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Margate Parish News
St Austin and St Gregory, Margate, with St Anne, Cliftonville
4th Sunday of Year B
Original Sin and the
Redeeming work of Christ
“You take away the sins of the world,
receive our prayer.” (Gloria) People
try to explain the “self” in various
ways, to explore the human condition.
A distressing but obvious fact is not
only that we sin, but that we find it
easy to do so, and hard to be saintly.
The Christian doctrine of original sin
helps us to understand ourselves, and
how to live life to the fullest.
Original sin fractured our relationship with God, the relationship between our body and soul, and our relationships with each other. This damage
was overcome by Our Lord’s redeeming sacrifice on the Cross but the merits of that sacrifice must be applied in
our own lives.
Original sin has wounded human
nature so that we are affected by disordered desire or “concupiscence”
which remains a part of our experience. The material things that God created are good in themselves, but we
tend to use them addictively, excessively or in various ways that harm ourselves and others.
When we understand the wound of
original sin, we know ourselves better;
more importantly we understand how
to overcome this weakness. Our Lord
teaches us to deny ourselves: not because we are inherently evil, but because we need to engage in the spiritual battle to subject ourselves to the
good, true and beautiful—to God.
This spiritual journey would be
hopeless were it not for the grace of
God won for us through the passion
and death Christ. He gives us genuine
hope for the blessed life, and a peace
that the world cannot give. Let us ask
the one who takes away our sins to receive our prayer.
Passiontidefor Lent
time of
of penance
the statues
and renewal
Ash Wednesday is on
18 February this year.
It marks the beginning of the penitential season of Lent in
preparation for the
celebration of Easter.
During Lent, we are called to undertake works of prayer, penance and
charity with greater resolution and
fervour. It is good to begin thinking
now about how we will make the best
of this opportunity given to us in union
with the Catholic Church throughout
the world.
1 February 2015
Last year’s Palms
Traditionally, the ashes used for Ash
Wednesday come from the burning of the
Palms that were given out on Palm Sunday
in the previous year. If you still have your
blessed palm, please bring it in next week
and place it in the box provided in the
porch of the Church.
Tea & Coffee after Mass
9.30am Mass rota
If you would like to join the rota for making
tea and coffee after 9.30am Mass on Sunday, please let Fr Finigan know.
After 11.30am Mass?
Starting today, tea and coffee will be available after 11.30am Mass so that people can
meet in the Hall after Mass. If you would be
able to volunteer to make tea and coffee
after Mass, please let Fr Finigan know.
Preparing for Confession
In the porch of the Church, there are leaflets to help you in preparing for the sacrament of penance or confession.
There are leaflets suitable for children, for
teenagers and for adults. Please feel free to
take one home.
The regular use of the sacrament of Penance is a sure way to grow in the love of
God because He gives His grace generously
in this sacrament. All Catholics should
make a good confession during Lent or
Eastertide as part of their “Easter duties.”
Mass at St Gregory’s School
Wednesday 4 February
This Wednesday, Fr Finigan will celebrate a
Votive Mass of the Presentation of the Lord
at St Gregory’s school at 9.10am for the
classes in Key Stage 1. Parents and Grandparents are welcome to attend the Mass.
Prayer Sponsors
During Lent, we will have Stations of
the Cross each week on Wednesday
and Friday. There will be talks on
Wednesday evenings to help us
deepen our faith, and there will be
opportunities for almsgiving to help
the poor and the needy.
For First Holy Communion children
The first Communion team invite you to
sign up to be a prayer sponsor for one of
the children who is to receive first Holy
Communion this year. There is a list in the
Hall for you to sign. You will then be given a
prayer card with the name of one of the
children to pray for each day.
Masses on Ash Wednesday will be at
12noon and 7.30pm (St Gregory’s
School will be on half-term.)
This is a way for everyone, old or young, to
participate in this important event in the
life of the parish.
News and Events
Marian Anthem
Ave Regina Caelorum from 2 February
From the feast of Candlemas until Easter,
the Marian Anthem is the Ave Regina
Caelorum. (From Easter Sunday, we sing
the Regina Caeli.)
The parish website has the text and translation of the anthem, with a copy of the music and there is a YouTube video which you
could watch if you would like to get an idea
of how the text is sung. If you would like a
paper copy of the text and translation,
please ask Fr Finigan after Mass.
Of your charity,
pray for the repose of the soul of
David Egan
who died recently.
Requiescat in pace
St Austin & St Gregory, Margate
Saturday 31 Jan
5.00 pm
Joy Raymond RIP
Sunday 1 Feb
9.30 am
Wilson Thekkekkara RIP
11.30 am Bill Kavanagh RIP
Monday 2 Feb
6.30 pm
Molly Jones & family GE
Tuesday 3 Feb
9.00 am
Ricardo Massarella GE
Wednesday 4 Feb
12.00 pm Thursday 5 Feb
9.00 am
Fr Tim Corcoran FM
Friday 6 Feb
6.30 pm
Saturday 7 Feb
9.00 am
SCCF Anniv
5.00 pm
Sunday 8 Feb
9.30 am
11.30 am Pro populo
St Anne, Cliftonville
Sunday 1 Feb
10.00 am Monday 2 Feb
10.00 am Mary Murray RIP
Wednesday 4 Feb
10.00 am Friday 6 Feb
10.00 am William Ewart Craigen FM
Sunday 8 Feb
10.00 am Richard Higginson Anniv
Booking Mass intentions
Please use the envelopes provided, write the
name(s) clearly and indicate whether the Mass is
for someone who has died or for the welfare of
someone who is living. The following standard
abbreviations are used in the newsletter:
RIP: for the repose of the soul of ... Anniv:
anniversary of death of ... GE: for the good estate
(welfare) of ... TG: Thanksgiving for ...
FM: Foundation Mass.
Singing the Our Father
We are doing well with singing the English
texts of the Mass at 9.30am Mass. From
the beginning of Lent, I would like to introduce the sung Our Father and I propose
using the Rimsky-Korsakov setting which is
a simple and beautiful chant that works
well in English and is used regularly at major celebrations in our Archdiocese.
There are copies of the setting available at
the back of the Church and the parish website has a copy of this music together with
a YouTube video which you could watch if
you would like to get an idea of how the
text is sung.
Then from Easter Sunday onwards, we
could begin to sing the simple setting of the
Glory to God in the highest from the Roman
Vespers and Benediction
This Sunday 1 Feb 3.30pm St Austin’s
Vespers, or the Evening Prayer of the
Church, is part of the sacred Liturgy in
which we offer an evening sacrifice of
praise to the Lord, using especially the
psalms. This prayer has much in common
with the way that Jesus Himself prayed
daily with the apostles. Vespers will be
followed by Benediction of the Blessed
Sacrament in which we adore our Lord
truly present in His body, blood, soul and
We have Vespers and Benediction regularly
on the first Sunday of the month.
Thursday Fellowship club
This friendly club for the over 50s meets on
the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.
The next meeting will be this Thursday 5
February at 2pm in St Austin’s Hall 2pm.
Fridays after 6.30pm Mass
We have now started having Benediction of
the Blessed Sacrament every Friday after
the 6.30pm Mass. At Benediction, the
Blessed Sacrament is exposed so that we
can adore Our Lord, truly present, with
greater solemnity, and receive His blessing.
(So that the High Altar can be prepared
beforehand, the 6.30pm Mass will be celebrated at the Lady Altar.)
People in hospital
Many years ago, hospitals used to give the
Catholic chaplain a list of the names of
Catholics who had been admitted. Nowadays, we do not receive this information.
Instead we rely on being informed by the
patients themselves or their relatives and
friends. If a Catholic is in hospital and
would like a visit, please telephone, email
or leave a note for the parish priest giving
the name of the patient (and the ward if
possible) so that visits can be arranged.
Please do not assume that we know. We
would rather hear the same information
several times than not be told at all.
Volunteer request
Thanet Volunteer Bureau
The Thanet Community Support partnership, supported by the Thanet Volunteer
Bureau, is looking for volunteers who have
time to support an older person. Please see
the notice on the board for details.
Second Collection this week
There will be a second collection after all
Masses this weekend for the Catholic Education Service.
Catholic Church of Ss Austin and Gregory
with St Anne, Margate
St Austin & St Gregory: Victoria Road, Margate
St Anne: Eastern Esplanade, Cliftonville
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Assistant Priest: (St Anne’s & OL Star of the Sea):
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Parish Deacons: Rev. Neville Gascoigne; Rev.
Ambrose Tuckell
St Austin & St Gregory, Margate
Sunday Masses: 5pm (Saturday) 9.30am, 11.30am
Weekday Masses: Mon 6.30pm (Latin); Tue 9am;
Wed 12noon; Thur 9am; Fri 6.30pm; Sat 9am
Confessions: Fri after 6.30pm Mass; Sat 9.45-
10.15am; 4-4.45pm
Devotions: Tuesday 8.40am: Lauds (Morning
Prayer) ; Wednesday 11.30am: Rosary; Friday after 6.30pm Mass: Benediction; Saturday after 9am
Mass: Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.
St Anne, Cliftonville
Sunday Mass: 10am
Weekday Masses: Mon, Wed, Fri 10am
Confessions: 9.30am Friday; 9.30am Sunday
Eucharistic Adoration: Mon, Wed, Fri 9.30am
St Gregory’s RC Primary School & Nursery,
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Ursuline College (RC Secondary School)
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