3 Ways of Wearing an Open Cup Shelf Bra - Revised

3 Ways of Wearing an Open Cup Shelf Bra
These days there are different kinds of bras that you will find in the market; shelf bras and open
cup bras are just some of the styles. The two bras are not the same. Shelf cup bras are made with
only a small amount of material that covers the bust and leaves the breast open.
Shelf bra styles vary in the amount of coverage they offer. There are conservative shelf bras that
offer half the coverage of the standard bra. Lately shopping trends among women have shown an
increasing popularity in the use of shelf and open cup bras. An open cup bra can be cupless or it
can have peep holes. The open cup bra is not necessarily meant to be worn as lingerie alone.
Both the shelf bra and open cup push up bra have straps and bands. The straps make it easier
for the bra to support your bust. Both open cup and shelf bra are very sexy but since they offer
minimal coverage most women do not feel comfortable wearing them.
Women may feel a bit nervous wearing these bra types. However, the open cup shelf bra is not
to be worn for all occasions. There is an appropriate place to wear the bras. Here are three ways
you can wear the open cup and/or shelf bra.
Wear one as lingerie
One of the common ways you can wear these kinds of bras is as lingerie. So they will be a good
addition to your lingerie collection. The shelf and open cup bra will lift up and flatter your bust
giving you a sexier look. Your confidence level will improve when you wear this revealing
The main goal of the cupless underwire bra is to show off your boobs. So go ahead and wear
one as is. Wearing a shelf or open cup bra by itself is an epitome of seduction.
Wear one under your regular clothes
Use a nippleless bra to add more sex appeal. Wear these bras under your regular clothes so they
can be revealed to your partner at night in the bedroom. This will be a splendid surprise since he
or she wasn’t expecting it. Make sure you wear an open cup bra with a top which you are
comfortable wearing without any bra. It is a guaranteed way to spice things up in the bedroom.
Wear one with a low cut top
If you are still wondering how you will wear an open cup bra when you buy one, you should
think about getting it for your low cut top. Finding a functional use for your shelf bra can be
difficult. However, these bras go well with low cut dresses and tops. It will be easier to wear a
top with plunging necklines when you have an open cup bra.
Shelf bras will give you the chance to enjoy the support you would get from a standard bra. You
will also be free to wear dresses and tops that have low necklines. The above ways will get you
started on how to wear an open shelf bra.