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Corporativo del Fuerte
Pre-sale and distribution automation platform
Pre-sale and distribution
automation platform
del Fuerte
Mobile platform of pre-sale and distribution
automation platform
Corporativo del Fuerte (CDF) is a bottling group part of the Coca Cola
Company, servicing the northern states in Mexico such as Chihuahua,
Baja California and Sinaloa. CDF has a territory of 200+ routes and a base
of 13,000 sales and delivery locations.
Additionally, ArkusNexus suggested providing client access to
the new web-portal for self-serve actions; the client approved
the idea and a user-friendly interface was created and made
available for CDF’s clients.
The challenge
No visibility of constantly changing business rules
No available information for pre-sales team (customer intel,
purchase statistics, service order and order suggestions)
No segmentation available (many customers with multiple available
product opportunities)
Lack of time and motion data
Complex interfaces and hidden processes
No mobile friendly software
Limited on-site functionalities
No way to classify and group client clusters
Painfully slow and cumbersome communication of existing mobile
platform with central database engines
These and other pain points were causing CDF to inefficiently spend time
and resources derived from the lack of proper planning and order
prediction based on statistics. Additionally, in-house resources were
limited to some extent and mainly focused on other priority projects,
which did not meet the sales and marketing team sense of urgency for
the solution.
The solution
Android tablet
After a thorough analysis, ArkusNexus submitted a proposed solution
plan, which included the development of a custom sale and distribution
application that runs on a parallel mobile and web platforms.
The solution was developed with / C# utilizing SQL server, JQuery
and Ajax. The @Mobile solution is a custom operating platform created
with the purpose of automating the pre-sale process at CDF. The tool is
primarily focused on enabling client management and workflow
automation. The detailed solution is comprised of two key components: a
mobile application designed specifically to run on pocket PC devices
and a centralized web based portal.
The mobile application’s core functionality is controlling the data entry
process for product orders and managing inventory levels. The
application was made available for Windows Mobile platform and
supported on Motorola MC65, Intermec 730 and CN3 devices.
The portal solution was built as a means to link the mobile interfaces and
Coca Cola’s corporate back-end proprietary systems, database engine
and ERP as well as to automate approval processes, report generation,
route and client admin among other features.
Reduced sales team
response time from
2.5 days to 1 day
on average
del Fuerte
Mobile platform of pre-sale and distribution
automation platform
The results
Visibility of pre-sale and full sales cycle via reports
On-site order processing capability
Flexible business rule implementation
Route optimization - reduced 5% of pre-sale routes
Pre-sales team focused on strategies - portfolio integration improved availability by 10%
Sales team’s response time dramatically reduced by one day - average was 2.5 days
High-level architectural framework
@Mobile functionalities
Enable client / workflow automation
Allow inventory levels management
Route and client admin
Control data entry processes for product orders
ERP and other proprietary system integration - transparent info flow
Approval process automation
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