Design of Embedded Power Electronics System for

Vellore – 632 014, Tamil Nadu, India
Two Day Workshop on
“Design of Embedded Power Electronics
System for Home Automation”
6th – 7th March 2015
Organized by
TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics
(Sponsored by TIFAC, Department of Science &Technology, Govt. of India)
Dr. K. Ganesan, Director, TIFAC-CORE & Sr. Professor, SITE
Ms. T. Revathi, Sr. Technician, TIFAC-CORE
Ms. S. Jeevitha, Sr. Development Engineer, TIFAC-CORE
 The Centre is conducting need based training programs on cutting edge technologies
for students, faculties and industry participants.
 Offering consultancy services for the industries and carrying out research works
through the research grants received from funding agencies.
 The Centre has so far conducted 210 Training programs.
 The Centre has completed nearly 20 consultancy projects with many leading
Automotive and Telecom companies.
 The Centre has filed 16 patents.
Topics Covered
 Program intends to cover power electronics circuits and interfacing techniques which
are meant to control or monitor an electrical appliance, which can be interfaced to a
microcontroller for creating home automation.
Theory Sessions
 Need of Embedded system in
Power Electronics
 Power Electronic devices for
home automation - Study
 Control Circuit design
Hands On & Demo
 Simulation of Motor Speed
 Isolation circuit design
 Control circuit design
 Interior Light intensity control
 Intrusion based room
 Isolation techniques
 Control circuit interfacing with
 Temperature monitoring
 Door automation
 Home automation – Network
 Home automation Applications
Formation & Remote Access
Target Participants:
 Students – UG / PG of any discipline
 Faculty & Research Scholars
 Industry participants
Registration fees:
Rs. 1750 per delegate from Institute (Student)
Rs. 2750 per delegate from Institute (Faculty & Research Scholars)
Rs. 4000 per delegate from Industry.
Registration charges include course material and Lunch. The number of participants is
limited to THIRTY based on first come first serve.
Registration confirmation through mail / phone is compulsory before
arriving VIT.
Payment through DD to be drawn in favor of “TIFAC CORE – VIT
University”, Payable at Vellore
Technology Tower
7th Floor, Room no.: 701 (For Registration)
VIT University, Vellore.
Last date for registration:
2nd March 2015
6th March 2015 from 8.45 AM
Starting Session
6th March 2015 9.30 hrs.
Closing Session
7th March 2015 17.00 hrs.
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Format for Registration confirmation
Two Day Workshop on
“Design of Embedded Power Electronics System for
Home Automation”
6th – 7th March 2015
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For Technical Queries Contact:
Mrs. R. Devaki
Ms. T. Revathi
Ms. S. Jeevitha
TT701, VIT University,
Ph.: 8144535132
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Vellore-632 014
0416 - 2202383
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Ph.:0416-2202381, Fax: 0416-2244797
E-mail to: / cc to:,
Send the DD and registration form by Post / Courier to the following
The Director,
TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics,
7th Floor, Technology Tower,
VIT University, Vellore-632 014