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2015 Your Year Your Health!
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What About the Tailbone?
By Dr. Mary Beth Minser
Chiropractic Care
for the entire
The very last bone of the spine
Massage Therapy
coccyx. The coccyx is made up
working together. It was once
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Nutritional Consults/Evaluations
thought that these bones were
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Exercise instruction/rehabilitation
Complete radiology services
is known as the tailbone. The
tailbone’s formal name is the
of three or more small bones
fused together but today we
know that they do have some
limited movement due to fibrous tissue.
The coccyx connects to the
sacrum by ligaments and a
Pelvis, sacrum and coccyx
vestigial disc. There is limited
Bone Density
to their normal position. This is one reason that chiro-
motion at this connection also.
practic care during and after pregnancy is so important.
The sacrum is the big bone our
Poor posture when sitting can cause trouble for the coc-
DOT physicals/
drug screening
spinal column sits on. The rela-
cyx as well as any external pressure that disrupts the
tionship all these bones have
very limited motion of the ligaments that support it. Jobs
with each other is of vital im-
that require prolonged sitting can be problematic for the
Cholesterol Testing
portance. One bone can influ-
Functional Health
ence the entire spine and alter
Some signs and symptoms of coccyx dysfunction are:
the spine’s motion causing
pain on touching the tailbone, pain when having a bowel
trouble or pain.
movement, pain when sitting or when going from a sitting
The coccyx can be injured. It
is most commonly injured by a
fall on the tailbone and second-
to standing position, and pain over the tailbone when
Treatment of coccyx pain must include the most im-
ly by childbirth. When the ba-
portant ingredient, a chiropractic adjustment to normalize
by’s head moves over the tail-
the coccyx movement and position. In addition to the
bone during the birthing pro-
adjustment, supportive treatment may include heat or ice,
cess, the sacrum has to move
specially designed cushions to sit on, posture education
properly to help move the coc-
and exercise, and work space modifications for those
cyx out of the way. If the coc-
who sit prolonged.
cyx cannot move properly, it
If you or someone you know suffers from pain, please
can prolong childbirth and
do not hesitate to let us help. It is what we love to do
cause pain for the mother.
best...help you and your family!
After the birth the area can
remain inflamed if the sacrum
and coccyx are never adjusted
February 2015
Volume: 10, Issue 2
Featured Essential Oil : Orange
Massage Services
*Known as the “smiley” oil and is familiar, joyful and warming
*It is gentle enough to use on children, who enjoy its fruity fragrance
Trigger Point
Myofascial Release
*Used in a diffuser to help reduce fear of the unknown and relieves self-doubt, helping you to find an
Hot Bamboo
*Overall, orange is cheering, uplifting, soothing and refreshing
Hot Stone Massage
*Very good in local massage and compresses for settling digestive upsets, and is beneficial for
cramps, constipation, diarrhea, and flatulence
Thai Herbal Ball
Tui Na for Children
Swedish Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Pre/post Accident Massage
inner radiance and optimism
*You can add this essential oil to your massage for only $5.00!
If you have any questions about this essential oil, please ask one of our Certified Massage Therapists
Treat your Sweetheart to a Couple’s Massage!
A couple’s massage is a massage done for two people at the same time. Each person has their
own massage therapist but you share one room instead of being separated into two rooms.
This allows the couple to enjoy the massage experience together! Massages are one hour in
length and spots do fill quickly. Schedule a treat for you and your sweetheart today by calling
Massage for Pregnancy
Massage is often thought of as a luxury or an indulgence given as a gift for a special occasion. It is
however, a beneficial addition for care during and after pregnancy. A study from the University of
Miami School of Medicine found indications that pregnancy massage lowered anxiety, decreased
back and leg pain, and decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine.
Other studies indicated that massage was responsible for increased levels of serotonin and dopa-
mine, which are the hormones responsible for a “feeling good” response. A decrease in levels of
cortisol, a stress indicator, was also found. As with all massage the treatment types would vary with
the needs of the person. Two main types of massage used in pregnancy are deep tissue massage,
which uses firm strokes to help release adhesions and promote relaxation and Swedish massage,
which uses long strokes to help the body release toxins and relieve water retention.
Spending time with our massage therapists will create an overall improvement in mood and flexibility. Don’t wait, schedule your appointment today!!
Unique Lipid Lowering Formula
*Cardioauxin is a unique combination of synergistic nutrients that have proven to be a very effective lipid-lowering,
heart risk reduction formula
*Cardioauxin contains a sustained release formulation that ensures a uniform, continuous release of niacin and pantethine though the
digestive system. Sustained release niacin helps to promote the production of beneficial HDL and reduces production of LDL.
*Contains phytosterols, which is designed to quickly dissolve and enter the digestive tract before cholesterol from a meal does. The
American Heart Association advocates the use of phytosterols in cholesterol control.
For more questions about this supplement, please ask Dr. Mary Beth Minser, Dr. Lacie Gerhardson, Dr. Tammy Fimrite, or
Dr. Katherine Leither
2015 Your Year Your Health!!
February 2015
Volume: 10 Issue 2
Why Stretch?
Minser Exercise Department
*Stretching allows for much greater freedom of
movement. Whether playing with your children
or performing simple household tasks, your body will
perform better with more complete range of motion.
*Stretching improves posture through greater flexibility. Ever look in the mirror and catch yourself with
those awful slouching shoulders? By allowing the
muscles to stretch, you can improve your posture
and along with it, your sense of self-esteem.
*Stretching increases your mental relaxation. The
act of stretching itself often results in a reduction of
the heart rate and a general calming effect on the
body. Important in this process is to breathe.
Breathe deep breaths into the muscles that are being stretched. This stretching and breathing pattern
is a most relaxing way to calm the mind and body.
*Stretching can release muscle tension and release
muscle soreness. When accompanied by deep
breathing, a feeling of relaxation can be achieved.
*Stretching greatly reduces the risk of injury by adding a greater range of motion to your muscles, tendons, and joints.
Before stretching allow the body to warm up for 5-10
minutes. Begin each stretch slowly. There are no
extra points for speed. Try to hold each stretch for a
10-30 second count, or to a count of 5 deep breaths.
Do not bounce when you stretch as this can cause
potential injury.
If you do not have time for a warm-up, try stretching after taking a hot shower. The water temperature
should make the muscles more receptive to a
stretch. If it hurts, stop. There is no room for pain
when you are stretching. And do not hold your
breath. Breathe into the stretch and feel the muscle
Any routine or physical fitness regimen is properly
supplemented by stretching. Doing so will yield
many benefits, both physical and mental, giving you
far greater satisfaction and better results.
Kettlebell classes, Mondays 5:45-6:45pm
NEW!! Fit Core, Tuesdays 5:30-6:00pm starting February 24th.
Private Personal Training Sessions, available
in 30 and 60 minutes
Strong Posture program, 7 15-20 minute private sessions to focus on improving posture
Group fitness classes for you and your friends.
Get a group together and schedule your own
group fitness class!
Our Exercise and Rehab Specialist, Sara is here to
help you look and feel your best. For more information on any of the programs our exercise department has to offer or to reserve your spot, please
call 320-253-5650 today! Space in our classes is
limited to ensure quality and personalized instruction.
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Let us help you make 2015 your best year
yet! Talk to one of the doctors about personalized fitness training today!
2015 Your Year Your Health
Did you know that Minser Chiropractic now offers cholesterol
and glucose testing? February is dedicated to the awareness of
heart health and staying heart healthy. If you don’t know what
your cholesterol or glucose numbers are, take the month of February to have them checked. If they are out of range, the doctors at
Minser Chiropractic can help you get them back to where they
belong naturally.
Set up an appointment today to have your numbers checked.
Stop at the front desk or call 320-253-5650 to set up your appointment. Don’t forget to make 2015 YOUR YEAR!!
February 25th: Eating Better to Feel Better! 7 pm at Minser
Chiropractic Clinic
Join Dr. Mary Beth Minser for this information packed seminar.
Learn how you and your family can eat for better health. This
class is full of valuable information about diet/food choices and
supplements. Questions are welcomed!! Register today by calling 320-253-5650, and hurry, space is limited!
Friday February 6, 2015 is GO RED FOR
WOMEN DAY! Join the doctors and staff at
Minser Chiropractic as we wear red to spread
the awareness of heart health in women.
2015 Your Year Your Health
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