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Glenn Hauser
Logs September 6-7, 2014
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 8, 2014
ODXA DX REPORT - October 13th 2014
Vanessa Bressan
Scanner Grecom PSR500
Migdiel Cruz
SDR DX Patrol
John Figliozzi
Podding Along - Issue 17
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 8-9, 2014
Anderson José Torquato
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Ajuda : Manual em português do FT-7900 R
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Las cabinas de Radio Chaski
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España: RTVE elimina la emisión en onda corta
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Shortwave and Ham Radio Deluxe
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VENDO : Kit Som para carro USB
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Logs September 9-10-11, 2014
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Australian DX Report are now available - nos. 429 and 430
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Dino Bloise
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BBC Brasil no dia em que o Big Ben falhou
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Logs September 11-12, 2014
New Zealand Radio DX League Radio In Russia – Historical Article
Antônio Avelino da Silva
Exclusivo, somente para a cidade de Caruaru
Babul Gupta
Ampegon delivers Shortwave Transmitters
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Imagem digital do Meteor-M-2
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DX Extra No.10 Released!
Vinícius Muline
A Reportagem Especial
Arnaldo Slaen
Frecuencia al Día
Manuel Méndez
Claudio Galaz
Allan Stern
Antônio Avelino da Silva
Gilson Bento
Migdiel Cruz
Babul Gupta
Rodolfo Tizzi
Toni / EA3GYE
Georgi Bancov
Hector \(Luigi\) Perez
Claro Silva
Miguel Castellino
Lenildo da Silva
Jose Ronaldo Xavier
Daniel wyllyans
Rudolf Grimm
Nino Marabello
Anker Petersen
Ed Santos
Roberto Pavanello
Robert Wilkner
Itauri C.Sousa
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 6-7, 2014
** BRAZIL [and non]. 6180, Sept 7 at 0128, RNA only fair signal and with considerable CCI, quite unusual; would be CRI English southward from
Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN at 00-02. Is RNA running way underpowered from 250 kW? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CANADA. 1010, Sept 7 at 0559 UT, ``Newstalk 10-10`` ID in passing, mentions 11 o`clock --- so is it something from UT -7 zone? Must have
been referring to when previous program started, as soon obvious it`s CFRB Toronto, from ENE, into local news, 0604 UT outro as Bill somebody from
Canadian Press, then YL with Toronto weather, hi today to be 24. Not often heard here, but now without much competition. No sign of Amarillo or
Festus. NRC Pattern Book shows 50 kW CFRB has a night notch toward us; could it be on day pattern instead which does not, minor lobe this way,
major away? I get CHHA, CJBC and CFZM more easily from the GTA. Nice to hear CFRB as they still haven`t got around to fixing CFRX 6070, and may
never (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [non]. 9675, Sept 7 at 0114, CRI English with heavy flutter via Kashgar a bit behind 9570 Albania. No sign of R. Pacífico, Perú following an
unconfirmed report that it had been reactivated heard around 1500. At that time there would also be ChiCom blockage in Laotian until 1530; CRI
Russian at 1300-1357 is also regular here. Assuming Brazil is still inactive, open times for possible Perú, if on, would be 1357-1430, 1527-1800,
2100-2127 Sat & Sun (but M-F VOA), 2130-2200, 1000-1200 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. 7445, 7385, 7365, 7345, 7305, 7280, Sept 7 at 1247, Chinese opera // on CNR1`s Sunday-evening cultural show, most of these
jammers, and 7280 by far strongest; more of same in next hour, 1317 on 11785, 11805, exaggerated falsetto/childish voices speaking rather than
singing; 1318 announcement. Chinese is hard enough to understand spoken with normal voice! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [and non]. 9350, Sept 7 at 0117, talk on VP signal with flutter, must be CNR1 jammer and/or RFA Uighur via Tajikistan as scheduled this
hour only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 9810, Sept 7 at 0534, Spanish not recognizable immediately as Cuban accent, but 0534 RHC theme music and ID. Very poor signal now,
and at best elsewhen is only fair, so hard to believe it`s on 340-degree antenna USward as in Aoki; failed to turn off tonight at 0500 (Glenn Hauser,
** EGYPT. 9965, Sept 7 at 0110, R. Cairo Arabic not distorted, good but with constant whine
9315, Sept 7 at 0115, R. Cairo Spanish is JBM music at peaks
11710, Sept 7 at 0115, R. Cairo Spanish remains absent here
12070, Sept 7 at 0116, R. Cairo Spanish, good signal, extremely distorted with rhumble, ``Radio Cairo presenta [with tango theme] Voces de la
América Latina``. What a way to drive away listeners (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GREECE. 9935, Sept 7 at 0111, ERTOpen on with Greek music, good // 9420, also poor on 15630 which seems undermodulated. Next check at
0535 Sept 7: 9935 is poor with rhumble defect which happens occasionally on this transmitter only, // 9430 OK and merely poor signal, Greek
music, what else? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. 9380, Sept 7 at 0116, Indian vocal music, poor, barely // 9870 audible under Turkey when it pauses, i.e. AIR VBS on new 9380 in the
daytime, while National Channel is on same overnight. Gone at 0200 check. Aoki claims it`s NC at 0100-0435 and // 9870, but the ultimate source
of current Indian info, http://qsl.net/vu2jos/sw/freq.htm confirms it`s VBS on both during these hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 9526-, Sept 7 at 1251 songs from VOI, fair signal and even fair modulation! But still can`t tell whether lyrix in Indonesian or
Japanese, nominal language during this hour. Seems second half or third third of most VOI external language hours are mostly-music. 1303 news in
English, but too weak to follow now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN. 9860, Sept 7 at 0112, VRII Spanish is undermodulated but quite an improvement over JBM 24 hours earlier; // 12025 is OK but more
fluttery (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 700, Sept 7 at 1200 UT, big buzz on carrier, with SAH of 38/minute = 0.63 Hz. Such behavior previously traced to XEGD in Hidalgo del
Parral, Chihuahua, I thought, but then XE NA and sign-on for ``La Podorosa`` (not very), 90.3 and 700, which is XEGD, seems to be the understation
beneath hum. The only other N/W Mexican on 700 is XEETCH, Navojoa, Sonora which we have also heard. Perhaps we should also suspect KHSE, TX
Metroplex, the only nearby US station, otherwise unheard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 710-, Sept 7 at 0150 UT, big het to 710.0 stations from the southwest, i.e. the usual sometimes-off-sometimes-on XEDP, Ciudad
Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 790, Sept 7 at 1216 UT, mentions Radio Fórmula, presumably XENT in La Paz BCS, on 10 kW day power already (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** MEXICO [and non]. 850, Sept 7 at 0145 UT, after rock in English, Spanish TC for 7:44, 21 grados C; then this-day-in-rock-history mentioning Pink
Floyd et al. 0146 PSA for Chihuahua, ``más grande estado del país``, 0147 federal promo for `La Hora Nacional` Sunday at 10 pm; mentions
Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin, FM 103.7 --- which chex as XHHEM, // 850 XEM Chihuahua city. Not much signal from KOA needing nulling, and
oppositely, nothing at all heard from KFUO MO which in August was on until 0200 UT with organ music, etc. Now closing earlier? Official Denver
sunset has advanced from 0200 UT in August to 0115 UT in September. KOA, of course, stays 50 kW ND day and night, for all the good that does
them vs QRMexico (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 870, Sept 7 at 1205 UT, XETAR, Guachochi, Chihuahua has just opened, M&W sharing sign-on duties in Spanish and Tarahumara, for
12-hour daytime; 1206 UT announcement with added echo effect; date as 7 de septiembre, 6:07 am, temp 14C. Always fun to hear this indigenous
10 kW daytime station which can get out well at SRS. Our sunrise today: 1208 (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NETHERLANDS [non]. 7375, Sept 7 at 0120, The Mighty KBC is back on Sept-May frequency ex-9925 via Nauen, GERMANY. Good but fluttery;
9925 was better last UT Sunday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NORTH AMERICA. 6930-USB, Sept 7 at 0121, pirate narrative, good but some SSB ACI at first; talking about alarm clock, folded umbrella, driving
me crazy, adventures on a date to a romantic restaurant, movie, rummaging in her purse for keys, mentions his companion has a WHYP verie letter;
first-person-present stream of consciousness goes on and on past 0201 with occasional brief musical interludes, such as 0132 and 0140.
Is it a KIPM relay? Yes! Per numerous logs here until 0211* with ``KPIM`` typo as subject which kept repeating:
http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,18405.0.html Skipmuck says ``This would be a relay of Alan Maxwell's "The Saga of
Wally Hyman" I believe!`` Or is it Hymen? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 1170, Sept 7 at 1152 UT, KFAQ Tulsa is dozing on Sunday morning, dead air. Nulling carrier at 1153 UT, I can hear an XE
with a federal PSA, but by 1158 KFAQ is remodulating. XERT in Reynosa, or XEMDA Monclova most likely; at least we know it`s not Colorado, USA
** OKLAHOMA. 1210, Sept 7 at 1220 UT, dead air dominating from KGYN Guymon; another Sunday morning dozer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** OKLAHOMA. 3450, Sept 7 at 0201, very weak mix, but I hear an ESPN Radio, Enid ID, so it`s another external mixture involving my strongest
local, KCRC 1390 --- with bigsig 4840 WWCR, which is 1390 kHz above 3450 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 15140, Sept 7 at 0115, algo JBA, presumed RSO since it`s missing tonight from 9500. Or maybe not: during this hour CRI Chinese via
Xian is also scheduled (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PALAU. 9930, Sept 7 at 1227, gospel huxter in English, VG signal, but not WTWW --- it`s T8WH despite NW beam. Good thing WTWW BS is still on
nite frequency 5085 until circa 1400; however on Sundays, T8WH runs until 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. 15450, Sept 6 at 1245, V. of Turkey in English is very poor but audible, unlike usually; at 1303 `DX Corner` is mentioned in the
combined opening & closing music, then multi-lingual ID filler for some 3 minutes; 1306 `Question of the Month` with its theme, but also
unreadable. Anyhow confirms that this is an on-week for the fortnightly `DX Corner` which alternates with `Letter Box`, contrary to projexions in our
DX/SWL/Media programs listing, now corrected, so there must have been a 1- or 3-week anomaly at some point (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** U K [non]. 6135, Sept 7 at 0545, BBC Hausa via ASCENSION has het on lo side. Maybe BOLIVIA or BRAZIL is still on at least with carrier. R. Santa
Cruz normally off just after 0200, but on 25 Aug, Claudio Galaz in Chile reported them at 0645 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 13554-CW, Sept 7 at 0138, AZ beacon is barely readable, vs CODAR, from Oro Valley AZ. In this ``part 15 band`` avoid the center hash
circa 13560 from industrial, scientific, medical, devices.
13565-CW, Sept 7 at 0139, K6FRC beacon is also barely readable, vs CODAR, from Patterson CA with one milliwatt as in my Aug 28 log with more
info about it. Patterson is S of Modesto, E of San José (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 7289.7, Sept 7 at 0154, CQ 40m AM from N7JW repeated a few times without answers. He`s James W Wilson in St George UT. There is
usually some other hAM on 7295 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1737 monitoring: 5950 still off, so no WRMI airing at 0100 Sept 7. UT Sunday Sept 7 at 0125, KVOH is on 9975 with
musical prélude, VG signal but some hum and undermodulation; usual opening procedure with program summary and WOR 1737 starting at
0130:50. Next: UT Monday 0259v on Area 51 via WBCQ, 5109v-CUSB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 5950, Sept 7 at 0108, WRMI is still off this frequency, waiting for repairs, so now remains the time to hear Bolivia on 5952.4 without ACI.
9955, Sept 7 at 1230, `Viva Okeechobee` has just started on WRMI; Jeff is reading items from the local newspaper about an ostrich farm which
operates in NW Okeechobee county; frogs everywhere, little green ones; manufacture of tropical popsicles optionally alcoholic. 1138 on to mailbag:
listener in California wonders why he`s hearing WRMI on 10925 and CRI on 8790. Jeff thinx it`s receiver spurs. Make those 2 x 450 kHz receiver IF
mages below 11825, and 9690 CRI via Spain. Good signal on 9955 now but with some CCCCI from France via Taiwan, lite pulse jamming from Cuba,
and some hum self-imposed as seems always to be on this and certain other WRMI transmitters (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [and non]. 9840, Sept 6 at 1326, poor signal on WHRI, ``from the United States of America . . . to the entire world``, with usual annoying
heavy het on lo side from always off-frequency Vietnam, measured by Wolfgang Büschel recently as 9839.848, listed as Indonesian currently, //
12019-, even more off-frequency --- it`s been this way forever, but WHRI blithely goes on despite it. Ditto 24 hours later; but at least this usage is Sat
& Sun only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 9265, Saturday Sept 6 at 1359, WINB is signing on, playing `Star Spangled Banner`, so kudos to the one US SW station which does this
(altho we have caught them before talking over or cutting it short). This confirms WINB is still on 9265, despite mentioning defunct 13570 on their
website which is never quite right and up-to-date. Also heard on 9265 Sunday Sept 7 at 1228 check; only on weekends starting this early (Glenn
** U S A. 12105, Sept 7 at 0109, WTWW still has BS on #3 transmitter here while #2 on 5085 is down. Meanwhile, WTWW-1, 9475 also has
problems: cutting off and on the air, mostly off, Sept 7 at 0109-0111; still off at 0116 check; but at 0131 carrier on and stays on, now with
modulation breakup during `Peace in the Valley` hymn in `Scriptures for America Music Showcase #79``, same at 0142.
5085, Sept 7 at 0546, BS is back on here with crackle, after WTWW-2 missing for several days; could it be the #3 transmitter on new frequency? Not
on 12105 now, but #1 is on 5830 nominal. At 1636 Sept 7, 9930 BS is also reactivated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VIETNAM. 12000.0, Sept 6 at 1324, VOV in Chinese is fair, and on-frequency unlike the Indonesian service consistently more than a kHz below
nominal 12020 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: WHRI
UNIDENTIFIED. 1521, Sept 7 at 0152, JBA het upon far-right talk from 1520 KOKC, surely the 2000 kW Sa`udi, so should I even pretend it`s unID?
WRTH listings make it easy with *nothing* else on 1521 region 1 except: a 10 kW in Bahrain (whew, at least Duba is direxional away from there); a 5
kW in Spain (asking for trouble), and 70 watts in Great Britain (expecting coverage within a few feet only anyway) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 8, 2014
** EGYPT. 13850, Sept 8 at 0230, R. Cairo, fair with flutter, open carrier/dead air in multi-hour Arabic to North America.
9315, Sept 8 at 0233, R. Cairo open carrier/dead air, sôle frequency scheduled for this English sesquihour to North America, a bust
9965, Sept 8 at 0233, R. Cairo Arabic is undermodulated but not distorted, with ever-present whine; sked until 0400 for North America
** GREECE. 9420 & 9935, Sept 8 at 0243, ERTOpen is closed tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN [and non]. 12070, Sept 8 at 0231, poor signal with distortion, sounding rather like Cairo does before 0200 but weaker and supposed to be
off after 0200; nor sure of language, not // 9965. Aoki shows at 0200-0230 is BBC Burmese via THAILAND at 355 degrees for northern Myanmar,
but this isn`t that:
11880, Sept 8 at 0235, fair signal with flutter, YL talk in uncertain language; sounds like what I was just hearing on 12070, but not // --- or rather
not synchronized but is same program with 12070 running about 1 second behind 11880 which is much better, mentions Iran. HFCC reveals 11880
is VIRI in Uzbek at 0220-0250 only, 500 kW, 18 degrees from Sirjan, but --- 12070 is not supposed to come on until 0250, VIRI in ``PRS``, lasting
until 0620, 250 kW, 85 degrees from Kamalabad. Aoki clarifies it`s really Dari, not exactly Persian. So the 12070 transmitter was on way early
carrying feed of previous service to Sirjan. Checking HFCC later, I see Uzbek 0220-0250 is also supposed to be on 7400 via Kamalabad. Maybe,
altho I did not notice it when scanning across 7 MHz band circa 0244.
Further note: 12070 is supposed to be one of two revived Voice of Russia frequencies in English to North America, at 0200-0600, allegedly starting
October 1, via Pet/Kam, so this stuff would be CCI. // 12010 will be crossed with Tinang during the first sesquihour. Maybe if reality, this would get
sorted out better come B-14 four weeks later when Russia might go to a lower band for winter.
11660, Sept 8 at 0237, Qur`an, fair with flutter. HFCC shows VIRI Arabic at 0230-0530 (no `20s here), 500 kW, 289 degrees from Zahedan (Glenn
** MEXICO. 540, UT Monday Sept 8 at 0258, odd language catches my ear, neither Spanish nor English but soon rather certain it`s Low German;
signal dominating from WSW, and 0300 into Spanish ``La Ranchera de Paquimé`` XETX ID from Chihuahua, 5 kW, Grupo BM, and joining La Hora
Nacional a bit late, I think. Often heard before but probably first time in LG; Nuevo Casas Grandes is near the US border beyond what I thought was
the Mennonite area further south in Chihuahua (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NORTH AMERICA. 6770-AM, Sept 8 at 0227, very poor signal but some broadcast intoned talk, presumably the old-time-radio pirate. I`m
deliberately monitoring an hour later than habitual, to encourage more variety in my logs, and this is one I have not been hearing earlier lately (Glenn
** ROMANIA. 9520 // much stronger 11955, UT Monday Sept 8 at 0240, RRI in Spanish with DX program, along with ``Popcorn`` theme music;
mobile devices and social media info, contact addresses. 11955 is 307 degrees USward while 9520 is 245 to South America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** RWANDA. 9500, Sept 8 at 0242, good signal in Farsi, listed as BBC via Kigali at 0230-0330; succeeding Oman sometimes here until 0200
** SAUDI ARABIA. 15170, Sept 8 at 0253, Qur`an, fair with flutter, from BSKSA, supposedly not starting until 0300, 500 kW, 355 degrees from
Riyadh but for closer targets than North America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 7455, Sept 8 at 0245, surprised to find Brother Scare on here instead of TruNews (which continues non // on 5850),
and 7455 is now // 7570 et al. WRMI; feed mixup or change? 7455 with constant co-channel RTTY from wherever, which evidently has never played
the NIB card against WRMI, nor does WRMI care about the QRM. Maybe Wiles did? The WRMI signal on 7455 is splashing out plus/minus 10 (Glenn
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1737 monitoring: confirmed on Area 51 via WBCQ, measured 5109.76-CUSB, starting a bit late from 0303.4 UT
Monday Sept 8 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 12105, Sept 8 at 0231, country hymn, good but fading now // solid 5085, so Ted Randall show has WTWW duplicating itself and keeping
12105 on beyond nominal 0200*; 5830, WTWW-1 is SFAW as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1690, Sept 8 at 0257 UT, Radio Disney ID and music, fading in and out, at the moment not much from WVON Chicago. Disney is Denver`s
KDDZ Arvada CO, presumably only a few days left before divestiture. Will there be an hiatus, or immediate takeover by someone else? (Glenn Hauser,
ODXA DX REPORT - October 13th
Send your best DX WHEN YOU HEAR IT to: [email protected]
Send us just your best DX! The editor reserves the right to decide what DX tips will be published. All DX tips are in English unless otherwise noted and
all dates and times are in UTC. Newer tips are in blue and older ones are in black. Spain's REE is still on track to cease all shortwave broadcasting as
of midnight UTC on October 15th. You've only got a few days left in their long history (70 years) of broadcasting to the world. I especially remember,
back when they were known as Spanish Foreign Radio, their coverage of the attempted coup in February 1981. Their programming will continue via
satellite and internet radio but they shall definitely be missed by this shortwave radio aficionado.
NORTH KOREA KCBS at 1230 in Korean with instrumentals – Fair Oct 11 Barton-AZ
PNG-NEW BRITAIN NBC East New Britain at 1203 beginning news in what sounded like English then dead air for several minutes and news in
Tok Pisin at 1211 re-check - Poor Oct 8 Sellers-BC
SOUTH KOREA Voice of the People at 1145 in Korean with soprano vocals and a hymn then a man with talk – Good Oct 8 Barton-AZ
JAPAN Radio Nikkei 2 at 1210 with lively Latin American music and a man with a “This is Radio Nikkei Two” ID at 1220 and into pop music –
Fair Oct 8 Barton-AZ
GUATEMALA Radio Verdad at 1052 with a man reading from the Bible then praying at 1111 - Good Oct 8 Sellers-BC
ECUADOR HCJB at 1042 in Spanish with Andean music and a man with talk and many time checks - Good Oct 8 Sellers-BC
BRAZIL Radio Aparecida at 0100 in Portuguese with a repeating ID loop with mentions of “Aparecida, Sao Paulo” and “Brasil” then a man
with religious talk at 0102 with snippets of a male ballad and mentions of “Jesus Christo” – Good Oct 6 Coady-ON
MEXICO Radio Educacion at 0108 in Spanish with jazz and fusion piano music then a woman with talk about the music at 0125 and several
“Radio Educacion” IDs and back to the woman with talk at 0126 – Good Oct 6 Coady-ON
TAIWAN RTI at 1100 with news headlines followed by news - Poor Oct 8 Sellers-BC
THAILAND VOA Deewa Radio at 1640 in Pashto with a man hosting a discussion program then ID at 1644 – Good with static Oct 12
SRI LANKA VOA Deewa Radio at 1646 // 9310 in Pashto with a man hosting a discussion program – Good with static Oct 12 WardaleENGLAND
IRAN VOIRI at 0210 in Arabic with a woman with talk and soft Middle Eastern music – Weak to Fair Oct 4 Forsythe-WI
SOUTH KOREA KBS World at 1652 with a jazz and pop music program then a woman with sign-off announcements at 1655 – Good Oct 12
INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia at 1700 in Spanish with ID and a man with news – Good Oct 12 Wardale-ENGLAND
AUSTRALIA Radio Australia at 1335 // 12065 with “Unearthed” featuring new Australian rock music – Very Good Oct 10 Coady-ON
NEW ZEALAND RNZI at 1042 with “Ball and Chain” about female jazz vocalist “Big Mama Thornton” – Very Good Oct 4 Coady-ON. Also at
1105 reporting on an upcoming election in Samoa - Poor Oct 8 Sellers-BC. Also at 1714 with “Hymns for a Sunday Morning” - Good Oct 12
INDIA-GOA AIR (Panaji) at 2320 with subcontinental instrumentals and a woman with talk about the piece and a “General Overseas Service
of All India Radio” ID at 2329 then a man with a similar ID and “Welcome to Studio One” – Very Good Oct 5 Coady-ON
PHILIPPINES Radio Pilipinas at 1731 with ID of “Radio Pilipinas, the Voice of the Philippines” then music – Fair Oct 12 Wardale-ENGLAND
NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea at 1300 with a man talking about the observance of the 69th anniversary of the Workers Party of Korea – Fair
Oct 11 Barton-AZ
NEW ZEALAND RNZI at 1952 with rap music and a woman with upcoming program highlights and local weather – Fair Oct 3 Coady-ON
BELARUS Radio Belarus at 2016 with female folk vocals and a male presenter then a woman with apparent news at 2022 – Weak but
audible with Zanzibar off Oct 3 Coady-ON
TANZANIA-ZANZIBAR ZBC Radio at 1852 in Swahili with male African folk vocals then time pips at 1900 and a woman with apparent news –
Fair to Good with het Oct 4 Coady-ON
11740 INDIA-GOA AIR (Panaji) at 2151 with subcontinental male vocals then a woman at 2100 with a “General Overseas Service of All India Radio”
ID and into news – Good until CRI sign-on at 2100 then fair Oct 10 Coady-ON
11740 SINGAPORE NHK World Radio Japan at 1200 with sign on and into news - Poor Oct 8 Sellers-BC
11750 THAILAND BBC at 1220 // 6195 and 9740 with an interview about ISIS and Iraq - Fair Oct 8 Sellers-BC 11765 BRAZIL Super Radio Deus e
Amor at 0311 in Portuguese with an impassioned preacher – Fair Oct 2 Coady-ON
11905 SRI LANKA SLBC at 0148 in Hindi with subcontinental music and definite ID and announcements – Good at first but fading Oct 4 Forsythe12020 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam at 1233 // 9840 with news - Fair Oct 8 Sellers-BC
13660 RWANDA BBC at 0342 with a “Daily Business Report” report on investments in Myanmar - Good Oct 5 Forsythe-WI
13680 JAPAN NHK World Radio Japan at 2115 in Japanese with a woman with talk and piano music – Fair but choppy signal Oct 12 Barton-AZ
15720 NEW ZEALAND RNZI at 0219 with a “Nine to Noon” feature and interview on how cheap foreign products disrupt the economy – Good Oct 7
17515 FRANCE Bible Voice at 1610 in listed Oromo with an apparent fire and brimstone sermon - Fair Oct 12 Barton-AZ
Thanks to our contributors:
Rick Barton in Arizona; Mark Coady in Ontario; Carlie Forsythe in Wisconsin; Harold Sellers in British Columbia; Charlie Wardale in England
I don't use a lot of abbreviations in this column, preferring to use complete words and phrases, but here are some you may encounter:
ACI – adjacent channel interference (frequency usually 5 kHz apart); CCI – cochannel interference (same frequency); CODAR - Coastal Ocean
Dynamics Applications Radar (the swooping sound on the tropical bands); DRM – digital shortwave radio; het – heterodyne interference; ID – station
ID; IS – interval signal; LSB – lower sideband; OC – open carrier; PNG – Papua New Guinea (when the appropriate radio country is cited); QRN –
noise; QRM – man-made interference; QTH – location; RFE/RL - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty; RTTY – radio teletype; TC – time check; USB –
upper sideband; UTE – utility station; // (#) - parallel (frequency)
Vanessa Bressan
Scanner Grecom PSR500
Bom dia! . Peco licenca ao moderador pra enviar este anuncio pois preciso vender urgente um radio scanner Grecom PSR500. Por favor se alguem
tiver interesse entrar em contato por email ou no link http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-586959472-radio-digital-grecom-psr500-_JM lá
tem a foto do radio. Obrigada - Vanessa
Migdiel Cruz
SDR DX Patrol
Ahora una prueba de cómo se escucha el SDR DX Patrol... FM comercial... tengan en cuenta que estoy en una ubicación donde no hay suficientes
emisoras de FM... http://youtu.be/tXQJvye3GAs
John Figliozzi
Podding Along - Issue 17
These are some podcasts from international and public radio sources that I've found particularly interesting and edifying as I'm "plodding along" in
my regular exercise regimen.
In addition to via the websites referenced, these podcasts generally are made available through several other popular internet sources such as iTunes
and TuneIn.
The Philosophy of Solitude
The state of being alone can arise for many different reasons: imprisonment, exile or personal choice. It can be prompted by religious belief, personal
necessity or a philosophical need for solitary contemplation. Many thinkers have dealt with the subject, from Plato and Aristotle to Hannah Arendt.
It's a philosophical tradition that takes in medieval religious mystics, the work of Montaigne and Adam Smith, and the great American poets of
solitude Thoreau and Emerson. (48') http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b046ntnz
Is Facebook Messenger evil? Plus TouchPico and Swivelcard
Why does Facebook's new Messenger app demand the power to change your network status and turn on your microphone? It's sent the internet into
a rage but is it really the phone manufacturers forcing Facebook to make these changes. We also examine why more brands are consciously
uncoupling their functions by releasing a suite of apps instead one mothership app. We trial out the new gadget that can turn any flat surface into a
touch screen - how does it work? And what on earth would you use it for? Finally, can you turn a piece of paper into a USB stick? (28')
Locked In
What do you most fear happening to you? Maybe it's being buried alive. Maybe it's losing your mind. Or maybe it's being trapped inside your own
body with no ability to move or communicate. This is what happened to former US police officer Richard Marsh. A massive stroke shut down his body.
He listened while his wife and doctors discussed turning off his life support, completely unable to let them know he could see, hear and feel—and
didn't want to die. (29') http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bodysphere/locked/5678442
John Figliozzi - The Worldwide Listening Guide - 6th edition now available – www.wwlgonline.com
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 8-9, 2014
** AFGHANISTAN [non]. 9695, Sept 9 at 1259 open carrier into ``You are listening to the Voice of America``, then into unID language unpreviewed
in English. Aoki shows it`s really the substation Deewa Radio, in Pashto, 13-15, 250 kW, 311 degrees from Udo[r]n Thani, THAILAND; fair with flutter
** ARGENTINA. 11711-, Sept 9 at 0213, RAE in English is too poor to be really readable, and only a JBA carrier het from 11710, unknown source as
nothing is scheduled; Cairo was until 0200, but missing lately, and not checked earlier tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. 6180, underpowered? See MEXICO [and non]
** CHINA. 18980, Tue Sept 9 at 1352, CNR1 jammer, fair with flutter; yet no others OOB in the 17s, 16s, 14s, 13s, 12s, 10s, so never assume lack
of lo signals implies no hi signals; however, CNR1 jammers are at the usual inband spots on 11 and 15 MHz. 18980 is indeed the Tue & Fri frequency
at 13-14 for RFA Tibetan via Kuwait, inaudible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** COLOMBIA [and non]. 6010-, Sept 9 at 0216, off-frequency to lo side compared to 6000, 6020, etc., but no het here as it`s the only station, with
music, i.e. The Voice of Thy Conscience. Brazilian DXers lament that R. Inconfidência is off; and I lament that XEOI is off. But it sure would be nice if
they were all on, on different frequencies!
5910v also has poor signal in Spanish, no doubt Alcaraván Radio, before NHK via France blasts it away for an A-14 bihour at 0300. In B-14, 5910 to
be overcome instead by Romania at 01-03, as most IBC stations simply ignore the small fry, which in turn ignore HFCC; NHK Spanish at 0400-0430
might have been on 5910 via WRMI but as I advised Jeff, decided to go with 5985 instead. I hope Russ ``Martín`` Stendal, who has accused me of
being an Atheist, appreciates this; good music from Alcaraván, even if tainted by Galcom fixed-tuned evangelism, deserves protexion; besides, these
are the only HJs left on SW! At least HJDH is also off-frequency enough from 5910 to put an annoying het on the competitions, take that! (Glenn
** CUBA. 6000, Sept 8 at 0619, RHC is open carrier/dead air, while Arnie continues on the other 6 MHz channels; lately sounds like he has been
going to the studio rather than phoning it in. But he could be sending audio files from home if enough bandwidth be at disposal.
11760, Sept 9 at 0212, RHC is AWOL from major channel, still on 11670, 11840 et al.
13740, Sept 9 at 0233, now RHC Spanish is on here with VG signal, a frequency which had been missing for weeks; so same transmitter ex-11760 at
least tonight?
9785-9835 approx., range of buzz noise coming out of 9810 RHC transmitter, Sept 9 at 0229; intensity and range constantly varying, but worst
peaks circa 9800, 9820.
6000, Sept 9 at 0552, RHC English is gone again, as happens unpredictably during this hour, while remaining on the rest of The Cuban Five (Glenn
** EGYPT [and non]. 9315, Sept 9 at 0227, R. Cairo English instead of dead air last night, this night accomplishing just-barely modulation, distorted
at peaks only, on fair signal. Re-bust.
9965, Sept 9 at 0231, R. Cairo Arabic undermodulated with whine but good signal level.
13850, Sept 9 at 0234, R. Cairo Arabic has good signal providing open carrier/dead air; 0542 recheck, still good signal, but now horrible distorted
modulation with artifacts at peaks, also providing spurs up to 10 kHz away, bothering NHK French via MADAGASCAR on 13840 (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** GERMANY. 7320-7325-7330, Sept 9 at 0223, strong DRM noise, not in HFCC, but Aoki: ``7325 Radio Andernach(DRM) 0200-0400 1234567
German(Digital) 100 122 Nauen D 5238N 01254E DRM a14 Aug.`` But even if you can receive DRM, this is encrypted; how rude! (Glenn Hauser,
** GREECE. 9420 & 9935, Sept 9 at 0228, another off-night for ERTOpen (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. 13695, Sept 9 at 0233, fair signal but with heavy flutter, S Asian song; it`s AIR Kannada via Bengaluru (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** INDONESIA. 9525.9, Sept 9 at 1303, VOI English achieves fair signal and enough modulation to be semi-readable; greater obstacle is the sound
of constant fading. It`s Tuesday, so maybe `Exotic Indonesia` hookup with RRI Banjarmasin? Seems so, as there is W&W chat other than news on
the hour; they seem to be discussing winners of their annual quiz contest for trips to Indonesia, two (of five?) shortly coming from Darwin and China.
1308 frequency announcements including MW & FM, 1309 finally mentioning Banjarmasin, and into shared newscast, several voices including the
Banj guy we used to hear; 1320 another M voice is more readable than the others, as his accent is less of a problem, with statistics; 1327 concluding
This Day In History, initiating `Focus` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN. 12025 good // much weaker 9860 fair, Sept 9 at 0207, Spanish from Voz de la República Islámica de Irán, covering a racial equality
demonstration with snippets in English; Ferguson? 0209 into ``Entrevistas sobre la actualidad política``. Per HFCC, from 0020, 9860 runs until
0320, but 12025 only until 0220. Possible third channel until 0220, 11760, is not on, as I can surely tell because RHC is not on either; see CUBA
7400, Sept 9 at 0225, very poor signal, presumed scheduled VIRI Uzbek via Kamalabad at 0220-0250; can`t tell if it`s // good signal on 11880,
and no signal on 12070 unlike last night (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 710-, Sept 9 at 0244, big LAH against 710.0 stations, the usual suspect being XEDP, La Ranchera de Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua,
which is sometimes on-frequency too; hard to believe it`s only 100 watts at night as per Cantú (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 720, Sept 9 at 0557, SHVA includes mention of ``Caliente 105``, but I have misspelt it, per Cantú:
720 XEDE La Kaliente + FM 105.7 Saltillo, Coah. 8,000 250
Best with WGN nulled, but sufficient to do a number on the poor Chicagoan even when not nulled; the two are not that far apart oppositely. Hard to
believe it`s only 250 watts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, Sept 9 at 0215, XEPPM with fair signal in Spanish, but fast SAH CCI --- i.e. Vatican Radio, which is A-14 scheduled on
6185 at 0200-0230 only, 86 degrees from SMG in ``Hye`` language per HFCC. Where do they come up with these weird abbrs.? Aoki would give
the real language, but totally misses this transmission!
EiBi has it at 0210-0230 in ``AR`` to ``Cau``. So it`s Armenian, as in WRTH 2014 when the winter timing was 0310. 6180, RNA Brasil continues
to be weakish, no longer an ACI problem for XEPPM --- maybe on lower-powered transmitter formerly on 5990 which is no longer heard there (Glenn
** MEXICO. 55.25 MHz, give or take, Channel A2 analog video, snowstorm quickly interrupted by a meteor burst, Sept 8 at 2146 UT: tentatively
XEPM, Juárez, as glimpse of bug in UR reminds me of its TU CANAL format I have seen many times by Es, altho I cannot read any details in this splitsecond; antenna SSW rather than WSW, but appropriate distance circa 600 miles for MS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MOLDOVA. 21288-USB, Sept 8 at 2023-2026+, fair signal with flutter, but SSOB is ER4DX making quick contest-like contacts, or is this SOP?
Mostly with US stations, utters their calls more often than his own; with accent, at first thought it started with Oscar instead of Echo, but then
mentioned Moldovan Republic; calling more QRZ DX and CQ DX, name Vasily; does that mean he`s ethnic Russian or at least Slavic? Tuning down
from 21450, I almost concluded 15m was closed, as hardly any activity above 21300, why? QRZ.com page has many photos of his huge antenna
farm: ER4DX, Vasiliy A. Romanyuk, Otaci, Moldova. Full name looks Ukrainian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NORTH AMERICA. 6770, Sept 9 at 0214, some broadcast on AM, presumably the old-time-radio pirate, very poor. Rare for it to surge to readable
level here, but it`s reported much better further east (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 13554-CW, Sept 9 at 0231, AZ hifer beacon is JBA, from Oro Valley AZ. I am ready for some new ones; are any active on this band beyond
the five I keep relogging? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 13557-CW, Sept 8 at 2013, MTI hifer beacon is JBA; Stone Mountain GA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 13564-CW, Sept 8 at 2015, GNK hifer beacon is JBA from Madison WI; plenty of pause between iterations; on Sept 4, Karl Zuk near NYC,
who found it after DXLD tip, reported to the op, ``Callsign is slow and laboured with very little break between the ending K and starting G`` so maybe
spread out as a result of that comment (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 7455, Sept 8 at 0617, WRMI is back to TruNews, after anomalous Brother Scare earlier at 0245. Also, Sept 9 at 0220 check, TruNews
gospel/political huxter now // 5850, contrary to last night when 7455 but not 5850 had switched to Brother Scare. I was wondering whether
TruNews was subcontracting BS like Radio Africa does via WRMI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 5109+CUSB, UT Tue Sept 9 at 0220, WBCQ is off. Good Friends Radio Network is supposedly scheduled here UT Tue-Sat 0200-0500; and
other programming from 0200 Sun/Mon. But never on the schedule are old `Allan Weiner Worldwide` repeats which we often hear from 0100, altho
unchecked before 0200 tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 7505+, Sept 9 at 0226, WRNO is missing; had been rather reliable lately (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 7555, Sept 9 at 0226, KJES, Vado NM (El Paso TX [non]), is on for a change, robokids prompted to recite ``we are not afraid``. That`s
comforting. VG signal.
11715, Sept 9 at 1348, KJES signal is only fair rather than inbooming as often the case, but it`s JBM and useless, also with ACI from 11710 Korea
North (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 12105 // 9930, Sept 8 at 2018, WTWW now running BS on both #3 and #2 transmitters and frequencies; no more Bibling Worldwide?
Previously put on #3 only when #2 was down. At this same time, 9475 WTWW-1 is significantly weaker than both, per signal bar meter on DX-398, tho
it`s still solidly strong to the ear (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 880, Sept 9 at 0242 UT, gospel huxter in English from east/west, just as strong as and mutually separable from KRVN to the north. Surely
not KHAC AZ/NM. It`s got to be KLRG, Sheridan AR, which is supposed to be on 220 watts at night instead of 50 kW day. NRC Pattern Book indicates
non-direxional both day and night, but FCC AM Query shows licensed to be direxional at night, broad circle tangent peaking at 250 degrees, but also
some toward us. It has no PSSA and different day and nite sites, with CP for some changes to only 200 watts at night (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** VATICAN. 15570, Sept 8 at 2020, VR in African English, so heavily-accented it`s hard for me to understand, but perfectly clear to Africans?
Ending one program, // much weaker 13765, into ILO news about sub-Saharan Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 6185: see MEXICO
[and non]
UNIDENTIFIED. 5980, Sept 9 at 0218, constant steady strong beeping at the rate of 200 per minute; depending on BFO setting, can be two-tone. No
noise with it, but perhaps coming out of Cuban jammer(s) against nothing. Except there is a JBA carrier on 5980, but that could just be from the
toner/jammer too.
Anyhow, I must resume checking before and after 0100 for R. Chaski, Perú, as Mark Taylor, Madison WI, NASWA Flashsheet editor, reported hearing
it in the morning: `5980 PERU. Radio Chaski – Urubamba, 1057, 9/2/14, in Quechua. YL, OM, YL over music, 1100 theme, ID, distinctive OM
singing. Poor`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED. 5995+, Sept 9 at 0217, I still detect a JBA carrier slightly on the hi side buried by splash from 6000 Cuba. Is it Mali, or what? Seems
most likely explanation, leaving carrier on 00-06 during overnight break. Still waiting for any confirmation from further east about the carrier and its
offset even during regular hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
Anderson José Torquato
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conversar em tempo real e de graca, sobre as escutas que estao sendo realizado por cada, um ou simplismente trocar um papo. Vamos participar
para que podemos trocar ideias do nosso hobby.
Minha gravações de emissoras escutadas aqui em Garopaba http://andersontorquato.wordpress.com/
Meu outro site de gravações http://www.ipernity.com/doc/124523/home?with=14364471
Anderson José Torquato - Garopaba-SC
Mauricio Pimenta Cunha
Ajuda : Manual em português do FT-7900 R
Ola amigos , saudações a todos . Gostaria de saber se alguém tem o manual em português do radio Yaseu FT-7900 R ou saiba onde encontro na
inernet , pode ser arquivo PDF ou similar . Quem tiver entre em contato comigo : E-mail : [email protected]
Agradeço a atenção - Paz na terra , humildade sempre . Atenciosamente , Mauricio Pimenta Cunha - PY4ID
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Claudio Galaz
Las cabinas de Radio Chaski
Las cabinas de R.Chaski 5980 de la onda corta.
Nikolas Lopez
RTVE elimina la emisión en onda corta
RTVE elimina la emisión en onda corta para ahorrar 1,2 millones al año y cerrará el centro de antenas de Noblejas
Radio Exterior de España sólo se escuchará por Internet y se quedan en blanco los pescadores
El plan de ajuste de RTVE se ha cobrado una nueva víctima: la onda corta
El plan de ajuste de RTVE se ha cobrado una nueva víctima: la onda corta. El consejo de administración de la Corporación aprobó antes de verano la
eliminación de la banda HF a través de la que se emite Radio Exterior de España (REE), después de más de 70 años de historia, para ahorrar 1,2
millones de euros al año, de los que 700.000 euros corresponden a electricidad. Explica Africa Semprún en 'El Economista' que esta medida
supondrá el cierre del centro de antena de Noblejas (Toledo) y la supresión total de este medio de difusión después de que se clausurara el centro de
emisión de Costa Rica con el consecuente ahorro de un millón de euros al año, por lo que REE sólo se podrá escuchar a través de Internet. La
dirección de RTVE ya ha pactado la recolocación de los 13 trabajadores destinados en el centro de Noblejas, por lo que no habrá despidos, tal y
como se comprometió el presidente de la Corporación, Leopoldo González Echenique, en el II Convenio Colectivo firmado el año pasado.
Así, pasarán a medios técnicos de radios, a Tecnología y al CCTT de Toledo.
La onda corta se convirtió a principios del siglo XX en el primer medio de comunicación global y es el sistema tradicional de difusión de REE, el canal
internacional de Radio Nacional de España (RNE), que en 2012 cumplió su 70 aniversario. Así, la eliminación de esta tecnología, que tiene un
elevado coste económico, supondrá que la programación de REE se dejará de escuchar donde no llega Internet. Ya en 2012, y ante la pujanza de la
Red, RTVE redujo la potencia de transmisión de la onda corta en Norteamérica y Europa debido a la proliferación de dispositivos que permitían
escuchar la radio a través de Internet.
En esta ocasión, al suprimir las emisiones por este medio, la programación no llegará a gran parte de Asia, donde no hay conexiones, al Atlántico
Norte, y a zonas de África donde trabajan cooperantes españoles (según la Unesco 3.000 millones de personas no tienen acceso a Internet).
"Desaparece una entidad del servicio público al ciudadano y RTVE incumple su obligación", denuncian los sindicatos.
Con esta medida, RTVE va un paso por delante de los grandes grupo estatales de comunicación como la BBC, Radio Canadá Internacional, Radio
Netherland o Radio Vaticano. Estas emisoras públicas pusieron fin a sus emisiones en algunas regiones como Europa o América del Norte y
recortaron su programación ante el avance de la radio digital y la generalización de la red. En este punto, BBC puso fin a su servicio en español en
onda corta en 2011. RTVE acaba así con la difusión en onda corta de REE, que emite en diez idiomas y llega a los cinco continentes.
Santiago San Gil G
España: RTVE elimina la emisión en onda corta
Radio Exterior de España sólo se escuchará por Internet y se quedan en blanco los pescadores El plan de ajuste de RTVE se ha cobrado una nueva
víctima: la onda corta
10 de septiembre de 2014
El plan de ajuste de RTVE se ha cobrado una nueva víctima: la onda corta. El consejo de administración de la Corporación aprobó antes de verano la
eliminación de la banda HF a través de la que se emite Radio Exterior de España (REE), después de más de 70 años de historia, para ahorrar 1,2
millones de euros al año, de los que 700.000 euros corresponden a electricidad.
Explica Africa Semprún en 'El Economista' que esta medida supondrá el cierre del centro de antena de Noblejas (Toledo) y la supresión total de este
medio de difusión después de que se clausurara el centro de emisión de Costa Rica con el consecuente ahorro de un millón deeuros al año, por lo
que REE sólo se podrá escuchar a través de Internet.
La dirección de RTVE ya ha pactado la recolocación de los 13 trabajadores destinados en elcentro de Noblejas, por lo que no habrá despidos, tal y
como se comprometió el presidente de la Corporación, Leopoldo González Echenique, en el II Convenio Colectivo firmado el año pasado.
Así, pasarán a medios técnicos de radios, a Tecnología y al CCTT de Toledo.
La onda corta se convirtió a principios del siglo XX en el primer medio de comunicación global y es el sistema tradicional de difusión de REE, el canal
internacional de Radio Nacionalde España (RNE), que en 2012 cumplió su 70 aniversario.
Así, la eliminación de esta tecnología, que tiene un elevado coste económico, supondrá que la programación de REE se dejará de escuchar donde no
llega Internet.
Ya en 2012, y ante la pujanza de la Red, RTVE redujo la potencia de transmisión de la onda corta en Norteamérica y Europa debido a la proliferación
de dispositivos que permitíanescuchar la radio a través de Internet.
En esta ocasión, al suprimir las emisiones por este medio, la programación no llegará a gran parte de Asia, donde no hay conexiones, al Atlántico
Norte, y a zonas de África donde trabajancooperantes españoles (según la Unesco 3.000 millones de personas no tienen acceso a Internet).
"Desaparece una entidad del servicio público al ciudadano y RTVE incumple su obligación", denuncian los sindicatos.
Con esta medida, RTVE va un paso por delante de los grandes grupo estatales de comunicación como la BBC, Radio Canadá Internacional, Radio
Netherland o Radio Vaticano.
Estas emisoras públicas pusieron fin a sus emisiones en algunas regiones como Europa o América del Norte y recortaron su programación ante el
avance de la radio digital y la generalización de la red.
En este punto, BBC puso fin a su servicio en español en onda corta en 2011. RTVE acaba así con la difusión en onda corta de REE, que emite en diez
idiomas y llega a los cinco continentes.
FUENTE http://www.periodistadigital.com/periodismo/radio/2014/09/10/radio-exterior-de-espana-solo-se-escuchara-por-internet-y-sequedan-en-blanco-los-pescadores.shtml
Fred - KK5AA
Shortwave and Ham Radio Deluxe
I use Ham Radio Deluxe with my amateur radio and have become more interested lately in shortwave.
HRD offers the ability to list shortwave but I'm too cheap to pay someone for the list when it is available elsewhere free.
Can anyone help me use the free data from inside HRD?
Mauricio Pimenta Cunha
VENDO : Kit Som para carro USB
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Hector \(Luigi\) Perez
Foto en el foro puesta por Alvin
Hay una foto curiosa en el foro que puso el amigo Alvin Mirabal. Veanla y veran lo que nos sucede a aquellos que añoramos un buen DX. En mi caso
lo es Vietnam en ham radio. Nunca contestaron mi qsl
Este fue otro correo de Onda Corta PR.
No te conformes solo con los correos! Visita nuestra pagina llena de informacion y recursos para la OC en:
OCPR es la unica lista de correos electronicos sobre la escucha de la radio en Onda Corta con una perspectiva Caribea.
Miguel Angel Rocha Gamez
Se subió el archivo
Un cálido 55... si eres diexista, radioescucha curioso, radio experimentador, monitor o persona normal lee, comparte, baja, imprime y conserva junto
a tu radiorreceptor el siguiente material: "Frecuencias interesantes". 73 y muy buenos DX de Miguel Angel XE2iTX/ 10AD222/ XE2004SWL.
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 9-10-11, 2014
** ARGENTINA. 11711-, Sept 10 at 0045, RAE poor signal with tango during Portuguese hour, but no het from anything on 11710 (Glenn Hauser,
** BRAZIL [and non]. 6180, Sept 10 at 0034, RNA in Portuguese with LAH CCI. RNA is still underpowered, surely not the full 250. Only other
schedulee is CRI English via Kashgar, but unexpected for one of them to be off-frequency that much (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. 10000, Sept 10 at 1228, once again I am hearing second-pips in between those from WWVH, i.e. some station is way off-time. At 1229,
same pitch CW IDs from: BPM, undermixing with WWVH voice full ID minute (WWV JBA at this time). I am almost forced to conclude the ChiCom can`t
tell time accurately and broadcast that failure to the world. Be more careful in navigating to the Moon (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [and non. CNR1 jammers, Sept 10:
18990, Sept 10 at 1318, fair with flutter against RFA Tibetan via Kuwait; none in the 17s
16160, Sept 10 at 1318, CNR1 jammer, good with flutter, echo apart from 18990
15540, Sept 10 at 1321, CNR1 jammer, very poor with flutter, het on hi side, from V. of Tibet via Tajikistan as in Aoki at 1315-1340; also the usual
inbanders on 15265, 15195, 15115; none in the 14s
13830 & 13795, Sept 10 at 1322, CNR1 jammers, very poor with flutter and //; none in the 12s, and only usual in banders in the 11s
19000, Sept 11 at 1354, het with the FRG-7 even-MHz birdie, chex as the Thursday-only RFA Tibetan via Kuwait frequency which must be jammed
during this hour. No other CNR1 jammers 12-19 MHz except the 15 MHz inbanders (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 13740, Sept 10 at 0041, RHC is again off this frequency, but on 11760.
5040, Sept 11 at 0248, RHC in wrong language, English instead of Spanish, so // 6000 & 6165. Others really are in Spanish: 6060, 6070, 9810,
11670, [11760 off again], 11840, 13740.
6000, Sept 11 at 0547, RHC English is off again from this channel, but 0556 recheck carrier back on, and by 0603 rerecheck remodulating; see also
15370, Sept 11 at 1356, RHC AWOL from its normal 19m bigsig (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** EGYPT. 9965, Sept 10 at 0030, R. Cairo good with ME music, whine. Must have just missed the English sesquihour from 2300: that is the time to
listen, rather than next broadcast at 0200 on 9315, which is barely/rarely modulated. Old program schedules showed different content rather than a
total repeats, also the 2115 sesquihour to Europe differing. Is this still the case, if anyone could tell?
9315, Sept 10 at 0034, R. Cairo in Arabic suffering poor, distorted, undermodulation. ?? This frequency not supposed to open until 0045 in
Spanish, per Aoki and HFCC.
12070, Sept 10 at 0042, R. Cairo with extreme crackle and rumble, scheduled Arabic to Spanish at 0045
9965, Sept 11 at 0249, R. Cairo, Arabic music and whine
9315, Sept 11 at 0251, R. Cairo, fair signal but with distorted suppressed music modulation during scheduled English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** GREECE. 9420 & 9935, Sept 10 at 0110, no signals from ERTOpen; but both back on with Greek music, Sept 11 at 0249 check (Glenn Hauser,
** INDIA [and non]. Lots of weak carriers on 60m mostly matching the AIR spectrum, Sept 11 at 1246: 4750, 4760 [no 4763 today], 4800, 4810,
4820 (2), 4840, 4880, 4895, 5010 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MALI. 5995.0, Sept 11 at 0547, carrier is on, presumably ORTM about to sign on, reception facilitated by absence of 6000 Cuba, but it`s
spoiling again by 0556. Mali frequency matches 5980 Vatican, 6005 BBC, 6030 Martí, not offset + like the weak carrier I was getting earlier around
0100, so maybe that is yet something else altho nothing scheduled; such as a mixing product (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. Channel A2 analog video, 55.25 MHz give or take, Sept 9 at 2058 UT, some weak signal fades in and out, as I keep the snow blowing in
hopes of some random meteor scatter DX; better luck at 2133 UT, when a signal is in for a couple seconds, long enough to recognize the italic-2-inoval Grupo Pacífico bug upper-right with XHI-TV below it, i.e. Los Mochis, Sinaloa. Since there is another XHI-TV on channel 2, note this from
``NEW TIP FROM MIKE PERRON: Mike's research indicates that most-likely XHI Los Mochis has "XHI-TV" below the "2" logo, whereas XHI Cd
Obregón does not have the calls below the "2" logo. Unfortunately, during the time Los Mochis relays Cd Obregón, neither station has the calls below
the "2" logo. Thanks, Mike.
XHI-2 Los Mochis is not a full-time relayer of XHI-2 Cd Obregón, Sonora, in spite of what other sources say. Therefore, check the program schedules
and live video streams on the Pacifico site.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1738, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NORTH AMERICA. 9605-AM, Sept 11 at 0301, Station YHWH, anti-Christ, pro-Yahweh pirate is on, fair with fading, usual punchy but lo-fi speech
audio. Had not been on a few minutes earlier. This seems to be a regular frequency and time for it now, judging from other reports (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** OKLAHOMA. 91.7, Sept 9 at 2010 UT tune-in to KOSU for NPR All Things Considered, open carrier/dead air! Finally cuts on without apology at
2018 UT. Losing modulation is one problem: another is no one at the station paying attention to the output to bring it right back. Such outages
happen periodically at KOSU. Crazy/smart, indeed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 9500, Sept 10 at 0032, RSO is on proper frequency tonight, Qur`anish music, fair-good (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PERU. 5980+, Sept 10 at 0025 tune-in, JBA carrier slightly on the hi side, just like R. Chaski used to be; it`s further above 5980 than CRI/CUBA
5990, but less above 5980 than Itatiaia is above 5970, i.e. 3 different het pitches on BFO at 10 kHz steps. Lately others have been reporting it on the
air again at other dayparts, so I am tracking it too. As I bandscan elsewhere on the DX-398, I keep 5980 on the PL-880 with sufficient reelout
antenna aclipped, just in case it dump off at an unexpected time.
By 0056 there is some music audible vs the storm noise level, keeps going past 0100+. Finally cuts off at 0110:39*, so looks like the previous
precession progression before the hiatus has resumed rather than a reset. Last time I heard it was Aug 19 until cutoff at 0108:28.5, which was 131.5
seconds earlier, 22 days ago, so that = 5.98 seconds later per day; I would have expected closer to 5.83 as in previous long-term averages (Glenn
** U S A. 13558-CW approx., Sept 10 at 0041, AJO and long dash from HIFER beacon in Ajo, Arizona, JBA, but no doubt about ID copy. Do the
Anglocals pronounce the town as in Spanish, meaning garlic, or AY-JOE? Such questions hardly arise in the CW world (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF
** U S A. 14265-USB, Sept 11 at 1359, W6B in Los Ángeles making quick but not totally pointless contacts with KK4PIB and other US stations, no
doubt working for certificates, as it`s the annual ``Route 66 On the Air`` Special Event thru Sept 14, involving 20 other stations from Santa Mónica
to Chicago, all with 1x1 calls like this thru W6U. W6B is bigsig but off-frequency! Supposed to be on 14266, get it? Like on all other bands except 18
MHz. Details at http://www.w6jbt.org/2013site/operating-frequency-guidelines/
Yes, this info is really from last year; their website is incompletely updated, but maybe it`s all the same. Nothing on 7266 around 1400 Sept 11, but
algo JBA on 21266 (or 21265?) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1737 monitoring: confirmed on WRMI, 9955, starting at 1315.5 UT Wednesday Sept 10 after a gh ID at 1315.0. By the
end at 1344 there is some pulse jamming; tnx a lot, Arnie!
Also confirmed amid 1737 at 2115 check on WBCQ 7490 webcast. Presumably played one more time on 9955, UT Thursday Sept 11 0330, as 1738
was not quite ready by then.
WORLD OF RADIO 1738 monitoring: confirmed on WRMI, 9955, Thursday Sept 11 after 1230 mostly atop the France-via-Taiwan CCCCI, but no het
and no jamming; just some hum out of Okee itself. Next:
Thursday 2330 on WRMI, 11580, NEW; may not be latest edition
UT Friday 0326v on WWRB, 3185
Friday 2130 on WRMI, 7570 & 15770; may not be latest
Saturday 0630 & 1430 on Hamburger Lokalradio, 7265-CUSB
UT Sunday 0100 on WRMI, 5950, if repaired; may not be latest edition
UT Sunday 0131 on KVOH, 9975
UT Monday 0259v on Area 51 via WBCQ, 5109v-CUSB
Tuesday 1100 on WRMI, 9955
Wednesday 0630 & 1430 on Hamburger Lokalradio, 7265-CUSB
Wednesday 1315 on WRMI, 9955
Wednesday 2100 on WBCQ, 7490
Podcasts and on-demand also available via: http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html and full schedule including webcasts, satellite, AM &
FM: http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 5950, Sept 10 at 0027, WRMI is still silent on this frequency; hope it`s back by Sept 14 for WOR at 0100 Sunday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A. 9330, Sept 11 at 0251, no signal from WBCQ. Larry Will explains that Good Friends Radio Network quit WBCQ as of Sept 6, formerly on
9330, 5110, and 7490 during limited hours. That also explains why 5110 was off when last I checked. Also says no more Allan Weiner Worldwide
reruns on 5110 weeknights at 0000 (weren`t those at 0100? But not shown on previous schedule). See revised schedule via
http://schedule.wbcq.com/main.php?fn=sked&freq=All which however still shows WORLD OF RADIO Thursdays at 2100 as well as Wednesdays.
Larry also says that from Oct 1, Brother Stair is totally off WBCQ 7490 and 15420! What happened? But already removed from above schedule.
Opens up a lot of available airtime on all those frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 12105, Sept 9 at 2002, WTWW-3 is back to Bibling in Portuguese, with Brother Scare back on WTWW-2, 9930 only. If they had any loyal
listeners in Portuguese, those must have been wondering what the inferno is going on with Brother Scare in his fraxured English appearing
unpredictably instead. Furthermore, 9475, WTWW-1 is off, so no SFAW on any transmitter despite being the #1 priority?
12105, Sept 10 at 0028, BWW in Russian for the Muscovite insomniax; 5085 with BS, and WTWW-1 is still off 9475, not on 5830 either; however at
0033, 9475 is back on with PPP. May be intermittent.
12105, Sept 10 at 0531, poor signal now but still on with TOM, non-BS, then BS himself and // 5085 and not synch 11825 WRMI.
12105, Sept 11 at 0552, I can recognize the dulcet tones of Brother Scare, despite signal now down to very poor level from WTWW-3 (Glenn Hauser,
** U S A. 7505+, Sept 10 at 0106, WRNO back on with usual nasty buzz, after AWOL 24 hours earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 7555, Sept 10 at 0107, KJES is on tonight, responsive catechisms in English. Aoki continues to list this hour erroneously as Spanish, with
English not until 0200-0230* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 880, Sept 11 at 0246 UT, gospel huxter from E/W making SAH of 260/minute = 4.33+ Hz against KRVN to the north. I`m rechecking this
since 48 hours earlier I assumed this was KLRG in Arkansas, but Todd Skaine in MN, 47 hours earlier was getting KHAC in AZ, also a known cheater. It
also has the distinxion, as KAZ points out, of modulating on upper sideband only, and sure `nuff the signal I am getting now has no LSB component;
good at peaks, 0253 UT outroing Luís Palau program in English with 1-800-ASKLUIS phone; 0255-0259 SRN ``news``; 0259 ID as KHAC Window
Rock, weather for there, Gallup NM (low: 40) and the Navajo Res out to Tuba City; ``thank you for listening to KHAC ---`` into hymn in English; now I
can detect a bit of that, much weaker on LSB than USB, but may be the DX-398`s doing. We are wondering if lacking LSB is a defect or deliberate
employment of the Kahn Powerside System; there is nothing on 870 nearby needing protexion. But here
it should give WCBS a better chance on 880-LSB. While KHAC has more punch on USB than with plain old DSB AM.
Recheck at 0559 UT Sept 11, same weather minute repeats and KHAC ID adds ``part of the Western Indian Network, the Voice of Hope``. Anyhow,
this surely sounds like 10 kW day power rather than licensed 430 watts night, both non-direxional. Supposed to be on night power in Sept between
0115 and 1245 UT. COL: Tse Bonito NM, and the site is barely in NM. Dennis Gibson, ABDX, looked into KHAC`s history of several frequency
changes: originally in 1961y applied for 630, but came on in 1967y on 1300, in 1979y to 1110, and since 1989y on present 880 (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** U S A. 900, Sept 10 circa 1915 UT check on caradio, KSGL Wichita KS is still inaudible instead of customary 250-watt daytime groundwave. Terry
at KSGL replied Sept 8, ``thanks for the update [as of Sept 5]. Our engineer is going to see what he can find out`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX
** U S A. 1120, Sept 10 at 0054 UT, KMOX mixed with another station in English, preacher?, making slow SAH of 26/minute = 0.43+ Hz; 0104 UT
recheck, only KMOX. Don`t see how it could be anything but KTXW Manor TX, yet still haven`t got an ID. Its September sunset is supposed to be 0030
UT for pattern switch and power reduxion from 5600 to 155 watts; only in April is 0100 UT the proper time. No sign of KEOR Tulsa Spanish now; only
other nearby 1120 is KLIM in Limón, Colorado, but listed in last year`s NRC AM Log as silent since 2002! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1580, Sept 10 at 0548 UT, ID immediately upon tune-in as ``KREL, Colorado Springs, all sports all the time``, and back into Fox Sports
One. It`s ND day and night, but night power supposed to be only 140 watts instead of 10 kW day power (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** UZBEKISTAN. 9670, Sept 10 at 1232, ``The Voice Asia`` IDs in English repeated several times amid Hindi, poor signal, confirming that this 1114 UT service has moved from 9660, where it`s still listed in Aoki, altho I first reported it on 9670 August 7 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Pacific carrier search, Sept 10 at 1155 UT: JBAs on 774 and 828, i.e. surely the NHK Japans. My neighbor near Perry OK,
Richard Allen also had 774 at 1051-1059 same date, poor to fair, on his ultralight Tecsun radios, but with souped-up ferrite antennas. He did not say
he got any audio, but FSL promoter Gary DeBock congratulated him on ``his first TP audio of the new season`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX
UNIDENTIFIED. 900, Sept 11 at 0558 UT, beeswarm-noise looping WSW/ENE; probably a Mexican just signed off but open STL still being relayed.
XEDT in Chihuahua the prime and only suspect in that direxion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED. 4763.0, Sept 10 at 1158-1203+, open carrier but no modulation audible, still there at 1223; wonder if one of the peripheral Indians
off-frequency from 4760? Ron Howard says he did not notice it. I also have weaker carriers on 4760 and 4750 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
Bob Padula
Australian DX Report are now available - nos. 429 and 430
Two new episodes of the Australian DX Report are now available - nos. 429 and 430, in Podcast or MP3 format.
They are at http://adxr.podbean.com
The 15 min shows are also available on iTunes, as well as broadcast over WWCR Nashville on Mondays at 1145 UTC on 15825.
Good listening! – Bob Padula – Melbourne – Host/Producer
Dino Bloise
Fallecio nuestro gran amigo y maestro Hellmut Stillger Lu1 Yu
Copiado del buen amigo Manuel Perez: Lamentamos informar que hace minutos (09/11/14 18:36:42 ) acaba de fallecer nuestro gran amigo y
maestro del Radio Club Neuquen. Hellmut Stillger Lu1 Yu a los 90 emprendio su expedicion final. Un abrazo amigo y que descanses en paz.
Comision Directiva Radio Club Neuquén.
Valter Aguiar
BBC Brasil no dia em que o Big Ben falhou
Tudo na vida falha. Sim, tudo, por mais confiável que seja, um dia vai falhar.
Era uma quinta-feira qualquer de 1987. Rádio ligado na BBC com o único propósito de gravar o Big Ben na abertura. Ouçam só o que aconteceu.
Com apresentação de Márcia Poole (que dá uma aula de como contornar algo que dá errado em uma transmissão ao vivo), o arquivo abaixo é a
gravação do início de transmissão da BBC Brasil em ondas curtas no dia em que o Big Ben falhou.
Para deleite de Sérgio Partamian, fã desta gravação: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96724554/BBC%20Brasil%20%20o%20dia%20em%20que%20o%20Big%20Ben%20falhou%201987.mp3.
73s, Valter Aguiar - Curitiba - PR
Alexandre Deves Sailer
Regulamento Concurso Farroupilha
Colegas Radioamadores,
Em virtude de algumas dificuldades de localizar o regulamento no site, informo-os que o mesmo está em "ARTIGOS" na página da LABRE/RS em
Com link na página inicial da página.
Para facilitar, segue na integra o REGULAMENTO DO CONCURSO FARROUPILHA.
Esperamos contar com a presença dos colegas radioamadores neste que é o concurso mais antigo do Brasil.
VHF: 13 e 14 de Setembro de 2014
CW: 13 e 14 de Setembro de 2014
Para todas as modalidades:
Início às 21h00min UTC de sábado e Término às 21h00min UTC de domingo.
Divulgação, Certificados, Premiação e Apuração: PY3AA
SSB: 20 e 21 de Setembro de 2014
Homenagem à Revolução Farroupilha. Congraçamento entre os radioamadores brasileiros. Desenvolvimento da ética, da técnica e da habilidade
1.1 - Radioamadores brasileiros - RA
1.2 - Radioamadoras brasileiras - YL
1.3 - LABREs, Rádio-Clubes, Grupos de DX e DXpeditions – CL
1.4 - Estações do exterior que participarem receberão Diploma Especial - DX
2.1 - VHF - Dias 13 e 14 de Setembro. Início às 21h00min UTC de sábado e término às 21h00min UTC de domingo,na banda de 2m. Não serão
válidos contatos via repetidora, echolink ou outro meio. Somente em simplex FM e SSB, entre 144300 a 144600 Mhz.
2.2 - CW HF - Dias 13 e 14 de Setembro. Início às 21h00min UTC de sábado e término às 21h00min UTC de domingo. Nas bandas de 80, 40 e 20m.
2.3 - SSB HF - Dias 20 e 21 de setembro. Início às 21h00min UTC de sábado e término às 21h00min UTC de domingo. Nas bandas de 80, 40 e
Em Fonia: CQ Concurso Farroupilha ou CQ FRP Contest.
4.2 - EM CW E SSB:
4.2.1 - Radioamadores brasileiros classe A – RA-A
4.2.2 - Radioamadores brasileiros classe B – RA-B
4.2.3 - Radioamadores brasileiros classe C – RA-C
4.2.4 - Radioamadoras brasileiras classe A - YL-A
4.2.5 - Radioamadoras brasileiras classe B - YL-B
4.2.6 - Radioamadoras brasileiras classe C - YL-C
4.2.7 - LABREs, Rádio-Clubes, Grupos de DX e DXpeditions – CL
4.2.8 - Estações do exterior que participarem receberão Diploma Especial – DX
4.3 – EM VHF
4.3.1 - Radioamadores brasileiros - RA
4.3.2 - Radioamadoras brasileiras - YL
4.3.3 - LABREs, Rádio-Clubes, Grupos de DX e DXpeditions – CL
4.3.4 - Estações do exterior que participarem receberão Diploma Especial - DX
5.1 A estação PY3AA, assim como o Diretor de Radioamadorismo da LABRE-RS não concorrerão. Participarão apenas distribuindo pontuação, tanto
em HF quanto em VHF.
5.2 A cada contato realizado, as estações registrarão no log a reportagem enviada e recebida que é composta de RS(T) + número seqüencial do
contato, iniciando em 001.
5.3 Esta numeração deverá ser corrida, mesmo que a estação mude de banda, isto é, não haverá um log para cada banda, mas sim um log único e
seqüencial para cada modalidade(VHF, SSB e CW).
5.4 As estações de Radio-Clubes, Grupos de DX, LABREs e DX-Peditions enviarão número seqüencial seguido das letras CL. Exemplo 59 125/CL.
5.5 As estações Young Ladies enviarão número seqüencial seguido das letras YL . Exemplo 599 072/YL.
5.6 As estações de Radioamadores enviarão apenas número seqüencial seguido das letras RA. Exemplo 59 001/RA.
5.7 Se não constarem no LOG as siglas YL ou CL após o número seqüencial recebido o contato receberá a pontuação de Radioamador - RA.
6.1 Contatos com estação RA valerão 2 pontos.
6.2 Contatos com estação YL valerão 3 pontos.
6.3 Contatos com estação CL valerão 5 pontos.
6.4 Contatos com estação DX valerão 5 pontos.
7.1 Serão multiplicadores os diferentes prefixos trabalhados, quer sejam regulares ou especiais, independentemente do número de bandas
trabalhadas, ou seja, estes prefixos contarão uma única vez, mesmo que você os trabalhe em bandas diferentes.
8.1 Os logs deverao chegar no correio eletronico da LABRE-RS ate 30 de setembro de 2014 para todos os modos.
8.2- DIVULGAÇÃO: os resultados deverao ser divulgados até o dia 31 de dezembro de 2014.
9.1 Os logs deverão ser no formato Cabrillo. Recomendamos a utilização do software N1MM (gratuito) no módulo DX Serial e, ao final, salve-o em
Cabrillo. Para download acesse www.n1mm.com
9.2 Outros "contest softwares" poderão ser utilizados sem problemas, tomando-se o cuidado para salvar no formato Cabrillo.
9.3 Logs preenchidos à mão ou fora de formato Cabrillo não serão aceitos.
9.4 Os relatórios deverão ser enviados via email, até o dia 30 de Setembro de 2014 , somente para o seguinte endereço: [email protected]
9.5 Não esqueça de preencher corretamente os dados da estação.
9.6 Logs incompletos não serão considerados.
9.7 Coloque no título do e-mail seu indicativo, classe, categoria e modo.
Exemplo: PY3AA - A - CL - VHF;
PY3ABC - B - RA - SSB;
PU3ZZZ - C - YL - CW.
9.8 O competidor deve enviar um LOG para cada modo em que participar no concurso Farroupilha 2014( VHF, SSB e CW).
10.1 Para o primeiro colocado em cada uma das categorias será concedido o troféu "Bento Gonçalves".
10.2 Para o segundo e terceiro colocados em cada uma das categorias serao concedidas medalhas
10.3 Para todos os demais participantes, serão concedidos diplomas de participacao.
10.4 A LABRE-RS está aberta para receber patrocínio de Rádio-Clubes ou individuais para ajudar nas custas do conteste. Estas doações servirão
para auxiliar na confecção dos troféus e envio pelos correios. Se você quiser ajudar, procure-nos através do e-mail [email protected] .
11.1 Solicitamos a todos que observem a ética e o bom senso ao realizarem seus contatos.
11.2 Não é necessária a confirmação de QTR durante seus comunicados.
11.3 Respeite a QRG ocupada por outra estação.
11.4 Observe os limites de banda e potência estabelecidos para a sua classe.
11.5 É proibido a dois ou mais operadores explorarem o mesmo indicativo de chamada. Essa proibição não se aplica às LABRE's, Rádio-Clubes,
Grupos de DX e DX-Peditions.
11.6 O operador não pode, num mesmo contato, usar mais de um indicativo visando o acúmulo de pontos para dois ou mais participantes.
11.7 Não serão considerados pontos de contatos duplicados em uma mesma banda.
11.8 Logs recebidos após o prazo final, não serão considerados.
11.9 Para as estações que trabalharem multifaixa, serão registrados os contatos nas 3 bandas (80, 40 e 20m) na seqüência em que estes forem
11.10 Solicitamos que as estações LABREs, Rádio-Clubes, Grupos de DX e DX- Peditions (CL) participem em todas as bandas (80, 40 e 20m).
11.11 É permitido para as estações da categoria CL a utilização de uma estação caçadora e outra running, todavia, não será permitida a emissão
simultânea de sinais, mesmo que em bandas diferentes.
11.12 A numeração dos contatos para estas estações deverá ser seqüencial e corrida.
11.13 É permitida a utilização livre de Skimmer e DX-Cluster, nos modos passivo e ativo.
11.14 Caso alguma estação não envie seu log, os pontos relativos a ela não serão considerados para nenhuma outra, portanto envie seu log, mesmo
que seja como check-log.
11.15 Envie suas fotos e comentários para acrescentarmos ao relatório final.
11.16 Casos omissos neste regulamento, que nos chegarem por escrito (carta ou email) até 30 dias após o concurso, serão decididos pela
Comissão Apuradora, composta de 2 integrantes da Diretoria Executiva, 2 integrantes do Conselho Deliberativo e mais um radioamador não
pertencente aos quadros acima referidos, que presidirá a sessão e terá o voto de "Minerva". As decisões da referida junta serão soberanas e todos
os que enviarem seus LOGs devem estar cientes deste regulamento.
Alexandre Deves Sailer - Viamão - RS (gf49lv) – (PY3CT - PY3057SWL) - Associado LABRE/RS - www.facebook.com/labre.rs
Glenn Hauser
Logs September 11-12, 2014
** BOLIVIA. 4716.7, Sept 12 at 0034, some music audible here from R. Yura, still at 0114 when I measure the yurnique frequency approx. (Glenn
** BRAZIL [and non]. 6180+, Sept 12 at 0126, RNA vs CRI Kashgar making a low rumble het; stronger being RNA and I can tell it`s the one offfrequency slightly to the hi side, maybe 40 Hz, or one DX-398 click. This anomaly could also be explained by their employing the backup/ex-5990
weaker transmitter instead of the 250 kW behemoth (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CANADA. 1610, Sept 12 at 0102 UT song in Brazilian looping NE/SW, and then another, i.e. CHHA Toronto, Voces Latinas which is not totally
Spanish. Yes, program grid at http://chha1610am.ca/program/ does show Portuguese at 9-10 pm ET M-F = 01-02 UT Tue-Sat (and followed by
Tagalog, Italian hours). Twenty semi-hours weekdays at 2-4 pm = 18-20 UT are each dedicated to a different SS Iberoamerican country (Glenn
** CHINA. 15385, Sept 12 at 0041, Firedrake! Poor signal with flutter. Haven`t heard it for several weeks anywhere, anywhen; this is contra VOA
Chinese via Philippines during this hour only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 4765, Sept 12 at 0035, R. Progreso is AWOL, still off at 0050, but on by third check at 0112. The night before it popped on promptly at
*0030 Sept 11 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 6070, Sept 12 at 0038, RHC is missing, so also absent from 12140 and 18210 even if they would propagate; still on 6060 and several
others. By 0109, 6070 is back on and a JBA carrier on 121240 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** EGYPT. All R. Cairo transmitters missing UT Sept 12: 9965 at 0020; 12070 at 0122; 9315 at 0122; 11710 at 0116, and again all the three
others silent. Altho propagation has been disturbed, that`s not the cause as Greece and Oman are in well enough on 31m.
(WWV reported space weather at 0118: SF 151, A 12, K 3; past 24 hours: minor, S1 and R1; next 24 hours: moderate, G2, S1 and R1 level
blackouts) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GREECE. 15650, Sept 11 at 2100, ERTOpen, fair signal with Greek music.
9420 // slightly weaker 9935, both good with flutter, Sept 12 at 0023, EROpen in open carrier/dead air (but Arabic from Iran can be heard under
9420, now to stop at 0030 with QSY to 9510). By 0116 Avlis is remodulating music, VG with flutter on 9420 and slightly weaker 9935, plus JBA on
15630 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PERU. 5980+, Sept 12 at 0018, JBA carrier from R. Chaski; tonight it matches the offset of 5970+ Itatiaia, compared to 5990 China/Cuba closer
to on-frequency. By 0107, music is audible on 5980, very poor signal, until cutoff at 0110:49* which is a full 10 seconds later than yesterday;
something`s amiss, but not my calculations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SPAIN. 21610, Sept 11 at 1853, really nice solo violin music on good signal, obviously REE, but not // 17850 with its French CCI; also
fortunately, the BS on 21600 via WHRI is fading down from often huge midday SSOB signal. 1855 YL in Arabic closing that language service but IDs
in Castilian as ``Radio Exterior de España --- emisión árabe``, theme music.
6055, UT Friday Sept 12 at 0029 tune-in, REE English at end of mailbag show, quoting a listener in Delaware who laments the imminent demise of
SW from Spain and wishes staff the best, for which Alison is thankful, as she closes with, ``we`re still broadcasting the rest of this month``, outro
theme mixing with half-hour autotimesig. Then into interview with Javier Sánchez who is head of European Spectrum Strategy R&D for RTVE. Explains
about spectrum management in general, 0044 down to business: shortwave should be sustained. He says contrary to general assumptions,
streaming is more expensive, not only for the consumer but for the producer. If there are more than 1000 web listeners, costs increase dramatically.
DAB+ is 40 times less expensive than I.P. ``radio``. SW is still needed for disasters, mariners, but once REE is off SW, listeners will have to use
computers or satellite TVs which can also get radio services. ``Shutting shortwave is not the best
economic decision --- doesn`t make sense``. But earlier in the hour it was confirmed that all SW from REE would cease as of Oct 1, according to
Steve Luce who was listening then (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SRI LANKA. 11905, Sept 12 at 0114:46 musical prélude starts, 0115:19, 2+1 timesignal ends from SLBC as she signs on, poor with heavy flutter
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO monitoring: Thursday Sept 11 at 2330:30 on WRMI, 11580, fair signal with #1737, i.e. last week`s show, the same one
played here on Sept 4 when it was new. WOR 1738 confirmed on WWRB webcast and 3185, UT Friday Sept 12 at 0331, with usual blasting start.
Friday 2130 on WRMI, 7570 & 15770 (probably last week`s)
UT Saturday 0630 & 1430 on Hamburger Lokalradio, 7265-CUSB
UT Sunday 0100 on WRMI, 5950, back on air as of Sept 12 (last week`s?)
UT Sunday 0131 on KVOH, 9975
UT Monday 0259v on Area 51 via WBCQ, 5109v-CUSB; etc.
** U S A. 5950, UT Friday Sept 12 at 0031, WRMI reactivated here after a week off as this transmitter had to substitute for the more important BS
one on 7730 which was down awaiting a part. Fair signal with music, het on hi side from Bolivia unless sidetuned downward. 0108 now it`s a DX
program in Spanish, sounds like `Historias de Radio`, but that`s supposed to be at 0130 UT Friday, with `Frecuencia al Día` at 0100. Anyhow, the
WORLD OF RADIO broadcast UT Sunday at 0100 on 5950 should be back this week.
9955, the original RMI frequency, meanwhile at 0117 IDs program as `Antena DX`, now with some pulse jamming, but nothing like the wall of noise
here during the previous hour, as the DentroCuban Jamming Command is still confused that at 00-01 it`s non-exile programming, and total
obliteration is needed only at 23-24 during Radio Libertad.
Altho still dated effective August 1, the 9955 program grid has made a change, carving out an hour from Brother Scare for `Media Network Plus`,
Fridays at 22-23 (which also reavailablizes it on WRMI webcast which comes only from the 9955 service). Presumably you will hear my propagation
minute toward the end of it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 7490v, Sept 12 at 0048, Brother Scare is still on WBCQ, despite premature elimination from program schedule, as his contract is not up
until October 1. BTW, during the BS era, 7490 has not enjoyed the bigger signal it once capably accomplished (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** U S A. 850, Sept 12 at 0107 UT, tune in to hymn music in KOA null, but then it just stops and nothing for a minute or more. Did KFUO Clayton MO
sign off at odd time instead of 0115 UT official Denver September sunset? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1120, Sept 12 at 0053 UT, YL in English is easily heard with KMOX nulled, so another try to definitive this as KTXW Manor (Austin mkt) TX.
Guest identified as Dr Lewis/Louis/Luis Alexander, with Legacy Ranch Vision, a charity for children separated in San Antonio; close enough? 0059
UT promo for algo but fading and no ID heard before lost to KMOX at 0100 UT and/or switched to night facility. Made SAH of 28/minute = 0.47- Hz
UNIDENTIFIED. 9885, Sept 12 at 0025, fair to good signal presents open carrier/dead air with some hum. Nothing scheduled here between 2130
and 0100, but it`s mainly IBB, proximate being RFA Tibetan via Tajikistan from 0100, maybe warming up (if not a ChiCom jammer doing the same);
otherwise, Botswana, São Tomé and Greenville all use it later; Greenville from 0600: would not be surprisingly GB as they do check out transmitters
hours before needed so there are no surprises to the oncoming shiftworker (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
New Zealand Radio DX League
Radio In Russia – Historical Article
Many thanks to Russian DXer Dmitry Mezin for this article. It was originally compiled for Italian magazine Radiorama and
appeared in Italian translation for the January, 2001 edition.
ack 15 years ago, Radio Moscow (or Radio Moscow World Service, as its round-the-clock English service called itself) was one
of the easiest catches in the shortwave air. Station’s external services were introduced in 1929, and grew since then into a real
giant speaking more than 70 languages (including such rarities as Afrikaans, Bamar and Sinhala), using lots of parallel
frequencies. Radio Moscow was not the only USSR voice on the air – the capital of the huge country was also represented by
Radio station Peace and Progress (the voice of Soviet public opinion), with less entertainment and more politics in its
broadcasts. Radiostantsiya Rodina (The Motherland), also from Moscow, spoke only Russian, and it was the bridge connecting
the country with Russian-speaking community (mainly emigrants) abroad. The USSR consisted of 15 Soviet Republics, and two-thirds of them played
their parts on the shortwave stage, too. They hadn’t such wide-scale goals as Radio Moscow, and their broadcasting was mainly directed to
compatriots abroad and audience in neighbouring countries (except, perhaps, Radio Kiev, which even operated the North American service). For
instance, Radio Baku had Turkish, Arabic and Persian services, while Tallinn, in Estonia, spoke Finnish and Swedish.
Since then, the situation has drastically changed. Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore, former Soviet republics transformed into independent states.
Gigantic radio broadcasting efforts in Soviet era were in many respects propagandic actions – to convince the world in the advantages of socialist
way of living. And when socialist ideology began to crash, external services of some USSR descendant states faced severe problems. Some of them
(e.g. Estonian and Latvian radios) completely disappeared from shortwave. In this article, we’ll discuss what’s up in Russia, leaving all other states
beyond the scope.
Radio Moscow was renamed to Voice of Russia in early 90’s. At that time, there were some positive developments – among
them you can find the introduction of Russian Service. The need in such a service grew very high after the closure of
Radiostantsiya Rodina, because Russians abroad needed a voice from Russia speaking their mother tongue. In its best times,
Russian Service operated almost around the clock, leaving the air for an hour or two only, making way for the special programs
for seamen. But then, due to chronic underfunding, the Voice of Russia was forced to reduce its staff and broadcasting hours.
Only 33 language services survived the reforms, while others were eliminated. English is on the air 15 hours per day (remember
their 24-hour broadcasting a decade ago), and Russian sounds on their waves for 8 hours per day only. Nevertheless, the
number of used frequencies is still large, and we will not quote the schedule here. You may find frequency tables of all
language sections at their Web site at: www.vor.ru. The same site offers an electronic reception report form, promising to verify
correct reports with QSL cards. Concerning snail mail reports, DXers say that station verifies them, but I feel that everything
depends on which language you listened to. Some language sections may not have enough funds for all that. In any case, write to: Voice of Russia,
Pyatnitskaya 25, Moscow 113326.
And don’t forget that the DX program at the Russian Service of Voice of Russia, produced and presented by the famous
DXer Pavel Mikhaylov, still attracts lots of young and old Russian-speaking DXers from all over the world.
Besides Voice of Russia, there’s a number of other broadcasters, both Russian and foreign, that use transmitters in this
country. But I must mention one significant thing: in most cases, transmitting equipment does not belong to stations
themselves. Broadcasters hire airtime from Ministry of Telecommunications, the owner of transmitters and aerial fields.
Even the Voice of Russia is not an exception in this matter. There are several transmitting enterprises throughout the
country. In the following list, the nearest big city is given as transmitting base location; but in reality, of course, equipment
is installed at the countryside, where population density is not so high. In some cases, engineers at these enterprises
verify listeners’ reports. Recently, I got two nice electronic QSL letters from Mikhail Timofeyev at CRR No.2, for their relays
of Radio Rossii and the Voice of Russia. If you decide to send your report to him, here’s the e-mail address:
[email protected]. CRR is the Russian abbreviation for Center of Broadcasting and Radio Communications; TCR
stands for Territorial Center of Broadcasting.
CRR No.1
Far East
Ul.Pavlovicha 7a, Khabarovsk, 680670
CRR No.10
European Part
Ul.Nikolskaya 7, Moscow, 103012
(I’ve noticed a verified snail-mail report, signed by Anatoli Titov, Chief
Ul.Sverdlova 37, Irkutsk, 664100
CRR No.11
CRR No.2
European Part
Ul.Rimskogo-Korsakova 9, Novosibirsk, 630048
Ul. Akademika Pavlova, 13a, St.Petersburg 197376
CRR No.3
TCR No.12
European Part
Ul.Gagarina 6a, Samara, 443079
Ul.Svyazi 40, pos.Atamanovka, Chitinskiy rayon, Chitinskaya oblast,
TCR No.4
(another reported address: P.O.Box 672, Chita-Centr, 672090)
Yekaterinburg Radio Center:
European Part
Pos.Oktyabrskiy, Tbilisskiy rayon, Krasnodarskiy kray, 352341
TCR No.6
Pr.Kosmonavtov 99, Yekaterinburg, 620058
Far East
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Radio Center
Pos.Razdolnoye, Primorskiy kray, 692420
CRR No.8
Far East
Ul.Svyazi 1b, Yelizovo, Kamchatskaya oblast, 684006
The numbering was inherited from the times of Soviet Union. Centers No. 5, 7 etc. are now outside of Russia.
Well, what is relayed via these CRR/TCR? First, well-known Russian stations: The Voice of Russia and Radio Rossii (this is the main domestic radio
program). The second program, Radio Mayak, officially left shortwave in 1999. It was heard via Novosibirsk on 26…28 May this year (15410 kHz), but
it was nothing but a test. Then, you can receive numerous foreign stations that hire airtime from Russian authorities and direct their signals to the
Middle East, Asia and Far East. Among them are: VOA, DW, BBC, RFI, RCI, TWR, and many others. You can even find some relays of unofficial radios in
Russian transmitting centers’ schedules, particularly IBC Tamil (0000-0100 on 11570, via Novosibirsk), Democratic Voice of Burma (1245-1345 on
5945, 1430-1455 on 5940, both via Vladivostok), China Radio (1200-1300 on 9450, via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy)
Well, up to this point we mainly concentrated on well-known international broadcasters. But, of course, there are some less famous (hence much
more interesting to catch) voices coming from Russia. First of all, I’d like to mention the special radio services for fishermen and mariners. You can
hear three outlets of this kind:
a) Radiostantsiya Atlantica (the Atlantic). It has studios in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, north-western Russia. Programs are intended for marine staff
in the seas of Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Quite recently, they also used to hire powerful CRR/TCR transmitters, but obviously realized that it’s too
expensive. Now Atlantica is relayed via the maritime coastal station Murmansk Radio, in USB mode. Approximate broadcast time is 0800-0900, on
4429, 6510, 13093 and 17266 kHz. I’ve seen a report about a QSL letter received from them.
Address: Per.Rusanova 7, Murmansk 183042.
E-mail: [email protected]
b) Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean (the Pacific Ocean). On the air since 1963, but now stands at the edge of closure, because of heavy underfunding.
They receive a lot of letters and reports from all over the world, but have no opportunity to reply. DXers in the Eastern Russia received Tikhiy Okean
during this season at 0715 only on the sole frequency 12070 kHz.
And the official A00 schedule is:
0130-0215 21800 Irkutsk
0715-0800 7210 Khabarovsk, 7490usb Khabarovsk, 10344usb Khabarovsk, 12055 KHabarovsk, 12070 Khabarovsk, 15490 Irkutsk
1800-1845 12065 Irkutsk
Address: ul.Uborevicha 20a, Vladivostok, 690000
c) Kamchatka Rybatskaya (Fishery Kamchatka). Transmits from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.
1900-2000 Tu/Th/Sa 7340, 12045
Then, there are some regional stations using SW in Russia. The country is divided into 89 regions and national republics. Some of them are so huge in
the terms of territory, therefore only SW is capable to reach its far corners. And, for instance, Tatarstan faces another complicated situation: many
people of Tatar origin are scattered throughout Russia and the remaining world (only one-fourth of them live inside Tatarstan), and they certainly wish
to receive information from their historic Motherland.
Voice of Tatarstan broadcasts three hours daily, mainly in Tatar (the language somewhat similar to Turkish), with some Russian inserts. Programs are
produced in Kazan (Rep. of Tatarstan) and relayed via Samara site. The schedule is: 0400-0500 on 11665, 0600-0700 on 9690, 0800-0900 on
11925. The main target are Tatar-speaking people who live outside Tatarstan. Station does QSL (it has a freelance QSL Manager). Write to: QSL
Manager, P.O.Box 134, Kazan, 420136. Return postage required: $1 or 2 IRC.
Two Caucasian national republics relay their programming via TCR No. 4 in Krasnodar, on 7325 kHz. These are Adygeya (1700-1800 Mo/Fr) and
Kabardino-Balkariya (1730-1800 We/Th/Su). I suppose they also have many compatriots in the Caucasus area and the Middle East.
And now, a brief list of low-power (100 kW or less) regional radio stations which, under favourable reception conditions, could be received abroad. All
them have a few hours of domestic programming, while the remaining time they relay a central program (usually Radio Rossii)
6060 – 5 kW
Ulan-Ude (Buryatia)
(noticed with local program of Amurskoye Radio at 0958)
4795 – 50 kW
6125 – 5 kW
4820 – 50 kW
6095 – 3 kW
7200 – 5 kW
15235 – 3 kW
(both at 0200-1600)
15165 – 5 kW
(also relays Tyumen programs)
Yakutsk (Resp. Sakha)
15315 – 5 kW
4825 – 50 kW
(both at 1600-2200)
7140 – 50 kW
7200 – 100 kW
6160 – 40 kW
7345 – 50 kW
7210 – 100 kW
4895 – 50 kW
11840 – 15 kW
5290 – 5 kW
(noticed with local program of Radio Sakhalin at 2000, in USB mode)
11650 – 5 kW
Compared to elder lists and WRTH, the following local stations
(a single tx, uses 5290 at 0000-1600, and 11650 at 1605-2000)
switched off:
(In May 2000, Perm was noticed on 6150 kHz at 0100)
4030 – Anadyr
4040 – Tura
5290 – 50 kW
4050 – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
4485 – Yazykovo (other sources say they’re on the air, but don’t relay
5930 – 50 kW
local Radio Bashkortostana)
(also has been noticed at the USB frequencies of Radio Atlantica)
4485 – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
4520 – Palana
5940 – 100 kW
4610 – Komsomolsk-na-Amure
7320 – 100 kW
4860 – Chita
9530 – 100 kW
5015 – Tavrichanka
9600 – 100 kW
7185 – Perm
15200 – Perm
Radiostantsiya Mix-Master, Yakutsk, was reported recently. Its airtime is 2100-1700, on 4940 kHz. Write to: ul.Oktyabrskaya 20/1, office 1,
Yakutsk, 677027
Another relatively new station is Chechnya Svobodnaya (Chechnya Free). It has appeared last autumn, with broadcasts intended for population of the
rebel Chechen Republic in the Caucasus Area. It’s rather curious that they don’t use Chechen language, and only speak Russian and Arabic. The
current schedule is:
From St.Petersburg
0200-0500 7335
0530-1400 15620
1430-2000 7335
0200-1700 12045
1730-2000 9940
From Moscow:
0500-1330 11985
1400-2000 7345
In late 80’s and early 90’s (the time of SW Renaissance here), some new low-powered stations appeared, obviously using former jammer
transmitters, but at present almost all of them left SW. For nostalgic reminiscence, here is a partial list: Radio N (Yekaterinburg) on 6200 kHz, Radio
Titan Company (Ufa) on 6185 kHz, Radio Polis (St. Petersburg) on 6045 kHz, Radio 7 (Samara) on 6115 and 9550 kHz, etc. etc. Some of them were
usual commercial stations, who later realized that SW cannot provide such a signal quality as VHF can. Others relayed Western voices such as
VOA/RL/BBC, but soon refused because of low audience interest. By the way, Radio 7 from Samara was an interesting phenomenon, broadcasting
on 7 (hence the name) languages of people living in Samara region (Russian, Tatar, Moldovian, Yiddish, German, Chuvash and Ukrainian), but then it
left SW and now uses only 1107 kHz + FM locally.
And we will end with a nice oddity. There’s another station which is sometimes heard in Europe. It’s a really private one, and its owner, Mr. Shishkin,
even has a license as a real mass media unit. The station name is Radio Samorodinka, it’s located in Moscow area, and the real attract of it is that
Samorodinka has daily CW (telegraphy !!!) broadcasts. You can hear the station in the vicinity of 3923 kHz at the local evenings (after 1900 UTC,
starting with AM and then moving to CW). If you receive this (really hard-to-receive) signal, your report is always welcome at: Mr. Lev Shishkin, P.O.Box
898, Glavpochtamt, Moscow, 101000.
My special thanks to Anatoly Klepov, the editor of RUS-DX bulletin, which turned to a good source of information for this article. Sincere thanks also
to Nikolay Rudnev, the supplier of most RUS complete schedules at that bulletin, to Ildus Ibatullin, QSL Manager of the Voice of Tatarstan, and to
other Russian and foreign DXers whose info was used by me when preparing this article.
Antônio Avelino da Silva
Exclusivo, somente para a cidade de Caruaru
Exclusivo, somente para a cidade de Caruaru, a partir do dia 15 de setembro atá 30 de outubro de 2014
Babul Gupta
Ampegon delivers Shortwave Transmitters
Ampegon delivers Shortwave Transmitters and Antenna Systems to Saudi Broadcast Corporation
Turgi, Switzerland, September 12, 2014. Saudi Broadcast Corporation (SBC), Saudi’s National Broadcaster, has contracted Ampegon through
undisputed Saudi market leader First Gulf Company (FGC) for the renewal of their radio transmission site in Riyadh. Ampegon will deliver four 500 kW
shortwave transmitters, four shortwave antennas HRS 4/4/0.5 and the BroadMaster broadcast control system. The new systems will replace existing
analog transmitters with four tubes by modern analog/digital transmitters having single high power tube amplification and hence a much better
overall efficiency. Saudi Broadcast Corporation has selected FGC proposal with Ampegon because of the capability of FGC to handle large projects
along with Ampegon’s expertise and the reliability of their systems well known since decades. Ampegon had supplied several antenna and
transmission systems in the past and feels honored to once again show presence in Saudi Arabia.
The transmitters will be manufactured in Turgi, Switzerland. Factory tests together with SBC engineers are planned for autumn and shipments before
end of 2014. Commissioning by an Ampegon engineer will start afterwards and the new systems are expected to be on air within summer 2015.
Engineer Saleh A. Almeghaileeth, Vice-President for Engineering Affairs at SBC, is extremely pleased to work together with Ampegon: “Ampegon
offers a complete solution approach including transmitters, antennas, broadcast control systems and DRM integration. We trust on Ampegon’s and
FGC’s experience as they had delivered shortwave transmitters in the past that still work to our full satisfaction.”
Tel. +41 58 710 44 00
[email protected]
Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi
Joao Araujo
1- Kenwood R-599, perfeito.
1- Eton E1-XM, na caixa, com acessorios.
1- Scanner Realistic Pro-2021
1- Icom IC R-7000, lindo, tudo funcionando.
Tr. PVT - Joao S Araujo - [email protected] - SOMENTE VENDA, SEM TROCAS.
Júnior Torres De Castro
Imagem digital do Meteor-M-2
Fantástica êh a pessoa que faz as coisas funcionarem tão bem e ao mesmo tempo ensinar a nós radioamadores como reproduzir as experiências
como se fosse a coisa mais fácil do mundo. Parabéns Mestre e Amigo
Junior. Py2bjo
Em 12/09/2014, às 14:44, "[email protected] [radioescutas]" <[email protected]> escreveu: Fantástico !
Fiz um rápido teste de recepção de imagem digital LRPT ! Vejam aqui: Imagens digitais LRPT
HRi Radio
DX Extra No.10 Released!
It is with great excitement to release the latest DX Extra No.10 to the world wide web.
In this fortnight's podcast:
Airwaves hacked by Brooklyn pirates
Changes to Radio Australia
V13 still on air
Massive CME heading our way
REE closes Oct 1st
From the archives - Radio Nordsea International
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Cheers, HRi Radio - Tasmania
Vinícius Muline
A Reportagem Especial
A Reportagem Especial está dividida em 5 (cinco) blocos.
Memória do Rádio: http://www2.camara.leg.br/camaranoticias/radio/materias/REPORTAGEM-ESPECIAL/404135-MEMORIA-DO-RADIO-OSPIONEIROS-NO-BRASIL-E-NO-MUNDO-BLOCO-1.html
Nota del Editor: Al haber escuchados los programas, son de un material histórico muy bueno, lo cual tratare de compartir en lo posible en el
Programa de Frecuencia al Día del amigo Dino Bloise, porque le mismo debe ser difundido.
Arnaldo Slaen
Frecuencia al Día
FRECUENCIA AL DÍA-[No. 395, Septiembre 12, 2014]En esta emisión:Argentina | Homenaje a Carlos Gardel. Recordando al cantante, compositor y
actor de cine. Carlos Gardel, ídolo máximo de los argentinos. Es el más conocido representante del género en la historia del tango. En esta entrega,
un homenaje a Carlitos. Reportaje con Víctor Hugo González.-Escúchanos 24/7, 365 días desde:www.programasdx.com/frecuencialdia.htmAdemas
los siguientes temas: Frecuencia Análisis: Las noticias más importantes sobre telecomunicaciones y tecnología*** Luís Valderas: Perú encabeza
piratería de TV por cable*** Hugo López, CE3BBC: Tributo de Recordación a Gabriel Iván Barrera. Inolvidable Figura del Diexismo
Latinoamericano*** Gustavo Luna: Adora fija posición ante frecuencias*** Daniel Silva: Desde la TV Digital, se cambia la comunicación en la
Argentina*** El Informe DX con Luís Gerardo Loyola. -Escúchanos cualquier día, a cualquier hora haciendo click ennuestra página web de
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Este envío no es considerado Spam, mientras se incluya la forma de ser removido.Tu espacio de los viernes.-Frecuencia Al Día, El más internacional22
Manuel Méndez
4949.8 Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 2350-0005, 06-09, Songs and comments in Portuguese. 14321. (Mendez)
15476 LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 1945-2008, 02-09, Spanish, comments, songs. 14221. Also 1950-2013,
05-09, Spanish comments, songs in Spanish, guitar. 14321. (Mendez)
15345.4, Radio Nacional, General Pacheco, 2023-2110, 06-09, program "Derecho Viejo", "Radio Nacional, La Radio Publica, cinco de la tarde
con cincuenta y dos minutos", "Por un poder judicial para todos, Derecho Viejo". 34433. (Mendez)
1550 Radio Nacional Republica Arabe Saharui, Rabuni, 2057-2109, 06-09, Arabic, comments, interference from Capital One on 1548. 22322.
4835 VL8A, Alice Springs, NT, 1825-1910, 06-09, English, comments and songs, at 1830: "Good Morning, ABC News", news. 24322. (Mendez)
5952.5, Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, 2358-0015, 06-09, Spanish and Quechua, comments. 14321. (Mendez)
6134.8, Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2356-0018, 06-09, Bolivian songs, flute. Strong interference from Radio Aparecida. 12221.
4805 Radiodifusora do Amazonas, Manaus, 0008-0016, 07-09, Brazilian songs. 14321. (Mendez)
4875 Radiodifusora Roraima, Boa Vista, 0353-0412, 06-09, religious comments and songs, Portuguese. 24322. (Mendez)
4905 Radio Relogio Federal, Rio de Janeiro, 0010-0022, 07-09, Portuguese, comments. 14321. (Mendez)
4915 Radiodifusora Macapa, Macapa, 0355-0510, 07-09, Brazilian songs, Portuguese, comments. 24322. (Mendez)
5970 Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, 0455-0512, 06-09, Brazilian songs. (Mendez)
6010 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 0452-0500, 07-09, Portuguese, comments. At 0500 strong inteference from BBC on 6005. 23221.
6135 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 0508-0550. 06-09, religious program "Con a Mae Aparecida". 24322. (Mendez)
6180 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 0604-0620, 06-09, Portuguese, comments. 24322. (Mendez)
9565 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 0508-0515, 06-09, religious comments, Portuguese. 14321. (Mendez)
9630 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 0446-0520, 06-09, religious program "Con a Mae Apareica". 24322. (Mendez)
9645.4 Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 0507-0540, 06-09, Portuguese, comments, Brazilan songs. 24332. (Mendez)
9664.8 Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, 0510-0523, 06-09, religious comments, Portuguese. 14321. (Mendez)
11764.8 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 0513-0524, 06-09, religious comments, Portuguese. 23322. (Mendez)
11789 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 0606-0630, 06-09, Portuguese, comments. 23222. (Mendez)
11815 Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0511-0555, 06-09, Brazilian songs, identification at 0549: "Radio Brasil Central, 2 e 39". 24322. (Mendez)
11855 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 0505-0533, 06-09, "Con a Mae Aparecida", identification: "Rede Aparecida de Comunicaçao". 24322.
5910 Alcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, 0510-0700, 07-09, Latin American songs, "Llaneras". 34433. (Mendez)
4765 Radio Progreso, La Habana, 0350-0403*, 07-09, Cuban and Latin American songs, male, Spanish, comments. Very nice good musical
program and good signal. 34433. (Mendez)
25000 Time Signal Station Mikes, 1907-1915, 02-09, pulses with the seconds, at second 59 silent. 24322. (Mendez)
6160 MV Baltica Radio, *0800-0820, 07-09, identification in German and English, pop music, comments. 24322. (Mendez)
7265 Hamburger Lokal Radio, 0640-0658, 06-09, English, Glenn Hauser's program "World of Radio". 24322. (Mendez)
9485 MV Baltic Radio, *0900-0915, 07-09, dentification in German and English, pop music, comments. 24322. (Mendez)
4055 Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0450-0608*, 06-09, English, religious comments, identification in various languages, anthem and close down.
14321. Also 0450-0608*, 07-09, program in Spanish "Ejercicios Espirituales" with religious comments and songs. At 0500 program in
English "Spiritual Songs" religious comments and songs, identification in various languages "Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, Guatemala,
América Central", anthem and close down. Good signal today. 24322. (Mendez)
9635 Radio Mali, Bamako, 1525-1605, 06-09, African songs, comments, French and Vernacular. 13221. (Mendez)
5995 Radio Mali, Bamako, *0556-0612, 06-09, tuning music, anthem, French, identification: "Radio Mali emmetant du Bamako...", comments
and African music. 24322. (Mendez)
6185 Radio Educacion, Mexico D. F., 0445-0502*, 06-09, classic music, Spanish, comments, identification: "Radio Educacion, programas
educativos", "La Direccion General de Radio Educacion". 23322.
Also 0353-0501*, 07-09, classic music, comments, program: "Mundo del Trabajo", "Radio Educación, llegamos al final de esta emisión
de Mundo del Trabajo", anthem and close down. 24322. (Mendez)
4774.9 Radio Tarma, Tarma, 0006-0016, 07-12, Peruvian songs, flute. 14321. (Mendez)
9674.8 possible Radiodifusora del Pacífico, Lima, Peru, reported reactivated recently, 0620-0715, 07-09, very weak signal, barely audible,
comments and songs, possibly religious songs. Very weak to identified the language. 14321. (Mendez)
Claudio Galaz
6060 RAE 9/9 1030 UT. Mujer habla en idioma chino dando informaciones sobre Argentina y música de tango de fondo. SINPO: 45344
7055- LSB 8/9 2302 UT. Concurso de la Semana Sarmientina 2014 del “Radio Club San Juan” LU1PAA en 40 y 80 metros. Contacto desde la
casa natal de Domingo Faustino Sarmiento en San Juan, Argentina. Se entrega la palabra “patria” por parte de LU5PIF (Ivana) y “El” por
parte de LU2PBJ (Juan) para formar la frase: “El derecho y la patria, su ideal”. SINPO: 55444.
15345 RAE 11/9 1831 UT. Mujer lee, en alemán, resultados de partidos de futbol argentino de la semana. SINPO: 45434
9620 VOA 8/9 2140 UT. Hombre habla en idioma bambara. SINPO: 35333
11730 R.BELARUS 11/9 2240 UT. Hombre habla en idioma ruso con cortina musical de fondo durante 5 minutos hasta que presenta un tema
musical. SINPO: 45444 con bajo audio.
6135 R.SANTA CRUZ 9/9 1010 UT. Clases de cálculo, estadísticas, relaciones y funciones aritméticas e indicaciones de desarrollo de un módulo.
SINPO: 55444
11735 RTM 12/9 1939 UT. Programa “Falando serio” con música cristiana, reflexiones cristianas basadas en el nuevo testamento, temas varios
como listas literarias, noticias y avisos de una aplicación para tablets realizada por la emisora. SINPO: 55444.
11815 R.BRASIL CENTRAL 8/9 2152 UT. Avisos de tiendas y servicios de la ciudad de Goiânia. SINPO: 53433 con QRM de BBC desde 11810.
6925 AM RCW 6/9 0535 UT. Gong e ID, con informaciones acerca de la emisora, música variada y especial del músico argentino Gustavo Cerati,
recientemente fallecido. SINPO: 35333.
6925 AM RCW 7/9 0332 UT. Partido amistoso México-Chile, desde Levi’s Stadium de Santa Clara, California, USA. RCW transmite “Estadio en
Portales” de Radio Portales de 1480 kHz de Onda Media. SINPO: 25232. A las 0358 se recuerda cambiar la hora local con SINPO: 35222.
A las 0403 aprox. Acaba el partido.
7550 AM RCW 9/9 0052 UT. Campanadas y avisos de la emisora, junto a música en inglés (?), malas condiciones y mucho ruido en aquella
frecuencia hacen difícil identificarla. SINPO: 25222
9430 CRI 12/9 2055 UT. Servicio en francés. Una joven cuenta su testimonio de vivir en China y de que muchas veces han confundido el francés
con el español hasta las 2107. Después música occidental hasta las 2110, cuando comienza un especial de música dedicada a la música
pop norteamericana en inglés. SINPO: 55444 // 11660 SINPO: 55444
CRI 8/9 1128 UT. Hombre habla, en esperanto, de la participación en un seminario en donde conoció gente de China, Estados Unidos,
Mongolia entre otros países como parte de un micro programa. Señal con SINPO: 54454 con leve QRM de KSDA-AWR con su servicio en
ruso en la misma frecuencia hasta las 1131, cuando esta sale del aire. Siendo el SINPO: 55454 // 11635 con SINPO: 43443 con QRM de
CNR-1 DE 11630 y la mixtura entre RTI en chino y CNR-1 // 15110 con SINPO: 54333
9860 CRI 11/9 2215 UT. Se habla, en esperanto, de cada uno de los instrumentos utilizados en la música folclórica china, el origen y evolución
desde la época del neolítico hasta la actualidad hasta las 2225. SINPO: 55444 // 7315 SINPO: 45454 sin QRM de CNR-2 en la misma
9490 R, REPUBLICA 9/9 0233 UT. Vía Issoudun, Francia. Noticias sobre los problemas de la actualización del sistema económico cubano.
SINPO: 44444
11840 RHC 8/9 2355 UT. Solo portadora al aire hasta las 00 del 9/9 (UT), cuando comienza con audio entrecortado // 13740 sin portadora.
17700 IRIB. 8/9 1152 UT. Comienzo del servicio en idioma chino con gong, ID, canto del himno nacional, pequeña presentación, cantos coránicos
y explicación. SINPO: 45444 // 17780 SINPO: 45444 // 21470 SINPO: 45343 // 21650: 45434
12025 IRIB. 9/9 0209 UT. Programa “Entrevista sobre la actualidad política” acerca del apoyo popular al presidente Maduro por las medidas anti
contrabando, hasta las 0215. SINPO: 45454 // 9860 SINPO: 35233
11795 KBS 8/9 1110 UT. Servicio en español. Noticias con informaciones acerca de estudiantes norcoreanos refugiados en Corea del Sur que
realizan el segundario y la subida de su tasa de aprobación. Después de las 1115 se habla sobre la celebración de la fiesta del Chuseok,
realizada en honor a la luna. SINPO: 55545
11810 KBS 8/9 2200 UT. Programa en inglés para Europa con informaciones sobre Corea de Sur, Corea del norte y Japón. SINPO: 45444
5980 R.CHASKI 8/9 2341 UT. Programa “Momento decisivo” con un estudio de Cristo como sacerdote y del tabernáculo del templo con audio sin
sobremodulación, pero un poco bajo. SINPO: 35433
11770 V.O.NIGERIA 12/9 2119 UT. Hombre habla sobre algunas informaciones y se escuchan grabaciones en ¿Hausa? SINPO: 44343 con leve
QRM de S.R DEUS E AMOR en 11765.
1000 R.MIL 9/9 0333 UT. Entrevista a senador con el tema del financiamiento de los sueldos de los médicos y los aguinaldos propuestos por la
comisión de hacienda. SINFO: 43543 con antena de ferrita apuntada hacia el nor-este. Señal con QRM de BBN desde Santiago de Chile de
leve a moderado. (Claudio Galaz, Rx: TECSUN PL-660, ANT: Ferrita del RX, QTH: Ovalle, IV Región, Chile)
17595 REE 8/9 2111 UT. Entrevista, en portugués, a un profesor de turismo de la Universidad de Santa Catarina acerca de la Amazonia de Brasil.
SINPO: 55444
** USA
7730 WRMI-FAMILY RADIO. 8/9 2331 UT. Estudio bíblico sobre el libro de “Rut” acerca del concepto de redención, elección y condenación
tomando en cuenta el ejemplo de Sansón. SINPO: 45444
9955 WRMI-RADIO SLOVAKIA INTERNATIONAL 8/9 1050 UT. Programa “Carta de los oyentes” en donde dos locutores -un hombre y una mujerleen cartas de auditores a la emisora, especialmente de cubanos que dejan su dirección postal o de informes de recepción con pedidos de
QSL. Luego se habla de la dirección del servicio en español de Radio Slovakia International y música de despedida hasta las 1059, además
del aviso de [email protected]. Señal con SINPO: 45344 con muy poco desvanecimiento. A las 11, comienza el programa diexista “Wavescan”
con SINPO: 43343, pero con marcado QRM de RFI en chino.
9955 WRMI 9/9 0131 UT. Programa “Frecuencia al día” con informaciones de la CX 140 Radio Zorrilla de San Martín AM 1400, Uruguay a cargo
Rubén Walter Suárez y la entrevista de Magdiel Cruz a Ivan Istlahuaca sobre su participación en un congreso diexista y su interés en la
construcción de antenas. SINPO: 45444
15190 R.AFRICA 8/9 2218 UT. Predicación en inglés y luego algo de música con bajo audio. SINPO: 43343 con QRM de R. INCONFIDENCIA desde
1480 UNID 9/9 0909 UT. Señal horaria con pitidos cada 30 segundos y 1 minuto. SINFO: 42442 con ferrita apuntada hacia nor-este, nortenorte-este y norte con casi el mismo SINFO. La señal con mucho QRM de otras emisoras como América de Paraguay, una religiosa boliviana
(?) sin ID o Amistad de Tomé. Chile, siendo variable esto a la posición de la antena. (Claudio Galaz, Rx: TECSUN PL-660, ANT: Ferrita del RX,
QTH: Ovalle, IV Región, Chile)
1480 Se recuerdan que hace unos meses se reportó en la lista una emisora horaria en 1480. ¿Alguien tiene más datos de ello? Yo ayer la reporté
a las 9 UTC, 1 hora antes de que entrara Radio Comunicativa de Ovalle.
Claudio Galaz - RX: Tecsun PL-660 - ANT: Hilo de 30 metros - QTH: Ovalle, IV Región, Chile.
Allan Stern
USB 0132z: Shannon Volmet. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0314z: Shannon Volmet. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0307z: Shanwick Radio working "Lufthansa 495"; 5649 kHz backup freq. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0313z: Shanwick Radio working airliners. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0116z: Gander Radio working KLM flight for Selcal check. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0239z: Gander Radio working airliners; shifts flight to Shanwick on Primary 5583, Secondary 3446 kHz. (08/Sept/2014)
USB 0038z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 488" for Selcal check. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0040z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 37" for position report; passes Sigmet Kilo 2 re thunderstorms. (08/Sept/2014)
USB 0041z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 2364"; reports back on course. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0235z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 176" (Airbus A320 e/r TJSJ-KBDL) for position report at BOREX; FL 360; Waypoint MARIG
next. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0237z: New York Oceanic working "United 107" for position report at FL390; switched to Primary 8918 kHz. (08/Sept/2014)
USB 0312z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 214." (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0025z: Gander Volmet reciting weather reports for Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary etc. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0133z: New York Volmet reciting weather reports for St Louis, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City, etc. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0205z: Santa Maria Radio working airliner for Selcal check on JMEF. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0205z: Santa Maria Radio working airliner for Selcal check on JMEF. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0143z: Canforce Trenton Military Volmet reciting weather reports for Shearwater, Halifax, etc. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0157z: San Francisco Radio working airliners. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0201z: San Francisco Radio working airliners. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0311z: Gander Radio working airliners for position reports. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0334z: Gander Radio working "United 17" for Selcal check. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0307z: New York Oceanic working airliner; told to ctct Gander on Primary 8891, Backup 5616 kHz. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0149z: New York Oceanic working "American 62" for Selcal check. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0156z: New York Oceanic working "American 691" for Selcal check. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0033z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 200"; rqsts to deviate from course near JAINS due to wx; Selcal check on ABCD; contact on
Primary 11354, Backup 11309. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0035z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 134" for position report; told to shift to Primary freq 6577 kHz, backup 8846 kHz.
(08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0149z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 2364" for position report; cleared to climb to FL370; rqsts deviation to right for weather.
(08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0152z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 452" for position report: BOREX, estimates LAMER at 2231. (08/Sept/2014)
USB 0153z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 176" for position report; switched to Primary 6577, Backup 8846 kHz. (08/Sept/2014)
USB 0155z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 499" for Sigmet Lima 3 regarding thunderstorms. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0315z: New York Oceanic working "N148MC" for position report. (09/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0138z: New York Oceanic working airliners; passes backup freq for tonight as 6577 kHz; passes tonight's freqs for other sector of New
York Oceanic as Primary 8906, Backup 5598. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0251z: New York Oceanic working "Condor 249" for clearance to climb to FL310. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0253z: New York Oceanic working "Aero Mexico 001" for position report, Selcal check, then requests change of heading due to
weather. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0259z: New York Oceanic working "Cactus 800" flight for change of heading due to weather. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1401z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 893"; estimates position ONGOT at 1408z. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1402z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 450" over ONGOT; next BOREX at 1437, then LAMER 1451z. (12/Sept/2014)
USB 2051z: New York Oceanic working "American 395"; hands off to Jacksonville VHF 135.5 MHz. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2051z: New York Oceanic working "United 1680" for position report and Selcal check. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1515z: New York Oceanic working "Cactus 845" over OXANA, estimates waypoint GALVN 1541z; Selcal check on BKDS; Secondary
freq 11330 kHz. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1518z: New York Oceanic working "United 1486" at FL350; estimates ILIDO 1547, LETON next. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0001z: New York LDOC working "JetBlue 810" (Airbus A320, e/r Dominican Republic to New York) for position report, 125 so of
LETON, FL360; at LETON contact New York Radio on 8918 kHz. (09/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida)
USB 0302z: New York LDOC working flight for Selcal check; (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0304z: Shannon Volmet. (08/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0159: Shannon Volmet reciting weather reports. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2210z: New York Volmet reciting aerodrome weather for New York-Kennedy, Boston, etc (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0202: San Francisco Radio working airliners. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0028z; HF-GCS Station Puerto Rico working "Reach 559" (US Air Force flight) for radio check. (09/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida)
USB 2144z: "Havoc 77" (C-130J 10-5701, Dyess AFB) calling Mainsail repeatedly with no joy. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2200z: HF-GCS Station "Mainsail" reciting 30-character EAM: 4WHNW5-IRK4PEFTGLATTNMD4RT3BKEN. (12/Sept/2014)
USB 1502z: HF-GCS Station "Mainsail" reciting 30-character EAM. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0007z: HF-GCS Station Offutt with test count. (14/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
kHz USB 0008z: HF-GCS Station Andrews working "Kanza 91" (KC-135R, McConnell AFB 931ARG) for phone patch to Hilda Metro (Scott
AFB) to reqst weather for destination Colorado Springs (KCOS); ETA 0115z. (14/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0020z: HF-GCS Station working "Kanza 91" (KC-135R, McConnell AFB 931ARG) for phone patch to DSN 834-4455 (Peterson AFB
Command Post, Colorado Springs) inbound with 1 DV. (14/Sept/2014) (Al Stern,Florida).
USB 0219z: Royal Air Force (RAF) Volmet reciting weather reports. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2144z: RAF Volmet. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1536z: Gander Radio working "Air Canada 823." (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1536z: Gander Radio working "Air Canada 823." (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0223z: San Francisco Radio working airliners. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2230z: New York Oceanic working "Avianca 011"; cleared to climb to FL440; cleared to deviate up to 1 mile from route; backup freq
13354 kHz. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2234z: New York Oceanic working "KLM 714" for position report at 11 North, 45 West; at FL310; rqsts climb to FL330.
(13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2236z: New York Oceanic working "Lan Ecuador 733" for position report. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 0250z: New York Oceanic tells "Condor 249" to call on 8918 kHz. (10/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1528z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 454" for position report; handed off to San Juan VHF on 125.0 MHz. (13/Sept/2014)
USB 1529z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 938" for permission to deviate from course. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
kHz USB 1530z: New York Oceanic working "United 1688" for permission to deviate from course 15 nmi to the right. (13/Sept/2014)
USB 1530z: New York Oceanic working "United 1226" for permission to deviate from course 15 nmi to the right. (13/Sept/2014)
USB 1530z: New York Oceanic working "N1326A" for routing. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1534z: New York Oceanic working "JetBlue 836" over LAMER, estimates BOREX, next ONGOT; rqsts right deviation 20 miles; Selcal
check on EBRL. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2147z: New York Oceanic working "Delta 332" for position report. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
kHz USB 2205z: New York Volmet reciting Sigmet re Hurricane, then recites Weather forecasts for Bangor, Windsor Locks, Charlotte, etc.
(12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1456z: Gander Volmet. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2201z: New York Volmet reciting wx reports for Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1927z: New York Oceanic working airliners; backup freq 8846 kHz. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1942z: New York Oceanic working airliner for Selcal check on ASDG. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 2140z: New York Radio working airliners. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
(12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1513z: San Francisco Radio working airliners. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1504z: USAF MARS Operator "AFA5RS" (Shelbyville IN) working US Mil plane for phone patch. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1415z: New York Oceanic working "Air France 682" for position report. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1417z: New York Oceanic working "Speedbird 293" for deviation from routing. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1418z: New York Oceanic working "United 76" for position report at 44 North, 50 West. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1345z: New York Oceanic hands off flight to freq 13306. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1854z New York Oceanic working airliner; mentions waypoint TRAPP. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
USB 1856z: New York Oceanic working "Iberia 6253" for position report, secondary freq 8846. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1908z: New York Oceanic working "Caribbean 903" for clearance to climb to FL380. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1910z: New York Oceanic working "NOAA 43" (WP-3D Hurricane Hunter 158975, MacDill AFB FL) for Selcal check; secondary freq
17952 USB 1910z: New York Oceanic working "NOAA 43" (WP-3D Hurricane Hunter 158975, MacDill AFB FL) for Selcal check; secondary freq
13354. (12/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1404z: New York Oceanic working airliner; backup freq 13354 kHz. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1417z new York Oceanic working "Speedbird 43C" for position report at SNAGY. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1419z: New York Oceanic working "United 105" for position report; cleared to climb to FL350. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1427z: New York Oceanic working "American 113" for Selcal check on CLHP. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1428z: New York Oceanic working "Camber 120" for position report. (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
17952 USB 1655z: New York Radio working "Speedbird 26E." (13/Sept/2014) (Al Stern, Florida).
AL STERN Satellite Beach FL - [email protected]
Antônio Avelino da Silva
0640 06/09/14 NIG Rádio Nigéria, om em idioma Hausa, Kaduna-Jarji, 34443
0645 06/09/14 CUB Rádio Havana Cuba, om em idioma inglês, mxs, La Habana, 44444
0650 06/09/14 ASC BBC, fv em idioma inglês, Ascension, 45554
0653 06/09/14 USA WHRI The Overcomer Ministry, om/fv em idioma inglês, Cypress Creek, 34443
0656 06/09/14 USA Rádio Marti, El partido del gobierno son confortable los automóviles, cuando te han detenido, gracias Juan,
Greenville B, 34443
0628 06/09/14 CHN CNR8, fv em idioma Coreano, 45554
0035 08/09/14 E Rádio Exterior da Espanha, px Amigos de la Onda Corta, comentário sobre o “Museo del Sonido”, Noblejas, 55555
0015 08/09/14 CHN Rádio Internacional da China (CRI), px Encontro com os Ouvintes, Segmento DX, DW transmite em Português para a
África, Kashi-Saibagh, 34443
0021 08/09/14 IRN Rádio República Islâmica do Irã (VOIRI/IRIB), mxs, fv em idioma espanhol, Kamalabad, 35443
0028 08/09/14 USA RMI Wave Scan, om em idioma inglês, Okeechobee10, 23332
0623 06/09/14 F Rádio França Internacional, om/fv em idioma francês, 34443
0618 06/09/14 ALB Rádio Internacional da China, om em idioma Árabe, 45554
0636 06/09/14 CVA Rádio Vaticano, om em idioma inglês, Santa Maria di Galeria, 34443
0633 06/09/14 USA RMI Overcomer Ministry, om em idioma inglês, 34443
2150 07/09/14 USA Rádio Japão (NHK), px Ponto de Encontro, Apresentação de Roberto e Sônia, Cypress Creek, 343
Nome: Antonio Avelino da Silva (AAS) (PY7048SWL)
Local das Escutas: Caruaru, Pernambuco – Brasil - Receptor: DEGEN DE 1103 Antena: Telescópica
Gilson Bento
Com a permissão do moderador
Prezados colegas
Tenho para venda 02 Receptores de Ondas Curtas do meu uso - GRUNDIG YB 400 PE - Shortwave (1711-29999 KHz)
• FM-Stereo;
• Dual Conversion AM/SW Circuitry With SSB
• PLL Digital Tuner With LCD Digital Display
• Luz no display (para uso noturno)
• 40 memórias programáveis
• Memory-scan e scan de frequência
• Sintoniza via botões, Auto-Scan ou digitando a frequência diretamente
• Relógio com alarme, sleep timer e snooze.
• High/Low Tone Control
• Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Filter
• Saída para fone stereo
• Chave Stereo/Mono
• Chave DX/Local
• Ótimas antenas internas + entrada para antena externa
( Escuta todas as bandas de Radioamadores )
Inclui: Manual do proprietário (em inglês, francês, espanhol e alemão), Adaptador A/C, Antena portátil de enrolar
• Usa pilhas: 6 pilhas tamanho AA ou adaptador A/C
Faixas de freqüência:
OPORTUNIDADE ÚNICA : Valor R$ 500,00 ( frete por conta do comprador )
Posso enviar as fotos aos interessados ([email protected])
09-09-2014/ tx mx religiosa.h2:49vutc radio america
Rádio Voz Missionária Camboriú SC chegando bem aqui neste momento em Viçosa - MG
10/09/14/r.marumby novas de paz pr tx intervalo frases falada. Simpo3334 0025utc motoglobe.
cbn brasil .10-09-14 tx jogo em brasilia sp e botafogo.simpo44444/ rx motoglobe
10/09/14/ mws radio boa vontade tx propangada politica.simpo44444/1:00utc dx motoglobe.
09-09-14/r.romania tx aula idioma local.simpo 43444 hutc oo3/
08-09-14-r.nacional bra tx propaganda politica simpo44444-0032utc rx pl600
73 - GILSON BENTO - Aparecida -SP
Migdiel Cruz
Mmúsica de melodías cristianas, apenas legible. 3:59, y a las 4:00 UTC, ID en inglés con mejoramiento de señal¡¡¡ cambia de antena¿¿¿
This is Trans World Radio, Swaziland"... ¡¡¡¡ SINPO 35343¡¡¡
Eescuchando últimos minutos de transmisión de Radiodifusora Roraima, Brasil. Cerró 03:54 UTC. Apenas legible.
3:39 UTC, tentat. Radio Clube de Para, Brasil. Un poco mas legible. Interferencia digital en misma FX.
VOA english service. 3:34 UTC, casi ilegible. Hay mucho ruido eléctrico y estático
Babul Gupta
France Bleu - Villebon, France: 864 kHz in medium wave band in French at 2057 hrs to 2121 hrs UTC log this station on 8th August, 2014 and f/d
eQSL received on 9th September, 2014 for my email report to: [email protected] ( BABUL GUPTA, BARASAT, WEST BENGAL, INDIA )
Rodolfo Tizzi
Gracias al amigo Matthias en Alemania, pudimos identificar positivamente esta captación como el servicio doméstico de la Voz de Vietnam,
lógicamente sin usar repetidora alguna, desde Hanoi, capital de aquel país asiático. Es la primera vez que la escucho desde allí en años. Recuerdan
cuando transmitía en español en 10040 kHz de mañana temprano?. Reception of Voice of Vietnam (Hanoy-Sontay, Vietnam) on 9635 kHz by
CX2ABP in Jaureguiberry, Uruguay (GF25hf). September 6, 2014 at 1036 UTC.
La emisora oficial norcoreana, esa que se supone ser la única que el pueblo de ese país está autorizado para escuchar, en su frecuencia mas baja
por encima de la onda media (aunque de hecho, esto es onda media también, ya que es menos de 3000 khz). La pude captar el sábado pasado, a
las 1002 UTC. Reception of KCBS Pyongyang (Pyongyang, North Korea) on 2850 kHz by CX2ABP in Jaureguiberry, Uruguay (GF25hf). September 6,
2014 at 1002 UTC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56a1HZZ8y88&feature=youtu.be
NHK World Radio Japan - Ascension Island Relay: 12015 kHz in Japanese language broadcast at 0900 hrs to 0931 hrs UTC log this station on 24th
August, 2014 and f/d QSL card received on 9th September, 2014 for my online report at: https://www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/contact/
Cuando se abre la propagación por la ruta del Pacífico hacia el Lejano Oriente, es posible escuchar incluso emisiones domésticas o internacionales
de corta distancia de emisoras como CRI, en este clip en idioma camboyano. Nótese el peculiar sonido de este idioma, cuyas palabras, según leo,
tienen casi todas una o dos sílabas. Reception of China Radio International (Kunming-Anning, China) on 9490 khz by CX2ABP in Jaureguiberry,
Uruguay (GF25hf). September 6, 2014 at 1040 UTC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHUtY6TjDpM&feature=youtu.be
Toni / EA3GYE
Apreciados colegas, Os re-envío una compilación de emisoras de radiodifusión británicas en onda media, por si es de vuestro interés.
¡73! - EA3-0345-AER
Listado 2014 de emisoras británicas en onda media
Compilado por Antonio-Ángel EA3-0345 (EA3GYE) - Fuente: http://www.mediauk.com/radio/platforms/am
Spectrum Radio
BBC Radio Scotland
Smooth Radio
BBC Radio 4
BBC Three Counties Radio
BBC Radio Cornwall
BBC Radio Cornwall
BBC Radio Wales
BBC Radio York
BBC Radio 5 live
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4
BBC Essex
BBC Hereford and Worcester
Radio Hafren
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio Cumbria
BBC Essex
Smooth Radio
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio Kent
BBC Radio Leeds
Smooth Radio
BBC Radio Foyle
BBC Radio Devon
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio Scotland
Smooth Radio
BBC Asian Network
Magic 828
BBC Radio Cumbria
BBC Asian Network
Seaside Hospital Radio
Sunshine 105.9
BBC Radio Norfolk
BBC Radio Lancashire
BBC Radio Devon
BBC Radio Norfolk
BBC Radio Ulster
BBC Radio Wales
BBC Radio Wales
BBC Radio 5 live
Smooth Radio
Smooth Radio
Radio Nightingale
Canterbury Hospital Radio
Hospital Radio Basingstoke
Rookwood Sound Hospital Broadcasting
Portsmouth Hospital Broadcasting
Asian Sound Radio
Sunrise Radio 963/972 AM
Sunrise Radio 963/972 AM
(Greater London)
(East Kent)
(Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire)
(West Cornwall)
(East Cornwall)
(North East Wales)
(York & Surrounding Areas)
(West Cornwall)
(Barnstaple & North Devon)
(Central and Southern Scotland)
(Northern Scotland)
(Bournemouth, Luton)
(Leicester, Nottingham & Derby)
(Southlands Hospital)
(Central & South)
(King's Lynn)
(North West Wales/Anglesey)
(South Wales)
(West Wiltshire)
(Eastbourne & Hastings)
(Rotherham District General Hospital)
(Rookwood Hospital)
(Queen Alexandra Hospital)
(West London)
Free Radio 80s
Magic AM
BBC Radio Devon
BBC Radio 5 live
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
Magic 999
BBC Radio Solent
Radio Brunel
Whitechapel AM
Radio Brockley
Radio Heatherwood
Free Radio 80s
Downtown Radio
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
BBC Radio Jersey
Northsound 2
West Sound 1035AM
BBC Radio Sheffield
Radio 1035
BBC Radio Derby
BBC Guernsey
BBC Radio Wales
IC Radio
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Gurkha Service
Queen's Radio
L&D Hospital Radio
Free Radio 80s
Clyde 2
Smooth Radio
LBC News 1152
Magic 1152
Magic 1152
Smooth Radio
Tay AM
BBC Three Counties Radio
BBC Sussex
Magic 1161
Smooth Radio
Signal 2
Swansea Sound
Magic 1170
Radio BGWS
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
(Exeter & East Devon)
(Shrewsbury & Telford)
(Greater Belfast)
(Dartford Tunnel (Relay))
(West Sussex)
(South Kent)
(The Wash)
(Mid Wales)
(Wye campus)
(Norfolk, Plymouth)
(East Sussex)
(Portsmouth, Ipswich)
(Nottingham & Derby)
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Smooth Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Smooth Radio
RaW 1251AM
BFBS Gurkha Service
The Cat Radio
Smooth Radio
Smooth Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio
Sabras Radio
BBC Radio York
Pulse 2
Trust AM
Crush Radio 1278AM
Palace Radio
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Colchester
Insanity Radio 103.2 FM
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Gurkha Service
BFBS Gurkha Service
BHR 1287
NH Sound
VRN 1287
Hospital Radio Gwendolen
BFBS Scotland
Radio XL 1296 AM
Smooth Radio
Magic AM
Premier Christian Radio
Premier Christian Radio
Smooth Radio
Smooth Radio
BBC Wiltshire
Premier Christian Radio
BBC Radio Ulster
RamAir 1350am
University Radio York - 1350AM
University Radio Nottingham
Air3 Radio
Radio Nightingale
Stag Radio
Livewire 1350AM
Kingstown Radio
Hospital Radio Pulse
Hemel Hospital Radio
Mid-Downs Hospital Radio
(North Kent & Thames Estuary)
(Dartford Tunnel (Relay))
(Sheffield & Rotherham)
(Northampton & Corby)
(Colchester & Ipswich)
(West Kent)
(Stoke-on-Trent & Stafford)
(The Wash)
(Bury St. Edmunds)
(Wrexham and Chester)
(Bristol, Bath)
(South Kent)
(Eastbourne & Hastings)
(Scarborough & Surrounding Areas)
(Bassetlaw Hospital)
(Wattisham & Woodbridge)
(Blanford Camp)
(North London)
(South London)
(Central London)
(University Park Campus)
(Rotherham District General Hospital)
(Hemel General Hospital)
(The Princess Royal Hospital)
Radio Cavell
Range Radio 1350am
Hospital Radio Yare
Free Radio 80s
Smooth Radio
Smooth Radio
BBC Radio Solent
Manx Radio
BBC Surrey
BBC Lincolnshire
BBC Wiltshire
Asian Sound Radio
Radio Clatterbridge
Blast 1386
Anker Radio
Carillon Radio
Carillon Radio
1386AM HCR
VI Radio
Radio City 1386 AM
Radio JCom
RED Radio
Radio Rovers
BBC Radio Gloucestershire
BBC Radio Gloucestershire
Premier Christian Radio
Premier Christian Radio
University Radio Falmer
Smooth Radio
Xtreme Radio 1431AM
Radio Redhill
Carillon Radio
Chichester Hospital Radio
Apple FM
BBC Radio 4
BBC Asian Network
1449AM URB
Hub Radio
Radio 1458
BBC Newcastle
BBC Radio Cumbria
BBC Radio Devon
BBC Asian Network
Smooth Radio
BBC Radio 4
BBC Sussex
BBC Radio Humberside
BBC Radio Merseyside
BBC Radio Stoke
Radio Diamonds
Betar Bangla
Flame CCR
Pulse 2
BBC Essex
Magic 1548
Forth 2
Magic AM
BBC Radio Bristol
Smooth Radio
BBC Radio Lancashire
Eagle Extra
BBC Somerset
Hullfire Radio
(Coventry and Warwickshire)
(East Surrey/North Sussex)
(Loughborough Hospital)
(Coalville Hospital)
(West London)
(East London)
(Southend, Reading)
(Peterborough & Cambridge)
(Torbay & South Devon)
(Halifax & Huddersfield)
(Sheffield & Rotherham)
(Northampton, Southampton)
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio
Radio Tyneside
Turkish Gold Radio
Tay AM
BBC Hereford and Worcester
BBC Radio Nottingham
BBC Radio Kent
Desi Radio
(Tenbury Wells)
Georgi Bancov
Here's a quick shortwave bandscan from a few hours ago I made with my portable shortwave receiver. It shows that the shortwave bands are still very
busy, especially at the prime time listening hours in Asia.
Date: 9th September 2014 - Time: 1600-1700 UTC
Receiver: Sony ICF-7600D - Antenna: 20 metres of insulated wire - QTH: Troyan, Bulgaria
Deewa Radio
Deewa Radio
Pashto Udon Thani - 4
Tinian 3
Pashto - Iranawila - 4
Radio Free Asia
BBC World Service
Voice of Korea
Voice of Korea
Radio Free Asia
Voice of Turkey
Radio Australia
Radio Romania International
KBS World Radio
Voice of Indonesia
Voice of Turkey
Radio Australia
China Radio International
Radio Free Asia
Voice of America
China Radio International
Medi Internationale
All India Radio
All India Radio
KBS World Radio
China Radio International
Radio Taiwan Internationa l
Radio Free Asia
Deutsche Welle
Voice of Vietnam
KBS World Radio
Guanghua zhi Sheng
Radio Japan
Radio Free Europe
China Radio International
Radio Ashna
Radio Romania International
IBRA Radio
Adventist World Radio
Radio Liberty
China National Radio 1
AIR New Delhi
BSKSA Foreign Service
Voice of Korea
Radio Free Asia
Radio Free Asia
Deewa Radio
Pashto - Udon Thani - 5
1 Jammer - 4
in Uighur - Dushanbe - 2
English - A'Seela - 3 (with strong Chinese noise jamming)
in Mandarin - Beijing - 2
in Uighur - Lingshi - 4
in Mandarin - Beijing - 2
German - Kujang - 4
French - Kujang - 2
Arabic - Kamalabad - 4
Jammer - 4
Mandarin - Saipan - 2
Turkish - Emirler - 5
English - Shepparton - 4
Hindi - A'Seela - 3
French - Tiganesti - 4
English - Kimjae - 4
Arabic - Jakarta - 4
Azeri - Emirler - 5
English - Kranji - 4
Vietnamese - Beijing - 2
Jammer - 3
Uighur - Al-Dhabbaya - 2
Jammer - 3
Tibetan - Udon Thani - 3
English - 3
Arabic - Nador - 2
Bengali - Kamalabad - 5
Russian - Bangalore - 5
Hindi - Kranji - 5
Pashto - Aligarh - 4
Kazakh - Lingshi - 4
English - 4
Armenian - Sirjan - 5
Hausa - Kinming - 3
Jammer - 5
Chinese - Paochung - 4
Jammer - 4
Mandarin - Agignan Point - 3
Amharic - Kigali - 4
Russian - Sontay - 5
Korean - Kimjae - 5
Chinese - Kuanyin - 3
Japanese - Yamata - 5
Tajik - Al-Kuwait - 3
Hakka - Urumqi - 4
Pashto - Tinang - 3
Romanian - Galbeni - 4 (+RTTY QRM)
Tigriniya - Al-Dhabbaya - 4
Bulgarian - Nauen - 5
Russian - Lamperthein - 4
Chinese - Beijing - 5
Hindi - Bengaluru - 4
Uzbek - Riyadh - 3
English - Kimjae - 3
Uighur - Lingshi - 3
Sinhalese - Kranji - 3 (+RTTY QRM)
Burmese - Iranawila - 2
Jammer 4
Uighur - Tinian - 2
Time Signal Station - 5
Time Signal Station – 3
Hector \(Luigi\) Perez
Escucho desde hace un rato 09/10/14 a WHRI World Harvest Radio Int desde las 08:00 utc. Musica suave y ID a las 08:33 utc. Utilizo el
Hallicrafters S-118 y los escucho por los 11.565 khz. Ponen musica suave. Les acabo de enviar un reporte de señal. Me pregunto de donde
Claro Silva
hoje 09/10/14 Apartir de 1420 utc Radio 9de Julho voltou as ondas curtas 9820 khz. Falta a Cancao Novo e a Inconfidencia ainda....
Miguel Castellino
Anoche 08/10/14, a partir de las 02:30 se escuchaban algunas estaciones limeñas con muy buena señal:
1360 Nueva Q
1400 R.Callao
1470 R.Capital
1500 R.Santa Rosa
Esta mañana 09/10/14 las condiciones eran bastante distintas y no se escuchaba nada de Perú. Esperemos que esta noche continúen las
condiciones propicias.
73'S - Miguel Castellino
Lenildo da Silva
Rádio Nacional de Angola, português para a África Ocidental (via transmissor de 25 kW, localizado em Mulenvos, Angola), 01:00-01:01
UTC. Quarta-Feira, 10 de Setembro de 2014. Apresentação do “Jornal da Hora”; notícia sobre a instalação de um cabo de fibra ótica em
oito províncias angolanas. Segundo as informações, o próximo desafio é ligar por cabo de fibra ótica Angola ao Brasil, e, posteriormente,
aos Estados Unidos da América. Ainda conforme o locutor, o ministro das telecomunicações, José Carvalho da Rocha, promete para breve a
implementação do primeiro satélite em Angola, para fim de estender os avanços tecnológicos a todos os recantos do país. SINPO: 35333.
Poderão ouvir a gravação desta escuta via You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E-hNASy4Rk
Jose Ronaldo Xavier
09/08 0301 AGL R.Nac.de Angola,Mulenvos,in Portuguese;female/male annoucer presentes a musical prgr.;all variety musics; ID, 25432
/ 25431
09/09 1827 USA WWVH,Hawaii,in English;TS,Bips time: female announcer: hour each a minute,25442.
09/10 0200 USA WWV,Fort Collins-CO,in English;TS stn.,mv.announcer:time each a minute,ID,features,45433.
09/10 0206 USA VOA R.Ashna,Udon-Thani-THA,in Dari lang.;mv./fv.:talks,ID,45433.
09/09 1813 G BBC,Ascension,in French;News and cms.about Ebola in Africa conutries,55555.
09/10 0214 IND All India R.,Bangalore,in Kannada lang.;IS,start prgr.at 0215utc,ID,mv.:talks,indian songs,35433.
09/09 1637 OMA R.Sultanate of Oman,Thumrait,in Arabic;mv.x mv.:conversation;25432. Note: At 1811utc,45433,arabic music.
09/09 1644 G Bible Voice Broad.,Nauen-D,in Nuer lang.;mv.:talks,35432.
09/10 0220 CHN CRI,Beijing,in Mandarin;fv./mv.:talks,55444.
09/09 1649 USA VOA,SM di Galeria-CVA,in English;fv./mv.:talks,ID,25432.
09/09 1833 PHL R.Pilipinas,Tinang,main in Tagalog;music,ID,fv.:talks,freqs.,Addrs.,55444.
09/09 1656 ARS BSKSA,Riyadh,in Arabic;Holy Qur´an,35432.
09/09 1703 ARS BSKSA,Riyad,in Arabic lang.;The Qur´an,mv.talks,35443.
09/10 0225 CUB RHC,Habana,in Spanish;prgr."Revista Informativa de la Noche",ID,45443.
09/09 1708 AFS Channel Africa,Meyerton,EE,in English;mv./fv.:presents Afica News;good transmision,45444.
09/09 1715 CLA R.Medrek,Issoudun-F,in Tigrinya lang.;mv.interview a woman,35433.
09/09 1839 KRE VoKorea,Kujang,in English;fv.presents revolutionary songs,35433.
09/10 0230 CHN CRI,Kashgar,in Tamil lang.;fv.:talks,music,25332.
09/10 0235 CHN China Natl.R.,Beijing,in Mandarin;mv.talks,25332.
09/09 1722 D R.D.Welle,Kigali,in French;fv./mv.:talks,ID,45443.
09/09 1728 F R.France Intl.,Issoudun,in French;fv.announcer:interview w/a man;ID,35443.
09/09 1850 CME R.Sawter Linjilia (Voice of the Gospel),Issoudun,in Fulfulde lang.;mv.:talks;music,IS at 1858,ID,Addrs.,end prgr.at
09/09 1902 ARG RAE,B.Aires,in Italian lang.;ID,Addrs.;fv.:talks,35432.
09/10 0240 CHN China Natl.R.,Beijing,in Mandarin,fv./mv.:talks,35432.
09/09 1907 E REE,Noblejas,in Portuguese;cms.about elections 2014 in Uruguay,45433.
09/09 1733 G BBC,Ascension,EE,cms.about Nigeria,55544.
09/09 1744 USA RFA,Tinian-MRA,Korean lang.;mv.:talks,good signal and propagation,45444.
09/09 1756 ARS BSKSA,Riyadh,in Arabic;mvs.:conversation,35443.
09/09 1801 J R.Japan,Iranawila-CLN,Japanese,mv.:talks,ID,35433.
09/09 1806 USA VOA,Iranawila-CLN,in vernacular lang.to Zimbabwe;News,interview w/woman,55444.
09/09 1915 USA WETN,Vandiver,in English;ID,fv./mv.:talks,25432.
09/10 0135 CHN China Natl.R.,Beijing,in Kasakh lang.;fv.:talks,25332.
09/10 0141 USA R.Farda,Iranawila-CLN,in Farsi;mv.:talks,ID,music,35432.
09/10 1803 USA VOA,Iranawila-CLN,in Portuguese;News,ID,45433.
09/10 0147 USA Brother Stair,Okeechobee-FL,in English;mv.preaching rlg.,45433.
09/10 0154 CHN CRI,Xi´an,in English;mv./fv.:talks,25332.
JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier - (Cabedelo-Paraiba-Brazil)
Daniel wyllyans
Escutas realizadas para o evento 2 fim de semana de escutas ONDAS TROPICAIS do Dx Clube Sem Fronteiras
4 .410 khz 00:00 06/09 BOL Radio Ecos Reyes mx de violao com algumas flautas ´´pero tu corazon´´ 45333 DW
4.747 khz 00:06 06/09 PER Radio Huanta 2000 comerciales,agencia de bancos 24 horas en huanta 45444 DW
4.775 khz 00:11 06/09 PER Radio Tarma tocan musica latina que habla de paises sul america 45444 DW
4.955 khz 00:16 06/09 PER Radio Cultural Amauta Cxs por OM sobre la Selva, 45444 DW
3.310 khz 00:21 06/09 BOL Radio Mosoj Chaski varios Cxs por YL tambem repassou nxs do Ministerio de la Mujer - Em Quechua 55444 DW
4.450 khz 00:26 06/09 BOL Radio Santa Ana Mx regional con flautas ´´la entera disposicion´´ despues otra en estilo romantica 25222 DW
4.925 khz 00:32 06/09 B Radio Rural de Tefe - Amazonas OM Falou sobre mandamentos do Antigo testamento,OM Fala do Evento Ao vivo
Direto de Manaus ele Cita ser da Rede Rio Mar, 45333 DW
8 - 5.050 khz 00:37 06/09 USA WWRB Manchester ,OM Cxs citando sobre o estado da California 45444 DW
9 - 4.915 khz 00:42 06/09 B Radio Difusora de Macapa - Amapa, Mx estilo brega ´´vc nao conseguiu me esconder´´ mx por cantor 35333 DW
10 - 4.975 khz 00:47 06/09 B Radio Iguatemi - Osasco - Sao Paulo, Mx por cantora ´´como te imaginei´´ Estilo romantica. 35333 DW
11 - 4.010 khz 00:52 06/09 KUI Radio Kyrgys 01 - Quirguistao, Cxs por OM pausadamente mx ao fundo, depois YL spink 25222 DW
12 - 4.865 khz 00:57 06/09 B Radio Alvorada de Londrina - Parana, Mx ´´nao desista´´ depois Comerciais,OM Convida anunciantes,a anu
ciarem em uma empresa de 50 anos de tradiçao,ligue 3347 etc.. 34333 DW
13 - 4.865 khz 01:02 06/09 B Radio Verdes Florestas - Acre , Missa com OM e YL depois Mx na voz de uma Jovem, apos a missa continuou 44333
14 - 4.875 khz 01:07 06/09 B Radio Roraima comerciais ,da loja fone 3625-2410,slogan ´´Vc esta na R. Roraima´´ /propaganda politica
obrigatoria,da candidata deputada federal ,que e promotora de justiça, 45444 DW
15 - 3.215 khz 01:12 06/09 USA WWCR Naschiville, Pregation,Cxs por OM - Language english 45333 DW
16 - 5.015 khz 01:17 06/09 USA Radio Brother Stair Pregation,Cxs por OM language english 45333 DW
17 - 4.840 khz 01:22 06/09 USA WWCR Naschiville, ANN of adress and web site language english 55555 DW
18 - 4.985 khz 01:27 06/09 B Radio Brasil Central ,Goiania - GO OM narra jogo do goias no estadio mineirao? 33222 QRM de RTTY fora de faixa.
19 - 5.000 khz 01:32 06/09 USA WWV TIMES Bips times,OM, 35333 DW
20 - 5.035 khz 01:37 06/09 B Radio Aparecida - Sao Paulo 2 locutoras ,YLS Missa 55544 DW
21 - 5.040 khz 01:43 06/09 CUB Radio Habana Cuba International , PX Revista informativa de la noche , CXS Sobre un festival - spanish 45444 DW
22 - 3.365 khz 01:48 06/09 B Radio Cultura de Araraquara - Sao Paulo , MX com Jaizinho , ´´Deixa isso pra la que que tem,´´ depois mx
´´camon´´ 45444 DW
23 - 4.905 khz 01:53 06/09 B Radio Relogio - Rio de Janeiro, MX por cantora,´´minha alegria senhor" 45444 DW
24 - 3.330 khz 01:58 06/09 CAN CHU Times , Otawa Canada - ID Complet OM , Bips times DW
25 - 4.815 khz 02:04 06/09 B Radio Difusora de Londrina - Parana Comerciais sobre Vacinaçao,e energia COPEL , 45444 DW
26 - 4.765 khz 02:09 06/09 CUB Radio Progueso MX Cultural Cubana , 45444 DW
27 - 3.320 khz 02:14 06/09 AFS Radio Sonder Greece YL Cxs in language Afrikaans 45333 DW
28 - 5.025 khz 02:19 06/09 CUB Radio Rebelde MX Pop animation, por cantor 35333 DW
29 - 4.055 khz 02:24 06/09 GTM Radio Verdad Cxs por OM se paso el endecho del progama ,IN Spanish 25222 DW
30 - 4.790 khz 02:29 06/09 PER Radio La Voz de Salvacion, Cxs por OM ´´En la direcion de la vida" 25122 DW
31 - 4.915 khz 02:35 06/09 B Radio Difusora de Macapa , Amapa - Mx Rock classico ´´Palavras ´´ 35333 DW
32 - 4.885 khz 02:50 06/09 B Radio Clube do Para,belem - PA , PX Botiquim, OM Manda alos,depois Mx estilo Brega, 45333 DW
33 - 4.020 khz 03:05 07/09 (Provalmente um Harmonico), Nao e muito comum Aqui em OT . Cxs OM ,Arabe 25222 DW
34 - 4.228 khz 03:10 07/09 CHL Radio CBV Valparaiso , CHILE BIPS FAX Siguinal , Met., 35222 DW
35 - 4.950 khz 03:15 07/09 ANG Radio Nacional de Angola, MX Pop estilo calma ( em portugues ok ) , depois Mxs em ingles 35233 DW
36 - 4.930 khz 03:28 07/09 USA Voice of America Via Broadcasting BOTSWANA, YL/NXS in language english 35333 DW
37 - 4.780 khz 03:36 07/09 DJI Radio and TV of Djibout - Africa OM longos comentarios, audio bom 45333 DW
38 - 3.200 khz 03:41 07/09 SWZ Trans World Radio YL Spink /MX nao muito rapida, Language english 35222 DW
39 - 3.240 khz 03:50 07/09 SWZ Trans World Radio Cxs por OM Language English 35222 DW
40 - 2.500 khz 08:40 07/09 USA WWV Times BIPS , OM , ID 25222 DW
41 - 4.213 khz 08:48 07/09 USA WLO Mobile Radio BIPS Siguinal em CW 35222 DW
42 - 4.755 khz 08:53 07/09 FSM PMA The Cross Pohnpei OM Cxs,depois um curto comentario por YL // Cxs 25222 DW
43 - 5.020 khz 09:06 07/09 SLM Solomon Islands Broadcasting Nxs por YL 25222 DW
44 - 3.375 khz 09:11 07/09 B Radio Municipal Cxs por OM Saudaçoes 35222 DW
45 - 3.380 khz 09:16 07/09 EQA Centro Radio Dif. Imbapura Internacional Longos Cxs por YL e OM PX Gospel ,Nao tocou mx 25121 [ Transmite
46 - 4.557 khz 09:22 07/09 CLA Voice of The People Longos CXS Por OM in language Korean 35233 DW
47 - 4.805 khz 09:27 07/09 B Radio Difusora do Amazonas Mxs e Slogans // 35333 DW
48 - 4.845 khz 09:32 07/09 B Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicais - Manaus - AM Mx ´´em teus cabelos ´´ 33333 [ Foi MELHOR Captada a partir das
21:40 utc 45333 tocando O Hino Nacional ] DW
49 - 4.885 khz 09:38 07/09 B Radio A Voz do Coraçao Imaculado - Anapolis GO , Pedidos de oraçao,depois Mx/ YL 33323 [ Melhor captada das
19:00 e 20:50 utc ok, 35333 ] DW
50 - 3.985 khz 09:43 07/09 CLA Radio Echo Of Hope - Koreia of North - OM CXS In language Korean , 35223 DW
51 - 3.925 khz 09:48 07/09 J Radio Nikkei - Japan - YL Cxs in language japanese , 45333 DW
52 - 3.912 khz 09:53 07/09 CLA Radio The Voice of People - Koreia of North Cxs por OM in Language Korean 25222 DW
53 - 3.480 khz 09:58 07/09 CLA Radio The Voice of People - Koreia of North Cxs por OM in Language Korean 35222 DW
54 - 4.785 khz 10:03 07/09 B Radio Caiari - Porto velho,Rondonia Mx bruno e marrone ´´pra paz igua´´ 45444 DW
55 - 4905 khz 10:08 07/09 CHN PBS Xizang YL/OM Cxs in Tibetan // Mx 45444 DW
56 - 4.915 khz 10:13 07/09 B Radio Daqui - Goiania,Goias PX Direto do Tarbenaculo da Fe , OM Cxs . 55555 DW
57 - 5.050 khz 10:18 07/09 CHN Beibu Bay Radio Cxs/ YL, Mxs in Language Madarim 25222 DW
58 - 5.010 khz 10:23 07/09 MDG Radio Madagasikara - Island Madagascar, OM spink,Longos cxs ou nxs em lingua Local 25122 DW
59 - 4.717 khz 10:28 07/09 BOL Radio Yura - OM,Cxs sobre ´´la cultura en nuestro Pais`` 35222 DW
60 - 4.835 khz 10:54 07/09 PER Radio Ondas del Sur Oriente,Quillabanba, OM ,Slogan ´´Escuchan Radio Ondas del Sur Oriente´´ 25222 DW
61 - 4.845 khz 10:59 07/09 B Radio Meteorologia Paulista, OM falou em diocese de Sao carlos - SP , Convidou a eventos, 33222 [Forte QRM da
Radio .Cul.On.Tropicais - Manaus - AM ] DW
62 - 3.325 khz 11:05 07/09 (UNID) [ Provalmente seja, RRI Palangkarraia ou Radio NBC Bougainville se estiverem ON ] UNID Mxs depois YL //
35222 DW
63 - 4.775 khz 19:11 07/09 B Radio Congonhas, Minas Gerais,Mx por cantora,´´Juntos na Alegria´´ 45333 DW
64 - 4.940 khz 20:50 07/09 PER Radio San Antonio Mx por cantora ´´Hoooww si es si´´ estilo mais pop. 35222 DW
65 - 4905 khz 20:55 07/09 CHN PBS Xizang ID,YL,Cxs Music region China ,por Cantor language Tibetan 45444 DW
66 - 4.950 khz 21:01 07/09 IND AIR SKINAGAR Cxs depois Mxs Idiana , ANN Varios Slogans 35333 DW
67 - 4.800 khz 21:10 07/09 CHN China National Radio 01 [ CNR 01 ] Cxs por YL ,Mx romantica chinesa ,Mandarim 45333 DW
68 - 4.920 khz 21:20 07/09 CHN (PRESUMIDA) Radio PBS Xizang Varias Mxs,o estranho e que atenderam varios ouvintes. nao sei se a PBS Xizang
o faz, 45333 Audio legal DW
69 - 4.835 khz 21:35 07/09 AUS Radio VL8-A , Ou Australian Broadscating Corporation, Mxs Pop rock,depois OM atende ouvinte ou
reporter,Cxs,slogan/YL 45333 DW
70 - 5.025 khz 21:50 07/09 PER [PRESUMIDA] Radio Quillabamba,Peru OM,Cxs ´´en la altura ´´ 25122 DW
71 - 4.700 khz 21:57 07/09 BOL Radio San Miguel,Riberalta OM Cxs sobre "el ya en contentacion,´´ ANNS, 35222 DW
72 - 4.940 khz 22:31 07/09 CHN Voice of Strait IDS OM Cxs in madarim 25212 [ Tem Melhor audio as 10 utc 55555 ] DW
73 - 4765 khz 23:06 07/09 TJK Radio Tajikistan - Tajiquistao , OM longos Cxs in Language Tajiquistan 35333 DW
74 - 4.895 khz 23:13 07/09 MNG Radio Mongolia , CXS por OM , in Language mongolian 25222 DW
75 - 4.895 khz Radio Novo Tempo - Campo Grande MS transmite somente de Segunda a Sexta - SAB/DOM somente quando ha Eventos . DW
4.755 khz Radio Imaculada conseiçao - Campo Grande MS [ Transmite de forma Inrregular ] . DW
5.015 khz Radio Cultura de Cuiaba - MT [ Permanesse OFF Desde Junho ] . DW
Recptor: Tecsun PL 660
Antenas: Long wire 10 Metros de altura. junto a 4 fios onimidirecional de 5 M. de largura e 1 M. de altura//Long wire 7 meters .
Daniel Wyllyans Nova Xavantina MT - http://dxbrazilsw.blogspot.com/
Rudolf Grimm
Novos testes da Jovem Pan 84.7 MHz em curso:
11985 ILHA DE ASCENÇÃO: HCJB Akhbar Mufriha, Fulfulde, 13/09 2150 UTC. Programa cristão, OM: mensagem, canção cristã no idioma da
transmissão, no final da transmissão, referencias à África. Identificação: ‘...Radio Akhbar Mufria’, e informação do endereço em Paris,
Rx: Sony ICF-2001D - Ant.: Loop Blindada de Ondas Curtas DXCB (indoor) + Amplif. de RF DXCB V1 - 73, Rudolf Grimm - São Bernardo SP
Nino Marabello
He recibido una confirmacion QSL de Radio Taiwan (Servicio en Espanol) 5915 kHz via Issoudun (F) kHz, 3 de agosto 2014 - 20:00 - 2040 UTC en
idioma espanol por correo tradicional en 39 dias, que se puede ver a la pagina web http://acquamarina.blogspot.com
El informe de recepcion ha sido enviado por correo electronico. La pagina web es http://spanish.rti.org.tw/
73 de Nino Marabello - Treviso, Italia – RX: SONY ICF SW7600G - ANT: VHF esterna azimuth 090 gradi
Anker Petersen
Dear DX-friends, Here are a few tips which I heard lately on my AOR AR7030 PLUS with 28 metres of longwire here in Skovlunde:
2050-2101* DJI 12.09 R Djibouti, Dorale Arabic ann, Horn og Africa music, 2100 Somali closing ann. Only audible in LSB, due to heavy
digital QRM in USB 45232 AP-DNK
4835 2050-2100 AUS 12.09 VL8A, Alice Springs, NT English ann, pop songs 35233 // 2325 (25222) and 2485 (25111) AP-DNK
4885 2335-2345 B 10.09 R Clube do Pará, Belém, PA Portuguese shouting and a short melody 35222 AP-DNK
5580 2345-2355 BOL 10.09 R San José, San José de Chiquitos Spanish talk, song 25322 AP-DNK
11735 2040-2102* TZA 12.09 Zanzibar Broadcasting Corp., Dole Swahili conversation, African modern music, abrupt sign off in the middle of a
song 45333 AP-DNK
Best 73, Anker
Ed Santos
*Escutas realizadas em Onda Médias no dia 9 de Setembro de 2014, entre as 17:58 e 18:04.
Povoado da Vila Pimentel, Cidade Itiruçu, no sudoeste baiano.
*Há 330 km de Salvador; 50 Km de Jequié ; 16 km de Jaguaquara; 225 km de Feira de Santana; 210 km de Vitória da Conquista e 233 km de
*Radio Tecsun PL 606. Antena Interna.
*Por Ed Santos
Assista o seguinte vídeo: http://youtu.be/v48ezdKd_9Q
Itatiaia de BH; (100kw)
Clube de Sto. Antonio de Jesus-BA e Grande Rio Petrolina-PE; (ambas 10 kw)
Clube do Recife, hoje alugada ao sistema Globo; (100 kw)
Rural de Petrolina-PE; (10 kw)
Sociedade da Bahia; (100 kw)
América de BH e Jovem Pam do DF, (ambas 50 kw)
MEC RJ; (100 kw)
Excelcior BA, Bandeirantes SP; (25 e 100 kw respectivamente)
CBN-RJ; (100 kw)
Inconfidência de BH; (100 kw)
Super Radio Brasil RJ; (100 kw)
Sociedade de Feira de Santana BA (5 kw)
Radio Nacional DF; (100 kw)
Record SP; (100 kw)
Capital SP; (200 kw)
Capixaba ES (100 kw)
Grande BH MG (5 kw)
Difusora de Cajazeiras PB (10 kw)
Subaé de Feira de Santana BA e Capital de Brasilia DF (com forte interferência de outras) (2 e 5 Kw respectivamente)
Globo SP (150 kw)
Nacional RJ (100 kw)
Globo BH (50 kw)
Juazeiro BA (10 kw)
Clube de Jacobina BA (10 kw)
Globo RJ (o sinal mais forte 150 kw)
Tupi Rj (100 kw)
Jaraguá de Jacobina BA (10 kw)
Super Cristal de Salvador BA (10 kw)
Nova Band do RJ (50 kw)
Alvorada de Guanambi BA (5kw)
Cultura de Guanambi BA (10 kw)
Povo de Ribeira do Pombal BA (1kw)
Povo de Jaguaquara BA (sinal forte por está há 15 Km, 1kw)
Radio Vox de Muritiba BA (1kw)
Roberto Pavanello
11/9 20.55 Onda Cero R. - Barcelona Catalano ID e pubblicità locale buono
1080 9/9 21.55 R. Huesca - SS ID e pubblicità locale buono
1224 11/9 21.55 COPE - Mallorca SS ID e pubblicità locale buono
1350 13/9 04.00 R. AM1 - Area Milano EE MX buono ( con tutte le frequenze che c' erano...... )
1368 9/9 22.00 R. Challanger - Villa Estense EE talk su Iraq buono
1467 11/9 19.40 BSKSA - Riyadh Arabo Talk suff.
1530 11/9 19.45 VoA - Sao Tome' FF NX suff.
1566 11/8 19.55 Vahon FM - Den Haag Indostano MX suff.
1584 9/9 21.45 R. Studio X - Momigno IT ID e MX buono
3330 13/9 03.55 CHU - Ottawa EE/FF ID e pip pip suff.
4775 13/9 23.30 R. Tarma - SS MX suff.
6135 13/9 03.40 R. Aparecida - PP Mensagem suff.
6185 13/9 03.50 R. Educacion - Mexico D.F. SS MX suff.
9820 13/9 03.25 R. 9 de Julho - Sao Paulo PP predica buono
11710 13/9 03.30 R.A.E.- Buenos Aires FF talk su Atahualpa buono
11815 13/9 03.45 R. Brasil Central - Goiania PP MX buono
www.playdx.com www.bclnews.it
Prossimo week-end niente tips causa partecipazione all' EDXC Conference in Saint Dalmas de Tende. Roberto Pavanello
Robert Wilkner
California and Florida Logs.
Greeting from warm and wet South Florida. Wishing everyone good dxing and time with family
Iceland, Gufuskalar 0204, first LW reception in several months, weak audio but steady, September 11 (XM)
Australia, VL8K Katherine NT 1040 music, 1045 yl announcer, 1046 music bridge, 1047 om & yl chat, 1048 yl singing // 2325
Australia VL8T Tennant Creek NT.... fade out 1045 on 9 September (Wilkner)
3310 Bolivia, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba 2325 to 2345 continues to be received well on 12 September, 0930 to 1000 om en language
some Spanish 0n 9 September (Wilkner)
3364.84 Brasil Radio Cultura, Araraquara, SP weak tonight with Portuguese om 2320 to 2350 on 12 September (Wilkner)
3375.1 Brasil, Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 0930 with Portuguese talk by om to 1012 on 9 September (Wilkner)
4409.8 Bolivia, Radio Eco, Reyes 2330 to 2350 during band scan, fair signal 9 Sept. also 6 ,7 ,8 September same time (Wilkner) -no receptions
of this one 0900 to 1100 here -rlcw
4410 Bolivia, Radio Eco, Reyes, 0005, weak but slightly better than I had been hearing it Sept 8th (XM)
4699.9 Bolivia, Radio San Miguel, Riberalta en espanol seems always on before 4716 Radio Yura. Signal never as strong as Radio Yura 9
September (Wilkner)
4760 Unid - Liberia, ELWA 2330 to 2345 weak audio 12 September (Wilkner)
4835 Perú, Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba 2335 to 2355 with comments in Spanish and music at 2352 Sept. 12 (Wilkner)
4895 Unid language 2347 under heavy CODAR 12 September (Wilkner)
4905 China, Xizang PBS 2330 yl in language, first time 4905 not covered by rtty, this // 4920 China Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet. 12 September
4950 Angola, Nacional de Angola, presumed, 0008, hetting with an unknown station, doubt it would be Kashmir, September 8 (XM)
4985.5 Perú Radio Voz Cristiana, Huancayo 2330 to 2350 om espanol, with massive rtty on 4985 making reception difficult 12 Sept. (Wilkner)
4990 Unid. 0930 to 0950 weak audio could not identify language possibly- Suriname, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo 9 September (Wilkner)
5580 Radio San José, San José de Chiquitos 0011, weak but stronger than usual for reception here September 8 (XM)
5910 Colombia Radio Alcaraván, Puerto Lleras 2340 - 2345 in Spanish with good signal September 12 (Wilkner & XM)
5580.2 Bolivia Radio San José, San José de Chiquitos 2335 to 2350 noted with weak signal on 6 September; 4 September same time (Wilkner)
5952 Bolivia, R Pio XII, 0013, in the clear, threshold to poor September 8 (XM)
5952.2 Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 2330 - 2340 yl in Spanish with no interference from 5950 on 4 Sept. (Wilkner)
5965a Klasik Nasional (via RTM, Kajang) 1345-1353* 12 Sept. Doing well this morning w/ chat, ML pop, nice singing jingle @ :53 before abrupt
close-down mid-DJ chat..(Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
6050 Asyik/Salam FM (via RTM, Kajang) 1404-1502* 11 Sept. 1st day back? nice to hear 'em again--"usual" DJ chat/phone calls + ML pop,
"Asyik FM" drop-ins occasionally..1+1 @ TOH, followed by (p) TC & Salam FM jingle, brief qira'ut, another jingle, Negara Ku & maybe 30
seconds of Islamic song before close-down..also 1343-1359+ 12 Sept. mostly DJ chat, a couple of Radio Malaysia/Asyik promos, not so
much music today. (Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
9605 R/S YHWH 0432+ 1 Sept. Weak on a noisy band w/ Yahweh yak, also 0412-0415 8 Sept. w/ better signal, request for signal rpts to HFU
site (Google "YHWH pirate" for site(s) for rpts), additional freq. given as 11595 & 15565/15655 (kinda lost in translation), "Creepy
Song"TM & (probably) off..didn't linger for the end of the tune..(Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA G5/6m X wire)
11590 Reach Beyond Australia ("HCJB-OZ") 1435-1447+ 10 Sept. Good w/ rel. chat in (p) Kuruk [1430-1445 Wed.], closing pgmme w/ Post Box
# & maybe website info o/ hymn, quick drums, "This is Reach Beyond Australia--Life-changing Radio", about 20 seconds of OC then
opening in Hindi [1445-1500 M-F]. (Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
15680 AWR (Talata-Volonondry) 1557* 12 Sept. Closing Malayalam programme w/ AWR p/e-mail addresses + web info, AWR theme/IS. (Dan
Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
15505 CNR1 (v. VOA TB 16-17 Su-Tu-Th-Sa) 1602+ 9 Sept. Huge signal //13675/15560 (both v. RFA CH). (Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA
G5/6m X wire)
Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA - G5/6m X wire
XM - Cedar Key - South Florida - NRD 525D - R8A - E5
Robert Wilkner - Pompano Beach, South Florida - Icom 746Pro - Drake R8 - NRD 525 -Sony 2010XA - wire antennas
Itauri C.Sousa
Ouvidas aqui na Zona Norte de SP dia 11/09/2014
4775 23:10 UTC - Rádio Congonhas ( Congonhas MG ) Programa Roda do Violeiro - SINPO - 43332
4818 23:32 UTC - Rádio Difusora de Londrina ( Londrina PR ) Programa Evangélico da Igreja "A Vitória da Fé" - SINPO - 43332
73 - Itauri C.Sousa - Grid Location GG66qm – PY1-118SWL - PY-6009V - Tecsun PL-660 - Mini Loop Blindada DXCB
Estimados amigos, a la espera de que tods y cada uno de ustedes se encuentren muy bien, les paso a decir algunas palabras.
Tal vez este no se el mejor lugar para explicar o realizar el presente comentario, pero esta enlazado con el boletín, las preguntas que he
recibido es el porque no se incluye mas informaciones del boletín, como asimismo informaciones DX´s que contiene el mismo, como verán si
observan las informaciones de escuchas ya nos superan abiertamente en las informaciones, además que trato de colocar todas y cada na, es asi que
es impresionante la cantidad de escuchas que tenemos, si a eso le agregamos que cuando recibimos boletines del mundo, desde Inglaterra. Rusia,
Argentina, Brasil. Bulgaria y otros tantos que no quiero olvidarme, hacer realmente imposible la realización de un programa grabado de vos, y menos
aun en el resumen de 7 minutos máximos que realizao semanalmente en Frecuencia al Dia.
Despues también nos han sugerido realizar un programa DX grabado, incluso dándonos el nombre del programa de Asociacion Diexman, y
explico el porque no de Uruguay, porque como bien se puede observar en el boletín, y si hacemos un relevamiento de los mas de 4000 email que se
envía a amigos en el mundo sobre el boletín, ni siquiera puedo decir que podemos juntar un 1% de esos miembros como socios de Uruguay por asi
llamarlos, no llegamos a 40, asi que no lo vi mal el del nombre de Voz de La Asociacion Diexman, pero sobre esto varios comentarios de mi parte, lo
primero que no poseo el tiempo suficiente como para encarar dicho trabajo, además tampoco cuento cn los equipos profesionales para realizar un
trabajo como se debe encarar. Despues también pienso que estamos un poco saturados de programas DX en internet los cuales los oyentes
únicamente elegen los que mas les gusta, por ejemplo yo, para hablar de mi y no de otras personas, bajo los programas, los tengo en mi
computadora, pero la realidad el tiempo no me da para escucharlos, si tengo dos o tres programas DX de cabecera para informarme y escucharlos,
pero la realialidad indica que no es asi, mas bien, son esfuerzos que valoro muchísimo por todo lo que nos trae mas aun cuando escucho
grabaciones que jamás lo he hecho en mi vida, mas los datos, en fin, cada uno de los programas DX son para mi muy buenos, necesarios y lo
tenemos que valorar mucho, pero si entiendo que muchas veces los oyentes elegen los mismos y no escuahn todos, asi que entonces agregar uno
mas sin saber que resultados tiene, la verdad por ahora no me parece.
De igual modo si alguno de los miembros del boletín quisiera realizar el mismo, contaria con todo mi apoyo, con materiales, escritos y
demás, pero la verdad mas alla de un saludo de mi parte grabado, mas no podría, si de repente enviarle un segmento, pero no mas.
Ademas siendo reiterativo, los programas que hoy contamos completan muy bien los espacios necesarios de los radioescuchas, y en eso yo
me reflejo porque la verdad me llenas de informaciones, grabaciones y es un placer como se han expandidos los mismos, y esto a pasado en todas
las lenguas, muchos programas DX en diferentes idiomas que van sumando señales, historias y escuchas.
Tambien estoy estudiando el cambio del nombre de la asociación, por que los miembros me dicen que se identificaría mas con
ASOCIACION DIEXMAN, y claro cuando fue creada la ADU, era el poder hacer una Asociacion Diexman en cada país, como por ejemplo tuvimos por
poco tiempo a la Asicacion Diexman Cuba, pero era agrupar radioescuchas en los diferentes países y que recibieran todo el apoyo de materiales de
Uruguay, pero claron, estamos hablando de otros tiempos y la ADU comenzó alla un 1º de Abril de 1982, con altibajos, y la verdad con esfuerzos mas
personales que grupal. Tanto asi que desde aquí lo mantengo al dia con el boletín y la pagina web, pero no es una queja, ya llegara sangre nueva con
animos y esfuerzos a seguir este trabajo, lo que siempre tuve claro es que como tal una Asociacion no es una persona, es un conjunto, tanto es asi
que me preguntan porque no coloco mis escuchas, o realizo artículos en el presente, y yo contesto, mientras ustedes llenes el boletín con us cosas,
por mas pequeñas que sean o ustedes lo crean asi, puede ser muy importante para el resto, con solamente informar que hay un link con tal cosa, allí
cada uno estaremos investigando que hay.
Bueno amigos, sin mas por ahora, y esperando haber explicado las preguntas realizadas, me pongo a sus plenas ordenes, este su amigo
Ruben Walter Suarez