Laser epilation Reaction RF body treatment

Icoone face and body treatment
Laser epilation
Reaction RF body treatment
Mesotransduction: MESO-T8
Body shaping and anti-cellulite treatment
Very effective method of permanent, safe and painless
hair removal
Slimming, tightening and lifting of faded parts
Exceptionally effective, non-invasive treatment
Reaction device is top aesthetic system which was created in collaboration with leading physicians and scientists around the world. It combines
two mechanism of RF energy and vacuum therapy. The safe, noninvasive treatment which is focused on unwanted centimeters, cellulite and
a flabby skin.
Non-invasive method with immediate results without any side effects or
pain, which enables a transfer of active substances through the cornified
skin layer and reaches the dermises safely and effectively. The individually prepared Meso-coctails fill in wrinkles, provides skin hydration and
Wo m e n
During the Mesotransduction treatment of the body it effectively stimulates the skin against cellulite, stria and aids the sliming process of targeted areas. The skin becomes stretched, wrinkles filled-in and body is
smooth and firm immediately after treatment.
icoone® offers completely ‘made-to-measure’ beauty treatments delivered through a combination of different facial and body care programs
designed to meet the needs of men and women of all ages.
Unlike all other technologies, icoone® gives the skin and the dermis
a genuine ‘workout’ and can be used to treat the whole body, including the most delicate areas (like the eyes, bust, neck, inner arms, inner
Diode laser LightSheer DUET with certification of FDA. Treatment with
this machine is very gentle, quick and painless without anesthetics or gel.
Thanks to an adjustable parameters is suitable for all skin and hair types.
We treat the whole body of men and women where the hairs are undesirable. We specialize in a deep Brazilian epilation (extra bikini) for both
icoone® is ideal for the treatment of:
Wo m e n
Localized fat deposits / unsightly cellulite / saddlebags / silhouette
remodeling / skin laxity / sagging inner thighs or inner arms / stretch
marks / firming of breasts / firming of face, neck and cleavage / deep
wrinkles / expression lines
Upper lip Forearm
Bikini Armpit
Extra groins Calves
Entire body treatment 30 min. (1 problematic body part)
Entire body treatment 40 min. (2 problematic body parts)
Entire body treatment 50 min. (3 problematic body parts)
Entire body treatment 60 min. (4 problematic body parts)
Face, neck and neckline 30 min.
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1,190 CZK
1,350 CZK
1,590 CZK
1,790 CZK
1.150 CZK
1,290 CZK
2,570 CZK
2,990 CZK
2,500 CZK
5,130 CZK
6,130 CZK
2,900 CZK
3,800 CZK
4,560 CZK
4,800 CZK
9,120 CZK
1,350 CZK
1,950 CZK
2,150 CZK
Belly and hips
1,800 CZK
2,300 CZK
2,900 CZK
Body treatments
Reaction RF face lifting
Safe and highly effective RF facelift
High-frequency energy travels into the deep layers of skin where stretches the collagen fibers and participates in the creation of elastin. The radio-frequency lifting reduces fat reserves and very effectively fills deep
wrinkles. After the first treatment the skin is firmer and more flexible.
Double chin
1,400 CZK
1,450 CZK
Decollate Face
Bust Firming treatment
Slimming and Body shaping
Tonic and Strengthening treat.
Anti-Cellulite treatment
Intensive Anti-Striae treatment
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Miracle Esthetic Clinic
and Spa
Fa c i a l t r e a t m e n t s
2,200 CZK
2,300 CZK
2,300 CZK
2,400 CZK
2,400 CZK
Intensive Hydration
Anti-Acne treatment
Rejuvenation Care
Intensive regeneration Whitening + brighten. treat.
2,300 CZK
2,400 CZK
2,500 CZK
2,500 CZK
2,500 CZK
2,600 CZK
1,550 CZK
2,300 CZK
2,100 CZK
2,800 CZK
This pricelist is valid until 28. 2. 2015.
[ comfort zone ] face and body care
Face care - cosmetic treatment
Diamond microdermabrasion is the unique, noninvasive, modern method which gently abrades dead skin cells thanks to a special diamond
adapter which has a very beneficial effect on facial skin.
Swedish massage
Complete treatment
Treatment with cosmetic care
30 min
45 min
60 min
90 min
Italian spa cosmetics [ comfort zone ] invites you into a world of rest,
relaxation and complete individual care which includes such as rituals
against stress, relaxing facial massage and more.
Skin Resonance - Treatment for sensitive skin
Skin Regimen - Rejuvenation and brightening
Hydramemory - Deep moisturizing
Glorious Express - Express lifting
Tranquility - Nourishment and brightening
Recover Touch - Vitamins and nourishment
Chrono-reverser - Deep peeling
Active Pureness Algae - Cleansing and moisturizing
Hydramemory Collagen - Filling wrinkles
Action Sublime - Rejuvenation, Anti-wrinkles care
60 min
60 min
60 min
60 min
90 min
90 min
90 min
90 min
120 min
120 min
950 CZK
1,050 CZK
1,050 CZK
1,450 CZK
1,450 CZK
1,450 CZK
1,550 CZK
1,850 CZK
2,150 CZK
2,550 CZK
30 min
20 min
890 CZK
490 CZK
Oxygen spa capsule Oxyspa
1,100 CZK / 1,750 CZK
1,650 CZK
1,850 CZK
Massage to release a muscle tension.
700 CZK
990 CZK
1,200 CZK
1,750 CZK
Tr a n q u i l l i t y A n t i – S t r e s s
Revolution in the regeneration of the body
Alpha Led Oxy Light – SPA – LED
light therapy is a form of non-invasive, holistic energy, which stimuM e n lates structures in the skin at the
cellular level. Thus Thermal (heat)
Active Pureness Performance Algae - Cleansing and moisturizing 60 min 1,450 CZK
Hydra Performance - Deep moisturizing
90 min 1,450 CZK
energy increases and stimulates
Age Performance - Rejuvenation, Anti-wrinkles
90 min 1,850 CZK
the metabolism and detoxifies the
skin for healthier tissue and new
Body care - wraps
cell growth. Vibration energy relaxes muscles, reduces stress, stimulates
circulation and relieves pain. In addition, Oxygen replenishment is key to
Fruity peel - Enzymatic exfoliating body treatment
950 CZK
a young, fresh appearance. Rejuvenation, via increased oxygen levels,
Body strategist refiner - Bandages against water retention 1,350 CZK
encourages healthy cell composition, mental altertness, increases physiGrotta Giusti - Warming and slimming wrap for women and men
1,400 CZK
cal stamina, and a boost to your immune system.
Detoxifying mud therapy - Detoxification and drainage wrap
1,400 CZK
Special wraps for women before / after childbirth
Body Strategist remodeler - Anti-cellulite body wrap
D-age - Firm and elastic skin
Other treatments
with aroma tranquility oil with
a unique aroma.
60 min 90 min 1,350 CZK
1,850 CZK
Sacred nature
Harmonizing massage with nourishing organic oil.
60 min 90 min 1,350 CZK
1,850 CZK
Jade massage
Relaxing massage with Jade
stones, which rejuvenates, helps
against stress, harmonizes the
chakras, balances of energy.
Classic manicure
450 CZK
Spa manicure
690 CZK
Express manicure (during a treatment)
300 CZK
290 CZK
Nail polish OPI (5-7 days)
100 CZK
60 min 1,350 CZK
Aromatic massage with hot
stones. Ideal to relax strained
muscles, aching joints and ligaments. Aroma blend promotes
lymphatic drainage and detoxifies the organism effectively. Suitable for repeated illnesses during
the cold season.
Restore your metabolism, lose weight naturally
60 min 90 min 120 min 1,250 CZK
1,750 CZK
2,300 CZK
Weight Loss, Cellulite, Detoxification, Cleansing of skin, Shine skin, Immunity strengthening, Relief from pain, Emotional release, Energy, Harmony, Sunshine, Revitalization, Insomnia, Meditation and other...
Massage incorporating the best
of Oriental, Indian, Arabic and
Mediterranean massage. Improves blood circulation, returns
harmony, and restores lost energy.
Deep relaxation technique for total rehabilitation, detoxification
and the rediscovery of energy
and inner harmony. We use the
energy of the sound of Tibetan
singing bowls used for spiritual
rituals of Buddhist monks.
Separate treatment
Oxyspa combined with body massage, Icoone or Reaction 60 min 90 min 150 min 1,450 CZK
1,850 CZK
Classic pedicure
Spa pedicure
Metabolic Balance
Tibetan massage
850 CZK
650 CZK
Hot Stone Aroma Ritual
Massage of 4 cultures
Aroma - soul
More than 20 programs for maximum satisfaction of your needs.
Nail polish VINYLUX (7-10 days) 150 CZK
SHELLAC (14-21 days)
250 CZK
2,900 CZK
650 CZK
850 CZK
A natural weight management program offering fast results and long
term success
Participants receive an individualized personal nutritional plan based on
35 laboratory values from a simple blood test. These values establish the
correct parameters for proper metabolic and hormonal function for your
unique biochemistry.
The change in metabolism is achieved with this individualized, precise
and balanced nutrition plan.
Individual Metabollic Balance program
Group Metabollic Balance program
9,500 CZK
8,500 CZK