Tips For Choosing The Vehicle Service Contract That’s Right For You

Tips For Choosing The Vehicle Service Contract
That’s Right For You
So you are finally purchasing that vehicle you’ve always wanted and are overcome with
an enormous sense of bliss. Your first thought is to fill out the paperwork as fast as
possible so that you can grab the keys, hit the road and show your new car off to all
your friends. However, as thrilling as ownership can be, you still have some important
decisions to make.
Do you have enough money to take care of it? What happens if something goes wrong?
This is a major purchase and it would be a huge mistake for you to get caught up in the
excitement without taking some time to think about what you will do once the
inevitable happens and your car needs service.
That’s where a vehicle service contract (VSC) can help – by alleviating the maintenance
and repair costs that come with owning a car, truck or SUV. So which VSC do you
choose? Here are a few things to consider, so that you can take care of business and get
back to enjoying your new ride.
How Long Do You Plan On Owning Your Vehicle?
If you only intend on having the car for a few years, a long-term contract probably isn’t
on your radar. However, if you plan on driving your vehicle for a long time then you
definitely want a VSC. It’s a great complement to an older vehicle that’s no longer under
What Does The Plan Include?
Not all people share the same driving habits, so you’ll want a plan that is tailored to the
way you drive and the type of vehicle you have. Make sure you know what the plan
covers, and be sure to consider the number of miles and length of coverage. Also be
aware of the deductible to determine if it fits within your budget.
Are You Focusing Too Much On Price?
“You get what you pay for” is a good rule of thumb, and a cheaper contract usually
comes with a higher deductible. The price might look good on paper, but if the VSC
doesn’t provide the coverage that you need, then it’s going to be worthless to you.
Have You Read The Contract Carefully?
Don’t make assumptions. One of the biggest mistakes customers make is signing a
service contract without getting the specific coverage they want. And the last place you
want to be when you find out that you’re not covered for benefits such as roadside
assistance is when your car breaks down and leaves you stranded in the middle of
Are You Rushing Through The Process?
Take your time. See something in the contract that you don’t understand? Get
clarification and make sure that you are comfortable with what you’re signing.
Did You Get All Of Your Questions Answered?
Be proactive. You definitely don’t want to be in a service center at a later date asking
defensive questions like, “What do you mean that’s not covered?” Find out now.
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