
Youlgrave Youth Hostel
0845 371 9151
Zumba with Dave – exercise to fantastic music every
Tuesday lunchtime in Youlgrave Village Hall
www.davidpryor.zumba.com, email [email protected]
Beavers, Cubs, Scouts (meet times on p.23) 636605
Granby House, Housing for older people
Middleton & Smerrill Parish Council
Youlgrave Bellringers
Contact David Camm, Tower Captain
Youlgrave Carnival [email protected]
077451 48993
Youlgrave Bowls Club, Ingrid Newman
Youlgrave Cinema
Youlgrave Day Centre (Monday Club) at the Village
Hall, contact Lise Marple
Youlgrave Folk Club, for all types of acoustic
music, contact Maureen [email protected] or
07714 402978
Youlgrave Horticultural Society
Contact Leslie Toyne, Treasurer
Youlgrave Methodist Church
Youlgrave Parish Church, The Vicarage, Conksbury
Lane, Youlgrave
Youlgrave Parish Council
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