Newsletter - Wallace Public School

Volume 6
Engage, Inspire, Innovate …. Always Learning
February 2015
Wallace Pu blic School
P r i n c i p a l ’s M e s s a ge
Wallace is a nut safe
First term report cards
will be sent home
Tuesday February 18.
Please let the office
staff know about any
cases of chicken pox,
influenza or RSV. In
your message, please
let us know when the
spots appeared.
Your son or daughter
will be assessed on
their achievement of
Ontario Curriculum Expecta"ons.
We have a student
with a compromised
immune system as a
result of treatment for
a serious medical condi"on.
FundScrip Profits
Wallace Public
School received
$203.34 from Fundscrip. The money
represents the proceeds from the
2013—14 school
Students are also evaluated on their Learning Skills and Work
Habits. Learning Skills
and Work Habits are
not used to determine
the subject grade.
Parents play a cri"cal
role in educa"on.
Guidance and support
from parents and the
home help students
make good choices
that have a posi"ve
impact on their success.
Please take some "me
to review the report
card with your son/
daughter and reflect
on how they might
complete the goal
se-ng page (page 3) of
the report card.
The February School
Council mee"ng will be
held Tuesday February
3rd at Wallace Public
Family Day
Spaghe Supper
Hosted by the
Listowel Kine2es
New Locaon:
Knox Church
Monday, February 16,
Cost: Dona"on
Proceeds toward
North Perth Sports for
Kids Fund.
Pe rs eve ra nc e
“What we hope ever to
do with ease, we must
first learn to do with
Samuel Johnson
At school perseverance looks like commitment, hard work, and
trying again and again
un"l we experience
success. When we
persevere, we accomplish important goals
by finishing what we
Page 2
Volume 6
Funscrip Fundraising Program
Students’ Council met
in early January and
made a decision to buy
a laptop with their
money raised from
Spirit Days. This laptop
will be used for school
wide presenta"ons.
They also voted to put
the money remaining
in their account toward
the cost of class trips.
February's Events:
Feb 12th
Me to We Bake Sale
Feb 13th
Red, White and Pink
Me to We Bake Sale
Feb. 20th
Twin or Mul"ple Day
Dress the same as
someone else. Or get a
group together and
come all dressed alike.
Feb. 27th
Jersey Day
Wear your favourite
team Jersey.
Fundscrip cash cards
are an excellent way to
raise funds for the Wallace Public School
while doing your everyday shopping! Febru-
ary Orders are due
Monday February
? Please do not hesitate to contact Tammy
Horn, Fundscrip Program Co-ordinater at
519-291-5768 if you
have any ques"ons regarding Fundscrip.
Kindergarten Registraon Round Up
Spring is coming and so is another chance to register your 3 or 4 year old child
for Kindergarten in September. Our Kindergarten Registraon Round Up is
coming to your region in early March. If you missed our registra"on in November you are invited to come in! It will be a great opportunity for your
child to get first hand experience in a real play based learning kindergarten
classroom, while you complete the registra"on.
We are holding the Kindergarten Registra"on Round Up at five loca"ons beginning on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at Listowel Eastdale Public School. All five
Open House Drop-in events will begin 4:30 in the aNernoon and wrap at 7:30
p.m. so drop by whenever you can. The second session will be held on
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at Bluewater Coast Elementary School in Hensall,
then Upper Thames Elementary on Thursday, March 5, 2015. The fourth session will be at Clinton Public School on Monday, March 9, 2015 and the final
Open House will be at Hamlet Public School in StraOord on Wednesday,
March 11, 2015.
These are regional events where children and families can see and feel what a
real kindergarten class is like. Everyone is welcome to a2end any of the five
Open House Drop-in events and no pre-registra"on is required. However, If
you are unable to bring your child to one of these fun filled round up sessions,
you can s"ll register them for September by contac"ng your local school.
To see more about Avon Maitland's Full Day Kindergarten program we invite
you to check out this YouTube video:
Youth and Substance: Parent Forum
Tuesday February 10 at 7:00 PM
Listowel District Secondary School
Bill Dekoning, OPP Officer, Bri?any Dewing, Choices for Change
Wallace Public School
Page 3
February 2015
3 School
Pita Pit
Parent Forum
12 Bake Sale
(Friday too!)
13 Red,
White and
Pink Day
Family Day
Pita Pit
Mul"ples Day
Ski Trip
Grad Pictures
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Listowel and District offers mentoring opportuni"es for children and their families through various mentoring programs. We currently have three programs running from our agency; the
Tradi"onal Big and Li2le Program, the In-School Mentor Program, and
Couples for Kids. Each program provides girls and boys with a role model
and friend to talk to and share experiences with. Our programs promote
healthy rela"onships, trust, respect, staying in school, and the importance of giving back.
Currently, our agency has 8 LITTLE brothers on the wai"ng list and we
struggle to find In-School Mentors at our out-of-town schools: Elma, Wallace, Howick, and Northwoods Elementary in Ethel. We are also in need
of LITTLE sisters. In addi"on, we are in search of dedicated individuals to
join our team on our Board of Directors. Become a volunteer today – for
only a few hours a month, you can help a child succeed!
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more informa"on on our programs, visit our website or stop by the agency!
Jersey Day
Pita Pit
Pita Pits Lunches will be
on the following Wednesdays:
February 4
February 18
March 4
If school has been cancelled on a Pita Pit day,
then Pitas will arrive the
following day of school.
Please con"nue to monitor school closures by accessing or by listening to local radio
E n h a n c i n g S t u d e n t L e a r n i n g a t Wa l l a c e
As part of enhancing student learning at Wallace Public School we are establishing a
Principal’s Discre"onary Fund. At the discre"on of the Principal, funds will be dispersed with the purpose of enhancing student learning. Funds may be directed toward, but are not limited to further acquisi"on of technology and increased par"cipa"on in arts programs. We are giving families the op"on of dona"ng to the school
by cheque or by being involved in fund raising events and ac"vi"es.
If you choose to donate to the school, it is important to realize that :
• Dona"ons by cheque are all receiptable through our Founda"on For Educa"on.
• Your dona"on will be sent to them for receip"ng and the funds will be returned to Wallace Public School.
• Cheques must be made out to the Founda"on.
Please send your dona"on with the Response Form in an envelope to the school
office and we will forward it to the Founda"on.
All dona"on amounts are strictly confiden"al and are gratefully received.
U Yes! I wish to contribute toward “Enhancing Student Learning Fund“ at Wallace Public School. All
donors to the “Enhancing Student Learning Fund” will be acknowledged in our school newsle2er.
……… $20
…… $50
………….. $100 ……………… Other
Enclosed is a cheque made payable to: Foundaon of Educaon
Company /
Address: ____________________________________________City: _____________________________
Postal Code: _______________________ Telephone: ________________________________________
This form may be leN at the Wallace Public School office or mailed to the Foundaon for Educaon at
62 Chalk Street, Seaforth Ontario, N0K 1W0 phone 527—0111, ext 231
One of the func"ons of the Foundaon for Educaon is to issue tax creditable receipts for donors who
support ac"vi"es in the Avon Maitland District Schools under Charitable Registra"on #13355 2091
RR0001. For more informa"on on the Founda"on—