December 28, 2014 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph 28

December 28, 2014
The Holy Family of
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
28 de diciembre de 2014
La Sagrada Familia
de Jesús, María y José
St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish
Announcements / Anuncios
Pastor’s Letter / Carta del Párroco
-pg. 3
Perpetual Adoration Invitations
Follow up on guest speaker,
Fr. Victor Warkulwiz
-pg. 4
Marriage Matters
January 9th 7:30 p.m.
Mike & Sharon Phelan - Speakers
-pg. 6
Knights of Columbus Sunday Breakfast
Sunday, January 4
After all the Masses
-pg. 7
Sunday, December 21
Come and See Sunday/ Vengan y Vean
New parishioner registration/
Registracion para nuevos miembros
-pg. 5
The Nativity
La Natividad
“My eyes have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared in the sight
of all the peoples.”
- Luke 2:30-31
“Mis ojos han visto a tu Salvador,
al que has preparado para bien de
todos los pueblos.”
- Lucas 2:30-31
2 Parish Information/ Información parroquial
Address: 440 E. Elliot, Gilbert, AZ 85234-5989
Phone: (480) 507-4400 Fax (480) 507-4800
Web Page:
Email: [email protected]
Parish Office Hours/Horas de Oficina
Monday & Thursday/ Lunes y Jueves: 10:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday & Wednesday / Martes y Miercoles: 8:30am5:00pm
(closed daily from 12pm-1pm)
Friday & Saturday / Viernes y Sábados: Closed/Cerrada
Sunday/Domingo: Closed/Cerrada
Weekend Mass/Horario de Misas
Saturday: 4:30 pm (English Vigil) 6:30 pm (Vigilia español)
Sunday: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am High Mass, 5:00 pm
Domingo: 1:00 pm (español)
Holy Days of Obligation/Dia de Guardar
Please refer to page 5 - Liturgy & Worship for Holy Days of Obligation Mass times.
Weekday Mass/Durante la semana
7am: Monday/lunes– Saturday/sabado—English/inglés
12:00pm: Monday/lunes - Friday/viernes - English/inglés
6:30pm: Monday/lunes - English/inglés
Tues. & Fri./ Martes y viernes - español/Spanish
Wed. & Th. /Miercoles y jueves - Latin
Morning Prayer & Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
7:30am – Monday – Friday
Oración de la mañana y traslado del Santísimo
Parish Holy Hour/Hora Santa parroquial
Thursdays/Jueves – 7pm
Reconciliation/ Horario de Reconciliación
Monday & Thursday/lunes y jueves: 6:25am - 6:25pm
Friday/Viernes: 4pm - 6pm
Saturday/sábado: 4pm - 6pm
Sunday/domingo: 10:30am - 12:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday: no confessions
Martes, miércoles: no hay confesiones
Sacramental Anointing of the Sick/
Unción de los Enfermos
For persons who are gravely ill or close to death, phone
480-507-4400 (Option 1). This number is to be used in a
hospital emergency or if someone is in danger of death.
Para personas que están en estado grave ó en peligro de
muerte. Llamar al 480-507-4400.(Opción 1). Este número
debe ser usado cuando hay una emergencia en el hospital
o alguien que está en peligro de muerte.
Ministry of Care Home Visits
For persons who are homebound, hospitalized or in a
care facility desiring Holy Communion or for serious
illness, wanting the Anointing of the Sick, please call
(480) 507-4495 (non-emergency situations only).
Mass Intentions/Intenciones de la Misa
Sunday, December 28, The Holy Family of Jesus,
Mary, Joseph
7:00 am
9:00 am
11:00 am
1:00 pm
5:00 pm
Rosendo & Sara Herrera
Estaniscao Clemente
High Mass - St. Anne Parishioners
Saul Hernandez Jr.
John Daiza
Monday, December 29___________________________
7:00 am Stephanie Gastelum
12:00 pm Daniel Roberson
6:30 pm Lazaro Villa
Tuesday, December 30___________________________
7:00 am Delores Demko
12:00 pm Eleanor McLean
6:30 pm Bob & Betty Lucas
Wednesday, December 31; St. Sylvester I, New Year’s Eve
7:00 am
12:00 pm
4:30 pm Jason & Lisa Boswell
6:30 pm Voluntarios de Santa Ana
Thursday, January 1; Mary, the Holy Mother of God;
New Year’s Day 2015______
9:00 am Don Windmuell
11:00 am Sylvia Fitzpatrick
1:00 pm Tomislav Kurayca
Friday, January 2, St. Basil the Great; First Friday
7:00 am Delores Demko
12:00 pm St. Anne Staff
6:30 pm Miguel Calzada
Saturday, January 3; First Saturday_________________
7:00 am
Delores Demko
Saturday, January 3; First Saturday__________________
4:30 pm Pauline Alcorn
6:30 pm Romelia Abelar
Sunday, January 4, Epiphany of the Lord___________
7:00 am
9:00 am
11:00 am
1:00 pm
5:00 pm
Manuel & Mary Cavalho
The Stilwell Family
High Mass - St. Anne Parishioners
Para las almas del purgatorio
Dcn. Joe Spadafino
Hearing-Impaired Assistance /Worship Aids
If you have a “T” coil in your hearing aid, we have a lanyard that will plug
into a unit and transmit immediately to your hearing aid. If you do not
have the “T” coil, you can sign out a headset at the sound board.
St. Anne Gift Shop/Tienda de Articulos Religiosos
Mon & Wed./Lun. & Mie. 8:30am-1:30pm
Tue. & Thurs./Mar. & Jue. 8:30am - 1:30pm; 3pm-6pm
Fri./Vier. - Closed
Sat./Sáb. 3:30pm - 6:00pm
Sun./Dom. 7am - 2:30pm
Letter from the Pastor / Carta del Párroco
Just over two years ago, the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship approved a blessing for babies
in the womb. It is an eloquent sign of respect that as Catholics and followers of Christ, we all deserve
human life in whatever state you are in, from conception to natural death. As a priest, I have been asked
on numerous occasions by parents to bless their child yet unborn, for their health, and a happy birth.
In view of this, and after consulting with the clergy of the parish, we have decided to impart this blessing on
4 occasions throughout the year, coinciding with four events related to the origin of human life. Those days are:
1. Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (December 8). The day on which we celebrate our Mother's conception
seems an ideal opportunity to bless the children already conceived but not yet born.
2. Solemnity of the Incarnation of Jesus (March 25). It is, perhaps, the most important celebration: the day that, being
conceived in the womb of Mary, the Word became flesh to save us.
3. Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (June 24), who leaped in the womb of his mother Saint Elizabeth before
the arrival of Jesus.
4. Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (September 8).
I hope these blessings serve to renew our commitment to the Gospel of Life, and serve as a chance for us to unite
together as the great family of this parish to celebrate the joy that brings the mystery of life that grows and develops
within all pregnant women.
May God Bless you all,
Father Sergio
Hace poco más de dos años, la Sagrada Congregación para el Culto Divino aprobó una bendición para los niños en el
vientre de sus madres. Es un signo elocuente del respeto que, como católicos y discípulos de Cristo, nos merece toda
vida humana en cualquier estado en que se encuentre, desde su concepción hasta su muerte natural. Como sacerdote,
además, en numerosas ocasiones me he encontrado con padres que me han pedido la bendición para el niño todavía no
nacido, por su salud y por un parto feliz.
En vista de ello, y después de consultar con el clero de la parroquia, hemos decidido impartir esta bendición
en 4 ocasiones a lo largo de todo el año, coincidiendo con cuatro celebraciones relacionadas con el origen de la vida
humana. Esos días serán los siguientes:
1.- Solemnidad de la Inmaculada Concepción (8 de diciembre). El día en el que celebramos la concepción de
nuestra Madre parece una ocasión inmejorable para bendecir a los niños ya concebidos aunque todavía no nacidos.
2.- Domingo siguiente a la Solemnidad de la Encarnación de Jesús (25 de marzo). Es, tal vez, la celebración
más importante del año: el día en el que, siendo concebido en el seno de María Santísima, el Verbo se hizo carne para
3.- Domingo siguiente a la Festividad de la Natividad de san Juan Bautista (24 de junio), quien saltó de alegría
en el seno de su madre santa Isabel ante la llegada de Jesús.
4.- Domingo siguiente a la Festividad de la Natividad de la Virgen María (8 de septiembre).
Espero que estas bendiciones sirvan para que renovemos nuestro compromiso con el Evangelio de la Vida, y
que sean una ocasión para que, juntos, en la gran familia de nuestra parroquia, celebremos la alegría que siempre trae el
misterio de la Vida que se gesta y se desarrolla en el seno de todas las mujeres gestantes.
Que Dios os bendiga a todos,
Padre Sergio
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration / Adoración Eucarística Perpetua
The Holy Eucharist
The enrollment of new adorers to the St. Anne Parish Adoration
Chapel was a huge success. There were over 500 invitations turned
in, and many thanks to all those who are newly signing up or at least
thinking about it.
Father Victor Warkulwiz was a huge inspiration to the organizational team that will be formed for the first time here at St. Anne. It is
so vital to have a community of adorers, and the support of an organizational team. The team will assist
with smooth transition of new adorers into open slots where an adorer
is needed. The teams form a
“Prayer Team” of adorers. Yes! The
teams can get together and pray for
the success of this beautiful
ministry. Prayer Teams consist of
adorers who are scheduled to make
their Holy hour, the same hour of
the day, for the entire week. This
will always have the benefit of having coverage throughout the week
by at least one member of the
Prayer Team. This helps greatly for
coverage since team members are
most likely available that time everyday or most of the days during
the week. Having the teams brings enthusiasm to the adorers and
their teams, and brings such joy to the Lord!
It is so crucial to be aware of the fact that the Holy Eucharist cannot
be left alone! Let us follow the ways of Saint John Paul II as he said. .
“Seek him without tiring, welcome him without reserve, love him
without interruption; today, tomorrow, forever.
Make an effort to be there for the Eucharist, the rosary,
for our Lord.”
Saint John Paul II The Great, His Five Loves by Jason Evert, 2014;
Totus Tuus Press 2014
Thank you to the new Adorers who signed up for Adoration!
We must never leave Our Lord
unattended. Sign-up sheets are in the
Chapel or go to
[email protected]
La Sagrada Eucaristía
La inscripción de nuevos adoradores para la Capilla de Adoración en
Santa Ana fue un gran éxito. Hubo más de 500 invitaciones entregadas., Muchas gracias a todos aquellos que se han enscrito reciéntemente.
Padre Victor Warkulwiz fue una gran inspiración para el equipo de
organización que se formó por primera vez aquí en Santa Ana. Es tan
vital para tener una comunidad de adoradores, y el apoyo de un
equipo de organización. El
equipo va a ayudar para una
suave transición de nuevos
adoradores para establecer a
que hora se necesita un adorador. Los equipos forman un
"equipo de oración" de adoradores. ¡Sí! Los equipos pueden
reunirse y orar por el éxito de
este hermoso ministerio.
Equipos de oración consisten de
adoradores que están programados para hacer su hora
santa, la misma hora del día,
durante la semana. Esto siempre tendrá el beneficio de tener
cobertura durante toda la semana por lo menos. Esto ayuda mucho
para la cobertura ya que los miembros del equipo estan disponible a
ese tiempo todos los días o casi todos los días durante la semana.
Tener los equipos trae entusiasmo a los adoradores y a sus equipos,
y trae tanta alegría al Señor!
Es importante ser conscientes del hecho de que la Sagrada Eucaristía no puede ser dejado solo! Sigamos el camino de
San Juan Pablo II como dijo. . . . .
"Búscalo sin cansarse, darle la bienvenida sin reservas, amarlo
sin interrupción; hoy, mañana, para siempre.
Haga un esfuerzo de estar allí para la Eucaristía, el rosario, y por
nuestro Señor ".
Saint John Paul II The Great, His Five Loves by Jason Evert, 2014
Gracias a los nuevos Adoradores que se inscribieron para una
hora de adoración! Nunca debemos dejar a Nuestro Señor
solo. Hojas para inscribirse están localizadas en el santísimo o puede mandar
un correo electrónico a
ADORÉ[email protected].
Yes, I am willing to spend one hour, once a week,
with Jesus, Who is truly present
in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
Si, estoy dispuesto a pasar una hora al la semana,
con Jesús, quien esta presente
en el Santísimo Sacramento
Correo Electrónico________________________________________
I would like my time with our Lord to be:
(day)______________________(time)_________________ (am / pm)
Me gustaría que mi tiempo con nuestro Señor sea:
(día)______________________(hora)_________________ (am / pm)
Would you be able to serve as a substitute adorer?_______________
¿Quisiera suplir una hora?__________________________________
Please place your completed form in the box in the Adoration Chapel.
Favor de dejar esta hoja en a la caja localizada en el Santísimo.
Liturgy & Worship/Liturgia y actos de culto
Readings for the Week + Lecturas de la Semana
1 Jn 2:3-11; Ps/Sal 96:1-3, 5b-6; Lk/Lc 2:22-35
Tu/Mar: 1 Jn 2:12-17; Ps/Sal 96:7-10; Lk/Lc 2:36-40
W/Mie: 1 Jn 2:18-21; Ps/Sal 96:1-2, 11-13; Jn 1:1-18
Nm 6:22-27; Ps/Sal 67:2-3, 5, 6, 8; Gal 4:4-7; Lk/Lc 2:16-21
1 Jn 2:22-28; Ps/Sal 98:1-4; Jn 1:19-28
Sat/Sab: 1 Jn 2:29 — 3:6; Ps/Sal 98:1, 3cd-6; Jn 1:29-34
Sun/Dom: Is 60:1-6; Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13; Eph/Ef 3:2-3a, 5-6; Mt 2:1-12
Jan. 1st /1 Enero
Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God;
La Santisima Virgen Maria, Madre de Dios.
9:00 am Eng. Fr.David
11:00 am Eng. Fr.Sergio
1:00 pm Sp. Fr.Sergio
Reconciliation/ Horario de Reconciliación
Monday & Thursday/lunes y jueves: 6:25am - 6:25pm
4pm - 6pm
4pm - 6pm
10:30am - 12:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday:
no confessions
Martes, miércoles:
no hay confesiones
no confessions/no hay confesiones
Dec. 25/Dic 25
Dec. 28 - Jan 3/Dic 28 - Enero 3
no confessions/no
hay confesiones
What does it mean to have a Mass
offered for someone?
A Mass may be offered for many reasons: in
thanksgiving, for the intentions of another person
(a birthday, anniversary or health), or, as is most
common, for the repose of the soul.
Are you interested in joining our parish of St. Anne?
We welcome those interested in joining St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish to
attend our monthly “Come and See Sunday” in the Parish Hall, Sunday,
January 18th after the 11:00 am Mass. Please note that parish registration is
required for enrollment in religious education and sacramental preparation programs.
¿Estás interesado en ser miembro de la parroquia?
Invitamos cordialmente a aquellos interesados en registrarse en la parroquia de
Santa Ana a que asistan a la reunión mensual de orientación “Vengan y Vean.”
después de la Misa de 1:00 pm en el Salón Comunal de la Parroquia
18 de enero. Tenga en cuenta que estar registrado como miembro de la parroquia es un requisito para la inscripción de educación religiosa y
programas de preparación sacramental.
Liturgical Ministries Ministerios de Liturgia
Interim Music Coordinator
Art & Environment
Eucharistic Ministers
Ministros Eucarísticos
Ministry of Care
Music Ministry
Handmaids of the Lord
Altar Boy Formation/Training
Kevin Solinsky 480-507-4461
John Hernandez 480-495-1100
Scott Puente 602-370-0053
Maria Puente 602-721-7820
Hna. Elisa Monroy 480-507-4443
Contact the Parish Office
Bruce Schacher 480-236-2673
Mary Schultz 480-386-2746
Hna. Balbina Retama 507-4432
Fran August, 480-507-4495
Kevin Solinsky 480-507-4461
Francisco Santos 507-4463
Jim Elia 602-292-8957
Hna. Elisa Monroy 507-4443
Mary Schultz 480-386-2746
Rick Nevins 480-399-8882
Parish Office
Christmas Holiday Hours
The parish office will close on
Wednesday, December 24th and
remain closed until
January 5th, 2015 in observance
of the Nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ and
for the New Year’s Holiday.
St. Anne Liturgy Committee wishes to extend Christmas blessings to
all of our families and guests. May the holidays and the new year
bring much joy to everyone.
Heart-felt gratitude to all of our volunteers who made St. Anne’s liturgies beautiful and meaningful this year. Thanks so much to our Ministers of Music and Hospitality, servers, lectors, sacristans, and Art and
Environment – To all who worked behind the scenes with love for our
community, we extend our deepest appreciation.
El Comité de Liturgia de Santa Ana desea extender las bendiciones
de Navidad a todas nuestras familias e invitados. Que la Navidad y el
año nuevo les traiga felicidad a todos.
Nuestro profundo agradecimiento a todos los voluntarios que hicieron
la liturgia en Santa Ana tan hermosa y significativa en este año.
Muchas gracias a nuestros Ministros de Música y Hospitalidad, todos
los lectores, sacristanes, servidores y Art and Environment. Todos
que trabajaron detrás del escenario con amor por nuestra comunidad, a ellos nuestro mas sincero agradecimiento.
The Art & Environment Team
needs your help with taking down
the decorations.
Take Down Christmas
Sunday, January 11, 2015
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm Meet in church.
For more information
call Pat at 480-985-7032.
Parish Life/ Vida parroquial
Your Marriage Matters
January 9, 2015
Married? Engaged? In a relationship? Hoping to
be in a relationship? All are invited!
“The Birds and the Bees
for Parents”
Ready for “the talk” with
your children?
Don’t swat away the birds
and the bees! Join us for insights into explaining
the gift of human sexuality to our children.
Mike & Sharon Phelan have been married for 20 years and
are the parents of six children.
Mike is the Director of Marriage
and Family Life for the Diocese of
Phoenix and he and Sharon are the
preparation coordinators at
All Saints Newman Center in Tempe.
Jan. 9th 2015
Here at St. Anne at 7:30pm in the Church.
No Cost - Free Childcare and Hospitality provided
… el agua que yo te daré se convertirá en ti en fuente
de agua que brota para vida enterna.
- Jn. 4, 14.
Enero 9 y 10
Salón de la Parroquia
Para más información:
Luis (480) 720-6780
5th Annual Phoenix Catholic Women's Conference
Saturday, February 21, 2015
"That which is True, Beautiful and Good"
Xavier High School. What a special Christmas gift for the women
in your life!!!! There are also new break out sessions for young
Catholic women ages 16-22! Speakers: Leah Darrow, Leila
Miller and Ruth Ristow. Vigil Mass will be celebrated by Bishop
Thomas J. Olmsted. Cost: Early bird - $50, after January 15th $60 Hosted by the Phoenix Diocesan Council of Catholic Women.
Call Roberta at 602-471-1944 or go to
THE GIVING TREE Christmas Projects
Respect Life Articles and Links
The Example of Three Women in the Bible
Mother Tereasa's Words♠ of Wisdom
Mother's Rarely Make an "Informed Choice on Abortion
The Wonderful Work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers
There are many more ProLife "articles" and "images"
on the web site
The Giving Tree would like to thank everyone
who put their time, talent and money into Christmas
projects. The thoughtfulness and generosity of the
St. Anne community is and always has been a joy
to experience. THANK YOU! St. Anne, May God fill
this holy season with joy for each of you!
La Giving Tree desea extender las bendiciones de
Navidad a todas nuestras familias e invitados. Muchas
¡Gracias! Santa Ana. Que la Navidad y el año nuevo les
traiga felicidad a todos.
Fry's has a community program that benefits nonprofits. When you sign up, a percentage of your purchases will
be donated to St. Anne Parish. It’s simple to do, doesn’t cost anything extra and benefits our parish. For more information and step
by step instructions for enrolling, see our parish website Thank you for helping the St. Anne community share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Parish Life & Faith Formation/ Vida Parroquial y Formación en la Fé
CGS is will be on Christmas break starting the
Membership - Are you interested in becoming a Knight?
Call Sir Knight Ruben Duran (480) 688-4479
Ladies Auxiliary - For more information call
President Cynthia McAdams @ (480) 813-1394
All Knights - We are required to complete the Called to Protect classes and
Annual Recertification.
Council Meeting - January 7th, 7:00 PM in Saint John Paul the Great Meeting
Sunday January 4th after all morning Masses
Join us in building our community while enjoying
Tasty Breakfast food with Fellow parishioners!
~~~ All are welcome ~~~
Only $6 for Adults & $3 for 12 years and younger!
Knights of Columbus Council
"Day of Recollection"
Knights of Columbus 10540 invites all Knights
Saturday, January 17, 2015
at the Parish Community Hall
7:00 am - Registration
Opening Prayer/Welcome/Introductions
Father Sergio M. Fita
Holy Rosary led by SK Ed Deppert
Chaplet of Divine Mercy led by SK Michael Higashi
Stations of the Cross led by Deacon Joe Spadafino
SK Dave Birosh - "The Father McGivney Guild"
SK Omar Capodiferro - "Where are we in our relation
ship with Christ?" / GROUP DISCUSSION
12:30 TO 3:00PM - ADORATION
RECONCILATION - Father David between 4 to 6pm
4:30pm - MASS dedicated to Venerable Father Michael McGivney/
Please bring your Family and Friends. All Knights are encouraged to
volunteer as Ushers/EMs/Lectors/Alter Servers. Please wear Council
Shirt or Name Badge. Sir Knights may wear Tuxedo if sitting with their
Families. There is no closing prayer as "Day of Reflection" ends with
Blessing at 4:30 Mass.
There is a 4th Degree Call Out for Mass at 4:30pm. Muster at 4 pm.
Please call or e-mail for early registration:
SK Omar Capodiferro - (602) 549-8413, [email protected]
SK Manuel Trujillo - (480) 497-1483, [email protected]
week of December 22nd - January 9th.
Sessions resume the week of
January 12th.
Have a blessed Christmas!
HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH NIGHT All high school youth
14-18 are invited! Sundays after 5pm Mass in the
Hall - Dinner included!
The Legion - High School Youth Group
Through Apologetics, Bible, & Prayer!
More info Claudia Lopez 480-507-4441 or [email protected]
Norma Guzman [email protected] 480-507-4442
Faith Formation - Attention Parents of Confirmation
Candidates: Confirmation packets have been distributed to
parents of the children and teens who are in need of the Sacrament of Confirmation. If your child has NOT received a packet,
please stop by the Faith Formation office
and pick one up during the week.
Class reminder for Junior High students:
Classes will resume on Monday, January 12, 2015.
Class reminder for all RCIA children and teens: Classes will
resume on Thursday, January 8, 2015.
Are you a Catholic in need of the Sacraments of
Confirmation and/or First Communion? Do you know someone
who needs these sacraments? Adult classes will begin on
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 and will continue for nine
weeks. Classes run 6:15pm until 7:30pm. Register for classes,
please contact Donna 480.507.4430 [email protected].
is a welcoming ministry for anyone who, for various
reasons, has drifted away from the Sacraments and
the full practice of the faith. Because of our Baptism,
we are members of one family – come take another
look at the church of your childhood, we will never
judge or condemn; let’s walk together in good times
and in bad, through laughter and through tears! Come back home…
we miss YOU, and frankly… it’s not the same without YOU! Welcome Home!
Let’s talk, call today! Aurora: 480-420-PRAY (7729);
480-507-4433 [email protected]
If you know someone who has left the church, reach out to
them and pray for them… often times all they need is an invitation from someone who cares…
How about coming home for Christmas?
If you have left the Church for whatever reason…Jesus
wants you back! There is a place for you at the table…this is
what FAMILY is all about – sharing the good times as well as
the bad, the laughter, and the tears! Coming back has never
been easier – call 480-507-4433, or
[email protected]
Parish Life / Vida Parroquial
Grupo PROVIDA Santa Ana
Los invitamos a unirse al Rosario por la vida,
todos los miércoles en la Parroquia a las 7:00 pm.
Welcome Gathering The St. Clare Fraternity of Secular Franciscans join
us Thursday evening, January 8th 7:00 P.M. At Corpus Christi Catholic
Church, Rm #3. Located at 3550 W. Knox, Phoenix, AZ 85044.
Our goal is to draw closer to Jesus by following the spiritual vision of St.
Francis of Assisi. For more information, call Carol at 480-785-5976.
The Legion of Mary meets every Friday at St. Anne
in Conference Room A from 10:30 to 11:30 am.
For more info, call Sally Basiks @ 480 298 6448.
St. Peregrine's Prayer Partners
For intercessory prayer, please call Jane Mintzer
(480) 813-4611 or email [email protected]
Clases de Inglés cada martes comenzando 6 de enero
Aprendan inglés todos los martes desde las 6:30 - 8:30pm en el
centro comunitario. Favor de ponerse en contacto con Paul
Raynoha 480-209-5684 [email protected] or Sr. Balbina
Retama 480-507-4432 [email protected].
English Classes Tuesdays beginning Jan. 6th
Learn English on Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm in the hall. Please
contact Paul Raynoha 480-209-5684 [email protected] or
Sr. Balbina Retama 480-507-4432 [email protected].
Vocation Moment “For we are God’s co-workers..” How are you
being called to build the kingdom of God as His co-worker? Consider
the generous service of priesthood or consecrated life. Call Father
Paul Sullivan at (602) 354-2004 or visit
Escuela de Evangelización San Andrés Hacemos una cordial
invitación a todos los participantes que han vivido el retiro de Nueva
Vida a nuestros seguimientos, se estarán llevando acabo cada viernes a las 7:30pm en el Hall. Favor de contactar a: Alondra
St. Peregrine Mass of Anointing
The St. Peregrine Mass of Anointing will be celebrated at the Church of the
Holy Spirit, 1800 E. Libra Drive, in Tempe, Tuesday, January 13th, 2015, at
7:00 p.m. All those afflicted with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses are
invited to receive the Sacrament of the Sick. The event is sponsored by
Friends of St. Peregrine & Fr. Thomas J. Hallsten, KHS. Call (480) 838-7474
“Tears Speak…But Spirits Soar” …
A support group for women suffering the loss of a child to abortion and wish
to take a step on the healing journey. The next two meetings scheduled
Jan. 13, & Feb. 10, 2015. Meetings held Mount Claret retreat Center, 4633
North 54th Street, Phoenix (Pope John Paul II Center) 7:00 p.m. Anyone
wishing to discuss, confidentially, may call 480.838.7474 ask for ‘Patty’.
Christ the King Catholic School OPEN HOUSE
Sunday, January 25th 10 am - 1 pm OR Monday, January 26th 9 am
- noon. Talk with parents, students and teachers about the benefits of
our preK-8th grade Catholic Education. Find out why our students
love our school! More info or
Spiritual Exercises for Women based on the Spiritual Exercises of St.
Ignatius of Loyola. Silent retreat comprised of guided meditations, personal
reflection, and daily Mass, with confession and spiritual direction. Directed by
the Legionaries of Christ; sponsored by Regnum Christi. Feb. 13-15 at Our
Lady of Guadalupe Monastery. For more info: Terri Hofmann 480-247-6961
Catholic Charities counseling staff at the Holy Cross parish in Mesa
provides support to strengthen families and assist those in crisis.
Fees are based on ability to pay. Counseling is available Mondays
and Thursdays from 12 to 5pm. To schedule call 602.749.4405
(602)832-6967 o Laura (480)232-7793
1st Way Pregnancy Center is a pro-life pregnancy center. If you are
interested in volunteering or donating any baby supplies, please
contact 602-261-7522, or visit online at
The St. Anne and St. Mary Magdalene Combined Men’s Fellowship
meets every Saturday morning at St. Mary Magdalene Church in
Gilbert. Our goal is to grow through a deeper understanding of
Scripture. Sessions begin at 6:45am and end by 7:55am, prior to
the 8:00am morning Mass. Great burritos are served!
Prayer for the Unborn - Join us as we pray every Saturday at
Planned Parenthood, 1250 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe at 9:15am for
the unborn & their mothers. Call Ray, 480.820.2553 or Dick
Worldwide Marriage Encounter can help you make
your marriage Christ-centered. The next Worldwide
Marriage Encounter weekend in Phoenix is Nov. 14-16.
For more info contact Scott and Aurora Hicks, at 480-8092976 or visit
Retrouvaille provides marriage help! Retrouvaille is a
Catholic organization to help struggling couples rediscover
hope and purpose in their marriages. Next weekend 1/1618. For information, call (602) 254-6723 (English) or (623)
877-9105 (español) or visit
Diocese of Phoenix Prison Ministry—Do you have one hour a
month…to take His Word and visit incarcerated children 8-17 years?
Volunteers are needed to serve at the East Mesa and Phoenix Juvenile
facilities Saturday or Sunday only! Many are from Catholic families.
To learn more call Gloria Tirone 602-791-7315
Listen to the Bishop’s Hour each Monday at 11am and Catholic radio
programming 24/7 on Immaculate Heart Radio 1310 AM
Escucha “En Familia Radio” 740 AM para conocer sobre tu fe
sobre diferentes temas de importancia desde los valores del
TV Mass for the Homebound live from Ss. Simon & Jude
Cathedral on Sundays at 9am on AZ-TV7 or cable13.
& Heating
Sales, Service
& Installation
24 Hour Service
Joe Wierz
(480) 539-9350
John G Hough
Michael H Hough
Jacqueline Hough Frame
Notre Dame ’58
Harvard Law ’61
St Bridget Parishioner
Notre Dame ’90
Denver Law ’94
St Andrew Parishioner
USD ’92
USC Law ’96
Lic# 128931
Ins. & Bonded
2500 S Power Rd., Suite 114, Mesa AZ 85209 (480) 396-4949
A man wakes up after sleeping
under an ADVERTISED blanket
on an ADVERTISED mattress
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bathes in an ADVERTISED shower
shaves with an ADVERTISED razor
brushes his teeth
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puts on ADVERTISED clothes
drinks a cup
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drives to work
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Later if business is poor
he ADVERTISES it for sale.
Mobile ( 6 0 2 )
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“Family Owned & Operated”
Complete Auto & Light Truck
Repair & Preventative Maintenance
1021 N. Gilbert Rd.
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to All Parishioners
John & Marisa Kobar • Parishioners
967397 St Anne Church (C)
Thank you for advertising in our church bulletin.
I am patronizing your business because of it!
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-231-0805
Following Jesus Every Day:
Lic. # 59403/
• Interior
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Residential / Commercial
Ninety days’ worth of Gospel verses and reflections including
(480) 464-1552
a meditation, a prayer, a simple activity for the day and
Catholic Parishioner
Randy Fornoff
a related verse from the Old Testament. Ideal for Lent
and Eastertime, or for any time of year!
800-566-6150 •
Walt-Colleen • Parishioner
Family Dentistry
Dr. Paul J. DiMaggio
Gentle Personalized Care
1757 E. Baseline Rd.
3100 N. San Marcos
Chandler, Arizona
Serving the Parish
Since 1986
all your plumbing needs 24/7
Marsha Livingston, CPA
BBB Ethics Award Winner
Tax and Accounting Services
1844 E. Enid
(480) 497-0907
Mesa, AZ 85204 (602) 616-0705
Come Sail Away on a 7-night
Catholic Exotic Cruise.
Prices begin at $1045 per couple which includes all port fees and
taxes. Daily Mass and Rosary offered. We have a Priest onboard
almost every weekly departure with Holland America Cruise Line.
Deposit of only $100 per person will reserve your cabin.
Space is limited.
Thanks and God Bless,
Brian or Sally, coordinators 860.399.1785
967397 St Anne Church (B)
an Official
Travel Agency
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be in
Catholic Psychotherapist
Joseph Sullivan, MA LAC
Individual and group counseling for adolescents and adults
with a universal perspective in the Catholic tradition.
Phone: 480-668-8301
[email protected]
"We understand…and we can help."
6402 E. Superstition Springs Blvd., Ste. 208, Mesa, AZ 85206
Your Parish in
Your Will.
For further information,
please call the Parish Office.
(480) 497-8226
Paluch Partners - a simple way for you to partner
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Easily access your parish’s latest bulletin
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Jesús V. Ortiz, DDS
Ana T. Ortiz, DDS, MDS
St. Mary Magdalene Parishioner
793 N. Alma School Rd. Ste. 12 • Chandler, AZ 85224
Elizabeth A. McMorran NP
Blessed Insurance
Child Psychiatry
• Life, Health, Medicare plans
• IRAs and Pension Rollovers
• International Travel Health
690 East Warner Road, Gilbert
(480) 682-5800
St. Timothy Parishioner
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967397 St Anne Church (A)
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Joe Milburn
(480) 926-6881
3499 S. Mercy Rd., Gilbert
NE corner Val Vista & Guadalupe
Mountain View
Funeral Home and Cemetery
Our Catholic Owned Family Serving Your Family Since 1951
Traditional Services
Cremation Services
Advanced Planning Service
Crematory on Premises
Cemetery and Mausoleum
Catholic and Veterans Discounts
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
929 N. Val Vista Dr. #B115
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: 480-355-8525
Promoting the dignity of women
and the sanctity of life
Se habla español
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Full Service Repair & Parts
Expert Technicians
Trek Bikes
Red Line, W.T.P.
BMX Bikes
7900 E. Main St., Mesa
Professional Wheel Builds
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-231-0805
Clergy and Staff/ Clero y personal de la parroquia
Fr. Sergio M. Fita
Phone: 480-507-4410
Email: [email protected]
Parochial VIcar:
Fr. David Kofi Anatu Mbimadong
Email: [email protected]
Deacon. Dcn Rick Nevins
Phone: 480-399-8882
Email: [email protected]
Deacon: Dcn Bob Carey
Phone: 480-507-4400
Deacon: Dcn Keith Boswell
Phone: 480-507-4400
Email: [email protected]
Deacon: Dcn Joe Spadafino
Phone: 480-507-4400
Email: [email protected]
Email:[email protected]
Director: Andrew Gilliland
Phone: 480-507-4420
Email: [email protected]
Director of Parish Administration
Please support the businesses
advertising in our parish bulletin.
They make the bulletin possible
for all of us!
Liturgy & Music
Priests' Secretary: Margarita Molina
Phone: 480-507-4422
Email: [email protected]
Parish Receptionist: Marina Gutierrez
Phone: 480-507-4400
Email: [email protected]
Music Coordinator: Kevin Solinsky
Phone: 480-507-4461
Email: [email protected]
Coordinador de Musica:
Francisco Santos
Phone: 480-507-4463
Email: [email protected]
Pastoral Council: Adelaida Severson, Claudia Lopez, Ivan Rojas, Manuel Trujillo, Gayle Ware, Katrina Winn, Fr. Sergio M. Fita [email protected]
Finance Council: Mark Belanger, Scott McCamman, Bill Scalzo, Frank Vaughan, Fr. Sergio M. Fita
Stewardship & Development Committee: Jim Montgomery, Ronda Berkey, Earl Brockert, Judy Gaitan, Theresa Keel, Mike McAdams, Julio & Nora Mercado,
[email protected]
Aurora Sarmiento, Jennifer Seaberg, Sergio & Maria Velarde, Fr. Sergio M. Fita
Faith Formation
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Director: Donna Kano
Phone: 480-507-4430
Email: [email protected]
Director of Faith Formation
Marlene Norwood
Phone: 480-507-4457
Email: [email protected]
CGS Coordinator
Infant Baptism: Jim Colasanti
Phone: 480-507-4435
Email: [email protected]
English Baptism Coordinator
Assistant: Norma Guzman
Phone: 480-507-4442
Email: [email protected]
Admin Assistant to Youth Ministry
Micheal McConnell
Phone: 480-507-4451
Email:[email protected]
Childrens’ Sacraments Coordinator
Bautismos: Hna. Elisa Monroy
Phone: 480-507-4443
Email: [email protected]
Coordinadora de Bautismos
Español: Hna. Balbina Retama
Phone: 480-507-4432
Email: [email protected]
Lourdes Santiago
Phone: 480-507-4455
Email: [email protected]
Coordinadora de CBP
Marriage: Jean Estes-Gonzales
Phone: 480-507-4439
Email: [email protected]
Youth Ministry
Claudia Lopez
Phone: 480-507-4441
Email: [email protected]
Doris Gastelum
Phone: 480-507-4454
Email: [email protected]
CGS Office Assistant
Coordinadora de Catequesis Familiar
Merci Hernandez
Phone: 480-507-4466
Email: [email protected]
Director—Friends of The Needy
RCIA/Returning Catholics
Aurora Sarmiento
Phone: 480-507-4433
Email: [email protected]
IT Director: Mike Zazick
Phone: 480-507-4477
[email protected]
Bulletin Submissions: Please send bulletin submissions to
[email protected] 10 days prior to the date you would
like them to appear. Space priority is given to St. Anne
ministries. Please be brief. Electronic articles given priority.
Maintenance - for assistance on campus, please call 480-507-4472
Maintenance: Joe Reed
Phone: 480-507-4470
Email: [email protected]
Maintenance Supervisor
Mark Jasken