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The Healing Centre is designed as a place of restoration, nurturing and peace, inspired by
Costa Rica’s natural bounty and beauty. We offer personalized bodywork and yoga classes in a
contemplative, supportive atmosphere.
Our treatments and classes are designed to help you get in touch with your natural rhythm,
your own harmony! All of our services are personalized; each treatment is handmade
specifically for you, with ingredients that are good for you and the environment.
The Healing Centre’s experienced therapists and instructors are actively engaged in continual
education, making our yoga classes a journey into intelligent sequencing, well versed anatomy
and thought provoking yogic philosophy as are our treatments sensibly aligned with your
personal needs.
Here are some samples of our wonderful offerings. Please come by the Healing Centre to view
our full menu and meet our nurturing staff!
Swedish/Relaxation Massage
Relax & Receive. 60min/90min. $85 / $120
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep, Strong, Muscle Release. 60min/90min. $90 / $120
Therapeutic Massage
Physiotherapist, Scientific and Systematic. 60min/90min. $90 / $120
Surfer’s Massage
Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Technics. 60min/90min. $90 / $120
Hot Stone Massage
Volcanic Stones, Relaxing & Warm. 75min/90min. $105 / $120
Bamboo Massage
Recommended for Deep Tissue Lovers & Runners. 75min/90min. $105 / $120
Harmony Restauration Massage
Rebalancing & Rejuevenating Lymphatic Flow. 90min. $120
Prenatal Massage
Materinty Nurturing. 60min/90min. $85 / $120
Couples’ Massage
Relax Together. 60min/90min. $175 / $235
Foot Reflexology
Foot Love with a Scrub. 45min. $60
Focal Point Massage
Concentrated attention in the area of your choice. 30min. $50
Kids Massage
Soft touch for the little ones. 45min. $60
Synthesis of deep and soft tissue manipulation, joint release, breath work, body reading and
body awareness. The therapist recognizes that the emotional energetic and spiritual aspects
are important to our totality.
90min/120min. $145 / $170
Thai Massage
From the practice of traditional Oriental Medicine this treatment combines muscle
compression, joint mobilization and acupressure. Thai massage benefits include stress
reduction, improved circulation and energy flow, flexibility and range of motion.
90min/120min. $145 / $160
Soma Thai Massage
By observing patterns and movements, bringing awareness to old patterns and places where
tension is held.
Therapeutic and personalized, this bodywork allows a process of
transformation to occur.
90min/120min. $160/$190
Japanese facial massage that uses concepts of oriental medicine to improve one’s complexion,
remove toxins from the face, liberates face muscular tension and prevent wrinkles and age
75min. / $110
Intuitive Bodywork and Energy Balancing
Through various modalities (structural re-patterning, neuromuscular reintegration, soft and
deep tissue work, Thai Massage, Polarity balancing, Clarity Breathwork, intuitive energy
balancing and mental processing) you will be guided to release limitations and open to an ease
and fullness in your body and life.
90min/120min. $160/$190
Tibetan Cranial Therapy
Based on pulse diagnosis and the ability for the body to correct its own imbalances. During the
treatment, the skull, face, pallet, jaw and neck are areas typically attended to.
75min. / $175
Ayurvedic Treatments
Choose from a variety of Ayurvedic treatments with our specialist on staff.
Abhyanga Garshana – Gentle exfoliation and soothing herbal oil massage. Increases circulation
and flushes the lymphatic system.
Vishesh Marma – Vigorous herbal oil massage and ayurvedic chakra balancing to open blocked
energy channels.
Udvartina – Exfoliating herbal paste massage to detoxify and nourish the body.
Ayurvedic Facial and Body Treatment – A ritual journey combining massage, body mask and
rejuvenating herb and mineral facial masks to awaken your inner beauty.
Marma Chikitsa – Ayurvedic energy balancing to soothe and align the physical and etheric
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling – Learn how to align with the natural rhythm of your own
All treatments are 90min / $165.
*Healing Centre Special Therapies are subject to seasonal availability.
Soothe, refresh, exfoliate or revitalize your skin with one of our homemade treatments, made
on the spot and personalized.
Banana Bliss
Yummy, warm & nurturing. 60min / $85
Sun-Kissed Special
Revitalizing, rejuvenating, refreshing. 60min / $85
Papaya Delight
Exfoliating papaya sweetness. 60min / $85
Chocolate Seduction
Anti-oxidizing, decadent skin softener. 60min / $90
Caffeine Conspiracy
Exfoliating, circulative, cellulite warrior. 60min / $90
Perfect for normal to oily skin. 75min / $90
Smooth for sensitive skin. 75min / $90
Refreshing for sunburned skin. 75min / $90
Nourishing for normal to dry skin. 75min / $90
Honey Pat
Moisturizing for all types of skin. 30min / $50
Enter our spacious open-air yoga studio and feel yourself go ahhhh. Relax your gaze upon
layers of deep green jungle as the sounds of geckos and birds punctuate the silence. Look out
onto the incredible natural surroundings. No walls. No mirrors. The space itself is soothing,
and so are our classes. We believe in a conscious aware practice and encourage balance from
the inside out. We support a healthy balanced lifestyle. With a roster of incredible instructors
and a variety of classes offered seven days a week, we love working with yogis at every level.
Our yoga offerings change from month to month, please check in at the Healing Centre for our
monthly schedule as well as for a full description of classes. We also offer workshops and
continued education, depending on the season. You can view our massage therapy and yoga
schedule online at
Harmony Yoga - Come every morning to experience the stylistic diversity of our teaching
staff. All levels.
Intermediate Vinyasa Flow - Breath synchronized movement; alignment, balance and
muscle control. Level 2-3
Core & Inversions - Energetic and challenging, this class is for those who want new and
creative techniques to approach inversions like handstand, forearm balances and headstand
variations. Level 2-3
Core Vinyasa – Core strength & Vinyasa Flow. Level 2-3.
Aerial Yoga - A swath of silky fabric or “yoga hammocks” act as your support system for a
number of variations to yoga poses. Level 1-2.
Gentle Vinyasa - Not too fast, not too slow, classic yoga postures sequenced in a creative
way. All levels.
Hatha Vinyasa – Part flow, part intelligent alignment. All levels.
Vinyasa Body Mind - A dynamic vinyasa meditation infused with pranayama, mudras,
somatic anatomy and the chakra systems. Level 1-2.
Progressive Core Yoga - A progressive class focusing core, strength & alignment.
Experienced recommended. Level 2-3.
Ashtanga Improv – A vinyasa based class picked from Ashtangi primary & second series
with inversions & playful music. Level 2-3.
YinFluence - A synthesis of Yin, Restorative and Gentle Yoga. Long held postures that stretch
and stimulate the body´s connective tissue. All levels.
Relax & Renew - Supported poses and breathing practices to help heal the body and mind.
All levels.
Restorative Flow - Find an organic flow into long held yoga postures, with key movements
to release chronically tight areas of the body. All levels.
Sandy Feet Yoga - Beach yoga, class is held in front or near the entrance of the Harmony
Hotel beach entrance. Look for the lone tall palm tree mid Guiones beach. All levels.
CommUNITY Yoga - All levels hatha yoga class, complimentary for the community.
Yoga Workshops - Every Thursday 2:30-5:00pm.
*All levels: Every Body
Level 1-2: Some Previous Yoga Experience is Recommended
Level 2-3: Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Practice
Private Yoga Sessions
Offering a variety of options for your every need!
No better way to deepen your practice than with some useful guidance and tools.
Sign up for a private session that fits your schedule.
One hour Private Yoga Session
$90 1-3 persons,
$150 4-6 persons,
$180 7-10 persons
One Hour Pre-Natal Yoga Session
Kristin O’Connell /certified midwife
(Some classes and workshops are seasonal, please come by the Healing Centre for the most recent schedule.)