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04.2. GINETTA G55 GT417
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The timing and content of the Ginetta Juno LMP3 announcement,
plus a couple of very canny signings, might just have cornered
another key market for the seemingly ever expanding Yorkshire
One of the last of a proud, but now much depleted, group of
British sportscar builders, Ginetta aren’t looking in any danger
of joining the long list of dormant marques, quite the opposite
in fact. They look set to make racing sportscars just as much a
part of the world view of Yorkshire as overly strong tea, yappy
little dogs and miserable cricketers.
Graham Goodwin
Yorkshire often carries with it connotations of tea,
puddings or in 2014 the Grand Depart, but most
recently, the Northern county has found itself
associated with producing world class racing drivers
and cars to boot.
Ginetta has been building British road and race cars since
1958 and, as one of the few remaining British sports car
manufacturers, are responsible for some of the most iconic
race and road cars in history. We are one of the most
significant players on the global motorsport scene, selling
cars across the globe and training the brightest stars in UK
My vision for Ginetta is to provide affordable motorsport
for all levels of driver; for instance the KICK Start Energy
Ginetta Junior Championship is open to drivers as young as
14, making it the perfect start to any career in motorsport.
The Ginetta Racing Drivers Club, on the other-hand, offers a
more relaxed entry into the sport for those wanting to learn
amongst like-minded novices. Once you catch the racing
bug, you can, of course, progress up the motor racing
ladder through the Ginetta GT5 Challenge or the Michelin
Ginetta GT4 SuperCup and beyond.
The coming year aims to build upon our previous
successes, and the recent ‘unveiling’ of the Ginetta-Juno
LMP project is set to cement Ginetta’s reputation as the goto manufacturer for aspiring racing talent.
2015 is Ginetta’s 57th year of manufacturing British race
cars, and it’s going to be a great one!
Lawrence Tomlinson
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
02 background.
With over 50 staff overseeing management, design and production, Ginetta is based in a state-ofthe-art, 75,000 sq. ft. factory just outside of Leeds, on a site it shares with parent company, The LNT
With many components crafted by hand on site, Ginetta employ some of the UK’s brightest engineering and
manufacturing talent to bring to life the Ginetta G40, Ginetta G55 GT4 and G55 GT3 cars, as well as the GinettaJuno LMP3.
The facility is home to:
In-house R&D, CAD & engineering teams
Engine build, design and development facilities
Two engine dynamometers
Carbon fibre production facility
State of the art chassis/roll cage production including wishbones and crash structures
Gearbox and differential rebuild facility
Electrical department
In-house media team including videographer
02.1 racing
Ginetta’s racing pedigree flows throughout the business: the factory-run ‘Team LNT’ exudes racing
passion with an impressive on-track record, having competed at some of the world’s most prestigious
long distance and historic race meetings including:
Nurburgring 24 Hours
The Dubai 24 Hours
Silverstone 24 Hours
Sebring Florida
Petit Le Mans in Atlanta
The Le Mans 24 Hours, with Tomlinson himself a class winner in 2006
The Ginetta championships provide competitive and affordable racing for everyone, from the aspiring driver
wanting to take their first step into competitive sports car racing, to the seasoned professional looking for
close, competitive thrills and excitement, combining top class manufacturing with a dedication to teamwork and
The Ginetta series offer unrivalled exposure for drivers, teams and sponsors both on and off track; with TV
coverage of all races combined with a constant flow of media coverage and high-profile championship partners.
Drivers, teams and sponsors are encouraged to make use of Ginetta’s opulent boardroom facilities in Leeds, for
meetings, events and factory tours.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
02.2 ginetta across the globe
// Australia
// Austria
// Belgium
// Brazil
// China
// Czech Republic
// Denmark
// France
// Germany
// Holland
// Hong Kong
// Italy
// Japan
// Malaysia
// Norway
// Poland
// Portugal
// Singapore
// South Africa
// Spain
// Sweden
// Switzerland
// UK
// United Arab Emirates
// USA
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
03 GINETTA championships.
Race with the best of British
The Ginetta championships provide competitive
and affordable racing for everyone, from the
aspiring driver wanting to take their first step
into competitive sports car racing in the Ginetta
racing drivers Club, KiCK Start Energy Ginetta
Junior Championship or Ginetta GT5 Challenge,
to the seasoned professional looking for
close, competitive thrills and excitement in the
michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup.
Combining top class manufacturing with a dedication
to teamwork and success, the Ginetta series offer
unrivalled exposure for drivers, teams and sponsors
both on and off track; with TV coverage of all races
combined with a constant flow of media coverage
and high-profile championship partners.
No other British manufacturer runs four championships
within the two biggest racing packages in the UK
and receives the levels of media exposure gained
throughout the season. The Michelin Ginetta GT4
SuperCup and Ginetta Junior Championship can
be seen running alongside the British Touring Car
Championship, whilst the Ginetta GT5 Challenge and
Ginetta Racing Drivers Club are a firm favourite on
the British GT package.
Over the past five years, Ginetta have supported
around 300 drivers as they took their first steps
into the thrilling world of motor racing; and it’s their
reputation as a high-profile training ground which
saw over 111 drivers compete within the four series
throughout 2014.
All championships are run with the same ethos of
tight technical controls and sporting regulations.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta brings fantastic value to the TOCA
package, with the KICK Start Energy
Ginetta Junior Championship and Michelin
Ginetta GT4 SuperCup having cemented
themselves as two incredibly competitive
and entertaining support series. Ginetta
nurture the progression of newcomers
and are active in the development of both
championships and the drivers themselves,
with a number of former Ginetta drivers
currently competing in the BTCC.
Alan Gow
Series Director of the BTCC
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
KICK START ENERGY Ginetta Junior Championship.
The first step on the motorsport ladder for 14 - 17 year old racing drivers
As the only company in the world which offers
drivers as young as 14 a genuine route into toplevel racing, the KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship uses the multi-disciplined Ginetta
G40 and gives aspiring teenage drivers the chance
to take their first step up the motor racing ladder.
Its sealed Ford Zetec 1.8-litre engine, tubular steel
chassis and fibre-glass shell, restricts the car to 100BHP
and includes a six-speed sequential Quaife gearbox and
sealed Quaife ATB Differential. Not only that, but all cars
run on controlled Michelin tyres and the G40 chassis is
53 times stronger than the FIA requires it to be.
The KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior Championship
has evolved into one of the most subscribed, most wellattended, most televised and ultimately, most prestigious
Junior car racing championship in the UK – offering
unrivalled opportunities for driver and sponsor exposure.
All competitors receive an official Ginetta race suit, eight
official TOCA season passes, as well as full access to the
Ginetta hospitality area for the duration of the weekend.
As the most popular support series to the British Touring
Car Championship and with live coverage on ITV, the
equalised car and single-make championship are
designed to uphold Ginetta’s ethos of providing safe,
controlled racing, whilst focussing on driver potential
rather than racing budget.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
The KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship provides young drivers
with a cost effective entry into a high
profile, competitive motorsport arena.
The Ginetta brand also provides an
impressive motorsport ladder so that an
aspiring young driver can see a clear
path should they choose to make a
career in motorsport.
Shaun Hollamby BTCC and KICK Start Energy
Ginetta Junior Championship Team Owner
Racing a Ginetta Junior on the
prestigious TOCA package is
motorsport done properly – it’s been
great fun, and a fantastic platform for
racing development. I’ve thoroughly
enjoyed being a part of the Ginetta
family over the past couple of years,
but one warning – it’s highly addictive!
Jamie Chadwick
KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship Competitor and 2013
Ginetta Junior Scholarship winner
- Average grid size of 19 cars in 2014
- 10 different podium finishers
- Four rookie drivers on the main podium
- Five different race winners
- Largest BTCC support grid at each round in 2014
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
- 15 competitors in 2014
- Seven different podium finishers
- 11 drivers committed for GRDC+ with
others progressing into other formulae
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
03.2 Ginetta Racing Drivers Club.
An all-inclusive package designed specifically for the first-time racing driver
Most of us have enjoyed a few laps in a supercar
around one of the UK’s top circuits, but imagine
being on track behind the wheel of your own
racing car, enjoying a race alongside new friends
in front of cheering crowds, before driving the
car home and being the envy of your neighbours.
That feeling of euphoria is what the Ginetta
Racing Drivers Club is all about.
The all-inclusive package includes everything required
to begin competing; you buy the car and we give you
12 months road tax, an ARDS racing licence, two track
days with expert tuition plus entry into a four weekend
racing series at the best UK circuits with full mechanical
and emotional Ginetta support.
Created exclusively for newcomers to the sport, the
Ginetta Racing Drivers Club is aimed at drivers with
a desire to test their mettle at racing, offering step-bystep support as they move from the UK roads to some
of the finest GT circuits in the country, best of all, the
road-legal racer is yours to keep!
The Ginetta Racing Drivers Club far exceeded my
expectations and I have been told that I am hard to
please. It was great fun that involved the whole family
and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who
has always wanted to dip their toe in the water.
Charles Ferguson
GRDC Member
The ability to get my racing licence and have
professional training before I got on track meant
I could have some real racing fun alongside likeminded people who realise that F1 may have
passed them by a few years ago.
Chris Babington
GRDC Member
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
03.3 GRDC+.
A continuation from the GRDC
Ginetta Racing Drivers Club+ (GRDC+) provides
Ginetta G40 Club Car owners - who have
previously competed in the standalone Ginetta
Racing Drivers Club series - with an arena in
which to compete throughout their second year
of racing.
The series is a natural progression for those drivers
who have recently discarded their ‘novice’ plates, and
competitors join the larger Ginetta GT5 Challenge grid
for their second season in racing, which means they
enjoy five race meetings, with three races at each
GRDC+ is also the ideal starting platform for drivers
who have too much circuit racing experience for the
pure entry-level Ginetta Racing Drivers Club, enabling
them to retain all the member benefits, whilst racing
amongst drivers of similar ability and experience.
All members are invited to join Lawrence Tomlinson on
a number of social events throughout the year, which
include golf days and a trip to the Le Mans 24 Hour, with
the backdrop of a traditional French chateau.
The Ginetta Racing Drivers Club presented me with
the perfect opportunity to go racing, whilst I had
settled for track days in the past, I always wanted
to try my hand at racing, and this is great value for
money whilst taking away the stress of organising
everything yourself.
gary wager
GRDC Member
The hand-held, low time-commitment introduction
to racing was really attractive. It means the majority
of my time will be spent having fun - instead of
having to learn how to get a licence, research
safety kit, sign up for race series and all the other
time-consuming aspects that have prevented me
following my dream in the past.
guy redwood
GRDC Member
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
03.4 ginetta gt5 challenge
Cost-effective racing for all ages and experience
The Ginetta GT5 Challenge offers a unique,
low-cost opportunity to race in a singlemake racing championship whilst still being
a part of a prestigious support package.
Joining the Avon Tyres British GT Championship
once again, this seven-weekend series is a
popular entry-level championship for many
aspiring GT racers, because the cost-effective
series boasts packed grids with close racing.
All competitors receive six official SRO season
passes for entry into the circuit and are
encouraged to enjoy the Ginetta hospitality
area throughout each event. Drivers, teams and
sponsors are also welcome to take full advantage
of Ginetta’s facilities in Leeds for meetings,
events and factory tours.
For 2015, the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club ‘Class
of 2014’ will graduate into the Ginetta GT5
Challenge, and their road-legal Ginetta G40’s will
compete within a separate class.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
After starting my car racing career in
the KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship where I finished
third, I went on to win the Winter
Series before joining the Ginetta
GT5 Challenge for 2014, which I
won. I am incredibly proud to be
part of such a successful group
of championships, what a great,
affordable and professional way to
ascend the motorsport ladder.
George Gamble
2014 Ginetta GT5 Challenge Champion
and Ginetta Junior graduate
- 39 competitors in 2014
- 16 different podium finishers
- Seven different class winners
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
- 33 competitors in 2014
- 13 different podium finishers
- seven different race winners
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
03.5 Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup.
BRDC qualifying championship with clear progression into global GT4 racing
Broadcast live on ITV4, British Touring Car Championship
support series, the Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup is
Ginetta’s flagship championship featuring the Ginetta G55
GT4 car.
The championship itself offers unrivalled exposure for drivers,
teams and sponsors, and is now entering its third year as a BRDC
qualifying championship, with a number of drivers both past and
present having already been named Rising Stars and SuperStars.
For the ambitious racer, the championship provides the ideal ‘next
step’ from competition behind the wheel of a Ginetta G40, whilst
the car itself is eligible for a number of International GT races
and the perfect training ground for the Ginetta G55 GT3 car and
In 2015, the Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup will feature both
Professional and Amateur classes – both of which will have their
own points structure and prize giving - designed to ensure racers
with time-consuming workloads are not at a disadvantage to
those career racers who can test and train throughout the week.
Class entry will be based on competitors’ previous racing
experience and results, and provides an interim step for ambitious
Protyre Motorsport Ginetta GT5 Challenge and Ginetta Racing
Drivers Club competitors, looking for progression to the next level
of motorsport.
A limited number of all-inclusive packages provide everything
drivers require to go racing for a fixed price, and includes the car
loan, race tyres, entry fees, Friday testing and race fuel in order to
ensure costs are kept under control.
The Ginetta G55 GT4 car uses a 3.7 litre Ford V6 engine, producing
355bhp, whilst the drivetrain starts with the Hewland six-speed
sequential gearbox with a pneumatic paddle-shift system.
Ensuring friends, family and sponsors can share drivers’ on-track
experience, Ginetta provide every driver with 12 TOCA season
passes, as well as complimentary race day hospitality. Drivers also
receive a Ginetta-branded race suit, as well as the opportunity to
invite guests to Ginetta’s head office for a tour of the factory.
The Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup has
proved a great progression for me from
the Ginetta GT5 Challenge. The increased
performance of the car is preparing me
well for the even more powerful GT3
Ginetta G55 which I can compete in
headline championships across the world.
The Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup has
significantly raised my profile as a driver
due to the popular ITV package and this
has in turn allowed me to generate more
income from sponsors who are keen to
remain with me into the future.
Luke Davenport
Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup race winner
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
04.1 Ginetta G40
The multi-disciplined Ginetta G40 comes in various guises,
and its versatility marks it out as one of the most popular
entry-level racing cars on the market today with over 150 cars
in circulation worldwide since its launch in 2010.
The Ginetta G40 Club car was built with the track day enthusiast
in mind, offering a pure driving experience for those looking to
progress into the exciting world of car racing behind the wheel of
a road-legal racer. With 135bhp coming from a 1.8 litre engine, the
car commands your attention whilst being wonderfully balanced on
The G40 race car is available in both Junior and GT5 specification,
enabling owners to graduate from the KICK Start Ginetta Junior
Championship into the Ginetta GT5 Challenge with the same car
and minimal effort.
Seen by fans up and down the UK as part of the British Touring Car
Championship and British GT, the Ginetta G40 is one of Ginetta’s
most well-known cars, and as the power increases exponentially
with driver progression, it’s the perfect place to become a racing
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
04.2 Ginetta G55 GT4
Homologated for the international stage, the Ginetta G55 GT4
is eligible for competition within the Michelin Ginetta GT4
SuperCup, British GT4 and a variety of UK and European
endurance and sprint racing series, including the Dubai and
Nürburgring 24 hour races plus the Abu Dhabi and Bathurst
12 hour endurance events.
Introduced in 2011, the Ginetta G55 GT4 produces 355bhp from a
3.7 litre V6 engine whilst the driver cycles through the gears with a
six speed sequential gearbox with pneumatic paddle shift system.
As Ginetta’s most popular export car, the G55 GT4 car is racing on
circuits around the globe and in varying temperatures and terrain,
with that in mind, recent modifications have been made with hot
climate competition in mind, increasing reliability and resale value.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
04.3 Ginetta G55 GT3
The Ginetta G55 GT3 car offers natural progression from the
single-make Ginetta championships and the driving seat of
the multi-disciplined Ginetta G40 or Ginetta G55 GT4 car, into
a whole new level of GT racing.
Factory outfit, Team LNT, raced their Ginetta G55 GT3 car in the
V de V championship throughout 2014. Lawrence Tomlinson and
factory driver Mike Simpson partnered with Charlie Robertson, Tom
Oliphant, Tom Sharp, and Steve Tandy during the season, securing
four of the available seven pole-positions, including a race victory
and top four finishes.
The car houses a Ginetta-built, 4.35 litre V8 engine, unleashing
580bhp beneath your right foot. The Ginetta G55 GT3 car is built
with the intentions of competition in British GT, V de V, International
GT Open, Blancpain, VLN, Britcar, Dutch Supercar, Dubai 24hr, Abu
Dhabi 12hr and Bathurst 12hr to name just a few.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
04.4 Ginetta-Juno
Lawrence Tomlinson’s purchase of Juno Sports Cars in
Autumn 2014 added a further ‘rung’ to the Ginetta motorsport
career ladder, with the announcement of the Ginetta-Juno
LMP3 and Ginetta-Juno LMP Track Car complementing the
existing Ginetta offerings.
The ACO and Ginetta are aligned in their focus to enable teams,
drivers and manufacturers to hone their skills and progress into
top-level racing, and this new car will provide Ginetta drivers, of all
experience levels, with an accessible route into Le Mans Prototypes.
The Ginetta-Juno LMP3 will make its debut in the European and
Asian Le Mans Series in 2015, as part of the new LMP3 class, aimed
at young and gentlemen drivers, and will use a regulated V8 engine,
running at around 420bhp. The rules still allow freedom with respect
to the design and development of the aerodynamics, styling and
chassis so Ginetta-Juno will be pushing the performance envelope,
whilst ensuring the car is reliable and easy to work on.
In addition, the Ginetta-Juno LMP Track Car will provide an interim
race car for those graduating into sports prototypes from the various
Ginetta formulae who do not wish to go straight into European or
Asian Le Mans Series, as well as a solution for track day enthusiasts
looking for a high-specification track car they can use for competition;
at a fraction of the cost of their racing rivals.
The two-seater Ginetta-Juno LMP Track Car will look and feel
every inch the Le Mans Prototype and shares 75% of the hardware
derived and optimised for the Ginetta-Juno LMP3 and is eligible for
competition in the Malaysian Super Series, Open Sports Car Series,
Dutch SuperCar Challenge and Britcar Endurance Championship.
Ginetta strives to provide a route
for drivers to progress their careers
from an enthusiast all the way
through becoming a professional
driver. I have been lucky enough
to experience this first hand,
starting in 2013 in the Ginetta GT4
SuperCup championship I gained
experience in one of the most
competitive GT classes, and now
I’ve moved up to the GT3 class
with the factory Ginetta team, and
aim to continue the progression up
to LMP3 and above. I would highly
recommend the Ginetta series to
anyone wanting to move up the
ranks, gaining experience from the
in-house expertise on hand.
Tom Oliphant
Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup
competitor and Team LNT driver
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
05 2015 calendar.
Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup & KICK Start Energy
Ginetta Junior Championship
(in support of the BTCC)
22 - 23 August
27 - 28 June
06 - 07 June
18 - 19 April
08 - 09 August
26 - 27 September
05 - 06 September
9 - 10 May
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
brands hatch
04 - 05 April (Indy)
10 - 11 October (GP)
05.1 2015 calendar.
The Ginetta GT5 Challenge
(in support of the British GT)
04 - 06 April
22 - 23 August
12 - 13 September
02 - 03 May
30 - 31 May
brands hatch GP
01 - 02 August
10 - 11 July
05.2 2015 calendar
Ginetta Racing Drivers Club
12 - 13 September
02 - 03 May
30 - 31 May
brands hatch GP
01 - 02 August (TBC)
10 - 11 July (GRDC+ only)
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
06 Sponsorship & Marketing.
Ginetta’s prominence on the motorsport
scene offers an exciting, value-for-money
opportunity for sponsors looking to expand
brand awareness on a national level, through
extended television coverage coupled with
print and online exposure.
With eight square metres of advertising space
available on a G55 and seven square metres on the
G40, there are a plethora of opportunities for brands
to expand their market presence.
Ginetta have extensive links with leading global tyre
manufacturer Michelin, who enjoy title sponsorship of
the Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup, as well as acting
as sole tyre supplier to all Ginetta championships.
For 2015, Ginetta have also partnered with leading
drinks brand development business, Global Brands
and together are promoting KICK Start Energy drink
to an international audience through the high-profile
sponsorship of the newly rebranded KICK Start
Energy Ginetta Junior Championship.
We’re proud to be a key partner to
Ginetta, both through our support
of the Ginetta GT4 SuperCup with
Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer and
our headline sponsorship of the
Ginetta Junior Championships with
KICK Start Energy. We chose to
support the KICK Start Energy Ginetta
Junior Championship as it presents
a rare, genuine opportunity for
young drivers to develop their driving
skills and kick start their motorsport
careers, making it a perfect brand
fit! Not only are we supporting both
championships through the 2015
season, we have entered cars into
each class, with both myself and Seb
Perez racing at Junior and GT4 level.
Steve perez
Chairman of Global Brands
We are extremely pleased the trusted partnership between Ginetta and Michelin
continues into 2015, both for racing and the supply of tyres for Ginetta’s road cars. The
excellent KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior Championship offers a host of opportunities
and scholarships for a future generation of drivers-for example, former Junior Seb Morris
was a part of the Caterham F1 Academy in 2014. The Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup
along with the GT5 Challenge provide a test of team, driver and equipment as well as
being enjoyed by race fans trackside and on TV. With just one set of tyres being used
for both qualifying and the race itself, our tyres need to meet all of the race performance
requirements, without a trade-off, something we refer to as Michelin Total Performance.
malcolm scovell
Commercial Director, Michelin Tyre PLC
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
07 hospitality.
The backdrop of the UK’s top racing circuits offers
the perfect platform for drivers, teams, sponsors
and businesses to entertain guests looking for
an exciting day out. The Ginetta Race Centre,
complete with hospitality, provides all invited
guests with an area in which to relax.
As the hub of the championship management team,
this area creates a one stop centre for everything
championship-related, with all live broadcast races
streamed on screens inside. This makes for a great
spot to socialise, network, keep abreast of the latest
action or discuss team strategy, all whilst never missing
a moment of the on-track thrills.
Competitors are also offered cost-effective hospitality
packages in order to entertain extra guests and
sponsors during race weekends.
The Ginetta Junior Championship offers a
unique opportunity to enjoy competitive racing
at Britain’s premiere circuits, as part of the BTCC
package. Harry had only raced in local club
karting events and this wonderful experience
has helped him develop his racing skills in a
very short period of time. Our sponsors and
their guests have enjoyed the Ginetta hospitality,
mingled with celebrity drivers and are excited to
be joining us again in 2015.
Nick Mailer
Father of Harry Mailer,
KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior competitor
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
The current Ginetta motorsport ladder allows
drivers to remain with the Yorkshire marque
throughout their careers taking them to the
pinnacle of international motor racing - from the
early days in the Ginetta Junior Championship at
14 years old right the way through to International
GT racing with the Ginetta G55 GT3, or into ALMS
and ELMS with the Ginetta-Juno LMP3. Some
drivers also go on to pursue successful careers in
both single-seater and tin top arenas.
Michelin Ginetta GT4 champions Tom Ingram (2013)
and Adam Morgan (2011) have both graduated into the
British Touring Car Championship following their series
wins, with Ingram turning heads throughout his maiden
season thanks to an impressive string of top 10 results,
whilst Morgan claimed the final race win of 2014 with his
WIX Racing team.
Drivers who began their career in the Ginetta Junior
Championship include Henry Surtees, who graduated
to Formula Renault and Formula 2, Luciano Bacheta
who went on to race Formula Palmer Audi, Formula
Renault, GP3 and won the FIA F2 Championship in
2012. In addition, Dino Zamparelli, who won the Ginetta
Junior Championship in his first season, progressed
into Formula Renault in 2009 where he finished third
overall before winning the title in 2011, he now contests
Seb Morris won the Ginetta Junior Championship in
2011 before he pursued his single-seater ambitions
with Formula Renault BARC, winning their Winter Series
in 2012. He went on to finish second in the BRDC
Formula 4 Championship in 2013 and third in Formula
Renault 2.0 NEC in 2014 as well as becoming a part of
the Caterham F1 Academy.
Winning the inaugural Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup title
was the springboard I needed to launch a career in the
British Touring Car Championship. As an ultracompetitive
championship which allows drivers to compete at the top
level of racing at a fraction of the cost of other rival series
it is a great way for aspiring pro drivers to showcase what
they can do to a mass audience, in turn gaining crucial
exposure for themselves, teams and sponsors.
Adam Morgan
I am hugely proud to be a brand ambassador for
Ginetta. My experience racing in the Ginetta Junior
Championship has proved absolutely invaluable to
my success in single seaters. I would not hesitate to
recommend the Championship and indeed the car to
any aspiring racing driver.
I started my career with Ginetta Juniors. The cars are
incredible and Ginetta do a brilliant job in promoting the
drivers; if it was not for the experience and everything
I learnt from racing with Ginetta, I would not be a
champion or where I am today.
Making history in 2010 as the first female to win a
Formula Renault championship, Alice Powell began her
career on the Ginetta Junior grid and has since gone on
to compete in GP3 and Formula Three Cup, where she
finished second in 2013. For 2014, Alice contested the
Asian Formula Renault Series and finished third.
BRDC Members who have competed with Ginetta
Andrew Watson
Alice Powell
Benji Hetherington
Charlie Robertson
Daniel Lloyd
David Pittard
Dino Zamparelli
Jake Cook
Jake Hill
Jody Fannin
Joe Osborne
Josh Hill
Oli Basey-Fisher
Ryan Ratcliffe
Seb Morris
Sennan Fielding
Tom Ingram
Tom Sharp
Will Palmer
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
09 TV & Media.
The Ginetta championships benefit from
being a part of the UK’s highest-profile
race series in terms of both press coverage
and spectator appeal, offering unrivalled
exposure for all involved.
The Michelin Ginetta GT4 SuperCup and KICK
Start Energy Junior Championship viewing
audiences exceeded over 3 million viewers in
2014, with races broadcast live on ITV4 during
the championship race days, plus highlights
shown on ITV’s Motorsport UK as well as their
‘watch again’ service on The Ginetta
GT5 Challenge receives its main TV coverage
from Motors TV, which is broadcast globally
to 31.5 million homes across 38 countries in
Drivers are frequently put forward for television,
radio, print and online features by the press
team at Ginetta, and markthree media filmed the
KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior Championship
in 2013, for a very exciting CBBC series, which
aired throughout the 2014 season.
Ginetta has built up an impressive following of its
championships across both the print and online
media in the motoring and non-motoring media
arenas. Each of the championship race days
benefit from coverage in the leading motorsport
press as well as dedicated pages within each
circuit’s official race day programme.
Any motor race can entertain to some degree
but when you’ve got exceptional driver talent
coupled with superb British sports cars it
moves the whole experience to another level.
I’ve been lucky enough to have commentated
on both the KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship and Michelin GT4 SuperCup
for the last few seasons. From a journalist’s
point of view, as well as great racing, there’s
an ongoing narrative as drivers move through
the different formulae within the Ginetta
family. That story will continue in 2015 and I’m
looking forward to it already.
Richard John Neil
ITV Sport Commentator
Over the past few years, I’ve thoroughly
enjoyed watching some great racing from
both the KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship and Michelin GT4 SuperCup.
It’s also been fascinating to see how the
drivers develop in all aspects of their career;
from their driving skills, to how they present
themselves to our ITV4 viewers during the
live post-race interviews as well as to all the
media teams within the paddock.
Louise Goodman
ITV Sport Commentator
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
09.1 Ginetta.coM / Ginetta TV.
Motorsport media and fans alike are constantly kept
up-to-date with Ginetta news via the busy press office,
which not only coordinates press coverage across
numerous media outlets, but also updates the central
hub of Ginetta news –
Over 20,045 fans now follow Ginetta’s social media sites, with
more joining every day as images, competitions and videos
are liked and shared by the online community within seconds
of being uploaded. Ginetta also post minute-by-minute race
updates throughout all championship races.
Providing a platform for teams and drivers to share their
news with the online community, attracts an
average audience of over 15,000 unique users per month,
whilst the Ginetta newsletter delivers the latest news from the
factory and their customers, straight to the inboxes of 2,360
Ginetta also have a dedicated videographer who attends
most championship rounds as well as any related events.
Working with teams and drivers, the marketing team have
established a popular YouTube channel which is home to a
number of relevant videos which can be used for in-house
and driver promotional activity.
Recognising the rapid growth of social media as an essential
way to communicate with a fast-moving online audience,
Ginetta’s media output now includes dedicated sites on
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Professional photographs of drivers both on and off circuit
are available for download within one working day of all
race meetings. These are complimentary to all entrants
and drivers are encouraged to use these images in any
promotional activity.
Average views per month: 319,799
Unique Visitors: 196,435
Page views: 1,122,918
2012 - 3,000+ 2013 - 6,000+
2014 - 9,754+
BBC Regional News
Motors TV
Motorsport News
The Checkered Flag
The Sunday Times
The Sun
Shout Magazine
More Magazine
• Financial Times
• The Sunday
• The Daily Mail
• The Business Desk
• Insider Media
• Top Gear online
• Evo
• Octane
• Radio Le Mans
• Daily Sports Car
2012: 6,354 2013: 7,899
2014: 9,058
*Based on cumulative three-day attendance figures over
ten race weekends.
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
television figures
Michelin Ginetta GT4 Supercup &
KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Ginetta GT5 Challenge
Viewing Figures
Total Number Of UK TV Viewers of TOCA package
Motors TV
Global: 31.5 million
UK + Ireland: 18.5 million
10+ hours of television coverage
channel 4
174,000 viewers
espn (Fox International)
16.4 million viewers
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
10 ginetta junior scholarship.
At the heart of each Ginetta championship is
the philosophy of supporting drivers as they
ascend the motorsport ladder. The Ginetta Junior
Scholarship is designed to assist youngsters in
making the transition into sports car racing with
a fully-funded season in the KICK Start Energy
Ginetta Junior Championship on offer for the
Launched in 2009, the scholarship is awarded to one
driver who shines in the eyes of Ginetta. Not only by
offering ‘the overall racing package’ of speed, an ability
to learn, professionalism, fitness and team work, but
also as a marketable individual who will run well in our
sponsorship-backed G40.
Having boosted the motorsport careers of Louise
Richardson, Sennan Fielding, Oliver Basey-Fisher,
Jamie Chadwick and Alex Sedgwick, 2015 winner Stuart
Middleton beat 60 other drivers to secure a fully-funded
season in the 2015 KICK Start Energy Ginetta Junior
Championship, in support of the BTCC.
It’s been an amazing and fantastic time for
me, to come so close last year was frustrating
to say the least but all that is in the past now.
I can’t wait for the 2015 KICK Start Energy
Ginetta Junior Championship to begin. There
has been really tough competition this year
and I am sure I will be meeting some of the
other drivers on track soon.
Stuart Middleton
Ginetta Junior Scholarship winner 2015
Winning the 2014 Ginetta Junior Scholarship
was a dream come true. Being able to race as
part of the TOCA British Touring Car package
on the UK’s top circuits was an unbelievable
start to my racing career. Ginetta has created
a fantastic championship and I would
recommend it to any aspiring junior driver.
Alex Sedgwick
Ginetta Junior Scholarship winner 2014
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
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Ginetta Media Pack 2015
Ginetta Media Pack 2015
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