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May 22, 2016
The Most Holy Trinity
Community Center News
Stewardship Pledge Drive
The Joy of Giving
Community Center Director
Job Announcement
Why are parishioners pledging? Here's what
Today we celebrate the Trinity’s work
for our salvation. God the Father is the
beginning. The work continues with the
sending of the Son, Jesus, the Christ,
who lives among us as the way, the
truth, and the life. Then the Spirit of
Truth comes to lead us to the complete
truth. Out of love, God sanctifies us
in his family. Holy wisdom delights in
the Trinity’s great work on our behalf.
We nourish ourselves with word and
sacrament as we follow Jesus’ way to the
Father. Maranatha!
Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, STD © 2000, OCP. All rights
Today’s Readings
Proverbs 8: 22 - 31
Psalm: O Lord, our God, how
wonderful your name in all the earth!
Romans 5: 1 - 5
John 16: 12 - 15
Saturday Evening Mass is at 5:30 PM.
The Mass is contemplative in nature.
If you can serve as a minister (minister
of Holy Communion, lector, greeter,
sacristan, server or musician) please
contact Michael Prendergast (
In June, we will be hiring for the St.
Andrew staff position of Community
Center Director. Please visit the parish
website for a full job description. To
apply, send resume and cover letter to
Sarah Granger at sgranger@archdpdx.
org Currently this job is being held
by Lisa Hatten, who has been serving as the interim director since Joy
Ruplinger retired.
we're hearing:
"It gives us the opportunity to share with
and give back to our community. We love
St. Andrew's inclusive ministries."
"To be able to contribute financially to this
vibrant parish is a way for us to express
gratitude for being part of a community
that is home for us - that lives out our values and brings our faith to life!"
Thank you to the many parishioners who
have turned in a financial pledge. We are
hoping to receive many more! All parishioners are encouraged to participate in the
Thank you to the 200+ parishioners pledge drive by submitting a pledge card.
who shared your input by completing Pledge cards can be found near the doors
the Parish Needs Survey. All parish- of the church or on our website. Our goal
ioners are invited to a forum after the is for 40 individuals/families to submit a
9:30 am Mass on Sunday June 5, to pledge for the first time, as well as have
all current pledgers continue. Your pledge
learn about and discuss the survey's
findings. The forum will be held in the and regular donations greatly support our
parish community in living our mission!
Oscar Romero room.
Thank you to the many parishioners who
have already made a pledge! Contact Sarah
2nd Collection for
Granger at for
Catholic Charities
more information.
Catholic Charities Second Collection
Religious Education News
Next Sunday, May 29, we will be having a second collection for Catholic
Mark those calendars, Vacation Bible Camp
Charities. Please see the bulletin insert is coming up! The camp will run July 25 - 29
for more information.
from 9am to noon. This camp is for ages
3-7, though will be looking for both camp
St. Andrew Financial Report leaders (ages 18+) and junior counselors
(ages 12+) to help make this a successful
If you did not get a Summary of
week for all. Registration info coming soon!
Financials Report, please make sure
you pick one up to take home. They
Please contact April Sandoval at asandoval@
are available by the doors of the or 503.281.4429 ext. 23 for
church. The report is also available on more info or to volunteer.
our website. Contact Sarah Granger
at for more
Gospel Choir
The St. Andrew Gospel Choir will rehearse
Wednesday May 25 at 7:00 pm in the Thea
St. Andrew E-mail
Bowman room in the Community Center
and will sing at mass on 5th Sunday, May
If you wish to have something an29th. Anyone wishing to
nounced to the community via an email message, please send your message join the choir please come
in a proofread Word document to Sarah to rehearsal. If coming
Granger at
for the first time please
call ahead to 503-477Join St. Andrew
0424 as we sometimes
have last minute changes.
​To find out more about St. Andrew
and to join our community, fill out a
registration form found on the HospiPrayer Requests
tality tables at both entrances to the
For prayer requests via e-mail, please contact
church. You can also learn more at our Louise Kasper at 503.280.2690, or e-mail
your request to
FORUM: Parish Needs
Survey Findings
The Catholic Community of St. Andrew
806 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211 Ph. 503-281-4429 Fax 503-281-4411
Saturday Vigil: 5:30 pm
Sunday Eucharist: 9:30 am (English), 12:30 pm (Spanish)
Weekday Eucharist: 9:30 am (Tuesday-Friday)
Reconciliation: 4:30 - 5:00 pm Saturday
First Saturday of each month, 5:30 pm bilingual
Mayan Community Eucharist in Spanish and Kanhoval
Fr. Dave Zegar, ext.11
Director of Stewardship & Administration
Sarah Granger ext. 22
Office Receptionist
Bulletin Editor
Joy Wallace 503-284-2613
Interim Community Center Director
Lisa Hatten ext. 16
Hispanic Ministry Diana Ruiz, ext. 17
Ricky Ford
Michael Prendergast, ext. 12
Religious Education April Sandoval, ext. 23
Youth Ministry
Jessica Chapman, ext. 35
Alejandro Bautista; 503-314-4844
Art & Environment Tom La Voie 503.737.5570
Community Forum
E-mail Prayers
Louise Kasper 503.280.2690
Emergency Services
Joe Condon, 971.244.0339
Welcoming LGBTQ
Valerie Silliman 503 953-6242
Jerry Deas 503.319.1326 Gospel Choir
Edna Hicks 503.287.2360
Hospitality Elizabeth Weber 503.493.9271
Infant Baptism
Molly Hiro, 503.289.2419
St. Andrew Legal Clinic 503.281.1500
St. Andrew Nativity School 503.335.9600
One Spirit-One Call
La Misa Domingo: 9:30 am (Ingles), 12:30 pm (Español)
La Misa Diaria: 9:30 am (martes-viernes)
Confesiones: 5:00 pm los sábados
Primer Sábado del mes, misa bilingue Maya Kanhoval y Español a
las 5:30 pm
Asistentes Pastorales y Diana Ruiz 503.281.4429, ext. 17
Comité Hispano
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Ramón Jacob 503.288.5913
Diacono y Ministerio Maya Romeo Jimenez 971.221.6298
Grupo de Jovenes Alejandro Bautista
Lectores Esteban e Isabel Ruiz 503.735.4617
Preparación Bautizos Diana Ruiz 503-281-4429. ext. 17
Promotores de Salud
Cesar Geronimo
Martina Murray 503.922-1602
Isabel Camacho 503.737.5192
Administrative Council John Kelly 503.528.8221
Auction Co-Chairs Patty Gardner 503.936.5542 Building & Maintenance Jerry Lindsay 503.757.6644
Community Center Lisa Hatten 503.880.0116
Management Council
Hispanic Committee
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Liturgy Commission
Michael Prendergast, ext.12
MACG Core Team Bev Logan 503.922.9481
Pastoral Council
Jim Bronec 503-651-2627
St. Vincent de Paul Joe Condon 971.221.8636
Monday Hispanic Bible Study
7:00 PM
Wednesday Gospel Choir Practice
7:00 PM
Harvest Share
1:00 PM
Hispanic Middle School Youth 6:30 PM
Hispanic Youth Group
6:30 PM
Comite Meeting
10:00 AM
Confessions4:30 PM
Vigil Mass5:30 PM
Daily Mass at 9:30 AM on Tuesday - Friday
View online parish calendar at
St. Andrew Announcements
Bread, Cup, Body, Blood
by Paul Turner
Bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ
during the eucharistic prayer at Mass. The Holy Spirit works
this miracle in the presence of the faithful, who join the
priest’s prayer in silence and song.
Belief in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist is
central to Catholic faith. In the past some have doubted this
belief, but the church has always responded with unwavering
conviction, founded on the Bible. “This is my body.” … “This
is my blood” (Matthew 26:26, 28). “The bread that I will give
is my flesh for the life of the world” (John 6:51). “My flesh is
true food and my blood is true drink” (John 6:55). “The one
who eats this bread will live forever” (John 6:58). “As often as
you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s
death until he comes” (1 Cor 11:26).
The word “bread” in these scriptures does not diminish
our faith that the bread is the body of Christ. The liturgy
also uses “bread and cup” to refer to the Body and Blood of
Christ. The third memorial acclamation has us sing, “When
we eat this Bread and drink this Cup.” Eucharistic Prayer IV
prays for “all who partake of this one Bread and one Chalice.”
The first Eucharistic Prayer for Masses with Children offers “the bread that gives us life, and the cup that saves us.”
The Lamb of God accompanies a ritual the sacramentary calls
“the breaking of the bread.” Some of our hymns also refer to
bread and wine, but in the context of the Mass the meaning
remains true to Catholic teaching. What we eat and drink is
the Body and Blood of Christ.
Copyright © 2012 Resource Publications, Inc., 160 E. Virginia St. #170, San
Jose, CA 95112, (408) 286-8505.
When we receive Eucharist, our response to the invitation
“Body of Christ” is “Amen.” That response is an act of faith.
We are saying in effect, “Yes, I believe that what I receive is
the presence of Jesus.” As Catholics we believe that the bread
becomes the body of Christ during the eucharistic celebration.
Needless to say, if we do not believe, then we should not
receive. The care we show in following the proper procedure
in receiving is our way of demonstrating our respect and
Jesus said, “Take and eat” and “Take and drink.” The option
of receiving from the cup is once again common practice.
Some prefer not receiving from the cup for one reason or
another and that is always a choice. It obviously should be
your choice if you are sick or not feeling well. However, it is
appropriate that every person receiving Eucharist comes to
one of the cup ministers and proclaims their faith in the Real
Presence of Jesus in cup by a simple bow of the head after
the response “Amen” to the
minister’s words: “The Blood
of Christ.” If you choose not to
receive from the cup for some
reason, you may stay in line behind the person in front of you
in order to express your faith in
Jesus’ presence under the form
of wine.
Congratulations to all the first
communion participants who
will receive the Sacrament of
the Eucharist on May 21st and
Felicitaciones a todos los participantes primeras comunión
que van a recibir el Sacramento
de la Eucaristía el 21 de mayo
y el 22.
Angela Cruz Roberto Cruz
Silas O-Malley Amalia Kleinhenz
Annika Guenther Sirtori Logan Hendrickson
Erin Cavallucci Bridget Andrichuk
Brooklyn Ryan Carmen Acosta
Nella Acosta Casillas Lucia Pasquesi
Levi Lefere Chaplain
Bridget Evans
Leo Zymkowitz Elo Paulorinne
Ahti Paulorinne Niko Spielvogel
Stefan Spielvogel Victor Martinez
Brandon G. Ruiz Heidy Miranda Moreno
Dariela Guzmán Rolon Sofia Guillermina
Brenda Martinez Nahomi Delfín García
Cristofer Reyes Grijalba Emily Jimenez Ferrusca
Cesar Ruiz Juana Francisco
Dominic A Bautista Flor Ruby Montoya
Daniella de Los A. Pasos A. Dulce Fernanda
Yaritza López Mtz. Elizabeth Vásquez Santos
Saúl González Sanabria Joshua Darrell Alejandres
Jamie Abigail Raz Torres Xavier B. Ortiz- Sánchez
Brandon Jaimes Castro Heidy Belén Aguilar Ramirez
Valerie Jimenez Ferrusca Brandy Nolasco
Esther C Hernandez Daisy N. Vargas
Ruby Gisela Interian Rodrigo Josue Bautista Hernandez
Conner Steven Ojeda A. Dianna Geraldine Garcia
Marcos Campos Sonia Velazquez Maria Manuel Juan
Emmanuel Mejia
Stephanie Vasquez Santos Saul Martinez Colin
Luis Felipe Reyes Grijalba Guillermo Orozco
Nelson Enrique Zepeda-Rincon
Leslie Cedillo Rivera
Cesar Israel Pasos Ake Daisy Soto Anicua
Jennifer Reyes Grijalba Saul Delfin Garcia
Alejandro L. Ponce Cynthia Valentina Santiago Vasquez
Maria Magdalena Calel Mendoza Marlen Quintero-Rojas
Alonzo E. Ortiz-Sanchez Elisa A. Guerrero Regalado
Paula Velazquez Anicua Karina I. Alcántara Guerrero
Christina Orozco Erick O. Cedillo-Rivera
Citlatli Zepeda-Rincon
Miguel Campos
Aldo A. Cedillo-Rivera Priscila Rosas
St Andrew Church CampingTrip July 15-17,
Register via the St. Andrew website or after Mass today!
Camping Trip Activities: Saturday night mass and potluck,
organized hike, soccer games and beach bonfire and more!
Amenities: Hot showers, restrooms with running water.
Bring your own food, camp gear and joy! Grocery store,
hospital, gasoline etc. within 15 minute drive.
Cape Lookout is a campsite 1.5 hours from Portland, OR.
It offers foot access to the ocean and beautiful hikes. Great
paths for biking, walking and talking. Close to Tillamook
and other Oregon coastal attractions!
St. Andrew Announcements
St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew Emergency Services
Volunteer Recognition - Thank you!
Noticias de Educacion
The Patron of Improbable Choices
Bautizos: Preparación pre-bautismal es
cada segundo sábado de mes a las 7pm.
How would you like to be known in history as “…you know,
Y los bautizos son cada cuarto domingo
the guy who took the place of Judas?”
del mes (excepto durante cuaresma).
We all have faded memories of nice but clumsy little kids,
Llame a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17
the last chosen teammates for “pick-up” sandlot baseball games,
para registrarse.
selected only if a ninth member was needed and someone else
Primera Comunión Las clases inician en
had already claimed the job of scorekeeper. And there are all the el mes de octubre, los miércoles de 6:30
stories of second-round draft picks after the most promising collegiate candidates
a 7:45. Registraciones están cerradas.
were taken by someone else.
Quinceañeras: Se realizan cada tercer
Poor Matthias, chosen by lot to fill out the Twelve after the disgrace of Judas,
sábado del mes. Tienen que ser miemunmentioned elsewhere in the New Testament, allegedly buried in a side chapel in
bros de la parroquia y tener la primera
Padua, is virtually unknown and never heard of again.
comunión hecha. Llame a Diana al
But the Scriptures are filled with folks chosen almost by default: His family
503-281-4429 ext 17 para registrarse y
didn’t even bother to bring little David out of the pasture when Samuel was lookconfirmar la fecha.
ing for a successor to King Saul (1 Sam 16:11). The little village of Nazareth was
Bodas: Comunicarse directamente con
never mentioned in the entire Old testament, but to a Virgin there, Mary, the little
Padre David al 503-281-4429 ext 11.
girl from nowhere…. And there is Peter, the swaggering and bumbling fellow of
El 3 de diciembre iniciamos la novena
best intentions. And Paul, the persecutor-turned-Apostle to the Gentiles. And of
a la virgen de Guadalupe. Asegúrese de
course, Jesus, the carpenter’s son who was crucified!
llevar el calendario con fechas y direc God has always chosen improbable figures so that the glory is clearly God’s alone ciones.
and never the result of mere human efforts. Take Matthias, for example. And us. Primera Comunión: Las clases inician
en el mes de octubre durante los domin“…You, a bishop? You’ve got to be kidding!”
gos a la hora de la misa 12:30pm. Habrá
Bishop Richard J. Skilba, auziliary bishop emeritus of Milwaukee. Taken from Give us this
registraciones durante los domingos del
Day, May2016.
mes de septiembre. Se inician también
registraciones para la Catequesis del
Second Collection: Sunday, June 5, 2016.
Buen Pastor para niños en edades de 3 a
9 años. Este es un programa bilingüe e
Society of St. Vincent de Paul: All donations to the St. Andrew Conference interactivo en el que los niños aprenden
of St. Vincent de Paul support those in need in our community. Please write checks sobre la biblia y la liturgia y está basado
to St. Vincent de Paul/St.Andrew so it goes to emergency services of our parish.
en el entendimiento de que los niños
tienen una relación innata con Dios.
This week we give special thanks and recognition to Louise Kasper for her many
years of being responsible for the St. Andrew e-mail prayer list. If you have ever
requested prayers for someone, or had the St. Andrew community pray for you, it
was Lousie that made that all possible. Thank you, Louise!
Save the date: The Parish Picnic will be
on Sunday, August 21!
The Pastoral Council is assembling a planning
Please join this team by contacting
Wendy Tacuba at
Birthdays This Week
Today: Antonio Pulido; Jennifer Pacheco; Naomi Garcia; Kate
Henry; and Penelope Barco-Foster.
Next week: Paul Kelly; Tom Karwaki; Cathy Busha; Cesar Pulido;
Johan Ucan; Alfonso Lagunes Hernandez; Lucia Cantone; Heidi
Moseson; Caroline Lee; Helen Kerrigan; Roger McLain; Paul Manzi;
Steve Hambuchen; Esperanza Hernandez; Gloria Paredes-Cruz; Ulyses Hernandez Alfaro; Alejandro Bobenrieth; Javier Apolonio; Mary Kay DiLoreto;
Sally Gardner; Marie Ades; Neil Maloney; Adrian Alvez Nievez; and Lucy
Anniversaries This Week
Patty and Sally Gardner; Chris and Steve Blaske; Barb Buckner-Suarez and Roberto
Suarez; Pam and Neil Maloney; Emily and Noah Adler; and Kendra and Thomas
¡Marque aquellos calendarios, el
Campo de Biblia de Vacaciones sube!
El campo correrá el 25 de julio - 29 de
9am al mediodía. Este campo es una
eternidad 3-7, aunque busque tanto a
líderes de campo como a consejeros
juveniles para ayudar a hacer este una
semana acertada para todos. ¡Información de registro que viene pronto!
Por favor póngase en contacto con
abril Sandoval en o 503.281.4429 ext. 23 para más
información o ofrecerse.
Bulletin Announcements
In order to ensure timely printing
and delivery for bulletins, materials
for next Sunday’s bulletin must be
received by 5 PM on Monday. Send
your announcements to Joy Wallace at