The Bulletin - St. Andrew Catholic Church

October 9, 2016
28th Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. Andrew
806 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211
Pastor: Fr. Dave Zegar
St. Andrew is a faith community
baptized into one body, which honors and
celebrates diversity. We welcome and include persons of every color, language,
ethnicity, origin, ability, sexual orientation,
gender expression, marital status,
and life situation.
Catholic Church
Tel: 503-281-4429
Fax: 503-281-4411
La Parroquia de San Andrés es una
comunidad bautizada en un cuerpo, que
honra y celebra la diversidad. Acogemos a
las personas de todos colores, lenguas,
razas, origenes, habilidades, orientación
sexual, estado civil y estilos de vida.
Parish Mission
St. Andrew Parish recognizes that, as Jesus Christ was
sent by God to
“bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to
captives,and to the blind new sight, to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim the Lord’s year of favor,”
(Luke 4:18)
La Parroquia de San Andrés reconoce que, así como
Jesús fue enviado por Dios
“para traer la Buena Nueva a los pobres, para anunciar
libertad a los cautivos, y a los ciegos nueva luz. Poner en
libertad a los oprimidos y proclamar el año de gracia del
Señor,”(San Lucas 4:18) it is the mission of St. Andrew Parish to be a visible
presence of Christ in our culturally and racially diverse
neighborhood, rooted in the Gospel and nurtured by
liturgy, prayer, and the community of faith. As such we
commit ourselves to work with the poor, the powerless, and the oppressed for the liberation of all; to seek
justice, compas- sion, and peace in our lives, community,
and world; and to proclaim and celebrate God’s unconditional love for all.
....También es la misión de la Parroquia de San Andrés, el
ser presencia visible de Cristo en nuestra comunidad
con diversidad de razas y culturas, enraizada en el Evangelio y alimentada por la liturgia, la oración, y la comunidad
de fe. Como iglesia, nos comprometemos a trabajar con
los pobres, los desamparados y oprimidos,
por la liberación de todos; para buscar justicia, compasión, paz en nuestras vidas, en la comunidad y en
el mundo entero, y para proclamar y celebrar el amor
incondicional de Dios para todos.
October 9, 2016
28th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Naaman the Syrian leper-general washes
clean, following the instructions of
God’s prophet Elisha. Jesus heals the
lepers by his own Word and a foreigner
returns to give thanks. Naaman hauled
away dirt from the Holy Land to make a
holy place. The healed Samaritan leaves
praising God and full of faith in the
Messiah. For us Christians, God’s presence is not confined but is wherever we
gather to praise the Lord. There we are
nourished and healed in the Eucharist,
our thanksgiving. How do you praise
Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, STD © 2001, OCP. All
rights reserved.
Today’s Readings
2 Kings 5: 14 - 17
Psalm: The Lord has revealed to the
nations his saving power.
2 Timothy 2: 8 - 13
Luke 17: 11 - 19
Volunteers Needed
Volunteer Appreciation
Jim Anderson and Dr. Dapo need
help with the Saturday School they run
each week in the Community Center.
Tutors are needed for King Elementary School students. Subjects include
reading, writing, and math. One on one
tutoring is critical to help these kids
who are behind grade level. Contact
Dr. Dapo at (503) 501-8061 for additional information.
Philip Stanton served on the Youth Ministry leadership team and was a consistent
volunteer for youth events and our retreat.
Thank you Philip for your work with youth
ministry. Your enthusiasm has been invaluable!
Liturgy of the Word
for Children
Auction News
Register for the
auction on our website or after Mass
in the Community
The Liturgy of the Word for Children
Center. Tickets are
currently has an opening for
$25 until October
a new leader. The commitment is one
16th after which the
Sunday per month, sharing the Good
per seat. This price
News through stories and song with
wine, and beer.
a group of 5-15 preschool or early
and acceptschool aged children during the 9:30am
Wall of
Mass. Training is provided. Please
contact Debbie Driscoll at debbied@
Auction Donations or 503-380-6160 if you’d
like to learn more about this rewarding We are excited have some excellent new
experience that helps make our parish items in the auction this year. Do you also
welcoming to families and engages our have something you would like to donate?
We would love to have tickets for plays,
children in our shared faith.
opera, dance, or sporting events. Contact
Barbara Joy at
Religious Education
Religious Education (Catechesis of the
Good Shepherd and First Communion We are happy to announce Providence
Health & Services has sponsored the aucPrep) classes start on Sunday, Octotion to support our Food Pantry, Dental
ber 23rd. Please call April Sandoval
Clinic, and the good work of the Promofor questions pertaining to this at
tores de Salud. We are looking for other
503.281.4429 ext. 23 or
business sponsors. Do you have a business
with a charitable giving or community dePastoral Council
velopment department? Contact Lisa Hatten at 503-281-4429 ext. 16 to learn more
Last Sunday, Jim
Bronec, outgoing
Prayer Requests
Chair of the St.
Andrew Pastoral
For prayer requests via e-mail, please
Council, thanked
contact Louise Kasper at 503.280.2690, or
the other outgoe-mail your request to
ing members, and
announced new
Bulletin Announcements
Join St. Andrew
​ o find out more about St. Andrew
and to join our community, fill out a
registration form found on the Hospitality tables at both entrances to the
church. You can also learn more at our
Thank you outgoing members: Jim
Bronec, Christy Mason, Wendy Tacuba, Amy Donohue, Andrew Gardner
and Emily Davis
Those remaining on the Council:
Jane Braunger, Carmi Lyon, Damon
Williams, Edward Prindle, and Alex
Welcome to new member: Joy Wallace
Jill Williams, Bella Lozada and
Aracely Barajas
In order to ensure timely printing and
delivery for bulletins, materials for next
Sunday’s bulletin must be received by 5 PM
on Monday. Send your announcements to
Joy Wallace at
St. Andrew E-mail
If you wish to have something
announced to the community via an e-mail
message, please send your message in a
proofread Word document to ouroffice@
The Catholic Community of St. Andrew
806 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211 Ph. 503-281-4429 Fax 503-281-4411
Saturday Vigil: 5:30 pm
Sunday Eucharist: 9:30 am (English), 12:30 pm (Spanish)
Weekday Eucharist: 9:00 am (Tuesday-Friday)
Reconciliation: 4:30 - 5:00 pm Saturday
First Saturday of each month, 5:30 pm bilingual
Mayan Community Eucharist in Spanish and Kanhoval
La Misa Domingo: 9:30 am (Ingles), 12:30 pm (Español)
La Misa Diaria: 9:00 am (martes-viernes)
Confesiones: 4:30 - 5:00 pm los sábados
Primer Sábado del mes, misa bilingue Maya Kanhoval y Español a
las 5:30 pm
Asistentes Pastoralesy
Comité Hispano
Fr. Dave Zegar, ext.11
Director of Stewardship & Administration
Open position
Office Receptionist
Diana Ruiz, ext. 10
Bulletin Editor
Joy Wallace 503-284-2613
Community Center Director Lisa Hatten ext. 16
Hispanic Ministry Diana Ruiz, ext. 17
Ricky Ford
Michael Prendergast, ext. 12
Religious Education
April Sandoval, ext. 23
Youth Ministry
Jessica Chapman, ext. 35
Alejandro Bautista; 503-314-4844
Diaconoy Ministerio Maya
Grupo de Jovenes
Preparación Bautizos
Promotores de Salud
Administrative Council John Kelly 503.528.8221
Auction Co-Chairs
Patty Gardner 503.936.5542 Building & Maintenance Jerry Lindsay 503.757.6644
Community Center Lisa Hatten 503.880.0116
Management Council
Hispanic Committee
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Liturgy Commission
Michael Prendergast, ext.12
MACG Core Team
Bev Logan 503.922.9481
Pastoral Council
Jim Bronec 503-651-2627
St. Vincent de Paul Joe Condon 971.221.8636
Art & Environment
Tom La Voie 503.737.5570
Community Forum
Open position
E-mail Prayers
Louise Kasper 503.280.2690
Emergency Services
Joe Condon, 971.244.0339
Welcoming LGBTQ
Jerry Deas 503.319.1326
Ministry Gospel Choir
Edna Hicks 503.287.2360
Elizabeth Weber 503.493.9271
Infant Baptism
Molly Hiro, 503.289.2419
St. Andrew Legal Clinic 503.281.1500
St. Andrew Nativity School 503.335.9600
One Spirit-One Call
Diana Ruiz 503.281.4429, ext. 17
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Ramón Jacob 503.288.5913
Romeo Jimenez 971.221.6298
Alejandro Bautista
Esteban e Isabel Ruiz 503.735.4617
Diana Ruiz 503-281-4429. ext. 17
Cesar Geronimo
Martina Murray 503.922-1602
Isabel Camacho 503.737.5192
Monday Hispanic Bible Study
7:00 PM
Wednesday Gospel Choir practice
7:00 PM
Dental Clinic
8:00 AM
Hispanic Middle School Youth 6:30 PM
Hispanic Youth
6:30 PM
Requiem for the Living concert 7:30 PM
Saturday School
10:00 AM
Confessions4:30 PM
Mass5:30 PM
Requiem for the Living concert 7:30 PM
Daily Mass at 9:00 AM on Tuesday - Friday
View online parish calendar at
St. Andrew Announcements
Reducing Gun Violence
Under the Gun:
In the Gun Debate,
Truth is the Ultimate Weapon
A documentary film by Katie Couric
and Stephanie Soechtig
Screening, discussion and action
Tuesday, Oct. 18 7 - 8:45 PM
The Choral Arts Ensemble and guest orchestra
presents a contemplative concert featuring chorus and orchestra works by American composers Paul Moravec and Dan Forrest. Moravec’s
“Songs of Love and War” is a setting of letters to and from
American servicemen from four different wars. Forrest’s
“Requiem for the Living” focuses on the humanity of those
in mourning. Concerts are Friday or Saturday, October 14th
or 15th at 7:30 PM, here at St. Andrew.
St. Andrew Catholic Parishioners: Receive a 20% discount:
Online with coupon code: standrew Tickets: Adults - $17 in
advance; $20 at the door Senior - $14 in advance: $17 at
the door Student - $5 in advance and at the door. For tickets
or information, visit Email info@
caeportland or call (503) 488-3834. Michael Prendergast
also has a limited number of complementary tickets. Please
see Michael if you would like a comp ticket.
2016 Collins Seminar
& Lecture
Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Senior pastor
of Chicago’s Trinity United Church
of Christ, will present a seminar
and talk “Redeeming the Soul of
America: Race, Justice and Reconciliation” for Ecumenical Ministries of
Oregon on Nov. 3 at Concordia
University. The annual Collins
Lectures explore issues related to religion and social ethics.
The event is funded in part by the Collins Foundation. The
Seminar is from noon to 5:15 PM and costs $40, and also
includes the lecture. The evening lecture begins at 7 PM and
costs $25. Registration deadline: Oct. 27.
Go to or call 503-221-1054.
L’Arche Portland Fund Raiser
His Holiness the XIVth Dalai
Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is the
spiritual and temporal leader
of the Tibetan people. He
was born in a small village
called Taktser in northeastern Tibet. Born to a peasant family, His Holiness
was recognized at the age
of two, in accordance with
Tibetan tradition, as the reincarnation of his predecessor the
13th Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lamas are the manifestations of
the Bodhisattva of Compassion, who chose to reincarnate
to serve the people. Dalai Lama means Ocean of Wisdom.
Tibetans normally refer to His Holiness as Yeshin Norbu,
the Wish-fulfilling Gem, or simply, Kundun, meaning The
Presence. During his travels abroad, His Holiness has spoken
strongly for better understanding and respect among the different faiths of the world. Towards this end, His Holiness has
made numerous appearances in interfaith services, imparting
the message of universal responsibility, love, compassion and
kindness. See
At St. Andrew Church our posture during the Eucharistic Prayer is standing rather than kneeling. This is in order
to join more closely with the action of the presiding minister
at the Table of the Eucharist. After the words of institution
(“He took bread and said ‘This is my body which will be given
up for you’ … [A]gain he took the cup and said ‘This is my
blood which will be shed for you’ …” we are invited to join
with the presiding minister as he genuflects we are called to
make a profound bow in an act of homage. In doing this we
engage our whole body in our prayer of worship.
Please bring non perishable food, diapers, and
toiletry items and place them in the basket held
during the preparation of the gifts or drop
them in the St. Vincent de Paul barrels in the
entryway of the church each Sunday.
Join L’Arche Portland for an evening of inspiring music,
auctions, raffles, food & drink, stories, and friendship on
October 15. Proceeds directly help us transform the lives of
people with and without intellectual disabilities by creating
home, sharing life and building intentional community.
Ice Cream Social
Recording artists Julianne Johnson and Michael Allen HarThe Welcoming Committee of St. Andrew will
rison join performers with intellectual disabilities, including
host an Ice Cream Social in the Thea Bowman
pianist Jeremy Doney and vocalists from United By Music
Room on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 7 PM. Delicious
North America, for an unforgettable night of music and
ice cream and toppings will be available as we
mission support. Tickets are on sale now through October 8
chat with old and new friends and make plans for
by calling 503-251-6901 or visiting
the future. Please save the date and plan to come. Bring your
L’Arche Portland is part of an international federation with
favorite topping, if you are afraid we might not include it.
149 L’Arche communities and 20 projects across 35
St. Andrew Announcements
St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew Emergency Services
Each and Every Day, Gratitude
Preparación pre-bautismal es cada segundo
Many retreat programs during recent years have adopted
sábado de mes a las
the practice of the Fourth Day, which was pioneered by the
7pm. Y los bautizos son
Cursillo Movement decades ago. The Cursillo is a three-day
cada cuarto domingo
retreat; the “fourth day” is each and every day following as life del mes (excepto duunfolds. The idea arose because people who had felt their lives rante cuaresma). Llame
changed by a renewal experience often reported that without
a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17 para
some kind of follow-up, the new enthusiasm and resolution
faded away.
Quinceañeras: Se realizan cada
The cured leper Naaman was way ahead of the Cursillo Movement. He took soil
tercer sábado del mes. Tienen que ser
from Israel back to his homeland to remind him of his healing and additionally to
build a space for worshiping the true God who had healed him. So it was a remind- miem- bros de la parroquia y tener
la primera comunión hecha. Llame
er of what he had received and an ongoing act of gratitude.
Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17 para
We may be surprised that Elisha would not accept a gift from Naaman. But the aregistrarse
y confirmar la fecha.
prophet did not want to support the illusion that he himself was responsible for the
cure. That came from God, and he was only the minister and messenger.
Bodas: Comunicarse directamente
There is something refreshing in the whole Naaman-Elisha episode. We live in a con Padre David al 503-281-4429 ext
time when people often can’t see a new possibility because of a hardened prejudice, 11.
where some are taking credit for good they didn’t do, and where others are ungratePrimera Comunión: Habrá regisful for what they have received.
Naaman overcame his prejudice against the rivers of Israel, and when he received traciones durante los domingos del mes
healing and was looking for someone to thank, Elisha was humble enough to place de septiembre. Se inician también regthe credit where it belonged. Fr. Jerome Kodell, OSB, is a former abbot of Subiaco Abbey in istraciones para la Catequesis del Buen
Pastor para niños en edades de 3 a 9
Arkansas. (From “Give Us This Day”, Oct. 2016)
años. Este es un programa bilingüe e
interactivo en el que los niños aprenden
August 2016 Statistics: 186 families (653 people) received 11,900 lbs. of
sobre la biblia y la liturgia y está basado
food from Emergency Services. We partnered with nine families to help with utility en el entendimiento de que los niños
bills ($1508.12), and with seven families for rental assistance ($2482.50). Total astienen una relación innata con Dios.
Las clases inician en el mes de octubre
sistance this month: $3990.72 with 39 volunteers working a total of 184 hours.
durante los domin- gos a la hora de la
Society of St. Vincent de Paul: All donations to the St. Andrew Confer- misa 12:30pm.
ence of St. Vincent de Paul support those in need in our community. Please write
Religiosa registro Educación
checks to St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew so it goes to emergency services of our
El registro de educación religiosa para
niños de 3-10 años de edad y de confirmación , se extenderá hasta el mes de
septiembre. Primera Comunión ( típicaGospel Choir
mente de 7 años de edad) y Catequesis
The St. Andrew Gospel Choir will rehearse Wednesday Oct. 12 and 19 de las clases del Buen Pastor (edades
3-10) se pondrá en marcha el domingo
at 7:00 pm in the Thea Bowman room in the Community Center We
23 de octubre.
will sing at Mass on 4th Sunday Oct. 23. Anyone wishing to join the
choir please come to rehearsal. If coming for the first time please call
Puede registrarse por:
ahead to 503-477-0424 as we sometimes have last minute changes.
- Poner en contacto abril Sandoval al
503.281.4429 ext . 23 o asandoval@ y solicitar un formulario
Birthdays This Week
- En una mesa después de la misa del
Today: Ben Miller, Linda De Sitter, Maureen Markey, Manuel Mendoza, Jerad Andomingo de septiembre de 18 y 25
derson, and Alexis Gonzalez
Ostias Libres De Gluten
Es usted intolerante al gluten o tiene
alergias a algunos ingredients que no le
permiten tomar Comunion? La Parroquia de San Andres ofrecera ostias
echas libre de gluten. Las ostias estan
echas de agua filtrada, harina de arroz,
harina de papas, aceite organico de
palmas, levadura de papas, y lecitina de
girasol. Si usted necesita ostias para la
Comunion que sean libres de gluten,
por favor contacte a Diana Ruiz al 503281-4429 ext 17.
Next week: Robyn Dowell, Marilyn Petruzzelli, Maria Camacho, Angel Valle
Tzek, Paulina Vargas Solis, Juana Francisco Pascual, Javier Martinez-Griffin, Jacob
Hernandez, Edward Prindle, Jose Delgado, Felix Malkasian, Benjamin
Wienholz Leahy, Joy Ruplinger, Rosalia Juan, Ester Elijah, Gabriel
Pimentel, Jane Braunger, Christina Wienholz, Dana Ullman, Karla Garnica, Bryan Vazquez, Lucy Johnson, William Charbonneau, Sebastian
Nieves, Barbara McQuillen, and Jemma Anderson.
Anniversaries This Week
Christy and Michael Mason and
Pam and Erik Van Der Wolf.