How to Select the Right Probate Attorney - Tips from Brewer Law, Your Kingwood & Galleria Attorney

Hiring the right probate attorney becomes essential when a loved one passes
away leaving assets – called a probate estate. It is essential that those assets be
transferred properly, or else problems arise both now and later on for all family
members involved. This is especially the case when there is discord among
family members regarding an estate. The process of administering an estate
may be hindered by disagreements among family, who may all believe they
have rights to some or all of the estate. When an estate is contested it may take
an extended time to settle -- resulting in significant costs to the estate itself.
These costs will typically be paid from the estate’s assets, thereby reducing the
value of the estate. This process can become very complicated in the event the
estate is not able to pay off its debts or if the estate in question has a business
which needs to be valued, managed and transferred. With these and other
potential complexities of the probate process, having an experienced and
knowledgeable probate attorney probably a Kingwood lawyer if you are located
in Kingwood can make the process smoother as well as less expensive.
If the estate in question has a business which needs to be valued, managed and
transferred, and you have a family attorney who has been looking after the legal
needs of the business and your family for many years, this attorney may be a
good resource -- as you will have previous experience communicating and
working through legal issues with this attorney.
A family attorney may know some of the dynamics of your family and be able
to help in mitigating many issues more easily due to his or her knowledge of
the family. However, many people do not have a business and/or family
attorney. In this case the best thing to do is to ask for referrals from friends,
family or trusted business colleagues.
If referrals do not lead you to an attorney you wish to work with, there are a
number of websites that are dedicated to listing attorneys in your area which
practice probate law. These websites as well as a Google search will help you
find a local probate attorney, find reviews and make a list of attorneys to
interview. Most attorneys will provide basic information about their practice
areas on their websites. You will want to determine if the attorney not only
practices probate law, but also whether the attorney is experienced and
knowledgeable in probate law. Written or video reviews and testimonials can
help you by giving a glimpse of the practice areas in which the attorney has
represented his or her clients. You will also get a feel for how the clients felt
about the experience with the probate attorney and possibly the additional
members of the firm. Make sure you learn about the number and kinds of
probate cases the attorney has handled in the past. This will help you
determine if the attorney has the knowledge and experience needed to handle
your case.
Dealing with an estate in probate can be a long and difficult process. The right
probate attorney can make this process much easier by ensuring your needs
and wishes are well considered and represented. David R. Brewer and his team
are experienced, knowledgeable and will help you meet your needs with
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