Executive Summary

Snapcious is a mobile/social technology
platform for brands, NGOs and media
companies: Gamified photo-sharing creates
actionable data, and drives strong consumer
engagement across 10 top social networks.
Customer Problems: 1) Current tools for socialmedia marketing deliver push-only messaging,
which is easily and widely ignored by consumers.
2) Facebook and Instagram photo contests lack
multi-network sharing and CRM capabilities.
3) Mobile-gaming and social photography are currently disconnected - representing a powerful opportunity for execution of disruptive and engagingintegrated marketing strategy.
Business Solution: Snapcious’ white-label photochallenge system enables brands to deliver continuous engagement throughout the consumer life
cycle. It builds and strengthens relationships with
consumers, incentivizes and rewards them through
gamification and nurtures brand loyalty and advocacy. Distributed on a SAAS basis, Snapcious delivers stronger, more-measurable brand/consumer
data through each engagement.
Product/Services (B2B): An engaging, customizable photo-challenge game - augmented with multiplatform social-sharing capabilities: Brands set up
photo missions for consumers to snap and share
via white-labeled iOS and Android Apps.
The platform delivers the brand’s message and
hashtags across the world’s top 10 social networks
in the words and photos of real people. Localizable to any social-marketing use and language,
this technology gives the brand a strong, magnetic
bond with consumers on a long-term, strategic basis and delivers superior engagement, metrics and
CRM capabilities.
Product/Services: (B2C) A B2C global photo
game “Snapcious” delivers the B2B functionality to
consumers on an ad-campaign level.
This global game drives multi-platform photosharing with daily, crowd-sourced photo missions.
We further capitalize this platform with a freemium
model and in-app purchases.
Industry: Mobile marketing
Employees: 3
Founded: March 11, 2011
Yael Swerdlow - [email protected]
Financial information (USD):
Stage: Going to market, US utility patent pending
Previous Capital: $350,000
Monthly Net Burn: $25,000
Capital seeking: $1.2 million
Yael Swerdlow, CEO/Co-founder
Mack Reed, CTO/Co-founder
Eric Silverstein, Dir. of Business Development
Legal: Emily Yukich - Fox/Rothschild
Financial: Liat Aaronson - Zell Entrepreneurship
Program, IDC Herzilya
Brands: Keith Boesky - Boesky and Company
Gaming: Chris Archer - Activision, U4ia Games
8581 Santa Monica Blvd., #715
West Hollywood, CA 90069 US
Target market: People share nearly 2 billion
photos every day. Branded photo challenges on
Instagram and Facebook return an impressive
100-1 ratio of people reached per photo posted.
Yet neither offers CRM, universal cross-platform
sharing or ongoing strategy or support. Smarter
brands - particularly in emerging markets - are
seeking stronger, longer-lasting consumer engagement than they get with Facebook Likes and Twitter
re-tweets, which are losing trust in the marketplace
while social recommendations are fast outstripping
traditional marketing messages on all indices of
consumer trust.
Brands: Customers in the fashion, automotive,
travel & tourism, food-service and sports industries
are already experimenting with alternative marketing platforms in a bid to overcome the erosion of
traditional mass marketing’s traction.
The Snapcious platform can be customized and
deployed in world-scaleable configurations on
an extremely cost-effective business model via
cloud services. We can deliver stand-alone apps
or integrate our technology directly into brands’
existing apps. One-time setup fees will range from
$10,000 to $20,000, depending on complexity. Our
simple licensing model bills on a monthly basis, to
create flexibility and establish trust with brands and
agencies, at a rate of $5,000 to $50,000, depending upon the reach involved. Because our platform
delivers continuous engagement, increasing the
value of the data it collects, we work with clients to
develop new features and remain a long-term solution, securing our own long-term financial success.
NGOs: As traditional marketing tools for NGOs
are increasingly overwhelmed and out-shouted
by well-funded transmedia commercial marketing campaigns, these organizations are turning to
crowd-funding and social communication to reach
their target audiences.
Media companies: As online marketing erodes
traditional ad-revenue models, news and entertainment companies are seeking greater reach and
traction in social media. Our platform can be used
to crowd-source citizen journalism, build stronger
fan communities and deliver better audience segmentation.
B2B: Snapcious is building strategic partnerships
with brands and media companies. Companies are
making significant investments in digital marketing
for 2015 with a clear focus on better mobile engagement, strengthening relationships in order to
drive brand loyalty.
We are building a direct-sales team to create, grow
and close leads for license sales generated with
these tools in the U.S. and strategic markets in
China, Europe, Central/South America, southeast
Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
B2C: Snapcious is augmenting the viral marketing power of the platform itself (players sharing
photos across 10+ social networks) with a contentfirst marketing strategy for social, experiential and
push-marketing, growing audience with these tools
and a small spend on audience-acquisition services. The resulting audiences will be sold to brands
via sponsored photo challenges by our B2B sales
Instagram and Facebook offer brands massive platforms and audiences for engaging with consumers
via photo challenges. But gameplay is ad-hoc, consumers must be educated to insert hashtags, there
is no control over content and the brand’s relationship with the players ends when the contest ends.
Snapcious publishes photos with custom hashtags
and messaging to 10 social networks from one button. It supports long-term consumer-engagement
strategies around photo-sharing and can be expanded to support video-sharing.
It provides social listening and metrics services not
provided by its competitors. It can be augmented
with e-commerce, and integrated directly with customers’ existing apps and systems.
The Snapcious team are experienced entrepreneurs and managers in the realms of social technology, professional photography, mobile development, user experience design, nation branding/
public diplomacy, entertainment and gaming, business intelligence and overall customer service, led
by Swerdlow and Reed, who have worked together
for more than 23 years.
Q4 2015: 12 B2B licenses
Q4 2016: 100 B2B licenses
Q4 2017: 500 B2B licenses
(with initial $1.2M investment)
150,000 B2C players
1.5 million B2C players
10 million B2C players
Sales Revenue
Operating Expenses