Winter School 2015

Win ter 20
school 15
Duration: 10 days
Workload: 4 ECTS
Language: English
Sociology, Philology,
Liberal Arts,
Russian Studies,
Political Studies
Enrolment Cost:
EURO 1000
included: accommodation 10 days (SGL),
breakfasts & lunches, lectures and tours
within the program.
Special offer
for partner-universities:
EURO 800
Program Content:
• Interactive lectures on Russian language
and international communication;
• Russian history and culture,
Single rooms, private WC & shower,
public kitchen and laundry, free wi-fi.
Application deadline: January 10, 2015
To learn more and apply for the program
please contact us at our international office:
[email protected]
+7 (812) 458-97-30 (ext. 2832 ; 2882)
Henri Koutola
(Savonia University of Applied Scences)
Very interesting week full of peculiarities of Russian
culture. All the excursions were eyes-opening to see
how Russian way of working goes on. Everything
went as planned and it was highly enjoyable! I advise
everyone: go there, explore, and do not be scared!
For Finns Russia can seem as a dangerous country
but after all the similarities we share are vast. Also
history is common and you can learn about many
different things concerning food, art and other
cultural habits.
Program Outcomes:
The program is tailored to help students to
explore unknown Russia and to gain some
insight into the Russian mentality, culture and
history. The core course of the program Russian Language and Intercultural
Communication consists of a range of seminars
on the topic of “Stereotypes in the Intercultural
Communication: case of the Russian National
Features”. Topics to be touched upon within
stereotypes, everyday life (hospitality, holidays,
public transport issues (behavior)), paradox of
Russian national features (according to what
has been described by writers and
Francesca Castiglioni
(University Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC)
I really loved the experience because I knew many good friends from different nations and the foreign
country. Also it was easy and funny way to improve my English. From lessons and trips I learned things
that are not written in books. The university is really well organized! I have always dreamed about
Sun Xi (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing):
Fantastic! It’s quite impressive for me to have such fieldtrips and courses. All the things I saw presented
me an open, energetic and vivid Russia. All the agenda was well-planned.
Kilian Niemarkt (International School of Management in Dortmund)
All in all I liked it pretty much to participate in WS program. Especially I liked the structure: lecture in the
morning, excursion in the afternoon and bars in the evening. It was really intensive program but due to
this fact I learned a lot about Russian culture and history. I had a pretty intensive but also awesome
week. It was great combination of studying, making new friends and having fun.
To learn more and apply for the program
please contact us at our international office:
[email protected]
+7 (812) 458-97-30 (ext. 2832 ; 2882)