Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks - Hurworth School

Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks Autumn 1
Task 1: Hispanic World Brochure [1 hour]
Research one of the countries below.
Once you have found out lots of interesting facts about the country, you must
produce an informative poster/leaflet/brochure in ENGLISH.
Possible areas to research:
food/ festivals/ religion/
traditions/ history/
politics/ sport/
geography/ tourism/
climate/ economy/
conflict & war/
education/ famous
people born there/
architecture/music/ art/
Your work will be marked with a literacy marking token by your teacher as well as
by a friend who will tell you how it can be improved further.
Date Due:
Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks Autumn 1
Task 2: Linguascope Comic Strip creator [30 minutes]
Log on to
(see your Teacher for Username and Password)
Click on Comic Strip Creator and use it to produce a comic strip of some Spanish people
meeting & greeting. *BONUS- try to demonstrate the difference between ‘tú’ and ‘usted’
You must include the vocabulary below. You should also write the English meanings next
to the vocabulary.
Stick the completed comic strip in your exercise book!
buenos dias=
buenas tardes=
buenas noches=
¿cómo te llamas?=
me llamo....=
¿qué tal?=
¿cómo estás?=
¿cómo está usted?=
(muy) bien=
¿y tú?=
¿y usted?=
hasta luego=
Date Due:
¡Hola me llamo Juan!
Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks Autumn 1
Task 3: ¿Cuántos años tienes?- vocab test [30 minutes]
1. Learn the numbers 1-31 in Spanish. Your teacher will test you on them so you must be
able to spell them correctly and recite them off by heart.
2. Answer the sums below by writing the Spanish sum and answer in full in your
(write the answer as a word).
1 uno
9 nueve
17 diecisiete
25 veinticinco
2 dos
10 diez
18 dieciocho
26 veintiséis
3 tres
11 once
19 dieicnueve
27 veintisiete
4 cuatro
12 doce
20 veinte
28 veintiocho
5 cinco
13 trece
21 veintiuno
29 veintinueve
6 seis
14 catorce
22 veintidós
30 treinta
7 siete
15 quince
23 veintitrés
31 treinta y uno
8 ocho
16 dieciséis
24 veinticuatro
1. siete x tres=
2. dos + veintitrés=
3. treinta y uno – catorce=
4. (catorce-siete) x (diez-seis)=
5. (veinticuatro
÷ ocho) + (siete – dos)=
6. quince x dos=
7. (doce
÷ tres) + (dos³)
8. (veintinueve – dieciocho) x dos =
9. (diecinueve – quince) + veintiséís=
10. (tres²) + (siete – dos) =
Date Due:
Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks Autumn 1
Task 4: Cómo se escribe listening activity [30 minutes]
Go to Student Resources > MGR > Y8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks > Autumn 1
listening file (only listen up to 3 minutes 25 seconds)
1. Listen to the pronunciation of the alphabet and repeat it out loud. Your teacher will
test you in the next lesson to see if you remember them.
2. Listen to the 5 names that are called out in Spanish and write them down in your
exercise book.
3. Find out the birthdays of 10 different celebrities and write 10 sentences in your
exercise book saying when they are e.g. el cumpleaños de Beyoncé es el cuatro de
Date Due:
Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks Autumn 1
Task 5: En mi mochila crossword and translation activity
[30 minutes]
1. Complete the crossword in Spanish. Help- you don’t need the articles
‘un’ or ‘una’.
2. Translate the sentences below into your exercise books.
Task 6: Unscramble the sentences [30 minutes]
Write the sentences with the correct word order in your exercise books
1. Pablo llama se.
2. Eduardo su libro tiene no.
3. cumpleaños el es octubre veinte
4. co agenda una tengo.
5. ¿Tu es cumpleaños cuándo ?
6. ¿días buenos, tal qué ?
7. la catorce miércoles fecha marzo es
8. once años hermano tiene mi
9. dos tengo estuche un bolígrafos y
10. necesita libro su María
2. Translate the following sentences into your exercise books:
I have a pencil in my school bag You (tú) haven’t got a diary
She has a textbook but she hasn’t got a rubber
He has an exercise book
We don’t have a pencil sharpener
e) They have a dictionary but they don’t have a pencil case
f) You (vosotros) have pencils.
g) I have a ruler in my pencil case.
h) In my bag I have a pencil, a fountain pen and a textbook but I don’t have a pencil
Date Due:
Date due:
Year 8 Spanish Independent Learning Tasks Autumn 1
Task 7: Writing Task [30 minutes]
Interview one person in the class to find out what items they have in their school bag.
You must then produce two paragraphs in Spanish describing what you have in your school bag
and then what your friend has.
Take care with:
masculine/feminine nouns, negative sentences/ spelling/ verb conjugations
The text you produce will be marked using:
This means that your teacher will give you feedback on your work and highlight your
errors. You will then have to redraft your work and identify what you need to do in
order to improve.
Date Due: