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February 15, 2015
15 de Febrero de 2015
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February 15, 2015
A time to renew and to refresh.
This week we begin the season of Lent, a period of reflection and penance in preparation for the high point of the Church’s year the Resurrection of the Lord, Easter.
As many of you will know, the season of Lent has its origin in the preparation of those to be baptized at the Easter Vigil. The custom then developed of the entire congregation joining in prayer and penance with the catechumens (those to be baptized)
Most of us wouldn’t know a catechumen if “It stood up and bit me,” as my mother used to say. In fact we have 13 catechumens
who will be baptized at our Easter Vigil here at St Ann’s. Please remember them in your prayers through the Lenten season.
But for those of us who aren’t catechumens, who’ve been Catholic since birth, what difference does Lent make to us? One thing
that Lent isn’t is a time to beat ourselves up, starve ourselves, do all-night vigils and so on because we are such terrible people.
Since God is infinite goodness then every sin is infinitely evil, and we are indeed terrible people. But God is also infinite mercy
and forgiveness, and we are infinitely loved by Him. So Lent isn’t about ‘making-up’ for our sins - that’s something we’ll never do.
It’s a time to allow God to transform us and make us more like the images of His Son that we were created to be.
We celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord each and every Sunday of the year, but Easter marks the greatest celebration of this
totally unique event. We believe that on Easter morning the Lord Jesus who had been crucified three days earlier rose from the
dead. And not just as some kind of spirit - He was still the same Jesus, son of Mary, carpenter of Nazareth. The Scriptures emphasize His physical reality. Jesus is the firstborn of those who will rise as He did. We cannot begin to imagine the existence that
Jesus has now, and that we will one day enjoy. But we know through faith that we will indeed share that life, that the person that I
am now will be transformed, not ‘substituted’ by a more perfect model!
So we should use the time of Lent as an opportunity to prepare ourselves to live this new life in its fullness. We are called, we
were created, to be the images of God. God is loving and giving, so we too must be loving and giving. We can use the season of
Lent to practice this by giving of our resources (use your Rice Bowl), of our time (volunteer for some activity that builds up the
community), of our talent (helping others complete tasks that they can’t do for themselves). We can take some time to read the
Scriptures or some other religious material to deepen our knowledge of, and our appreciation for the God who made us and died
and rose for us.
This year, instead of seeing the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a goal to be reached at the end of Lent, we are offering it at the
beginning so that we can all be more open to the graces that God wants to give us through this holy season. Let us join together
to make this Lent a time when each of us individually, and St. Ann as a community, grows closer to the Lord whose Resurrection
we are preparing to celebrate.
Fr. Robert.
Music celebrating divine and romantic love coming to the Basilica on Sunday, February 15th at 3:00 PM. Tickets $15..00
Lent 2015: Lent 2015 runs from February 18 to March 29. Lent is a period of the liturgical year of the Catholic Church which begins
on Ash Wednesday and ends on Palm Sunday. In the readings of this time, which has five Sundays plus Palm Sunday, the dominant
themes are conversion, sin, repentance and forgiveness. It is not a sad time, but rather meditative and reflective. It is, par excellence,
the time of conversion and penance of the liturgical year. There are 40 days of preparation for the great feast of Easter. It is time to
repent of our sins, and to change something in us to be better and to live closer to Christ. So I am pleased to offer the Pope's message
for these days of prayer. POPE FRANCIS. MESSAGE FOR LENT 2015—
«Make your hearts firm» (Jas 5:8). Dear Brothers and Sisters, Lent is a time of renewal for the whole Church, for every
community and every believer. Above all it is a "time of grace" (2Cor 6:2). God does not ask of us anything that he himself has not
first given us. "We love because he first has loved us" (1 Jn4:19). He is not aloof from us. Each one of us has a place in his heart. He
knows us by name, he cares for us and he seeks us out whenever we turn away from him. He is interested in each of us; his love does
not allow him to be indifferent to what happens to us. Usually, when we are healthy and comfortable, we forget about others
(something God the Father never does): we are unconcerned with their problems, their sufferings and the injustices they endure… Our
heart grows cold. As long as I am relatively healthy and comfortable, I don’t think about those less well off. Today, this selfish attitude
of indifference has taken on global proportions, to the extent that we can speak of a globalization of indifference. It is a problem which
we, as Christians, need to confront.
When the people of God are converted to his love, they find answers to the questions that history continually raises. One of
the most urgent challenges which I would like to address in this Message is precisely the globalization of indifference.
Indifference to our neighbour and to God also represents a real temptation for us Christians. Each year during Lent we need to
hear once more the voice of the prophets who cry out and trouble our conscience.
God is not indifferent to our world; he so loves it that he gave his Son for our salvation. In the Incarnation, in the earthly life,
death, and resurrection of the Son of God, the gate between God and man, between heaven and earth, opens once for all. The Church is
like the hand holding open this gate, thanks to her proclamation of God’s word, her celebration of the sacraments and her witness of
the faith which works through love (cf. Gal 5:6). But the world tends to withdraw into itself and shut that door through which God
comes into the world and the world comes to him. Hence the hand, which is the Church, must never be surprised if it is rejected,
crushed and wounded. God’s people, then, need this interior renewal, lest we become indifferent and withdraw into ourselves. To further this renewal, I would like to propose for our reflection three biblical texts…. Pope Francis…. TO BE CONTINUED!!!
Dear community of St Ann, so we start from today a hundred days, THAT IS CORRECT, 100 days including Lent, Holy
Week and Easter season up to Pentecost 2015. Many gifts are coming to us from the Lord for this wonderful time of Grace. Believe,
Enjoy and Proclaim the Gospel of the Lord. Fr. Frank.
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February 15, 2015
SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL: In the gospel today Jesus moved
with pity, touched the leper and healed him. Let us pray today for the
grace to be generous with our gifts to help those who are suffering. By
your gift to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, you indeed put your
faith into action as you bring healing to the poor, hungry and weeping.
Volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul is a great way to bring comfort to
those who are suffering and in doing so recognize how you are blessed.
Volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul is a great way to bring comfort to
those who are suffering and in doing so, recognize how you are
blessed. To volunteer call 863-419-4819. Can’t volunteer? Please
consider bringing non-perishable items to the Narthex or dropped off
at St. Vincent de Paul on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
12:00—2:30 PM.
FREE TAX HELP The AARP Foundation TAX-AIDE program offers
free tax help to low- to moderate-income tax-payers, especially those
60 and older. Tax help will be provided every Thursday from Feb. 5
through April 9, for the hours of 8:30 am to 2 pm, at First Presbyterian
Church, 104 Scenic Hwy. (Route 544). When you come, please bring
the following: photo ID, copy of last year's tax return, and all 2014 tax
documents which may include: W-2 forms, unemployment compensation statements, SSA-1099 Social Security forms, all 1099
forms for pensions, annuities, interest or dividends, documentation of
original purchase price of sold assets, all forms showing federal income tax paid, dependent care provider information, all receipts or
canceled checks if itemizing deductions, and Social Security cards or
other official documentation for yourself and all dependents. If you are
expecting a refund, please bring your checkbook so the tax preparer
can copy your account number and the IRS will Direct Deposit the
refund into your account.
would like to thank all who helped with and all
those who attended their Spring Fling Fashion
Show. Congratulations to Aida and Olga Rodriquez on winning the quilt raffle by the Altar Society!
If you have baptized your child at Saint
Ann and not received a Baptismal Certificate, please come by the Church Office and pick it up.
ADORATION of the BLESSED SACRAMENT: There is Adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament from 9:30 a.m. on Friday with benediction at 5:45 PM.
In order to have contribution envelopes, you must register.
In order to register you must request a registration card
from any Usher or from the Church Office. After filling it
out, please put it in the collection basket at Mass or turn in
to the Church Office. You may also register on-line. Automatic monthly mail service normally takes 1 to 2 months
but the Church Office will send out your first month’s
package upon receiving your registration request. If you
have any questions, please feel free to call the Church Office.
Come join us for a seminar on End of Life Issues.
The Seminar will take place on Thursday, March 12th
from 2 to 6 in the afternoon. There will be a break with
refreshments in the middle of the afternoon.
Topics to be covered are: Legal Issues (Wills,Trusts
etc.) Financial (retirement planning, investments) Ethical
Issues (DNR, Aggressive treatments) and Funeral
(Catholic rules, prepay plans).
It is important that you register to let us know if you are
coming so that we can have the correct materials available. Please call the Office 422-4370 to register.
We welcome you into
our Community of faith.
For information regarding RCIA please call the
Faith Formation Office
and speak to Sr. Josie.
available in the Church Office.
Saturday, February 14th, 2015
9:00 AM
4:00 PM
+Mark Marchand
Sunday, February 15th, 2015
7:30 AM
+Aggie Stieber
10:00 AM
+Robert A. Luckow
12:00 PM
+Crispin & Lupe Esposa
7:00 PM
Por los fieles de la parroquia
Monday, February 16th, 2015
9:00 AM
+Carolyn Fisgaer
Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
9:00 AM
+George Hartig
Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
6:00 AM (Sp.)
+Memorial Mass Association
9:00 AM (Eng.) +Daniel N. Leiter, Connie & Joseph
6:00 PM (Eng.)
+Thomas H. Kennedy
7:30 PM (Sp.)
+Aurora Hernandez Contrera
Thursday, February 19th, 2014
9:00 AM
+Serge Lilavois
Friday, February 20th , 2015
9:00 AM
+Aggie Stieber
Saturday, February 21st , 2015
9:00 AM
4:00 PM
+Jerry Huxell
Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
7:30 AM
+Arthur & Amelia Reynolds
10:00 AM
+Wilfred Bruns
12:00 PM
+Magaly Miranda
7:00 PM
Por los fieles de la parroquia
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If you have questions involving an Annulment,
please make an appointment with Carolina Breton
who is the Regional Advocate for the Diocese of Orlando’s Tribunal. Call 863-646-3556 ext. #101.
OUR CATHOLIC APPEAL 2015—Do Everything for the Glory of
God Over the past few weeks, we have thought about, talked
about and prayed about the ministries supported by Our Catholic Appeal. Now it is time for all of us to share a portion of our
treasure so these ministries can continue.
If you received your 2015 packet in the mail and made your
pledge, thank you. If you have not yet made yuour pledge,
please consider doing so today. By supporting the ministries of
our diocese, every parish, including our own, is better equipped
to carry out the work of Christ.
Our parish goal is $122,285.00 Once we achieve this goal, the
majority of the additional funds will be returned to our parish to
support our own special needs, including the Church loan for the
expansion of the Church and the Grove.
Thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous response.
Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Would
you like to participate in a Cancer Support Group?
If you are interested please see Lori King in the narthex February 28th and March 1st after Mass.
5th Annual Strawberry Shortcake
Sale: Feb 14th & 15th
You may be familiar with Fat Tuesday or
Pancake Sunday. The Columbiettes ask
you start a new tradition, Shortcake Sunday. They
will be selling homemade shortcake with fresh strawberries after the Saturday vigil mass and all day
masses on Sunday, Feb 14th & 15th. Proceeds will go
to support the Women and Youth (WAY) Center of
Haines City.
Cost is only $3.00 and TO-GO containers will be
available. Flats of Fresh strawberries will also be
available for purchase.
Knights of Columbus #10484 is
inviting you to a FISH FRY every
Friday evening during Lent from
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm February
20th until March 27th at the
Knights of Columbus Hall on
Florida Avenue in Haines City.
Cost: $8.00
Includes, Fried Fish, Cole Slaw,
Potato Salad and Hush Puppies.
Coffee or Tea.
Sodas are $.75 extra.
February15, 2015
50-50: Freda Cameron won the 50-50 for
$211.50. Please remember: it takes $2.00 to
play. If you don’t have a 50/50 envelope, you
may get one from the Narthex.
Word and mystery of Christ's presence in
Holy Communion with members who are
physically unable to attend our Eucharistic
celebration. If you or a loved one are in need of the
Sacrament, please call Cathy Grossmann at 299-3452.
You help is needed in ministering to the sick at Heart
of Florida and our homebound parishioners. Complete
training is offered. For full details, please call Cathy.
The Haines City Knights of Columbus
Business Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday
of the month @ 7:30 PM. Council Social:
4th Tuesday of the month @ 6:30 PM. All
Knights & family are welcome at the Social. BINGO is every Monday & Thursday starting at
12:30 PM. For more info, call Roger [email protected] 863
Lent is our time of preparation. We begin a 40-day journey
of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving on Ash Wednesday.
Through the CRS Rice Bowl we can feed the hungry and
help the poor. By giving just 5 cents a day will add up to $2
by Easter Sunday. Please pick up your CRS Rice Bowl in the
Church Narthex and return them there to our Religious Gift
Shop beginning Easter Sunday or sooner. Help us serve
those in need and live Jesus' message of love.
Foster Friends are people who volunteer to help support foster families or foster children by cooking a meal, tutoring a
child, running errands, babysitting for the foster parents, etc.
There are many ways Foster friends can help support our foster families. If interested, please call Liz Cone Tripolino at
863-519-8900, ext. #285.
We have placed a book in the Narthex
where you can write the names of those
who may be sick and for whom you
wish us to pray. At Mass we will pray
for those who have asked us for our prayers, especially
those in our intention book." You can neatly write names
into the book right up to the start of Mass and the book will
be carried to the altar. Please pray for the sick in our Parish who have asked for our prayers.
Fr. Robert Baron's course on Catholicism is ONGOING! You can still
join us any Sunday morning after the 10AM Mass in the Fr. Anderson Building. Come to one class or the remaining classes- you will
be enlightened. For a daily Lenten reflection from Fr. Robert Baron
via Email, go to
Page 5
Registration for 2015-2016 Faith Formation classes started
Sunday, February 1st , 2015 and will continue until our
quota of 200 new students has been filled . Acceptance is on
a First come basis. Students registering for First Communion must be 7 years old and in the First Grade or older.
Students registering for Confirmation must be 13 – 14
years of age and in the 7th Grade or older. Our Sacramental
Program instruction is 2 years. We only have space for 63
students who need First Communion; 14 spaces for those
students that need Confirmation. Those students who are
over the age of 7 and need to be Baptized we can still register. Classes for students who are 13-14 yrs. old and have
not received the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation are filled.
Girls who are approaching their 15th Birthday, and are
anticipating celebrating their Quince with a Mass, must at
least be in the first year of Confirmation Preparation
If your child was not Baptized at St. Ann, Haines City,
then you will need to bring a Baptismal Certificate from
the Church of Baptism.
Tuition is $85.00 for the first child; $20.00 for the second
child; $20.00 for the third child, the fourth, or more are
exempt from Tuition. TUITION PAYABLE ON DAY OF
THANK YOU, to Sonia and Carlos Ayunta, Mary Tigerina, and Kayla Flores for their loving support in helping
with Registration. You are deeply appreciated !!!
ST. ANN Vocations' Promotion Committee
As a difference to Other Vocations
The Priest Is … A reporter ... because he witnessed the miracles of
God in your life. An Astronomer ... because knows how to discover
the signs of the times. A sportsman ... he lives with passion the game
of life. A firefighter ... because he puts out the fire of sin and error.
An Architect ... because edifies the church.
A postman ... because has a message of God for you.
A Farmer ... because he never tires of sowing in your soul the good
seed of good. A Fisherman ... Jesus fishes them to turn them fishers
of men. Young, Hear The Call Of The Lord.
Choose to be a Priest—A Free and Loving Gift of God.
Dear Parishioners:
I am asking that everyone continue to give at the level that
they did this time last year. This is what our budget is based
on and it’s vital that we stick to it. Thank you again for your
continued generosity.
Week of 2–8 & 9, 2014 last year…...$16,058.98
Week of 2-7 & 8, 2015 this year….....$15,907.48
Difference: - $151.50
Thank you for your generosity.
February 15, 2015
Flowers for the Altar: Would
you like to donate a flower arrangement for the Altar once during the year? For only $50.00 you
can have your loved one remembered with flowers around the Altar. Call the Church Office at 863422-4370 to choose a date.
will meet every Wednesday to make
teddy bears, chemo hats and prayer
shawls. We are so grateful for the
many skeins of yarn for our shawls
and chemo hats and material for the
teddy bears that we have received
from our Church members.. Thank
you so much. If you know of someone needing a prayer shawl because of poor health or
who have lost a loved one, please come see us on
Wednesday mornings in the Fr. Anderson Building or
call the Church Office at 422-4370.
The Charismatic Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning after the 9:00 AM Mass in the Fr. Carlos
Building. Come join us!
you celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary, a baptism or other occasion in the
next few months? Why not consider spiritually making your day extra special by volunteering to
bring the Gifts to Father during the offertory. It will mean
extra joy for you and your day and it will help us immensely. Pleas contact Mary Jo to volunteer for the 4
o'clock Mass @299-5590, Joyce Crane for the 7:30 AM
@419-1200, Joyce Greenwood for the 10 AM Mass @956
-4548 or feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] , please add "Gift Givers" to the
subject line and be sure and tell us what date and Mass
time you are requesting. You may also talk to any Usher
who will forward the request to us.
Faith shared, lives changed:
Faith is something learned and given and, ultimately,
shared. It’s something you carry in your bones. You
live it out in who you are and how you are and for that
reason, you can share it without even realizing it.
Think of the moments that you’ve encountered God’s
love in others; when someone shared the gospel with
you through their love and forgiveness. God enters the
world in those moments and changes lives. If you live
out your faith today, there’s no telling how far the
gospel will reach. It can change the world—and you
may not even realize it.
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15 de Febrero de 2015
A la hora de renovar y refrescar.
Esta semana comienza la temporada de Cuaresma, un período de reflexión y penitencia en preparación para el punto culminante de
años de la Iglesia - la Resurrección del Señor, la Pascua. Como muchos de ustedes sabrán, el tiempo de Cuaresma tiene su origen en la
preparación de aquellos que van a ser bautizados en la Vigilia de Pascua. La costumbre se desarrolló entonces cuando toda la congregación
decidió unirse en la oración y la penitencia con los catecúmenos (aquellos a los bautizados)
La mayoría de nosotros no reconocería a un catecúmeno si "se levanta para mordernos", como mi madre solía decir. De hecho, tenemos
13 catecúmenos que serán bautizados en nuestra Vigilia de Pascua aquí en Santa Ana este año. Por favor, recuérdenlos en sus oraciones a
través de la temporada de Cuaresma.
Pero para aquellos de nosotros que no somos catecúmenos, que hemos estado en la Iglesia católica desde el nacimiento, ¿qué diferencia
tiene la Cuaresma para nosotros? Una cosa es que la Cuaresma no es un tiempo para pelear o matarnos de hambre a nosotros mismos, ni siquiera se trata de hacer todas las noches vigilias y así sucesivamente porque somos gente terrible.
Puesto que Dios es bondad infinita, entonces todo pecado es infinitamente el malo, y somos verdaderamente las personas terribles.
Pero Dios es también la misericordia y el perdón infinito, y somos infinitamente amados por Él. Así que la Cuaresma no se trata de
"compensar" por nuestros pecados - eso es algo que nunca vamos a hacer. Es un tiempo para dejar que Dios nos transforme y nos haga más
como la imagen de su Hijo pues hemos sido creados para ello.
Celebramos la Resurrección del Señor cada domingo del año, pero la Pascua marca la mayor celebración de este evento que es totalmente único. Creemos que en la mañana de Pascua, el Señor Jesús que había sido crucificado tres días antes, se levantó de entre los muertos. Y no sólo como una especie de espíritu - Él seguía siendo el mismo Jesús, el hijo de María, el carpintero de Nazaret. Las Escrituras enfatizan su realidad física. Jesús es el primogénito de los que se levantarán como Él lo hizo. No podemos empezar a imaginar la existencia que
Jesús tiene ahora, y que algún día disfrutaremos también nosotros. Pero sabemos por la fe que, efectivamente, vamos a compartir esa vida,
que la persona que soy ahora se transformará, y ¡no seremos "sustituidos" por un modelo más perfecto!
Así que debemos aprovechar el tiempo de Cuaresma como una oportunidad para prepararnos para vivir esta nueva vida en su plenitud.
Estamos llamados, fuimos creados, para ser la imagen de Dios. Dios es amoroso y dador de vida, así que también debemos ser amorosos y dar
con generosidad. Podemos utilizar el tiempo de Cuaresma para practicar esto dando de nuestros recursos (participar con el Plato de Arroz),
de nuestro tiempo (voluntario para alguna actividad que apoya a la comunidad), de nuestro talento (ayudar a otros a realizar tareas que no
pueden hacer por sí mismos). Podemos tomar el tiempo de leer las Escrituras o algún otro material religioso para profundizar en el conocimiento de la fe, y nuestro agradecimiento porque el Dios que nos creó, murió y resucitó por nosotros. Este año, en lugar de ver el Sacramento
de la Reconciliación como una meta a alcanzar al final de la Cuaresma, estamos ofreciéndolo al comienzo, de manera que todos podemos
estar más abiertos a las gracias que Dios nos quiere dar a través de este tiempo santo. Unámonos para hacer esta Cuaresma un tiempo en que
cada uno de nosotros se santifique individualmente, y Santa Ana como comunidad, crezca más cerca del Señor cuya resurrección nos estamos
preparando para celebrar. Padre Robert.
La Cuaresma del año 2015 La Cuaresma del año 2015 tiene lugar del 18 de Febrero al 29 de Marzo. La Cuaresma es un periodo del Año Litúrgico de la Iglesia Católica
que comienza el Miércoles de Ceniza y finaliza el Domingo de Ramos. En las lecturas de este Tiempo, que tiene cinco domingos más el Domingo de Ramos, los temas
dominantes son el pecado, la conversión, la penitencia y el perdón. No es un tiempo triste, sino más bien meditativo y recogido. Es, por excelencia, el tiempo de conversión y penitencia del año litúrgico.
Son 40 días de preparación para la gran fiesta de la Pascua. Es tiempo para arrepentirnos de nuestros pecados, y de cambiar algo de nosotros para ser mejores y poder
vivir más cerca de Cristo. Por eso me complace ofrecerles la Primera Entrega del mensaje del Papa para estos días de oración.
Primera entrega…«Fortalezcan sus corazones» (St 5,8). Queridos hermanos y hermanas: La Cuaresma es un tiempo de renovación para la Iglesia, para las comunidades y para cada creyente. Pero sobre todo es un «tiempo de gracia» (2 Co 6,2). Dios no nos pide nada que no nos haya dado antes: «Nosotros amemos a Dios porque él
nos amó primero» (1 Jn 4,19). Él no es indiferente a nosotros. Está
interesado en cada uno de nosotros, nos conoce por nuestro nombre, nos
cuida y nos busca cuando lo dejamos. Cada uno de nosotros le
interesa; su amor le impide ser indiferente a lo que nos sucede. Pero ocurre
que cuando estamos bien y nos sentimos a gusto, nos olvidamos
de los demás (algo que Dios Padre no hace jamás), no nos interesan sus
problemas, ni sus sufrimientos, ni las injusticias que padecen...
Entonces nuestro corazón cae en la indiferencia: yo estoy relativamente bien
y a gusto, y me olvido de quienes no están bien. Esta actitud egoísta, de indiferencia, ha alcanzado hoy una dimensión mundial, hasta tal punto
que podemos hablar de una globalización de la indiferencia. Se
trata de un malestar que tenemos que afrontar como cristianos.
Cuando el pueblo de Dios se convierte a su amor, encuentra las respuestas a las preguntas que la historia le plantea continuamente. Uno de los desafíos más urgentes sobre los que quiero
detenerme en este Mensaje es el de la globalización de la indiferencia. La
indiferencia hacia el prójimo y hacia Dios es una tentación real
también para los cristianos. Por eso, necesitamos oír en cada Cuaresma el
grito de los profetas que levantan su voz y nos despiertan.
Dios no es indiferente al mundo, sino que lo ama hasta
el punto de dar a su Hijo por la salvación de cada hombre. En la encarnación,
en la vida terrena, en la muerte y resurrección del Hijo de Dios, se abre definitivamente la puerta entre Dios y el hombre, entre el cielo y la tierra. Y la Iglesia es como la
mano que tiene abierta esta puerta mediante la proclamación de la Palabra, la celebración de los sacramentos, el testimonio de la fe que actúa por la caridad (cf. Ga 5,6).
Sin embargo, el mundo tiende a cerrarse en sí mismo y a cerrar la puerta a través de la cual Dios entra en el mundo y el mundo en Él. Así, la mano, que es la Iglesia,
nunca debe sorprenderse si es rechazada, aplastada o herida.
El pueblo de Dios, por tanto, tiene necesidad de renovación, para no ser indiferente y para no cerrarse en sí mismo. Querría proponerles tres pasajes para
meditar acerca de esta renovación. FRANCISCO
Querida comunidad Santanense, de esta manera comenzamos a partir de hoy un centenar de días, si, 100 días sumando la Cuaresma, la Semana Santa y la
Pascua hasta Pentecostés. Muchos regalos nos tiene el Señor para este magnífico Tiempo de Gracia. Cree, vive y Anuncia el Evangelio. P. Frank
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San Vicente de Paúl:
En el Evangelio de hoy, Jesús estaba “conmovido
con compasión,” toco al leproso y lo sano. Oremos
hoy por la gracia de ser generosos con nuestros dones para ayudar a los necesitados que están sufriendo. Los voluntarios de San Vicente de Paul ponen
su fe en acción cuando hacen una donación, porque
le están llevando sanidad, consuelo al pobre y, al
hacerlo, usted es bendecido. Para servir como voluntario, favor de llamar al 863-419-4819. Todas
las donaciones de alimentos pueden ser llevadas al
Nártex durante las misas. La ropa puede ser dejada
en San Vicente de Paúl los lunes, miércoles y viernes de 12-2: 30 p.m.
Felicidades a Aida y Olga Rodriguez quien ganaron la cubrecama en la rifa por la Altar Society
15 de Febrero de 2015
Formación de Fe:
Las inscripciones para las clases 2015-2016 de Formación de Fe ya comenzaron y continuará hasta que alcancemos la capacidad de 200 estudiantes. Los estudiantes
que se inscriban para la Primera Comunión deben tener 7
años de edad y estar en el primer grado o más. Los estudiantes que se inscriban para la Confirmación deben haber cumplido 13 o 14 años de edad y estar cursado el
séptimo grado o más. Nuestra Programa de instrucción
Sacramental es de 2 años. Tenemos espacio para 63 estudiantes para la Primera Comunión; 14 espacios para
aquellos estudiantes que necesitan la confirmación.
Todavía tenemos espacio para los estudiantes que están
sobre la edad de 7 años y necesitan ser bautizado. Las
clases para los estudiantes de 13 a 14 años de edad y no
han recibido los Sacramentos de Primera Comunión y
Confirmación, están llenas. A las Jovencitas que están
próximas a celebrar 15º Cumpleaños y están anticipando
celebrando la Misa de quince años, por lo menos deben
de esta cursando el primer año de preparación para la
Confirmación. Si su niño/a no fue bautizado en St. Ann,
favor de traer el certificado de bautismo cuando venga a
registrarlo. La cuota de la registración es de $85.00 por el
primer hijo/a; $20.00 por el segundo y $20.00 por el tercero. Favor de pagar la cuota el mismo día de la registración. Mis horas de oficina son: Lunes, Martes, Miércoles de 9:00 a.m. –3:00 p.m. POR FAVOR, llame a
mi oficina, 863-438-2700 antes de venir para asegurarse que estoy disponible. Dios continúe bendiciéndole a usted y su familia. Sr. Josie
A Diferencia a Otras Vocaciones
El Sacerdote Es… Un Reportero…porque es testigo de los milagros
5th Venta Anual de Strawberry
Shortcake: 14 y 15 de Febrero
Usted puede estar familiarizado con Mardi
Gras o Domingo Panqueque. El
Columbiettes pide que inicien una nueva
tradición, Domingo Shortcake. Ellos estarán vendiendo
pastel casero con fresas frescas y crema después de la
Misa de Vigilia sábado y todas las misas el día el domingo,
14 y 15 de Febrero. Recaudación se destinará a apoyar
la Mujer y la Juventud (WAY) Centro de Haines City.
El costo es de solo $3.00 y contenedores A-GO estará
Retiro preparación de Cuaresma con el Diácono
Donde: Salón Social
Cuando: Febrero 21, 20115
de Dios en tu vida.. Un Astrónomo…porque sabe descubrir los signos de
los tiempos. Un Deportista…porque vive con pasión el partido de la vida.
Un Bombero…porque apaga el fuego del pecado y del error.
Un Arquitecto…porque edifica la iglesia.. Un Cartero…porque tiene un
mensaje de Dios para ti. Un Agricultor…porque no se cansa de sembrar
en tu alma la buena semilla del bien. Un Pescador…Jesús les pesca para
que a su vez sean pescadores de hombres. Joven, Escucha El Llamado Del
Señor. Elige Ser Sacerdote – Don de Dios Gratuito y Amoroso.
Consulados Móviles y Jornadas Sabatinas
El Consulado de México ofrecerá sus servicios en las siguientes fechas en:
24 de Febrero de 2015 Haines City
Haga su cita para tramites de Pasaporte u/o Matricula en
el servicio gratuito de Mexitel al: