Top five reasons to shun your chair

If we sit on the chair for a very long time, then our body and health undergoes a lot of
damage. When we sit on a chair for a long time; for example in the office to work on
our computer, gaming on the new Xbox or sitting for the computer class then many
problems crop up for our body. You must be curious how you are going to use a
computer in the office when you should not sit for long hours. Well standing desk is
the solution for your problem. Sitting in short means killing yourself. Our body is like a
machine. It is very important to take care of your body. We want to inform you via this
post that you should not spend a lot of time sitting on the chair. These are top five
reasons you should shun your chair for your good health.
Sitting for long on a chair aggravates desk back pain –
Desk back pain is the pain in your back that arises because of wrong sitting posture
and extended sitting hours on your desk. Sitting for a long time on the chair will affect
your body muscles especially the back muscles. We put a lot of stress on our back
when sitting on the chair because of which we get desk back pain. Sometimes we do
not sit in a proper posture on the chair which aggravates the pain and problem. If you
want to avoid back pain don’t sit for too long on your chair.
You should also do exercises of the back if you have a sitting job. When you are
sitting on the chair in office to work on your computer, you need to adjust the
office chair according to your physical proportions and adjust your back of the chair
to a 100°-110° reclined angle. The position of your monitor screen should be
approximately 2-3” above seated eye level.
To decrease Excess Body Fat –
This is really a shocking fact - sitting for a long time can result in the buildup of fat
in the body. These days’ people want to reduce body fat and maintain a good
figure. But it is not possible if you are sitting for a long time on the chair in the
office. Sitting for a extended hours is a big reason of increase in body fats and it can
further lead to high blood pressure and cause heart attack. If you want to decrease
your fat, you need to do physical exercises and you can also use a standing desk for
work if you have a sitting job. These small things are very important for the fitness
of your body.
Shunning the chair and replacing it with a standing desk will decrease heart
problems –
When you are sitting on the chair for a long time, it results in abnormal cholesterol
levels. This will increase the risk of heart attacks. Numerous studies suggest if you are
sitting for a long time in the office you are prone to major heart attacks. It is time to
shun the chair and get in a sanding desk to maintain the health of your heart. To avoid
heart problems you need to choose a healthy diet plan along with a healthy lifestyle. A
healthy lifestyle means you are eating healthy, walking frequently and not sitting on a
chair for long hours.
Brain damage –
Sitting more often reduces our supply of fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, which
pushes the brain slowly into a state of depression. The biggest reason for the
depressive state is that when you are sitting on the chair for a long time your physical
activity decreases and subsequently the blood flow which is a carrier of oxygen to the
brain also decreases. To avoid brain damage make sure to move your limbs and body
to maintain a steady blood flow to the brain.
Sitting long on the chair affects your digestion –
When you spend a lot of time sitting on the chair your digestive system goes for a
toss. When you sit down after having a meal or even drinking your favorite cola then
your digestive system starts the process of digestion ideally. However since you have
sat down and there is no activity in the body the digestive system is not able to carry
out its processes in the right manner. Thus there is a decrease in the metabolic
activity of the body. If you want the food to be digested properly inside your body,
try not to sit for a long time on the chair. You need to walk for a minimum of five
minutes briskly after eating, so that the food is digested properly. If possible get a
stand up desk for your office so that you don’t have to sit for long hours and can take
a stroll every now and then.
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