¿Cómo es mi familia?

Keep this paper and turn it in to me on the presentation day.
Presentation day is Thursday, Oct. 17th.
¿Cómo es mi familia?
You will introduce your family members and their personalities through a short project.
You will present 5 of your family members (including yourself).
Pets can be included as one of the 5 members.
To introduce yourself use Me llamo___________ and Yo soy__________ y ________.
To introduce a female use Mi ______ (family member) se llama___________.
Ella es _______________ y ________________.
To introduce a male use Mi ______ (family member) se llama___________.
El es _______________ y ________________.
You could also other useful words and phrases in these sentences such as: ni...ni, pero,
a veces, muy
Watch for noun and adjective gender agreement!
Ex: mamá- simpática
papá- simpático
You may use the following additional vocabulary:
nouns/family members
adjectives/personality traits (options in addition to what you
are learning)
papá -
fenomenal - awesome, phenomenal
mamá -
tranquilo/a - calm
hermano/a -
egoísta - selfish
abuelo/a -
ambicioso/a - ambitious
primo/a -
tonto - foolish, silly
tío/a -
honesto/a - honest
madrastra -
antipático/a – unpleasant, not friendly (not nice)
padrastro -
fiel - loyal
hermanastro/a -
cariñoso/a - caring
cuñado/a -
molesto/a – annoying, bothersome
mascota -
activo/a – active, energetic
Words that are not included may be looked up at: www.wordreference.com
You will create this project on photopeach.com.
When setting up your new account PLEASE use your google docs user name and
password so that I can look them up in case you forget them!
You will include real family digital photos
You will include each members name and 2 adjectives to describe them.
• Include accents and special punctuation by holding down the ALT button and entering a
three digit number as follows:
ALT 130 = é
161 = í
163 = ú
168 = ¿
160 = á
162 = ó
164 = ñ
173 = ¡
Set the speed to 1, or maybe 2.
Grading Rubric
All members have
real photos.
Some members
Some members
The family is
(1 or 2) are
(3 or 4) are
missing photos or missing photos or presented by fake
replaced with
replaced with
photos or cartoon
celebrities or
celebrities or
cartoon people. cartoon people.
All nouns and
adjectives agree
in gender.
1-2 nouns and
3-4 nouns and
More than 4
adjectives do not adjectives do not
nouns and
agree in gender. agree in gender. adjectives do not
agree in gender.
All sentences are 1 or 2 sentences
written correctly have mistakes in
and all words are the ordering of
ordered correctly.
correctly! :)
3 or 4 sentences
have mistakes in
the ordering of
More than 4
sentences have
mistakes in the
ordering of
There are 1-2
There are 3-4
spelling mistakes. spelling mistakes.
There are more
than 4 spelling
Total __________
This is a quiz grade.