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St. Andrew
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
806 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211
Tel: 503-281-4429
Fax: 503-281-4411
Pastor: Fr. Dave Zegar
St. Andrew is a faith community baptized into one body, which honors and celebrates diversity. We welcome and include
persons of every color, language, ethnicity,
origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender
expression, marital status, and life situation.
La Parroquia de San Andrés es una
comunidad bautizada en un cuerpo, que
honra y celebra la diversidad. Acogemos a
las personas de todos colores, lenguas,
razas, origenes, habilidades, orientación
sexual, estado civil y estilos de vida.
Parish Mission
St. Andrew Parish recognizes that, as Jesus Christ was
sent by God to
“bring the good news to the poor,
to proclaim liberty to captives,
and to the blind new sight,
to set the downtrodden free,
to proclaim the Lord’s year of favor,”
(Luke 4:18)
so it is the mission of St. Andrew Parish to be a visible
presence of Christ in our culturally and racially diverse
neighborhood, rooted in the Gospel and nurtured by liturgy,
prayer, and the community of faith. As such we commit
ourselves to work with the poor, the powerless, and the
oppressed for the liberation of all; to seek justice, compassion, and peace in our lives, community, and world; and to
proclaim and celebrate God’s unconditional love for all.
La Parroquia de San Andrés reconoce que, así como
Jesús fue enviado por Dios
“para traer la Buena Nueva a los pobres,
para anunciar libertad a los cautivos, y a los
ciegos nueva luz. Poner en libertad a los
oprimidos y proclamar el año de gracia del
(San Lucas 4:18)
También es la misión de la Parroquia de San Andrés,
el ser presencia visible de Cristo en nuestra comunidad
con diversidad de razas y culturas, enraizada en el
Evangelio y alimentada por la liturgia, la oración, y la
comunidad de fe. Como iglesia, nos comprometemos a
trabajar con los pobres, los desamparados y oprimidos,
por la liberación de todos; para buscar justicia, compasión,
paz en nuestras vidas, en la comunidad y en el mundo
entero, y para proclamar y celebrar el amor incondicional
de Dios para todos.
Feb. 1, 2015
Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. Andrew Announcements
Parish Giving Update
Youth Ministry News
If today you
hear God’s voice,
harden not your
The Welcoming LGBTQ Ministry is
having a potluck on Friday, Feb. 6 at
6:30 PM in the Community Center. All
are Welcome. Bring a dish to share.
Hey youth and families,
do you want to welcome
parishioners to mass once
Donations Summary - Dec. 2014
a month? Or perhaps be
Stewardship giving is on a rise.
St. A is in desperate
$32,600.05 was donated towards the
need of greeters and liturgical ministers.
Sunday offertory during the month
Contact Heather if you’re interested.
of December making the weekly average $9,856.18 - which is $650 more It’s not too late to join us for a retreat centhan the weekly average in December tered on eco-justice and climate change on
February 15 and 16. Email Heather if you’re
2013. There were 181 individuals or
families who donated during December, which doesn’t include people Mark your calendars for a Mardi Gras party
and Lenten kick-off on Fat Tuesday, Februwho gave loose change.. Of those
181 families, 45% are using automatic ary 17, roundabouts 7pm.
giving. The pew fund received $5,250 Our March outing will be going to see
GODSPELL at Central Catholic on the
in donations which is 96% of the
evening of Friday, March 13!
Donations received at Christmas
Prayer Requests
Masses totaled $7,827.17 This is
requests via e-mail, please contact
down $1,433 from last year.
at 503.280.2690, or e-mail
Welcome Cinthia
your request to
We are delighted to announce that
Gospel Choir News
Cinthia Ifarraguerri has joined the
The St. Andrew Gospel Choir’s
St. Andrew staff as the temporary
next rehearsals will be Wednesreceptionist for the parish office.
day Feb.11th and 18th at 7:00
pm in the church. The choir
She brings many wonderful qualiwill sing at mass on 4th Sunday
ties to this position: she’s friendly,
Feb. 22nd. Anyone wishing to
competent and bilingual. Her hours
join the choir please come to
are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursrehearsal.
for the first time please
day from 9 am – 2 pm. She can be
call ahead to 503-477-0424 as we sometimes
reached at 503.281.4429 ex.10 or by
have last cminute changes.
email at ouroffice@standrewchurch.
Together we fund our parish
and live our mission!
Capernaum, hometown of Simon
and Andrew, became Jesus’ home
base too. On the Sabbath, he went
out to the synagogue to teach with
authority over physical and spiritual
evils. He dramatically cast out devils,
curing Simon’s mother-in-law and
healing many other sick people. Jesus
went about the messianic work. That
labor came to fruition as he cast out
death itself in his passover to resurrection. Bolstered by prayer, Jesus
single-mindedly set out to spread the
good news. How do we join him?
Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, STD © 2000, OCP.
All rights reserved.
Today’s Readings
Deuteronomy 18: 15 - 20
1 Corinthians 7: 31 - 35;
Mark 1: 21 - 28
All St. Andrew donors were
recently sent a year-end letter summarizing their 2014 donations. Please
contact Sarah Granger at sgranger2@ or 281-4429 ext. 22
with any questions or feedback. We
especially would like to know if
you find any discrepancies, as this
feedback will help us improve our
systems. Thank you.
Vacation Bible Camp
We need volunteers to help with
the planning. There are roles for all!
This has been such an incredibly
special week for all the children of
our parish. For more info contact
April Sandoval at 503.281.4429 ext.
23 or
Parent Support Network
You can find the website at: http://
Bulletin Announcements
In order to ensure timely printing and
delivery for bulletins, materials for next
Sunday’s bulletin must be received by 5 PM
on Monday. Please ensure your items are
proofread and edited before sending your announcements to Joy Wallace at joy.wallace@
St. Andrew E-mail
If you wish to have
something announced
to the community, please
send your message to Joy
Wallace at joy.wallace@ as a Word
document that is proof-
St. Andrew Welcomes You
To find out about the St. Andrew Parish Community, we invite you to fill out the Registration Form found on the Hospitality tables at both entrances to the church. Someone from the Hospitality/Welcoming Committee will call you soon. You can also find
helpful information at our website,
The Catholic Community of St. Andrew
806 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211 Ph. 503-281-4429 Fax 503-281-4411
Sunday Eucharist: 9:30 am (English), 12:30 pm (Spanish)
Weekday Eucharist: 9:00 am (Tuesday-Friday)
Reconciliation: 5:00 pm Saturday
First Saturday of each month, the 5:30 pm bilingual Mayan
Community Eucharist is in Spanish and Kanhoval
Fr. Dave Zegar, ext.11
Director of Stewardship & Administration
Sarah Granger ext. 22
Office Receptionist
Cinthia Ifarraguerri, ext. 10
Karina Felix, ext. 15
Bulletin Editor
Joy Wallace 503-284-2613
Community Center
Joy Ruplinger, ext. 16
Hispanic Ministry Diana Ruiz, ext. 17
Ricky Ford
Michael Prendergast, ext. 12
Religious Education
April Sandoval, ext. 23
Youth Ministry
Heather Moline, ext. 37
Ministries & Programs
Art & Environment
Tom La Voie 503.737.5570
Community Forum
John Villaume 503.282.1705
E-mail Prayers
Louise Kasper 503.280.2690
Emergency Services
Joe Condon, 971.244.0339
Welcoming LGBTQ
Valerie Silliman 503 953-6242
Jerry Deas 503.319.1326 Gospel Choir
Edna Hicks 503.287.2360
Elizabeth Weber 503.493.9271
Infant Baptism
Carmi Lyon 503.231.9140 or
Rite of Christian
Carol Kelley
Initiation of Adults
Senior Ministry
St. Andrew Legal Clinic 503.281.1500
St. Andrew Nativity School 503.335.9600
One Spirit-One Call
La Misa Domingo: 9:30 am (Ingles), 12:30 pm (Español)
La Misa diaria: 9:00 am (Martes-Sábado)
Confesiones: 5:00 pm los Sábados
Primer Sábado del mes, misa bilingue Maya Kanhoval y Español a
las 5:30 pm
Los Ministerios
Asistentes Pastoralesy
Comité Hispano
Diaconoy Ministerio Maya
Grupo de Jovenes
Preparación Bautizos
Promotores de Salud
Diana Ruiz 503.281.4429, ext. 17
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Ramón Jacob 503.288.5913
Romeo Jimenez 971.221.6298
Alejandro Bautista
Esteban e Isabel Ruiz 503.735.4617
Diana Ruiz 503-281-4429. ext. 17
Cesar Geronimo
Martina Murray 503.281.2329
Isabel Camacho 503.737.5192
Council & Committee Chairs
Administrative Council Auction Co-Chairs
John Kelly 503.528.8221
Patty Gardner 503.936.5542 and Casey Boggs 310.403.3941
Building & Maintenance Jerry Lindsay 503.757.6644
Community Center Lisa Hatten 503.880.0116
Management Council
Hispanic Committee
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Liturgy Commission
Michael Prendergast, ext.12
MACG Core Team
Bev Logan 503.922.9481
Pastoral Council
Christy Mason 503.961.2723
Personnel Committee
Joan Miller 503.703.3315
St. Vincent de Paul Joe Condon 971.221.8636
St. Andrew Weekly Calendar Feb. 1 - 7
Coffee and socializing
Centering Prayer
6:30 PM
Auction committee
7:00 PM
Dental Clinic
7:45 AM
Bible Study
7:30 PM
Friday LGBTQ Ministry potluck 6:30 PM
5:00 PM
Mayan Mass
5:30 PM
View our Parish Calendar at
for all meetings and events
St. Andrew Announcements, Continued
St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew Emergency Services
The glories of weakness
Preparación pre-bautismal es cada
segundo sábado de mes a las 7pm. Y los
bautizos son cada cuarto domingo del
mes (excepto durante cuaresma). Llame
a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17 para
Primera Comunión Las clases inician en
el mes de octubre, los miércoles de 6:30
a 7:45. Registraciones están cerradas.
Se realizan cada tercer sábado del mes.
Tienen que ser miembros de la parroquia y tener la primera comunión hecha.
Llame a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17
para registrarse y confirmar la fecha.
Comunicarse directamente con Padre
David al 503-281-4429 ext 11.
El 3 de diciembre iniciamos la novena
a la virgen de Guadalupe. Asegúrese de
llevar el calendario con fechas y direcciones.
“In my weakness is my strength,” Paul writes (2 Cor.
12:10). I never understood that passage nor did I like it
until, struck with polio as a young woman, I began little by
little to realize that if I ever walked again, it would not be
thanks to me, it would be thanks to everyone around me
who formed the human chain that kept me human. When
I could not move, they carried me. When I could not work,
they found functions for me that justified my existence.
When I could not find a reason for going on, they liked
me enough to give me back a sense of human connectedness. When I could not cure
myself, they cured me of the clay of my limits and turned them into life again. They
taught me the glories of weakness.
When I most wanted to be strong and like no other time in life found myself
defined by my weaknesses, I began to understand the great questions of life. If I do
not need other people, what is their own purpose in life, what is their claim on my
own gifts when they need me as I have needed them? The moment I come to realize
that it is precisely the gifts which I do not myself embody that make me claimant to
the gifts of others—and they of mine—marks the moment of my spiritual beginning. Suddenly, creature-hood becomes gift and power and the beginning of unlimited personal growth.
–from In Search of Belief by Joan Chittister, OSB
Alerta de acción referente a un comunicado del IRS por correo postal.
Society of St. Vincent de Paul:
El IRS le informo a la Arquidiócesis de
All donations to the St. Andrew Conference of St. Vincent de Paul support those in Portland que con el proposito de asistir
need in our community. Please write checks to St. Vincent de Paul/St.Andrew so it a individuales posiblemente afectados
goes to emergency services of our parish.
por fraude fiscal, está intentando expedir
Action Alert: IRS Mailing & Update!
un numero PIN de Protección de Identidad (IP PIN) a cada individuo quien
The IRS informed the Archdiocese of Portland that, in an effort to assist indiobtuvo una verificación de antecedentes
viduals potentially affected by tax fraud, it is attempting to issue an Identity Protec- penales a través del antiguo proveedor
tion PIN (IP PIN) number to every individual who had a criminal background
de verificación de antecedentes para la
check processed through the former background check vendor for the Archdiocese Arquidiócesis de Portland en Oregon y
of Portland in Oregon and the Archdiocese of Seattle, regardless of when, or for
la Arquidiócesis de Seattle, sin importar
which parish, school or other organization. The IP PIN number has been or will
cuando o para que parroquia, escuela u
be sent by the IRS via US Mail by early January 2015. The IP-PIN must be included organización fue realizado. El numero IP
PIN ha sido o será enviado por el IRS por
on your 2014 tax return. The IRS will not process returns that do not include this
IP PIN number in an effort to protect people from having a fraudulent return filed correo postal (USPS Mail) a principios de
este enero 2015. El numero IP-PIN debe
in their name for the 2014 tax year.
ser incluido en su declaración de impuesIf you have questions, please contact the IRS Identity Protection Special Unit
at 1-800-908-4490 or visit a Taxpayer Assistance Center. Please do not contact the tos para el año 2014. El IRS no procesara
aquellas declaraciones de impuesto que
Archdiocese. The Archdiocese has no information on the issuance of IP-PINs.
no incluyan este número IP PIN, con la
intención de proteger a personas para que
Urgent Update re: IRS Mailing
no se presente un declaración fraudulenta
The Archdiocese has just learned that the IRS is delayed in issuing IP-PINs. Thus,
en su nombre para el año fiscal 2014.
you may not receive an IP-PIN during this tax season, even though you had a back- Por favor lea la información importante
ground check performed in connection with service for the Archdiocese, a parish
que ha sido publicada sobre este tema
or school. The IRS will continue to issue IP-PINs on a rolling basis. If you have
del numero IP-PIN en la página web
received an IP-PIN, you must use it to file your taxes. If you have not received an
de la Arquidiócesis:
IP-PIN, IRS advises that the best way to protect yourself is to file your
Haga clic en donde dice Action Alert en
taxes early. IRS apologizes for the delays and the confusion it has caused.
la primera página. Si tiene preguntas, por
favor póngase en contacto con la UniBirthdays This Week
dad Especializada en la Protección de la
Today: Jonathan Anderson
Identidad del IRS al siguiente número:
Next week Marie Cacao, Dylan Chavez, Rigoberto Matics, Mexi
1-800-908-4490 o acuda a un Centro de
Miranda, Diego Murphy, Charity Nwerem, Krista Arias, Chris
Asistencia al Contribuyente. Por favor
Collett, Angie Euan-Mis, Samuel Herrera-Rivera, Felipe Interiain,
no contacte a la Arquidiócesis. La ArValerie Carter, Meg O’Brien, Alberto Velazquez, Alex Nava, Rachel
quidiócesis no tiene información sobre la
emisión de los numero IP-Pin.
Henry, Paige Nakada, Darin Scheurer, and Robert Vaughn
Gracias por su cooperación con respecto
Anniversary Today!
a este asu
Julie and Bob Granger
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