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James Lee
Video | Motion | Visual Effects
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Work Experience
Kash Studio (Jan 2015)
Motion Designer/VFX
 Camera tracking and integrating animated graphics for Hotpoint videos.
Arabesque (Jan 2015 - Present)
Motion Designer
 Designing and animating sleek 3D video for client based on metallic cubic shapes.
Channel 5 (Nov 2014 - Jan 2015)
Motion Designer/VFX
 Keyed greenscreen and comped actors on 3D studio for TK Max ad spot .
1848 Media (Nov 2014)
Motion Designer/VFX
 I created animated titles for an awards ceremony and dealt with mobile screen replacement
and keying for another video.
Hold Your Fire (Nov 2014 - Dec 2014)
Motion Designer/VFX
 Designing/animating UI elements for futuristic POV app.
Kash Studio (Oct 2014 - Novemeber 2014)
Motion Designer/VFX
 Created graphics for Casio G-S hock media campaign.
Miss Bravo Advert (Oct 2014)
Motion Designer
 Created motion graphics and kinetic type for Bra Advert
Elderon (Oct 2014 - Dec 2014)
 Clean up, matte painting & adding smoke elements to backplate
City of Fanta sy Title Seqence (Sept - Oct 2014)
Compositor/ Motion
 Currently working on True Detective-inspired title sequence for TV series based in China.
Mainly character rot o, keying, and comping.
DoubleDouble Studios (August 2014)
Motion Designer
 Created 3D animated scoreboard and text for Nat west T20 Cricket.
Too Many T's Music Video (August 2014)
 Roto musicians in order to add spray paint ont o wall behind them.
Mark Mathews - The Girl Music Video (July 2014)
 Screen replacement, roto and cleanup.
Hamyard (May - July 2014)
Animator & Compositor
 Created 3D animations and sets in Cinema4D for CBBC's OPERA TION OUCH!, while
compositing animations into 2.5d sets and adding effects.
The Expedition Feature Film (February 2014 - April 2014)
VFX Supervisor & Compositor
 Managed a small team of artists to complete a number of different shots ranging from cleanup
to compositing 3D dinosaurs into the live action plate.
Alfre sco Shower Commercial (March 2014)
VFX Artist (Compositor & Track ing)
 Tracked foot age and composited stock smoke onto footage. Also did rot o and background
Channel 5 Creative (March 2013 - April 2014)
Motion Graphics Designer & Editor
 Create adverts for Star, OK & New Magazine, & Daily Express and Daily Star Sunday papers
under broadcasting standards for 1 day turnarounds.
 Worked with directors and producers to create a mix of live action and motion graphic ads for
clients such as Early Learning Cent re, NHS Stoptober, & Big Brother
 Created 3D templates for magazines and foot ball stadium parts of regular ads.
Troll Bridge Short film (Oct 2013 - February 2014)
Track ing Artist
 3D Camera tracking and Object tracking in PFtrack
Vungle (May 2012 - March 2013)
Motion Designer & Interactive R& D
 Create video ads for Mobile Apps under quick turnarounds of 1-2 days. Including writing
scripts, getting voice over recorded and finding music for the ad.
 Responsible for interactive mobile advert development
 Document and present R& D projects to London and San Francisco Teams.
 Work in an international environment communicating with team members in San Francisco.
 Produced work for major App Brands such as, Ruzzle and Clash of Clans
“The Diana Clone” Feature Film (Aug - Sept 2012)
Compositing and Cleanup
 Replaced handwritten text, added sparkles, creat ed gunshot with smoke and added
electric sparks to a plug.
Next Global Crisi s (May - Jun 2012)
VFX Artist
 Created lightning, smoke, ice projectiles and energy streams effects for Superhero Webseri es
Untap TV Aid (Apr - May 2012)
Motion Designer
 Storyboarded and designed the motion of the advert, and animat ed illustrated assets.
“May I Kill You” Feature Film (Oct - Dec 2011)
VFX Artist
 Added warehous e in the background, create gunshot with shot debris, removed parts of
character from water, wire removal and screen replac ement.
Hamyard (Aug - Oct 2011)
Animator & Compositor
 Worked on title sequenc e for Channel 5’s Justin Lee Collins: Living Las Vegas and
animations for BBC Three’s Bizarre Crimes
Software Knowledge
Nuke, Silhouette, Maya, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Cinema4D, DaVinci Resolve,
Photoshop, Illustrator, Mocha Pro, PFTrack and 3DEqualizer.
London College of Communication (Sept 2008- Jul 2011)
BA Digital Media Design: First Honours Degree.