0g Trans Fat
No Added Preservatives
No Partially Hydrogenated Oils
1901 Peanut Butter - $16.00
1033 Mint Choc. Chunk - $16.00
1918 Triple Chocolate Chunk - $16.00
1906 Strawberry Shortcake - $16.00
Mantequilla de maní
Creamy peanut butter and crunchy peanuts in
every bite are the perfect combination of sweet
and salty in this chewy peanut butter cookie. U D
Chocolate triple
Silky pieces of rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white
chocolate come together to create a dreamy trifecta of
chocolaty decadence. U D
Chocolate y menta
Rich Barry Callebaut® Belgian chocolate chunks and
refreshing mint confections folded into chocolate
dough celebrates a classically indulgent combination. U D
Pastel de fresca
White confectionery chips, sweet dried strawberries and
tart dried cranberries combine for such a blast of
delectable flavor, you’ll savor every bite. U D
Help Believe Kids and Otis Spunkmeyer support Share Our
Strength's No Kid Hungry® campaign to end childhood hunger
in America which works to ensure all children of low-income
families get the food they need through breakfast, summer
meals and cooking education.
1034 Snickerdoodle - $16.00
Canela y azúcar
Cinnamon and sugar combine in harmonious
flavor a warm, sweet, aromatic taste that’s
even better than you remember. U D
1898 Chocolate Chip - $16.00
Chispas de chocolate
Semi-sweet chocolate chips folded into rich,
buttery cookie dough create the ultimate
chocolate chip cookie experience. U D
2007 Orange Cookie - $17.00
Galleta naranja
Deliciously sweet cookie dough loaded with orange
candy-coated chocolate pieces, this cookie is powered
by orange to help end childhood hunger in America. U D
1917 White Choc. Macadamia - $16.00
Chocolate blanco y nuez de macadamia
Loads of white chocolate chips and generous chunks of
macadamia nuts make every bite of this delicious cookie
absolutely unforgettable. U D
1922 Whole Grain Choc. Chip - $16.00
Galletas integrales con chispas de chocolate
Chocolate chip cookie dough made with whole grain. This
cookie has less fat and fewer grams of sugar than our regular
Chocolate Chip cookie. U D
1899 Oatmeal Raisin - $16.00
Avenas y pasas
Rolled oats, plump California raisins and aromatic
cinnamon spice combine for a delightful taste
that provides the ultimate comfort of home. U D
1900 Butter Sugar - $16.00
Azucar crema
Creamy butter blended with just the right balance
of sugar makes this classic cookie taste just like it
was baked from scratch. U D
1905 Carnival - $16.00
Colorful semi-sweet confection-covered
chocolate candies make this cookie fun to
look at - and even more fun to eat. U D
1920 Cranberry Oatmeal - $16.00
Aràndano royo y avena
Whole rolled oats with chewy dried cranberries and a
subtle hint of cinnamon make this a touch of sugar,
spice and everything nice. U D
9104 Turtle Cheesecake - $21.00
Pastel de queso turtle
A traditional New York style cheesecake topped with
pecans, caramel and chocolate surrounded by a
decadent graham crust. Turtlelicious! 32 oz. U D
9109 Variety Cheesecake - $23.00
Surtido de pastel de queso
Go for the ultimate dessert. The sampler! Includes two slices each
of New York Style, Strawberry, Double Chocolate and Turtle
Cheesecake. Perfect for a gift or entertaining! 32 oz.
2574 Pumpkin Roll - $16.00
Pastel de calabaza
This delightful treat is a scrumptious alternative to plain cake! You’ll
find delectable cream cheese filling beautifully rolled inside a moist
cake for an amazing after dinner experience. Pre-baked. 20 oz. U D
2730 Braided Cream Cheese
Strudel - $16.00
Trenza de queso crema
Treat yourself to the homemade taste of cream cheese
braided into this flaky strudel! Your taste buds will surely
thank you. Warm & serve. 20 oz.
2580 Cinnamon Rolls - $17.00
Rollos de canela
These melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls come with a
packet of cream cheese icing. From freezer to table in
five minutes! Pre-baked. (12 rolls). 28 oz.
4900 5” Variety Pizza Snack Pack - $19.00
5” Surtido de pizzas
Mini Deep Dish Crust with Real Mozzarella Cheese. Contains one 5”
Supreme, two 5” Pepperoni and two 5” Cheese pizzas. 5 pizzas.
7206 Chicken Tortilla Soup - $18.00
Sopa de pollo con tortilla
Pieces of tender chicken, flavorful roasted corn, diced
tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeño peppers
are combined with crisp tortilla chips to thicken and give
body to this unique soup. Olé! (4) 8 oz servings.
7203 Maine Lobster Bisque - $20.00
Sopa de langosta
Maine is known for its’ thick and rich bisque. This one is no
exception! A perfect blend of minced sweet lobster meat
simmered in rich cream and sherry! (4) 8 oz. servings.
8801 Classic Soft Pretzels - $16.00
Pretzel sauve
Enjoy the aroma of baking Original and Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels right
in your own oven! Serve warm with your favorite toppings and dips.
A great treat any time of day. Contains: Six 3 oz. frozen soft
pretzels; salt, cinnamon sugar. Zero Trans Fat and Kosher too!
4106 Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Dogs - $19.00
Salchichas envueltas en pretzel
Nathan’s® Famous beef hot dogs wrapped in Auntie Anne’s famous
pretzels are a hit for all ages. Pop them in your oven or microwave for
a quick and easy snack. Contains: Six 4 oz. frozen pretzel dogs.
ALLERGY ALERT Items CONTAIN the following:
Chocolate Chip- W, E, S, M, K
Carnival Candy- W, E, S, M, K
Cranberry Oatmeal- W, E, M, K
Triple Choc Chunk- W, E, S, M, K
Snickerdoodle- W, E, M, K
Oatmeal Raisin- W, E, M, K
White Choc Mac Nut- W, E, S, M, TN, K
Mint Chocolate Chunk- W, E, S, M, K
Peanut Butter- W, E, M, P, K
Strawberry Shortcake- W, E, S, M, K
Butter Sugar- W, E, M, K
Orange Cookie- W, E, S, M, K
WG Choc Chip Cookie- W, E, S, M, K
Cinnamon Rolls- W, D, S, E
Pumpkin Roll- W, D, S, E, K
Chicken Tortilla Soup- M, GF
Lobster Bisque- M, W, L
Pizzas- W, D, S
Variety Cheesecake- W, D, S, E, K
Items may also be labeled:
Turtle Cheesecake- W, D, S, E, K
Pretzel Dogs- W
Pretzels- W, K
Braided Cream Cheese Strudel- W, D
Product Information: 2.5-pounds of pre-portioned cookie
dough (36 pre-formed cookies) that go from the freezer
to the oven. Keep frozen up to one year. No preservatives
Pretzel products share common equipment with foods
containing NUTS.
Made with
Real Cheese
Completely thaw cheesecake before serving. Can be
refrigerated for up to 7 days.
Cookies are manufactured in a facility that also produces
Cake rolls, lava cakes and cinnamon rolls are
manufactured in a facility that produces NUTS.
Allergy information subject to change.
Please see product label or call for complete ingredients list and Kosher
certification information. #S1520-OSCombo
© Believe Kids