Trenholm Ninestein Senior Product Manager

Trenholm Ninestein
I can be found
25A South Street
Rockport, MA 01966
Senior Product Manager
I am
Highly motivated, tech-savvy professional with an MBA and over 10 years
experience designing and delivering innovative technologies. Exceptional
analytical ability and problem solver who enjoys the challenge of achieving
goals and accomplishing objectives.
[email protected]
I like to
• Develop software that excites customers // yes, and wows them too
• Design simple and clean user experiences // engagement = revenue
• Tell stories with images and moving pictures // I have 8mm film in fridge
I know
Project Ideation
Product Management
User Stories
Wireframes & Mockups
Scrum (CSPO, CSM)
Mobile Technology
Social Media
Presentations & Demos
Quantitative Analysis
Simulation Modeling
Microsoft Office
I’ve studied
Darla Moore School of Business, 2010
BS, Finance
Darla Moore School of Business, 2005
BA, Film
University of South Carolina, 1999
• Tinker, deconstruct and rebuild tech // latest is RaspberryPi projects
• Build Lego creations with my son // he’s the next Master Builder
I’ve worked
Virgin Pulse , Framingham, MA
2014 - present
Senior Product Manager, Mobile & Guides
Lead two platform themes for employee wellness and engagement platform
(SaaS) for over 1m active users. Responsible for product vision and ideation
of mobile-first feature sets. Partner with product marketing and sales teams in
identifying time-sensitive features for client rollouts. Deliver requirements and
user stories to geographically dispersed (Bosnia and Belarus) and collocated
engineering teams in and agile development process.
• Mobile Lead iOS and Android development teams for the maintenance of
v1 app while building a new user experience for v2 platform launch.
Formulation of roadmaps, strategy and design execution for releases.
• Guides Idea creation , customer requirement gathering and delivery for
user guided experiences in three core product areas: activity, stress and
financial well-being.
Pearson Education , Boston, MA
2012 - 2014
Senior Product Manager, Mobile, Mastering
Responsible for owning major product themes of the premier science
homework platform for higher education (over 1.6m annual registrations and
$23m in sales). Partner with internal stakeholders and editors across science
disciplines to create and formulate strategy, roadmap and prioritization of
high-value initiatives for customers. Deliver user stories and specifications in
an agile environment for development and quality assurance execution.
• Mobile Guide the discovery, design and development of platform
availability on mobile devices. Increased mobile traffic by 55% with launch
and planned 18 month roadmap with high visibility for stakeholders.
References available upon request
Willing to travel and relocate
• Adaptive Study Oversee the platform and mobile development of our
adaptive study story. Present adaptive solutions to customers at
conferences and internal events to help to win high value adoptions.
• Future Technology Champion Member of cross-organization, “in-house”
start-up team developing ideas to bring to market through rapid
prototyping and quick build cycles.
Trenholm Ninestein
Harvard Business School , Boston, MA
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2008 - 2012
Program Manager, Educational Technology Group (2011 - 2012)
Responsible for the planning, alignment, management and continuos
improvement of the Educational Technology Group’s online simulation and
games portfolio. Partner with faculty to deliver simple and elegant solutions to
improve classroom pedagogy. Own the product from idea to launch.
• Product ideation, content development and project management of
simulations, games, and interactive tutorials for Strategy, Negotiation,
Finance and Marketing Units.
I’ve helped build
Native Mobile Apps
Virgin Pulse, App Store
Virgin Pulse, Google Play
MyLab/Mastering Dynamic
Study Modules, App Store
MyLab/Mastering Dynamic
Study Modules, Google Play
• Assist executive team with strategic planning by creating presentations and
white papers on simulation architectures, educational research, mobile
learning and user experience trends.
HBS Executive Education
Mobile Nexus, App Store
• Create and foster collaboration amongst development teams, support
staff and program team in an environment to promote learning and sharing
of ideas.
Mobile Web Apps
Sr. Project / Content Manager, Educational Technology Group (2008-2011)
Hold dual accountability for (a) partnering with faculty on the creation and
development of innovative eLearning and infrastructure projects from
inception to launch and (b) managing the design, development, quality
assurance and execution of the courseware in globally distributed
• Executive Education Mobile Initiatives Managed the development, execution
and support of the following initiatives for the four comprehensive
leadership and custom programs:
• HBS Executive Education Mobile Nexus Native (iPhone and iPad) and
web application for program participants with access to directory,
schedule and learning content.
• HBS iTunes U Privately-accessible instance of iTunes U delivering audio
and video content to Executive Education participants.
Mastering Mobile
HBS Executive Education
Mobile Nexus
Airline Pricing Game
Balanced Scorecard Game
Beer Game
Chances Are
Construction Bidding
Giving Game
Hollywood Game
Shad Process Simulation
• Business Analysis and Valuation (BAV) Modeling Tool Managed the reimagining of the Excel tool to a Flex-based, online-delivered valuation
model for the Accounting and Management Unit. Model is available
outside HBS from Harvard Business Publishing and Prof. Healy’s
• Balanced Scorecard Game Led the simulation modeling and development of
the Balanced Scorecard Game and integrated Strategy Map for Prof.
Narayanan and the Accounting & Management Unit. Executed rollout to
900+ students Fall 2011; programs in China and Qatar, 2012.
BAV Modeling Tool
• Beer Distribution Game Partnered with Prof. Hammond and the Technology
and Operations Management Unit to rewrite the Beer Game from the
ground up. Led the design of a new student experience, updated server
architecture and enhanced faculty debrief materials. Launched to 900+
students Fall 2011. Deployed to classrooms in China and India.
Personal Financial Planner
Finance & Accounting Tools
Black-Scholes Calculator
HBS Finance Toolkit
Strategy Map
Two-Stage Cost Model
V-Options Calculator