The 10 best tourist attractions in Sydney

The 10 best tourist attractions in Sydney:
It is the oldest, the largest, most populous and most urban city in Australia, beautiful Sydney has something
special to offer each visitor. Wide sandy beaches and sea excursions make this port city the perfect destination
for travelers looking for fun in the sand and the sea. First-class city, shopping and cultural institutions, such as
the iconic Sydney Opera House attracts those looking for an enriching travel experience. A compact city
surrounded by national parks, Sydney serves as an ideal starting point for adventures in various natural
environments of Australia as well. Whether climbing the heights of the harbor bridge or delving into the history
and tradition of aboriginal peoples, as a tourist destination, the capital of New South Wales will never
disappoint its visitors.
Top ten attractions in Sydney Australia is as follows:
The Sydney Opera House
Bondi Beach
Queen Victoria Building
Sydney Tower
Sydney Bridge
The Darling Harbor
The Rocks
Australian Maritime National Museum
Taronga Zoo
The Sydney Opera House: it is one of top 10 places to see in Sydney and Located on the Bennelong Point
waterfront. Designed by Danish architect, its diagonal white roofs make the performing arts center look like it's
a giant ship in the middle of the sea. The complex was completed in 1973 after 16 years of construction and a
cost of more than $ 100 million. The 2004 renovation works added glass walls, offering visitors wide views of
the harbor. In addition to the Opera House, it has 1500 seats, a concert hall and three other theaters, as well as
several bars and restaurants.
Bondi Beach: it is among the top 10 Sydney tourist attractions. Located just minutes from the central
business district of Sydney, Bondi Beach is a mile-long sweep of golden sand lined with red-roofed houses,
apartments and green spaces. A promenade next to the sand runs along the crescent-shaped beach. The popular
Bondi Beach attracts swimmers, surfers, bathers, and bodybuilders. Due to the toughest waves and strong tides
at the southern end of the beach, this area is reserved for surfers. The beach is well guarded by police patrols
and is equipped with changing rooms and neighboring neighborhoods are full of cafes, bars, and shops.
Queen Victoria Building: Better known as the QVB, the Queen Victoria Building is a five-story mall that
occupies an entire block and houses about 200 retailers. Built by the architect in 1898, the building was
designed as a market and a concert hall. Later tenants used the office building, and the structure began to
decline during the Great Depression. The QVB has now been restored to its glory and original purpose. A
beautiful example of the neo-Romantic style popularized during Queen Victoria's reign, the QVB has a large
copper-clad glass dome, ornamental cast-iron railings, and numerous stained glass windows.
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