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January 29, 2017
Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. Andrew
Catholic Church
Martin Luther King, Jr Awards on January 15, 2017
806 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97212
Father Dave Zegar
Tel: 503-281-4429
Fax: 503-281-4411
photos by Steve Hambuchen
Veterans for Peace, award accepted by Mike Hastie
Parishioners Catherine Bax and Ann Turner
Welcoming Statement
St. Andrew is a faith community
baptized into one body, which honors and
celebrates diversity. We welcome and
include persons of every color, language,
ethnicity, origin, ability, sexual orientation,
gender expression, marital status,
and life situation.
La Parroquia de San Andrés es una
comunidad bautizada en un cuerpo, que
honra y celebra la diversidad. Acogemos a
las personas de todos colores, lenguas,
razas, origenes, habilidades, orientación
sexual, estado civil y estilos de vida.
January 29, 2017
St. Andrew’s
3rd Reducing Gun
Violence Forum
Community Center News
Volunteer Appreciation
Tuesday, March 14, 7:30 PM
Community Center
Appropriate for adults and teens
Today’s Liturgy
By Deacon Owen Cummings
The Beatitudes from the Lord’s
Sermon on the Mount form our
Gospel reading for the solemnity of
All Saints. Each beatitude reflects the
present order in the first part, even
as it looks to the final consummation
in the second. Earth and heaven are
brought into conjunction. This is really
what Jesus is: earth and heaven in
one Person. In reality the Beatitudes
describe the person of Jesus himself.
The Anglican New Testament scholar,
R. H. Fuller, puts it nicely when he
says, “He was all the things and did all
the things the beatitudes enumerate.”
He is the one who is really poor in
spirit. The reign of God is his. In fact,
as Origen of Alexandria put it, he is
the reign of God in person, he is autobasileia. He is lowly, he hungers and
thirsts for holiness, he shows mercy.
Jesus is single-hearted, focused on his
Father, is the peacemaker par excellence, and, above all else, is the one
who is persecuted for holiness’ sake.
All saints are saints in Christ. Without him there is no existence, nor
holiness. In the Litany of Saints we
formally note those women and men
whose lives and witness exemplify
the Beatitudes of the Blessed One in
whom they have flourished, and in
whom we too are called to flourish.
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Today’s Readings
Zephaniah 2:3; 3:12-13
Psalm:Blessed are the poor in
spirit; the kingdom of heaven is
theirs.1 1 Corinthians 1:26-31
Each of us can help make our communities safer. Important gun safety bills
are being considered by the Oregon
Legislature. Lives will be saved if
these bills become law. We’ll learn
about these bills from legislative experts, and professional lobbyists will
explain how to effectively advocate
for these bills. We’ll receive detailed
information on how to contact our
legislators. Each of us can Act Locally
to make Oregon a safer place to live.
Don Porter has been a steady
and reliable volunteer for many
years. His dedication to helping set up for coffee and donuts
every week of the year is so
very much appreciated. Don was
even here on the snowy Sundays! Many thanks, Don!
St. Andrew Blood Drive
Anti-racism Forum
Tuesday February 14, 7-9pm
in the Community Center
Please join us on Valentine’s
Day for an important conversation rooted in love and compassion. David Billings will
be discussing his new book,
The History and Persistence of
White Supremacy. David is an
anti-racist trainer and organizer
with the People’s Institute for
Survival and Beyond, based in
New Orleans. He has worked
with anti-racist organizing
groups in the US for the last 30
years. This discussion has been
organized by the Northwest
arm of People’s Institute, in
collaboration with Black Lives
Matter – Vancouver and SURJ.
Prayer Requests
For prayer requests via e-mail,
please contact Louise Kasper at
503.280.2690, or e-mail your request to
Matthew 5:1-12
Give Blood. Give Life.
Patients are depending on us.
Sunday, February 26th
8:30AM to 1:30PM
appointments available
Contact Bob Granger to schedule
your donation.
(503) 351-1708
St. Andrew Food Pantry
Job opportunity
We are hiring a part time driver and
laborer at $15 per hour. Every Tuesday
from 12:45 to 3:45 PM and the first Saturday of the month from 8:45 to 11:45
AM. Duties include driving the church
box truck to the Oregon Food Bank,
shopping the OFB warehouse, helping
volunteers unload the truck and stock
the pantry. Bilingual speaker of English
and Spanish preferred. Contact Lisa
Hatten (503) 281-4429 ext. 16.
Join St. Andrew Church
T​ o find out more about St. Andrew
and to join our community, fill out a
registration form found on the Hospitality tables at both entrances to
the church. You can also learn more
at our
St. Andrew Catholic Church
806 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211
La Misa Domingo: 9:30 am (Ingles), 12:30 pm (Español)
La Misa Diaria: 9:00 am (martes-viernes)
Confesiones: 4:30 - 5:00 pm los sábados
Primer Sábado del mes, misa bilingue Maya Kanhoval y Español a
las 5:30 pm
Fr. Dave Zegar, ext.11
Office Receptionist
Diana Ruiz, ext. 10
Asistentes Pastoralesy
Comité Hispano
Diaconoy Ministerio Maya
Grupo de Jovenes
Preparación Bautizos
Promotores de Salud
Bulletin Editor
Steve Blaske 503-249-0140
Community Center Dir Lisa Hatten ext. 16
Hispanic Ministry Diana Ruiz, ext. 17
Ricky Ford
eligious Education
Administrative Council John Kelly 503.528.8221
Auction Co-Chairs
Patty Gardner 503.936.5542 Building & Maintenance Jerry Lindsay 503.757.6644
Community Center Lisa Hatten 503.880.0116
Management Council
Hispanic Committee
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
Liturgy Commission
Michael Prendergast, ext.12
MACG Core Team
Bev Logan 503.922.9481
Pastoral Council
Damon Williams
St. Vincent de Paul Joe Condon 971.221.8636
April Sandoval, ext. 23
Alejandro Bautista; 503-314-4844
Art & Environment
Tom La Voie 503.737.5570
Community Forum
Open position
E-mail Prayers
Louise Kasper 503.280.2690
Emergency Services
Joe Condon, 971.244.0339
Welcoming LGBTQ
Jerry Deas 503.319.1326
Ministry Gospel Choir
Edna Hicks 503.287.2360
Elizabeth Weber 503.493.9271
Infant Baptism
Molly Hiro, 503.289.2419
Diana Ruiz 503.281.4429, ext. 17
Paul Riek 503-926-4854
Ramón Jacob 503.288.5913
Romeo Jimenez 971.221.6298
Alejandro Bautista
Esteban e Isabel Ruiz 503.735.4617
Diana Ruiz 503-281-4429. ext. 17
Cesar Geronimo
Martina Murray 503.922-1602
Isabel Camacho 503.737.5192
Michael Prendergast, ext. 12
Youth Ministry
Jessica Chapman, ext. 35
Youth Ministry
Fax 503-281-4411
Saturday Vigil: 5:30 pm
Sunday Eucharist: 9:30 am (English), 12:30 pm (Spanish)
Weekday Eucharist: 9:00 am (Tuesday-Friday)
Reconciliation: 4:30 - 5:00 pm Saturday
First Saturday of each month, 5:30 pm bilingual
Mayan Community Eucharist in Spanish and Kanhoval
Ph. 503-281-4429
JAN. 29 to FEB. 4
St. Andrew Legal Clinic 503.281.1500
St. Andrew Nativity School 503.335.9600
One Spirit-One Call
Hispanic Mens Basketball
7:00 PM
Dental Clinic
8:00 AM
Hispanic Youth Group
6:30 PM
Mayan Mass
5:30 PM
Confessions4:30 PM
Daily Mass at 9:00 AM on Tuesday - Friday
View online parish calendar at
Claiming your Life with
Vitality, Purpose and Joy
February 2
PRESENTATION OF THE LORD: This feast of Our Lord
on February second used to be the feast of the Purification of Mary. It is also called “Candlemas Day,”
because part of the ritual for this day is the blessing
of candles. People can be invited to bring candles
from their homes to be blessed. Some parishes hand
out blessed candles at the end of the day’s liturgies.
Blessed candles from today’s feast are used for the
blessing of throats on the next day, the feast of St.
Blaise. The feast has traditionally involved processions and candles. The feast recalls the Jewish rite
of an infant’s presentation forty days after birth.
Blessing candles has always been a traditional way
of remembering Jesus—Light of the World— as well
as the call to ourselves to be light for one another.
Traditionally, all the candles used for the coming year
are blessed as we remember the story of Jesus being
presented by his parents at the Temple of Jerusalem.
In words used as a canticle of praise in the evening
prayer of the church, the prophet Simeon foretold
about the Child: “A light of revelation to the Gentile world, and the glory of his people, Israel.” Once
again, the church celebrates a basic gift, the gift of
light, a gift that we take for granted, and it gives it
new meaning. Besides the light that we share in our
homes and work, we can be reminded that Jesus is
the Light of the World.
Four reflection mornings with Marianne LaBarre
* Inner listening * Creative Expression * Sharing *
Guided Meditations * Prayerful Ritual
Saturday Mornings Feb. 11, March 11, April 8,
May 13 9:30-12:30 Oscar Romero Room, St.
Andrews Church
Explore your Life journey to affirm Your Life Giving
Fee is sliding scale and includes supplies, refreshments and 50% donation to St. Andrews emergency services.
Dr. Marianne LaBarre is Professor Emeritus from
Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry with a background in spiritual and personal
growth and discernment
To register and save a place contact Marianne
Religious Eduction
First Communion preparation classes start back up on
Sunday, January 22nd.
Please bring non-perishable food, diapers, and toiletry
items and drop them in the St. Vincent de Paul barrels
in the entryway of the church each Sunday. You are encouraged to place one of your items in the basket that
is held at the ambo during the preparation of the gifts.
For more information contact
Molly Hiro at 503-289-2419. Baptisms have been scheduled for
2/26/2017, 8 OT; 4/16/2017,
Easter Sunday; 6/11/2017, Most
Holy Trinity;
7/30/2017, 17 OT; 10/08/2017,
27 OT; 1/07/2018, Epiphany of
the Lord.
Garaventa Center at the
University of Portland
Mary in Early Christian Faith and Devotion
Tuesday, January 31st at 7:15 PM, Franz Hall 120
University of Oregon professor of religious studies
Stephen Shoemaker delves into ancient images and
texts to explain the rise of Marian devotion in early
Lost and Found
Lost and found clothes, glasses, shoes, etc. are held
for one month, in the clear bin, on the shelf inside
the sacristy. Please claim your lost and found items
or they will be given to Goodwill.
Why Theology Needs the Simpsons
Wed., February 1st at 7:15 PM Franz Hall 120
Connections between religion and America’s longest
running will be tapped by Mike Wode and Brenden
Ryan, CSC, of the University of Portland. Part of the
Beckman Humor Project.
St. Vincent de Paul / St. Andrew Emergency Services
A Way of Love and Freedom
The call to repentance is fundamental to the whole Christian Tradition. It echoes throughout the Old Testament and
lies at the very beginning of the New. The early Fathers of
the Church, the Councils, the saints, countless thousands of
the faithful believed and tried to live out this call. How is it
possible, then, that so many contemporary Christians—At least
in the West—seem unable or unwilling to hear and answer it?
There are two main reasons for this, I think. First of all,
perhaps, we no longer understand the real meaning of repentance. We do not often
understand it in its true religious sense, as a way of love and freedom, of total trust
in God’s infinite mercy. Instead, we tend to view it in mainly psychological terms: as
a negative emotion or state of mind, an expression of an exaggerated, even neurotic,
sense of guilt.
Secondly, because we often do not understand the nature of salvation, we do not
realize the immensity of what we have lost as a result of sin. We cannot, therefore,
mourn the absence of what we do not know we could have. In fact, we do not understand the true nature of sin. We tend to think of it as disobedience, the breaking
of this or that commandment, individual wrong acts, rather than as a painful condition of the human spirit, a shadow background of all our lives. Thus we are inclined
to view repentance as a way of paying a debt, a spiritual “transaction,” and do not
easily see it as a way of healing and life.
Irma Zaleski was born in Poland in 1931. She has lived in Canada since 1952, where
she has worked as a translator, university lecturer, and writer
Society of St. Vincent de Paul:
All donations to the St. Andrew Conference of St. Vincent de Paul support those in need in our community. Please write
checks to St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew so it goes to emergency services of our
Bulletin Announcements
In order to ensure timely printing and delivery of bulletins, announcements
and materials for next Sunday’s bulletin must be received by 5 PM on the
prior Monday. Send your announcements to Steve Blaske at
Birthdays This Week
Ministerio Hispano
Preparación pre-bautismal es cada segundo
sábado de mes a las
7pm. Y los bautizos son
cada cuarto domingo
del mes (excepto durante cuaresma). Llame a
Diana al 503-281-4429
ext 17 para registrarse.
Quinceañeras: Se realizan cada
tercer sábado del mes. Tienen que ser
miem- bros de la parroquia y tener
la primera comunión hecha. Llame
a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17 para
registrarse y confirmar la fecha.
Bodas: Comunicarse directamente
con Padre David al 503-281-4429 ext
Primera Comunión: Habrá regis-
traciones durante los domingos del mes
de septiembre. Se inician también registraciones para la Catequesis del Buen
Pastor para niños en edades de 3 a 9
años. Este es un programa bilingüe e
interactivo en el que los niños aprenden
sobre la biblia y la liturgia y está basado
en el entendimiento de que los niños
tienen una relación innata con Dios.
Las clases inician en el mes de octubre
durante los domin- gos a la hora de la
misa 12:30pm.
Religiosa registro Educación
El registro de educación religiosa para
niños de 3-10 años de edad y de confirmación , se extenderá hasta el mes de
septiembre. Primera Comunión ( típicamente de 7 años de edad) y Catequesis
de las clases del Buen Pastor (edades
3-10) se pondrá en marcha el domingo
23 de octubre.
Puede registrarse por:
- Poner en contacto abril Sandoval al
503.281.4429 ext . 23 o asandoval@ y solicitar un formulario
- En una mesa después de la misa del
domingo de septiembre de 18 y 25
Today: Graydon Miller, Francisco Munoz,Sr., and
Harriet Lee
This week: Daniel Adkisson, Jeronimo Fajardo,
Hector Valle, Fia Arias
Ostias Libres De Gluten
Anniversaries This Week
Fernando Torres and Mireya Acosta,
and Francisco Manuel and Ana Pascual
Es usted intolerante al gluten o tiene
alergias a algunos ingredients que no le
permiten tomar Comunion? La Parroquia de San Andres ofrecera ostias
echas libre de gluten. Las ostias estan
echas de agua filtrada, harina de arroz,
harina de papas, aceite organico de
palmas, levadura de papas, y lecitina de
girasol. Si usted necesita ostias para la
Comunion que sean libres de gluten,
por favor contacte a Diana Ruiz al 503281-4429 ext 17.