Chili bean Frito pie, cole- slaw, hot roll, fruit, milk Lasagna w/meat

Tuesday , February 3
Wednesday, February 4
Sluggers, baked beans, peas &
carrots, hot rolls, fruit, milk
Chili bean Frito pie, coleslaw, hot roll, fruit, milk
Monday, February 9
Tuesday, February 10
Wednesday, February 11
Thursday, February 12
Friday, February 13
Pepperoni pizza, tossed salad,
green beans, fruit, milk
Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes w/gravy, spiced carrots,
biscuit, fruit, milk
Hamburger w/lettuce,pickles,
fries, corn, fruit, milk
Chicken pot pie, peas, coleslaw,
hot roll, fruit, milk
Bean burro, tossed salad, corn
cobette, fruit, milk
Monday, February 16
Tuesday, February 17
Wednesday, February 18
Thursday, February 19
Friday, February 20
Fish sticks, mac & cheese,
baby carrots, mixed veggies,
hush puppies, fruit, milk
Bbq’d riblette, baked beans, corn
cobette, hot roll, fruit, milk
Soup & sandwich, tossed
green salad, green beans,
fruit, milk
Spaghetti w/meatballs, tossed
salad, Italian blend veggies,
hot roll, fruit, milk
Tuesday, February 24
Wednesday, February 25
Thursday, February 26
Friday, February 287
Steak fingers w/bbq sauce,
Ranch style beans, coleslaw,
hot roll, fruit, milk
Hamburger gravy over mashed
potatoes, green beans, hot roll,
fruit, milk
MONDAY February 2
Monday, February 23
Corn dog, tater tots, peas &
carrots, hot roll, fruit, milk
Red enchiladas, pinto beans,
tossed salad, corn, fruit, milk
Items are served as listed—unless there is a medical reason documented and on file with
us for changing an item. We cannot stop to customize plates during serving time.
Thursday, February 5
Friday, February 6
Lasagna w/meat sauce,
Sloppy Joe on a bun, sweet
tossed salad, California blend potato tots, corn cobette,
veggies, breadstick, fruit,
fruit, milk
Uncrustable, string cheese, baby
carrots, granola bar, fresh apple,
Menus subject to change due to product availability.
Snack Bar Menu
-cash only please
Switch Sparkling Juice in assorted canned flavors—$0.75
Rockin’ Refuel Protein Enriched Milk, 12 oz (chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry) - $1.25
8 oz milk in assorted flavors—$0.50
1/2 liter water bottle with sport top—$0.75
8 oz water bottle—$0.50
Apple, Grape, and Pineapple Juices, canned—$0.50
Orange juice and V-8 Tomato Cocktail, canned—$0.75
V-8 Fusion Juices—Strawberry or Blueberry—$1.25
Now available at the Metcalf Elementary Cafeteria:
milk & water, 8 oz portions—50 cents each
Please note! We appreciate your NOT sending $20 bills for these
purchase because it’s very difficult for us to make change for that
many purchases of less than $1.
Thanks for your understanding and consideration!
Juices are 100% fruit juice—portions vary from 5.5 to 12 oz. All snack bar
sales are cash only and lunch account cards are not for use at the snack
bar. In the event that our items cost go up during the school year, we’ll
give a week’s notice before changing the prices at the snack bar.
The Department of Education of the State of Arizona does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age in its
programs, activities or in its hiring and employment practices. Morenci Schools Cafeteria adheres to these same guidelines.