Call for Application - University of Dar es salaam

Writing Workshop by the African Studies Association of the
United Kingdom (ASAUK) in collaboration with the College of
Social Sciences (CoSS), University of Dar es Salaam, on 17th –18th
February 2015
Call for Applications
The African Studies Association of the UK (ASAUK) and the College of Social
Sciences at the University of Dar es Salaam (CoSS UDSM) in Tanzania invite
applications to attend two day writing workshop for early career scholars to be held at
the University of Dar es Salaam on Tuesday 17 th and Wednesday 18th, February
In collaboration with the CoSS UDSM, the ASAUK is organising a writing
workshop to assist scholars in African studies to prepare articles for publication in
international journals. The workshop will bring the editors of major international
journals in African studies, namely African Affairs, Journal of Eastern African Studies,
Review of African Political Economy and The African Review, together to support
scholars mainly from Tanzania and other East African countries in preparing articles for
submission and eventual publication in international journals.
The workshop is aimed at 1) supporting researchers mainly in social sciences from
Tanzania and other East African countries to publish their research in international
journals and 2) providing a forum for journal editors and participants to exchange ideas
on how to strengthen publications in African studies and explore future collaboration
between the journals.
The workshop will be organised into for sessions to be covered in two days:Day One
First Session: Each journal editor will present the scope and review process of
his/her journal, which will be followed by a discussion on how to strengthen
African studies publications and the exploration of potential collaboration between
the journals.
Second Session: Editors will provide comments on the articles submitted by the
participants in small groups. Attendance at this session will be limited to those who
have submitted their draft articles which have been accepted in advance. The
participants will revise their papers individually after this session.
Day two
Third Session: Editors will review the revised papers and provide further comments
in small groups.
Fourth Session: Editors and participants will share their experiences and reflections
on the workshop.
Application Details
Doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars and academic staff mainly in social sciences
from Tanzania and other East African countries are eligible to apply for the workshop.
No application from scholars who obtained their PhD over ten years ago is accepted.
In order to qualify for all the sessions of the workshop, scholars are invited to send in
the following documents electronically to Rodrick Henry - [email protected]
A short CV including their name, gender, nationality, date of conferral or expected
conferral of their PhD, academic career and position at their current institution.
A completed, full-length article (5,500–7,000 words) based on original research.
Applicants can indicate in the article which journal they are targeting.
The deadline for applications is Sunday 1st February 2015.
The primary selection criterion is the quality of the article submitted, but assessors will
also be looking to see who might benefit the most from the workshop.
Due to the limited funding, participants are asked to draw on funding to cover the costs
of their travel and accommodation to the workshop from elsewhere.
Journal Themes
1. African Affairs
African Affairs is published on behalf of the Royal African Society and is the top ranked
journal in African Studies. It is an inter-disciplinary journal, with a focus on the politics
and international relations of sub-Saharan Africa. It also includes sociology,
anthropology, economics, and to the extent that articles inform debates on contemporary
Africa, history, literature, art, music and more.
African Affairs is the top-ranked African studies journal as measured by Impact
Factor. According to the 2012 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2013), the
journal is also ranked 27 out of 157 journals in Political Science.
2. Journal Eastern African Studies
The Journal of Eastern African Studies is the international publication of the British
Institute in Eastern Africa, published four times each year. It aims to promote fresh
scholarly enquiry on the region from within the humanities and the social sciences, and
to encourage work that communicates across disciplinary boundaries. It seeks to foster
inter-disciplinary analysis, strong comparative perspectives, and research employing the
most significant theoretical or methodological approaches for the region.
The Editors welcome submissions from all academic disciplines in the
humanities and social sciences, including archaeology, anthropology, cultural studies,
development studies, economics, environmental studies, geography, history,
international relations, literatures and languages, political economy, politics, social
policy and sociology.
Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE)
ROAPE is a refereed journal committed to encouraging high quality research and
fostering excellence in the understanding of African political economy. Published
quarterly by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group for the ROAPE international collective
it has since 1974 provided radical analysis of trends, issues and social processes in
Africa, adopting a broadly materialist interpretation of change. It has paid particular
attention to the political economy of inequality, exploitation and oppression and
struggles against them, whether driven by global forces or local ones such as class, race,
community and gender. It sustains a critical analysis of the nature of power and the state
in Africa in the context of capitalist globalization.
4. The African Review: A Journal of African Politics, Development and
International Affairs
Published since 1971, the African Review hosts intellectual debates and discussions on
African politics, development and international affairs. It welcomes theoretical and
empirical submissions which are provocative in analyzing the social, economic and
political forces that shape the present and future of the continent. Being an
interdisciplinary journal, the African Review covers a wide range of fields such as
political science, international relations, strategic studies, law, public administration,
sociology, gender studies, history, economics, political geography, demography, and
development studies. The African Review has for many years established itself as a peer
reviewed academic journal of repute in Africa and beyond. It is published twice a year,
in April and November, by the Department of Political Science and Public
Administration, University of Dar es Salaam.
The general information of the ASAUK Writing Workshops is available at:
For more information on the workshop, please contact Rodrick Henry [email protected]