Religious Studies
01 Islam and Violence
Cyrus Zargar, PhD, Augustana College
This class will consider the historical and contemporary
implications of jihad by analyzing scripture (especially the
Qur’an), early Islamic history, as well as important political and
religious movements in the past two centuries. We will try to
answer an important question: Can claims linking Islam with
violence be substantiated?
02 Body and Soul: Jewish Perspectives on Bioethics
Rabbi Tamar Grimm, Tri-City Jewish Center
Delve deeper into the ethical questions that accompany advances
in medical technology as we examine them through a Jewish
lens. We will tackle certain debatable practices and explore how
ancient attitudes about the body and soul might provide insight
regarding these ethical dilemmas. Through an emphasis on Jewish
perspectives, you will gain a sense of Jewish culture and beliefs
while also expanding your own understanding and honing your
personal views on these subjects.
03 When Theology Meets Science
Rev. Duane Larson, PhD, St. Paul Lutheran Church
Theology and science have been far longer a happy than
conflicted couple. Here we will analyze their relationship; learn
what “doing” theology and science means; review theological
(Christian) doctrines when inspired by science, with their bearing
on ethics; and examine the thoughts of leading thinkers in this
“hybrid” field.
04 The Death and Resurrection of Jesus:
What in the World Do They Mean?
Jason Mahn, PhD and Eric Stewart, PhD, Augustana College
Christians believe that Jesus was crucified outside Jerusalem but
then rose from the grave on Easter. But what does this belief mean
for people of faith? Why do they believe it? How have they made
sense of it? This course explores the many biblical, theological,
and popular meanings of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
05 Women in Islam Yesterday and Today
Lisa Killinger, DC, Muslim Community of the QC
This interactive course will serve to provide education about
women’s rights and women’s challenges in Islam; dispel myths
about women in Islam; introduce examples of leaders among
Muslim women through history; and introduce examples of
Muslim women in leadership today here and around the world.
Public Affairs
06 Advertising, Consumerism and Cultural Identity
Stephen Klien, PhD, Augustana College
Each of us is exposed to over 600 advertising messages everyday.
Ads on television, in magazines, and on the internet sell more than
products, they sell us the identity of consumerism that defines our
culture, and their “reality” influences the assumptions we make
about youth, race, gender and sexuality.
Arts & Humanities
07 Angels Within Us
Richard Sorrentino, MTh, non-denominational
Have you ever wondered about humanity’s destiny? We will
explore this, and many other questions related to our true
origins—those Angels Within Us—as we examine ancient
literature older than the recorded Bible itself. All you need to bring
is an inquisitive mind and an open heart.
08 The Psychology of Film
William Hampes, PhD, Black Hawk College, Professor Emeritus
The class will discuss the personalities, motivations, and
relationships of the characters in two films, Death of a Salesman
and Nebraska. Each film involves a man in late adulthood who is
trying to come to terms with the life he has led and focuses on his
relationships with his sons.
09 Greek Mythology Through Art, Ritual and
Kirsten Day, PhD, Augustana College
This course looks at the myths surrounding the most important
gods and heroes of ancient Greece. We will learn the real,
sometimes shocking, stories of Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hercules
and others, with an emphasis on their appearance in art,
archaelogy, ritual and literature.
10 Gender in Art History
Melissa Hebert-Johnson, MA, Black Hawk College
This course explores the ways in which men and women are
represented throughout Western art history. We will focus on how
images of women are treated differently in art than images of men,
and why. We begin with the art of the very ancient past and end
in the 21st century. Special topics include gender differentiation in
the ancient world, women as allegories, sexualization of images of
women, and the image of the female artist.
11 The Art of the American Cemetery and Beyond
Minda Powers-Douglas, Augustana College,
Benjamin Franklin said, “Show me your cemeteries and I will tell
you what kind of people you have.” Learn about the fascinating
history and art of our cemeteries and the evolution of home
funerals to funeral homes. It will be a lively course on the topic of
mourning in America.
12 Closing in for the Kil­l—From Atlanta to
Arthur Pitz, PhD, St. Ambrose University ACCEL
By early 1864, President Lincoln had his winning military team
in place. What strategy would they develop and how would it
play out? Would the Northern public have the patience to see it
through? Would Davis and the Southern public have the patience
to stick with Johnston and Lee’s strategy? Why is this experience
called the first total war? This course commemorates the 150th
year remembrances of the Civil War.
13 The Women of Ancient Egypt
26 Italian Language and Culture
32 Advanced Digital Photography
Brian Alm, MA, Scott Community College
This course is about the roles, rights and positions of women in
ancient Egypt and the impact they had on history. We will look at
the goddesses, the royals and other women who rose to positions
of power, and also the roles of commoners in both temple and
household. The course will cover key matters of culture, history,
ideology, ritual and religion necessary to understand this very
complicated culture, which flourished for 3,000 years.
Myriam Stangherlin, MA, Davenport School District
Are you dreaming of a trip to Italy? Do you have relatives in Italy
you want to talk to? Or do you simply like the sounds of la bella
lingua? Andiamo! We’ll explore pronunciation, basic grammar
and everyday vocabulary, all the while immersed in Italy’s beauty
and culture. Class taught by a native speaker.
Matt Wince, Silver Oaks, Wince Photographic
This class will teach more than a basic understanding of your
camera. You will learn how to take more interesting photographs.
I will explore camera settings, white balance, flash photogaphy
and exposure. You will also learn how to read your histogram. I
will discuss composition, lens options and software possibilities
and much more. A DSLR camera is recommended.
27 Sampler Block Memory Lap Quilt
Gloria Burlingame, Figge Art Museum
Explore the life and exotic art of a fascinating artist, Gustav
Klimt. From 1910 until 1918, this Symbolist painter dominated
the art scene in the capital of the empire of Austro-Hungary.
Working from Gustav’s paintings, experience your own creativity
using watercolor, oil pastels and colored pencils. (A $3 supply fee
is payable to the instructor at the first class.)
Margaret Estes-Sylvester, Owner, Jampatched Quilt Designs
Create a sampler quilt using 9 favorite T-shirts or favorite fabrics,
doilies, or hankies. The quilt is constructed using 8 different
traditional blocks (Attic Windows, Ohio Star, Bear Paw, Log
Cabin, Friendship Star, Snow Ball and Rail Fence). Showcase those
special t-shirts or fabrics and create a memory quilt for someone
special. This is a perfect dorm quilt for a college student. The quilt
will be finished with a mini piped border and French binding.
Must have your own sewing machine.
15 Bella Roma: Preparing to Visit the Eternal City
28 Preserving Your Family Treasures
16 Women Writers of the Indian Diaspora
Andrew Huot, MFA, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Books, documents and photographs are your family’s best
treasures, and need to be cared for and preserved for future
generations. This class will explore the ways you can protect and
store your treasures, both physical and digital. We will discuss
appropriate materials, environments and best practices. Students
will also learn how to make a simple archival enclosure for books
or papers.
14 Gilded Gustav
Ethan Gannaway, PhD, St Ambrose University
We will discuss the major monuments and works of art in Rome
and their (art) historical significance so, as more than one student
has said, “we know what we’re looking at.” The periods covered
range from the city’s foundation through the Renaissance and
Umme Al-wazedi, PhD, Augustana College
In this course we will read short stories written by an Indian
woman author living in the US, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.
She writes about how women negotiate a path between two
very different homes: home in the US (diasporic home) and the
17 Much Ado About Shrew
Sarah McDowell, MA, Augustana College
Compare conflicting depictions of the battle of the sexes in these
two brilliant comedies by William Shakespeare: The Taming of the
Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing. Does Petruchio really tame
Kate? Do Benedick and Beatrice really banter about nothing? In
the end, who wins? You can read any edition of the plays you like;
I will be using Signet Classics.
Personal Enrichment
18 Basic Spanish
James Thornton, MBA, Retired
This course assumes no previous knowledge of Spanish. The
course will teach some greetings, basic questions, basic counting,
days of the week, some conversational expressions, etc. There will
be games and activities. Handouts for the class material will be
19 Simply and Mostly Easy Book Binding
William Hannan, MS, Black Hawk College (retired)
Basic book binding techniques for the beginning bookbinder using
common materials. Several binding techniques will be shown and
practiced. All materials and tools will be supplied by the instructor
at no additional cost.
29 Blackletter Calligraphy
Paul Herrera, Art Legacy League
The Old-English-Blackletter scripts are admired by many because
of their ornateness and formality. Over the centuries this script
has been associated with medieval universities, wills, testaments,
crown legalese, scrolls, etc. This class will teach you the simple
and straightforward method of writing this beautiful script with
calligraphy pens.
30 The Art and Science of Yoga
Rebecca Licandro, yoga teacher
This is a yoga course for everyone that includes an introduction to
postures, breathwork and meditation. We will also cover a bit of
the background of yoga as well as the lifestyles of traditional yogis
and how it can translate to your life. Wear comfortable clothes
and bring a yoga mat. Beginners welcome.
31 Introduction to Digital Photography
Ron Chappell, St Ambrose University
A class designed to demystify the workings and application of
digital cameras from pocket size to those that require an overthe-shoulder bag or backpack. We will discuss the history of
photography and explore the features of your camera and how to
apply them to snapshots and more. Expect to learn the technical
features of your camera and how to operate each. Manage the
image files, and various ways to output your images for safe
keeping. You will learn design concepts, lighting techniques and
much more.
33 Knitting
Belinda Holbrook, MA, and Victoria Miller
A beginning/advanced-beginning knitting course for new knitters
or those who have put down their needles for awhile. Learn to
cast on, knit, and purl. Bring straight needles size 9 or 11 and
a skein of acrylic yarn. Additional supplies will be needed as
projects are selected.
34 Mindfulness Meditation
Evan Harris, MA, Tapas Yoga Shala
Begin or deepen your meditation practice with four weeks of
guided meditation, theory and application, and Q & A. Each week
will include a new audio track for home practice. Reduce stress,
increase satisfaction and happiness, and learn how meditation
encourages personal growth and contemplative insight.
35 Yoga for Life
Kelly Harris, Tapas Yoga Shala
Yoga is an ancient practice proven to reduce stress, improve focus
and increase health. Today millions practice yoga daily, using its
simple but profound techniques to bring together breath, body
and mind. This all-levels yoga class is appropriate for anyone
looking to learn more about yoga. Wear comfortable clothing and
bring a yoga mat.
36 Beginner Free-Motion Quilting
Stephanie DePasquale-Soebbing, Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild
Learn to finish your quilts on your home machine. You’ll learn to
layer and baste your quilt and six free-motion quilting designs.
Students need a sewing machine, free-motion quilting foot, 3 yards
of cotton quilting fabric, crib-sized cotton batting, two colors of
cotton quilting thread and an iron.
Regional Studies
37 Settling Rock Island, 1750–1857
Maryan Wherry, PhD, Independent Scholar
The early settlement of Rock Island (county and city) transformed
wilderness to urban center. From the migration of the Sauk
Indians to the establishment of a US military reserve, the peopling
of Rock Island is a fascinating tale of events and personalities,
common and notorious.
Join your fellow classmates, presenters and the CommUniversity board for light refreshments and
great conversation immediately following the last class on Feb. 22 in the Rogalski Center Ballroom
20 The Fantastic Ekphrastic: Writing Creatively
About Art
Emily Kingery, PhD, St Ambrose University
Ekphrastic writing inspired by art is a rich creative tradition. We
will discuss classic and contemporary examples of ekphrastic
writing, use visual art and music to write poems and prose, and
share our creative products with one another. Family and friends
may attend an informal reading during our final session.
February 1 • 1–4 pm
February 8, 15, 22 • 2–4 pm
St. Ambrose University
518 West Locust, Davenport, Iowa
Information 309-794-7259
21 Shamanism: The Shamanic Journey
Kathleen Collins, MA, Humility of Mary
Participants are introduced to core shamanism, the universal,
near-universal, and common basic methods of the shaman to enter
non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Participants
are intitiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming
for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for
awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with
nature. Please bring a rattle or a drum if you have one. Wear
comfortable clothing, warm socks, bring a bandanna, cushion/
blanket, and a pen and notebook to record your journeys.
NOTE MAILING ADDRESS: Mail completed form, with check payable to CommUniversity, to:
CommUniversity, c/o Augustana College, Education Department, 639–38th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201
Leslie Ross, MA, Mindfulness Community of the QCs
Loving kindness is the heartfelt wish for the well-being of oneself
and others. We will explore mindfulness practices to cultivate and
deepen our capacities for friendliness and goodwill. Chairs, mats
and cushions provided. Facilitated by Leslie Ross and Steve Spring
of the Mindfulness Community of the QCs.
COURSE Provide alternate course in case your first choice closes or cancels.
COURSE Provide alternate course in case your first choice closes or cancels.
_____________________________________________________ ______________ _____________________________________________________ ______________ 24 Ballroom Dance
ALTERNATE COURSE TITLE ALTERNATE COURSE TITLE Dennis and Sandy Scheckel, Scheckel & Co. Dance Instruction
Get up everybody and dance! Whether you think you can dance
or not, we will help you reach your dancing goals and have a
great time doing it. This session offers steps in swing and chacha to get you started or add to what you already know. Proper
dance technique, form, posture and beat identification will
be covered. No dance experience required. Hard soled shoes
are recommended. Offered the last 2 Sundays in February.
$40 couple.
Registration fee
$ ______________
Registration fee
$ ______________
Tax-deductible donation to CommUniversity
$ ______________
Tax-deductible donation to CommUniversity
$ ______________
22 T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Scott Caulpetzer, Great River T’ai Chi Ch’uan
T’ai Chi Ch’aun is a system of Chinese kung-fu. These slow
motion, rounded, balanced movements are practiced by people of
all ages around the world for self-defense and to achieve physical,
mental and spiritual well being. Wear loose-fitting clothes for this
moving meditation.
23 Mindfulness Practices for Loving-Kindness
25 Yoga for Body, Mind, Spirit
Sarah Gardner, MFA, Radish Magazine
Whether you would like to increase your strength and flexibility,
manage stress, or clear your mind, yoga can help. We’ll focus on
simple poses that can be practiced at home or work, and we’ll
explore balanced breathing. Wear comfortable clothing and bring
a yoga mat and small blanket from home.
_____________________________________________________ ______________ COURSE TITLE $40
Total (checks payable to CommUniversity)$
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Total (checks payable to CommUniversity)$
Did not attend last year, but have in past
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Date Rec’d________________ Check # _________________ Amount $_________________
Date Rec’d________________ Check # _________________ Amount $_________________
If you require special accommodations or assistance, call 309-794-7259.
Mail completed form, with check payable to CommUniversity, to:
CommUniversity, c/o Augustana College, Education Department, 639–38th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201