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W i n t e r 2 0 1 5 P a w P r i n t DEAR FELLOW ANIMAL LOVER
eninsula Humane Society & SPCA had a lot
of visits in 2014 from humane organizations,
professionals from all over the country, wanting
to see our new Center for Compassion. They
especially wanted to talk about how we are
able to accomplish so much for the animals.
I’d like to share some of their questions here.
Why are you open to receive animals 7 days
of the week? Doesn’t that make it too easy
for people to bring you their unwanted pets?
We’re open 7 days of the week (in fact, we
can receive animals 24 hours every day of
the year) because we believe that dogs, cats
and other companion animals need to have a
safe place regardless of the reason they are
L to R: Larry Ellison, Joe Cotchett and Ken White
were among hundreds of guests who enjoyed
our most successful (ever!) holiday season gala,
which directly benefitted our Hope Program.
homeless. Some animals become homeless
because they are lost, others because their
challenged animals. PHS/SPCA always has and
family has fallen on some unexpected crisis
always will offer an open door to animals from
necessitating a sudden change. And yes, of
this community who need us, healthy or not.
course, we know that some people may chose
It’s my opinion (and I suspect your opinion too)
to “dump” their animal on us rather than work
that shelters which limit their admission policy
to address whatever real or perceived problem
to only accept young, physically healthy and
has led to their decision to bring the animal to
behaviorally sound animals are turning their
us. That’s ok. We choose to be that safe place.
backs on the neediest of the animals. Many
shelters which self-identify as “no kill” fall into
Why do you accept so many sick and injured
this category: it is easy to avoid euthanasia
dogs and cats, so many very old animals, so
if you only accept certain animals. The real
many too young to be away from their own
work of a humane society is to offer a safety
moms? We accepted every lost and unwanted
net for all animals and to work diligently and
animal, many of them in fine shape and
creatively, long and hard, to reduce euthanasia
needing nothing more than a new loving family
each year. That’s the work of your Peninsula
– but also many sick, injured and behaviorally
Humane Society & SPCA.
PAWPRINT is published quarterly for PHS/SPCA supporters and distributed throughout the county. The mission of Pawprint is to build awareness of PHS/SPCA
programs and services, foster humane treatment of companion animals and local wildlife, encourage involvement, and recognize our supporters, humane
helpers and heroes. OUR MISSION: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, guided by the humane ethic, builds healthy relationships between people and animals.
EDITOR Scott Delucchi
DESIGNER Richelle Pittella
Meghan Eddy
Hiromi Motojima
Julie Kitzenberger
Jennifer Mason
Libby Roberts
Justin Schlesinger
Megan Winslow
Carter Beim
Griffin Bonini
Amanda Brown Chang
Stephen Creager
Barbara Dali
Vanessa Getty
Ken Goldman
Nikita Kahn
Guy Kawasaki
Kirsten Komoroske
Ian Parker
Rob Solomon
Ken White
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Where did you find so many volunteers to help
and behaviorally challenged animals. And not
you? How have you grown to have so many
only dogs and cats of course, but also rabbits,
supporters? The answer to these questions is
guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, parrots,
the same. We simply did the work, gave the
pigs, goats, sheep, hummingbirds, goldfinches,
best care possible, and invited the community
to come and help us help the animals. And the
iguanas…. You name it, they come to us.
community, that is you, chose to help.
And, of course, with your support PHS/SPCA
In 2014, PHS/SPCA found itself with more
begins 2015 with the same pledge to be that
open door, that safe place. Your humane society.
members who chose to help us than we ever
have had before. In 2014, we saved more lives
Thank you for making that possible,
and further reduced euthanasia. We accepted
every lost and unwanted animal, many of them
in fine shape and needing nothing more than a
new loving family – but also many sick, injured
Ken White, President
hen we adopt or bring home a
when you are no longer able to. Making these
new pet we make a vow to them: “I
crucial plans for your pets can save them from
promise I will always take care of you.” The
pain and suffering as well as reduce stress for
uncomfortable truth is that many of our pets
yourself and your friends and family. We help
have the potential to outlive us. If this were to
you with all the logistics so you can put your
happen, who would then care of them?
mind at ease.
We are here to help you keep those important
Enrollment in our program is easy! And
there are no fees associated with joining our
dedicated Con-
Continuing Care Program, all we ask is that
tinuing Care Pro-
you make at least one yearly donation of any
gram aids you
amount to our shelter animals. This is our way
in designing a
of giving back to those who have helped us
plan for your
save and rehome so many animals. For more
pets to ensure
information on this valuable service please
yo u r
contact Lisa Van Buskirk at 650/340-7022
will be cared for
x327 or [email protected].
Adoptions | Education | Wildlife | Administration
1450 Rollins Road, Burlingame, CA 94010
650/340-7022 phone | 650/685-8428 fax |
Lost/Found | Animal Intake | Spay/Neuter | Animal Control
12 Airport Boulevard, San Mateo, CA 9440
650/340-7022 phone | 650/348-7891 fax |
Winter 2015 PawPrint
hese shelter dogs may look like ordinary
Chihuahua mixes, but DNA tells another
story. To further demonstrate that PHS/SPCA
has no creative limits when it comes to finding
animals good homes, we ordered DNA tests for
twelve dogs with a similar look and assumed
background. The results were extraordinary.
The goal was to find homes for great dogs at
risk of being overlooked. With a simple cheek
cover dog mario
swab sent to a lab, we
i s a c h e r r i e r : pa r t
unlocked some of our
p a r s o n
dog we figured was a
t e r r i e r
a n d pa r t
Corgi. We called her a
Chorgi! Another dog was part Chihuahua,
Winston’s parents were a Yorkshire Terrier mix
and a Beagle mix. He was one of the first
dogs we tested to find his forever home.
Rat Terrier and Poodle; we labeled him a
Among our tested dogs was one with Chinese
Chiratoodle! Most of the results were really
Crested and Miniature Schnauzer DNA (a
fun, while some made us scratch our heads.
Far Eastern Chinzer), Sheepish Chabrador
(Shetland Sheepdog/Chihuahua/Labrador)
and Terridoodle (Terrier/Miniature Poodle).
We know people love mutts. Still, we were
betting that shelter dogs with DNA test results
included, for free, would be quite fetching. At
press time, most of the initial group of tested
dogs in our Who’s Your Daddy? program were
adopted and we ordered tests for another
group. Our friends at Pet Food Express
gave our program a boost by donating radio
advertising time in January.
Twizzle’s parents were a Chihuahua/Mini
Pinscher mix and a Yorkshire Terrier mix.
At press time she is available for adoption.
Winter 2015 PawPrint
his year’s “A Home for the Holidays” gala
ball and silent auction came alive with
a record number of guests dining, dancing
and bidding on exciting live and silent
auction items! In total, this spectacular event
raised over $320,000 for our Hope Program,
providing intensive medical and behavioral
care to the neediest of shelter animals, giving
them a second chance to find a loving home.
A big thank you to our event volunteers and
to the PHS/SPCA Auxiliary members who
work diligently throughout the year securing
donated items for our silent and live auctions!
If you’d like to join the Auxiliary, become an
event sponsor, donate an auction item or
receive an invitation to our 2015 “A Home
for the Holidays Gala,” please contact Lisa
Van Buskirk at [email protected] or
650/340-7022 x327.
Alta Mesa Improvement Co.
Carter and Kelly Beim
Amanda Brown & Justin Chang
Steve Creager & Sue Egerter
Connie Fitzgerald & Bill Lopez
Carolyn & Tom Friel
Cypress Funeral Services
Giant Steps Foundation
Ken Goldman Family
Margo Hooper
Griffin & Sons
Construction, Inc.
San Francisco • Sacramento • Los Angeles • Washington, D.C. • New York
Valerie Hubachek & Friends
Joan & Achille Paladini
Kennon & Robert Hudson
Ian & Aleksandra Parker
Kirsten Komoroske
Jessica & Rob Solomon
Dr. & Mrs. William Montgomery
Kathy Murphy
2014 marked our eleventh consecutive year finding homes for
100% of the healthy, adoptable
dogs and cats in our care! We
found homes for more than
Our volunteers gave over
165,000 hours of their time
in 2014 (up slightly over our
record-year last year). To
give this number perspective, it’s the equivalent of
80 full-time employees!
Here’s another interesting
look at our volunteer work:
Cats in our care received
22,693 visits from volunteers (grooming sessions,
play sessions, socialization
PHS/SPCA provided unique
opportunities for interns to
gain experience in a fastpaced shelter environment
for the first time in 2014.
They included students,
career changers and retirees looking to do something meaningful and learn
about our work. Interns
supported our Wildlife Care
time), while dogs
received 30,898 visits.
Collectively, volunteers
walked more than 10,000
miles with our dogs! And,
our Pet Assisted Therapy
volunteers, another active
group, had 11,118 interactions with clients, including
residents in skilled nursing
facilities and children in library reading programs.
3,300 animals (dogs, cats, birds,
reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs and
other small companions, and a
small number of farm animals),
despite taking in a smaller number of unwanted pets than we
have in previous years. The
downtick in animals we received
can be attributed to our ongoing commitment to offering low
cost Spay/Neuter through our
clinic and free “fixes” for pets
belonging to residents in targeted neighborhoods through
our mobile spay/neuter program. For much of the year, we
averaged five mobile clinics per
month, while our main clinic
at 12 Airport Boulevard in San
Mateo continued to be the
best deal around, by far.
Center, Behavior & Training REHABILITATED
Department, Exotic Animal & RELEASED
Care, Humane Education
and Volunteer Services.
This exciting program will
expand in 2015. For details
PHS/SPCA rehabilitated and
or to apply (we’re acceptreleased over 1,311 wildlife in 2014!
ing interns for the spring)
This included several dozen species who
please contact Brian Probst
arrived sick, injured or orphaned. Some, like
at [email protected]
this Great Horned Owl who was snared in
or visit
barbed wire, needed involved treatments.
Our lifesaving work for many
domestic animals begins when
they’re rescued from the streets
where they are in harm’s way.
Once in our care, healthy dogs
and cats are quickly rehomed.
Others arrive sick, injured or behaviorally challenged, and are
deserving second chances. This
is where we are at our best as
an organization and are very
different from limited-admission
facilities. On average, we
made well approximately
200 animals every month
in 2014. These Hope Program animals required ex-
tensive medical care (for broken
bones, skin conditions and myriad other conditions and injuries) and/or work with our staff
behavior experts before being
rehomed. We made them well,
and with help from many volunteers who provided exercise, socialization and foster care, kept
them well before adoption. No
healthy animal ran out of time
while in our care!
We love sharing information about caring for animals with
diverse audiences. This included Preschool through high
school classes, home school and after-school groups,
Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, book and dog clubs. We
offered school presentations, Lantos Center tours
for visitors of all ages and seasonal programs
for select age groups. This child attended
Animal and Pet Camp, and the domestic
pigeon was one of our many animal
guests with a story to tell.
“We get calls about mistreatment and abuse of animals and are relentless in
pursuing them. But, in other instances, we learn that
pet owners are not providing the best care because
they are uninformed. When
possible, we help owners
with information about ba-
sics for their pets such as
de-wormer, flea treatments,
vaccinations or a vet exam.
This approach fits squarely
within our organization’s
overall mission of helping
people keep their pets and
enjoy better relationships.”
- Christina Hanley, PHS/SPCA
Lead Humane Investigator
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Secondhand Chic boasted a high tea
with delicious sweet treats. The fashion show
featured designer items for sale, silent and live
auctions and fashions worn
by models from Pick of the
Litter. The resale shop also
unique tea cups, pots and
saucers for partygoers to
take home after the show.
Proceeds from the show
To learn more about next year’s fashion show,
Hope Program to help the
please contact Brian Probst at 650/340-7022
neediest of animals.
x328 or [email protected].
M O N D AY, M AY 1 8 , 2 0 1 5
Please join PHS/SPCA for our annual Critter Classic
Golf Tournament at Sharon Heights Golf & Country
Club, Menlo Park. This fun afternoon features lunch,
golf and a cocktail/awards reception. To receive a
brochure or to sponsor the event, please contact
Nova Maldonado at [email protected] or
650/340-7022 x375.
Winter 2015 PawPrint
SWEETPEA was recovering at PHS/SPCA from injuries on her legs for quite some time. We made her
well and placed her with super parents Mindee & Rob,
who said she’s smart, obedient, and a great match.
16-yr-old SAMMY “loves the dog and sleeps on
our bed at night. He has the best personality of
any cat I’ve ever owned. I’ve had lots of kittens
and will forever only adopt older cats.” - Jayne
Sweet Home
...From the PHS/SPCA
Adoption Mailbag
“Ten years ago, my husband and I adopted
GERTIE. She is doing great and shares our
home with two other rescue dogs. Gertie
loves to cuddle, go for walks, run on the
beach and go for rides in the car. She has
been a GREAT friend and we are so happy
to have her in our lives. We are hoping for
another 10 years of fun with her.” - Eva & Don
BUSTER (L) was adopted
SHADOW simply cannot get
e n o u g h o f h e r n ew h u m a n
siblings Tijmen (13) and Bisou
(10), and they adore her, too!
as a friend for a resident
ra b b i t ( R ) . Th ey c u d d l e
constantly and even clean
one another!
Lil’ JACK has a big job! After his adoption in July 2012, he began training as a
therapy dog and was recently certified.
His mom Pam said, “can’t wait to start
his new journey! Love this little guy to
pieces and am so so very proud of him!”
Winter 2015 PawPrint
TO DECEMBER 31, 2014
$2,500 & above
Mr. Paul Asente
& Mr. Ron Jenks
Mr. Nick Augustinos
Ms. Deborah Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. James Baney
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Alioto
Mr. & Mrs. Carter Beim
Mr. Tod Bensen
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Marc
Mr. Phillip Bosua
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Brenneisen
Ms. Karen Bristol
Dr. Naomi S. Brown
Ms. Suzanne Butler
Mrs. Diane Calvello
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Chang
Mr. Joseph W. Cotchett
Mr. Stephen Creager
& Ms. Sue Egerter
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Dettmer
Mr. Edd Dundas
Mrs. Jill Eastwood
& Mr. Scott Leiby
Mrs. Cheryl Erickson
Mrs. Marion Euphrat
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Frankel
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Friel
Ms. Lori G. Fuchiwaki
Ms. Jody Gelb
Mr. Ken Goldman
Ms. Deborah Grace
Mrs. Deborah L. J. Grider
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Heidenreich
Dr. Carroll Ann Hodges
Ms. Margo Hooper
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hudson
Mr. Sam Israelit
& Dr. Lynn Israelit
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Kawasaki
Mr. John Kelly
Ms. Joycee Kelly
Mrs. La Verne C. Kiefer
Ms. A. Merrill Knapp
Ms. Alexa Knight
Ms. Kirsten Komoroske
Mrs. Joanne Kranzthor
Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Lara
Mrs. Teri-Lee Lawler-Baack
& Mr. John Baack
Mr. Jake Lawton
Mr. Lionel Lucas
Dr. Annette Madrid
Mrs. Carole Matteri
Dr. Lynn McLellan & Mrs.
Sandra McLellan Behling
Ms. Jennifer Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. William
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Moore
Mr. Robert L. Mullen
Mrs. Barbara Nagata
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ocampo
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Oppenheimer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pahl
Ms. Dorothy Palmisano
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Parker
Mr. Gary Patterson
& Mr. Francisco Hernandez
Mrs. Helen Pearse
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Pettit
Mrs. Marilyn Porto
Ms. Nancy Quintrell
Ms. Mary Quintrell
Dr. Gordon Ray
& Mrs. Kim Sailors
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Reid
Mrs. Denise Robb
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Saunders
Mrs. Wendy Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Silvestri
Mr. David Soloff
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Solomon
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Strauss
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sutter
Mr. David Sze
& Ms. Kathleen Donohue
Ms. Elizabeth Uhrig
Ms. Jarmila Vrana
Mr. Mark P. Walker
Ms. Ann Walters
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Warren
Stephen & Nancy Weller
Mrs. Carolee White
Ms. Dede Wilsey
Mr. Alex Akers
Mr. Mario L. Alfaro
Mr. George Amato
Ms. Hazel Amezcua
Ms. Janice Andreasen
Mr. David Andrzejewski
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Arnautou
Mr. & Mrs. Greer Arthur
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Atwell
Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Barbanica
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Barrack
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. James Barta
Mrs. Betty Basham
Mr. John Bauer
Mr. Nikolaus Bauman
Dr. Ellen Beasley
& Mr. Kevin Baker
Mr. John W. Beatty, Jr.
Mr. Conor Begley
Ms. Shirley Bendick
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Benson
Mr. Curt Bererton
Dr. Ginny Bergman-Wailes
& Mr. George Wailes
Ms. Margaret P. Bethard
Ms. Sandy Blair
Ms. Amy Blanchard
Mrs. Kerry Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brenner
Ms. Dianne Brinson
& Mr. Mark Radcliffe
Ms. Joyce O. Brumbles
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Butler
Mr. Daniel Byrnes
& Mrs. Linda King-Byrnes
Mr. & Mrs. Rennie Castelino
Ms. Leslie A. Castellino
Mr. & Mrs. James Castress
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Caufield
Mr. Rich Chambers
& Ms. Bonnie McGregor
Mr. Marvin Charney
Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Clapham
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Clouse
Ms. Carole M. Cole
Ms. Donna Colson
Mr. & Mrs. David Conrad
Ms. Nancy Craig
Mrs. Nancy Crolius
Ms. Toni Cupal
Mrs. Linda Daddona
Ms. Norma Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael
Mrs. Michaeline DeCaro
Ms. Barbara Demere
Ms. Patricia DeNarde
Ms. Deborah Dennis
Mr. Ashish Desai
Mrs. Elizabeth Detrich
& Mr. Kevin DeSouza
Ms. Patricia Dixen
Ms. Gertrude Dobbs
Ms. Wendy Downing
Ms. Christine Doyle
& Mr. Michael Yessik
Mr. & Mrs. William Draper
Mr. Christopher Durand
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Eastman
Mr. Ethan Ezray
Ms. Nolene Fabre
Mr. & Mrs. James Falletti
Mrs. Waltraud D. Finch
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fitch
Ms. Connie Fitzgerald
& Mr. Bill Lopez
Mr. Dennis Forrest
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Fortier
Ms. Abigail Fosdick
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Frazier
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Frey
Ms. Xi Gao
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Goad
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Goldsmith
Ms. Mary C. Gonzalez
Ms. Laurel Goodman
Mr. Oleg Gorelik
Ms. Nina Grass
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Grassi
Ms. Xin X. Guo
Ms. Jennifer Hammer
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Handlery
Mrs. Elizabeth Haning
Ms. Laura Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. John Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. Osborne Hardison
Mrs. Janet Hathaway
& Mr. Larry Arndt
Mrs. Gretchen C. Hillenbrand
Ms. Weihsien Ho
Mr. Dan Hockenmaier
Ms. Stacy Hogan
Mrs. Chelsea Hope
& Mr. John Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. James Hopp
Mr. Roy Horton
Mr. Dan Houk
& Ms. Jenny Buchanan
Ms. Elizabeth J. Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Howell
Mr. Frank Hsiao
Valerie Hubachek
Mrs. Barbara Hughes
Mr. Russell Hurley
Ms. Deborrah Hussey
Ms. Hillary Huszar
& Mr. Michael Clarke
Ms. Betty Jackson
Mrs. Lynn B. Jacobson
Mr. & Mrs. Barry James
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johansen
Mr. & Mrs. John Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. Don Kamprath
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Karson
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Kauffman
Mr. David Keil
Jeanette & Kevin Kennedy
Ms. Joanne Kenny
Mr. Ronald C. Kinkeade
Ms. Laura Knight
Ms. Joy Koger
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lai
Ms. Ying Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lanthier
Mr. & Mrs. Tom LaTorre
Ms. Kwok Lau
& Mr. Jon Goulden
Mr. Joseph Lawrence
Ms. Barbara Lazarow
Ms. Harriet Lee
Ms. April R. Lieu
Ms. Barbara Lincoln
Ms. Robin Lloyd
Mr. Boris Logvinskiy
Ms. Kari Lopez
Mr. John Lorton
Mrs. Christina Louie
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Loving
Mr. Ming Lien Lue
Dr. Nancy M. Lynch
Ms. Leslie Macchia
Mr. David Magnuson
Ms. Ann Maiatico
Ms. Kristin Mains
Mr. Jeremiah Malerich
Ms. Gerry Manning
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Marcus
Neyssa Marina
Mrs. Ellen Maurer
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mazzetti
Dr. Mary McGrath
Ms. Karen McIntosh
Mr. & Mrs. William McLarty
Mrs. Gwen McLean
Ms. Sheila McVicar
Mr. & Mrs. James Meakin
Ms. Nancy Meeks
Mr. Joerg Michelfelder
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Mijts
Mrs. Bernard Miller
Ms. Teresa R. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. James Mimmack
Mr. James Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Mitchell
Mr. Colin Mitchinson
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moreno
Mr. Robert Moreno
Mr. & Mrs. Owen Mudge
Ms. Nancy Murov
& Ms. Julie Starobin
Ms. Kathleen A. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Nelson
Ms. Janet Nestler
& Mr. Jeffery Appelbaum
Ms. June Neuling
Mr. & Mrs. Raul Nicho
Ms. Katherine Nieh
Ms. Beverly Oaks
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Obwald
Dr. Nancy O’Day
Ms. Violet Orfans
Ms. Renee Pagano
Mr. & Mrs. Achille Paladini
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Papenhause
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Patten
Mr. and Mrs. John Perine, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Phair
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phillips
Mr. Dane Pieri
Mr. Brian Pinkerton
& Dr. Rhea Tombropoulos
Mrs. Sarah Pitt
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Plotts
Dr. Fiona Plows
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Podell
Ms. Susan R. Pollock
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Pond
Ms. Nancy Powell
Mr. Dirk Pranke
& Ms. Carina Merrick
Ms. Lani Pringle
Ms. Melanie Proctor
Mr. Arpan Punyani
Mr. John Rabiolo
Dr. Arjunan Rajeswaran
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Rankin
Ms. Mary C. Rauen
Ms. Deborah Robbins
& Mr. Henry Navas
Mr. & Mrs. Art Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Ross
Mrs. Victoria Samson
Mr. Jeremy Sandmel
Mrs. Rita Schildknecht
Ms. Ann Schwirian
Mrs. Deborah Scott
Ms. Jane Seifert
Mr. Michael Selleck
Mr. & Mrs. Olaf Siemers
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simmons
Ms. Mary Ann Siri
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sonstegard
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
Mrs. Marian Soss
Dr. William St. Lawrence
& Ms. Kristen Pierce
Ms. Ingrid Steinbergs
Mr. Darrel Stickler
Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson Stone
Ms. Shirley Sutton
& Mr. Peter Moore
Mr. & Mrs. George Tacusis
Mr. Yungshin Tan
Ms. Leslie Theodore
& Mr. David Otsuka
Ms. Terri Tienken
Dr. Kelly Turner
Ms. Shauna Turner
Ms. Marta Tyler
Dr. Katharine Tyson DVM
Ms. Celia Vigil
Ms. Ann Vroom
Ms. Kimberly Wadycki
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Wald, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. John Warnes
Mr. Romeo Washington
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Mr. & Mrs. David Weinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Weissberg
Ms. Freddie Wheeler
Dr. & Mrs. Burton White
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip White
Mr. Jeff Wilde
Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Woodroofe
Ms. Dorothy R. Wurlitzer
Ms. April Yamaichi
Ms. Pauline Yeung
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Zucker
Ms. Pamella D. Adams
Ms. Lisa Adams
& Mr. John Heath
Mr. & Mrs. William Albera
Ms. Violeta Alcantara
Ms. Shelley Aldridge
& Ms. Luann Livingston
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Alexander
Mrs. Carolyn A. Allen
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Mr. Nathaniel Amsden
Ms. Tiffany Andersen
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Mr. Paul Anglehart
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Anguillo
Ms. Eileen Arbues
Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-Peterson
Ms. Marianne Arnautou
Ms. Elizabeth Astle
Ms. Melanie Austin
Mr. Brian B. Austin
Mrs. E. Blanca Avelar
Mr. & Mrs. James Avery
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Baarts
Mr. John Bacon
Mrs. Armina Badalian
Ms. Brittany Bakus
Mr. Jeffery Bakus
Mr. Elmer Baldini
& Ms. Lucia Mathieux
Ms. Venita Baldwin
Mr. Robert Baly
Mr. Vikram Bandarupalli
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Baron
Ms. Kymberly M. Bartlo
Mr. David Bartz
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Ms. Grace Barvin
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bateman
Ms. Cheryl Bates
Mr. & Mrs. William Bates
Mrs. Diana Baughman
Mrs. Sharon-Ann Baum
Ms. Margaret Baxter-Pearson
Mrs. Janny Beale
Mrs. Dawn Beavis
Mrs. Sharon Becker
Mr. Martin Bednarek
& Mr. Michael Vargas
Mr. Jonathan Beecher
& Ms. Joni Ostler
Ms. Lorraine Beeman
Ms. Krista Belvel
Mrs. Mildred Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Berger
Ms. Susan Berland
Mrs. Denise Bernardi-Thiedt
Ms. Kathryn Berube
Mr. Dave Biasotti
Mr. Robert Biby
Mr. A. D. Bickell
Mr. Robert Bigelow
Ms. Elaine Bill
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Binn
Mrs. Virginia Blahut
Ms. Linda Bleich
Mrs. Cynthia Blitz
Ms. Josephine Blue
Ms. Irene M. Bobak
Mr. Rudolf Boehm
Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Boetsch
Mr. Paul Boissiere
Mr. Brian Bonazzoli
Mrs. April Bongi
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bonino
Mr. Gerald Bonomi
Mr. & Mrs. David Borbas
Mr. Mark Borson
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Bosschart
Ms. Jan Boynton
Mr. Robert Brackett
& Ms. Suzanne Garcia
Ms. Lee T. Bradford
Mrs. Carole Brady-Duport
Ms. Katherine Brainard
Mr. William Brandenburg
Mr. Shel Brandenburger
Mrs. Verena Brauen
Mrs. Ida Braun
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Brewer
Ms. Rebecca Bridges
Ms. Phyllis Brock
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Mr. Ronald J. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Brown
Ms. Katherine Brubaker
Mr. & Mrs. David Brubaker
Mr. & Mrs. John Brunow
Ms. Cora L. Buel
Mr. David Bulechek
Ms. Susan Bullis
Dr. George Bulloch, M.D.
Mrs. Patricia Burnham
Mr. & Mrs. James Busselle
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Butler
Mr. Alex Byer
Mr. Elliott Byland
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cadagan
Mrs. Beatrice Cahn
Ms. Patrice Callagy
Ms. Lynnel Callagy
Mr. Mike Callagy
Ms. Patricia C. Callender
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Calof
Mr. & Mrs. Salvador Carcache
Mrs. Marlene Carder-Jobaris
Ms. Cristin Carey
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Carter
Ms. Winifred Case
Ms. Bambi Cask
Ms. Alberta L. Casper
Mr. Ben Cassotta
Mr. David C. Castagnola
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Castellanos
Mr. John Celona
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cesena
Mr. Gordon B. Chamberlain
Mr. & Mrs. Canyon Chan
Mr. Yimming Chan Wesley
& Gillian Chao
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Chard
Mr. Earle P. Charlton II
Mr. Edward Chejlava
& Ms. Tracy Harcourt
Ms. Emiko Chen
Mrs. Meisun Chen
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Cheskin
Ms. Samantha Cheung
Ms. Cindy Chew
Mrs. Barbara Chiari
Ms. Sandra Chiesa
Mr. Raymond Childs
& Ms. Jean Sebring
Mr. Michael Chin
Dr. & Mrs. Steve Chinn
Ms. Minnie Chinn
Mrs. Pamela Chomsky
Ms. Vicky Chou
Ms. Mildred Christiano
Mr. & Mrs. Dixon Chung
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Cimino
Mrs. Sara Cleary
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cloutier
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cohen
Dr. Michael Cohn
& Ms. Sarah Stein
Mrs. Jolyne Collins
Mr. Michael P. Collins
Mr. Julien Combatalade, Jr.
Ms. B.G. Compeau
Mr. Kenneth Conley
Ms. Olympia Connolly
Ms. Patricia Connor
& Mr. Linn Johnson
Mr. Matthew Connors
& Dr. Elneda Connors
Mr. & Mrs. David Conroy
Mr. Tom Cook
Ms. Susan L. Coombes
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Coon
Mrs. Lynn Cornish
Mrs. Carol D. Corvino
Ms. Nicola Corzine
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Costa
Ms. Elizabeth Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Craig
Ms. Jane Creighton
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Crellin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Crosby
Mrs. Linda Crowe
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Your Name Stays With Us Please know that while PHS/SPCA never sells, trades or in any way exchanges the names and contact information of its supporters and
members with other charities or for-profit businesses, many other businesses do in fact offer such information. PHS/SPCA purchases names of possible donors from other
charities and for-profit businesses, but that’s always a one-way street. For more info, contact Lisa Van Buskirk at 650/340-7022 x327, or [email protected].
Mr. Roberto Cruces
Ms. Denise Cumming
Ms. Kara Damer
& Mr. Dan Littlefield
Ms. Ann Daugherty
& Mr. Randall Mrsny
Ms. Bunny Dawson
Ms. Julia F. Day
Mr. Antonio De Sousa
Mr. Brian Dean
& Ms. Jenny Stevens
Mrs. Katrina Deane
Mrs. Danett Debrine
Ms. Barbara Decker
& Mr. George Saupe
Mr. & Mrs. Don DeFriese
Mr. Clay Del Secco
Mr. Gregory Dellanini
Mr. & Mrs. John Demiris
Mr. & Mrs. James Denney
Ms. Louise Deputron
Mr. Gregory DesBrisay
& Ms. Sonya Sigler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dewey
Mrs. Frances Dillingham
Mr. Tim Diss & Ms. Lara Payton
Dr. Jean Dixen, Ph.D.
Mr. William Doherty
Ms. Colleen Doing
Mr. Bryan Dominguez
Ms. Laurie Donaldson
Ms. Carolyn Dorsch
Ms. Heather Douglass
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Dow
Mrs. Elia Downey
Ms. Cathy Downey
Ms. Susan Doyle
Mrs. Judith A. Doyle
Ms. Laura Drabik
& Mr. Christopher Stratas
Ms. Elisha Dreher
Ms. Amy Dresser
Mr. Charles Drew
Ms. Kathleen Dugan
& Mr. Greg Bell
Dr. Penelope Eckert
& Dr. Ivan Sag
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Eckert
Ms. Janice Eddy
Mr. Patrick Edsell
Mr. Robert Edward
Mr. & Mrs. Omid Eizadi
Ms. Jennifer Ekelund
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Elder
Ms. Jennifer Elliott
Dr. Priscilla Jo Elsner
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Emerick
Mr. David Escarzega
Ms. Judy Estrin
Ms. Rachel B. Evans
Ms. Tracy T. Everett
Mr. Albert Everitt
Ms. Beth Fahnhorst
Mrs. Ruth Fair
Dr. Barrie Fairley
Ms. Susan Falaschi
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Falletti
Ms. Shirley N. Faraone
Ms. Marie Faraone
Mr. Charles Faulk
& Ms. Candace Kirsch
Mr. & Mrs. Kris Faulkner
Ms. Patricia Fava
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Feldman
Ms. Carol Felton
Mr. Alan Fiedler
Mr. Ejnar Fink-Jensen
& Ms. Caryl Bonds
Ms. Jennifer Fischer
Ms. Debbie Fischer
Dr. Richard L. Fischer
M.J. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Fitch
Mrs. Kimberly
Ms. Susan Fivelstad
Mr. Terrence Flaherty
Mr. J. Roger Flanagan
Ms. Barbara Flannery
Ms. Florencia Flores
Ms. Florence Flores
Ms. Elsie Floriani
Ms. Alice Flynn
Mrs. Christiane E. Foley
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Formanek
Mrs. Mary Forseth
Dr. Charles Fracchia, M.D.
Mr. Richard Frederick
Ms. Carol Fregly
Ms. Celia Fresquez
Mr. Thomas Friebel
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Friedman
Ms. Janice Fry
Mr. & Mrs. Cal Fugitt
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fung
Ms. Kit Fung
& Mr. Rick Nordensten
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gabitass
Mrs. Kathleen A. Gallo
Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Gaudiani
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Geiger
Ms. Emily Gere
Mr. & Mrs. Tim German
Ms. Alyce Gershenson
& Mr. Michael Lloyd
Ms. Theresa Giannangelo
Mrs. Jane Gildea
Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Gilliland
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giovannetti
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Girdlestone
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gleghorn
Ms. Lisa Goldman
Ms. Estrellita Gomez
Ms. Maria Gomez
Mrs. Gwen Good
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Goodman
Mr. Danny Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Goodman
Mrs. Carol P. Goodwin
Mrs. Annette Goodwine
Mrs. Virginia Gordon
Ms. Ann O. Gordon
Ms. Celeste Gore-Schreck
& Mr. Thomas Schreck
Ms. Jennifer Goshorn
Ms. Patrice Gouveia
Mr. & Mrs. William Graham
Mr. Gary Grant
Ms. Susan L. Grau
Mr. Alexander Gray
Ms. Alison Green
Mr. Randy Greenblat
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Griffin
Mrs. Guity Griswold
Ms. Carole Groom
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Gross
Ms. Lesley Groves
Ms. Rita Guiliano
Mr. & Mrs. Naren Gupta
Ms. Maryann Guthrie
Ms. Genoveva Gutierrez
Dr. & Mrs. Laszlo Gyulassy
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hackworth
Mr. Lawrence Hagerman
& Ms. Robin Kirsch
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Haitani
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hall
Ms. Julie Hammack
Mr. Tony Hansen
Ms. M. June Hansen
Mr. Geoffrey Hansen
Ms. Bee Hanson
Mrs. Carol Hanson
Mr. John Harbaugh
Ms. Maria Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Harris
Ms. Gita Hartzheim
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Harwood
Ms. Irene F. Hassel
Ms. Helen Hatchett
Mrs. Norma Haviland
Mr. Craig D. Hawkins
Ms. Kathleen Heffernan
Mr. Ivar Heggen
Ms. Carmen Helisten
& Mr. John McLenegan
Mr. Larry Helms
Mrs. Sherry Helms
Ms. Mary Lou Hely
Mr. Charles Henry
Ms. Laurie Hepler
Ms. Christina Herdell
Mr. Jose Hernandez
Mr. & Mrs. Juancho Herranz
Ms. Lucy Hessel
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hettman
Ms. Mary Higgins
Ms. Wendy Hillhouse
Mr. Kazuo Hirai
Mrs. Debbie Hirth
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hitchens
Ms. Jenny Ho
Ms. Sandra S. Hobart
Mr. Morgan Hoff
Mrs. Dona P. Hoge
Mr. Paul Hohenschuh
& Dr. Marjorie Winkler
Mrs. Akiko Honda
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hope
Ms. Jacalyn Horton
Mr. Donald Hos
Ms. Karen Howard
Ms. Deborah Howe
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Howell
Ms. Joan Howell
Ms. Kimberly A. Huffman
Mr. Jay Huish, Jr.
Ms. Linda Humber
Ms. Betty Hung
Ms. Minda Hurd
Ms. Serena Ip
Ms. Junko Ishihara
Ms. Pauline Ishisaki
& Mr. Edson Fong
Ms. Anita Jackson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Jackson
Ms. Karen Jacobson
& Mr. Daniel Kessler
Ms. Jane James
Mr. Mark Jamison
& Ms. Stacey Diodati
Mrs. Elizabeth Jardina
& Mr. Brian Stoler
Ms. Rachel Jaris
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Jeffries
Mrs. Deborah Jensen
& Dr. Thomas Greene
Mrs. Sylvia G. Johnson
Ms. Susan L. Keller
Mrs. Barbara Kelley
& Mr. Dwight Taylor
Ms. Roxanne Kennedy
Mrs. Jeanette Kennedy
Ms. Lee Kennedy
Mrs. Gloria Kennett
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kepic
Ms. Shahn Kermani
Ms. Muriel Kern
Ms. Debbie Kerrigan
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Kesler
Ms. Christine Khoury
Dr. Shannon Kilgore
Mr. Randy Kim
Mr. & Mrs. Jack King
Ms. Julie King
Mr. Kenneth King
Ms. Jennifer Kinghorn
Ms. Edith Kipping
Mr. Douglas F. Kirkwood
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Kitrinos
Ms. Sue Klapholz
Ms. Ann Kloepfer
Mrs. Christine Knott
Ms. Kara Koenig
Mr. Roger Kolda
Mr. Grant Kolling
Ms. Iris Kong
Ms. Maxine Koop
Ms. Donna Kopec
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Koppel
Ms. Caroline Koss
Mr. & Mrs. David Kowalski
Mrs. Michelle Kozul
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kravitz
Join our Pack!
and help make a difference
Our event committees are
looking for more, active
members to help
fundraise for
our annual
Please contact
Lisa van Buskirk
at 650/340-7022 x327 or
[email protected].
Mr. & Mrs. Art Johnson
Mrs. Virginia Johnson
Ms. Kay Johnson
Ms. Marty Johnson
Mr. Ellis Johnston III
Ms. W. Helene Jones
Mr. Eric Jorgensen
Ms. Shirley Joseph
Mr. Christopher Joyner
Ms. Mary Lou Joyner
Mr. & Mrs. F. Clay Judd
Ms. Eva Justimbaste
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kabakoff
Mr. Steven Kahn
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kampe
Ms. Debora Kane
& Mr. Tom Whitaker
Ms. Francesca Karpel
Ms. Joanie Kay
Ms. Mary Ellen Kearney
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kearns
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kechichian
Mr. Alan Keefer
Mr. Manao Keegan
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Keever
Ms. Monique Kreutzer
& Mr. Cary Croopnick
Mrs. Verna C. Krogh
Mrs. Donna G. Krupp
Mr. Philip Kruzinski
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kuklin
Ms. Christine Kurtz
Ms. Laura Kwiatek
& Mr. David Nakamura
Mr. & Mrs. Robert La Mar
Mr. Raymond Laherrere
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Lam
Ms. Jennie Lam
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Langhans
Ms. Matilde Lapuyade
Mrs. Carole Last
Mrs. Amy Lavelle
Dr. Irene Lawrence
& Dr. David Chu
Mrs. Lauren Layne
Mr. Patrick Leahy
Mrs. Sophia Lee
& Mr. Ray Chang
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lee
Mr. Randall Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lee
Ms. Francine G. Lester
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Leupp
Mrs. Virginia Lev
Ms. Susan Levy
Mr. Vince Lew
Mr. Ferris Q. Lewald
Ms. Allison Lewis-Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. John Lindner
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Litman
Ms. Emily Liu
Ms. Paula S. Lively
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lomas
Mr. Ray Lombardi
Ms. Gabriella Lombardi
Mr. Matthew T. Lopez
Mr. Paul Lottice
Ms. Edwina Lu
Ms. Jean Lund
Ms. Nancy Lund
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lustig
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. David Maas
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Macaire
Mr. Michael MacDonald
Ms. Laurie Macomber
Mrs. Reeta Madhavan
Mr. Robert Mahaffy
Mrs. Jeane Makar
Mr. & Mrs. Subbaiah Malladi
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maloney
Mr. John Maltbie
& Ms. Greta Helm
Mr. Scott Manning
Mrs. Jayne March
Ms. Cynthia Marcopulos
Mrs. Melinda Marian
Mr. Nicholas Markevich
Mrs. Carri Markoulis
Ms. Sue Marksman
Ms. Marian N. Marra
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Marshall
Ms. Samantha Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Martin
Mr. Daniel Martinelli
Ms. Claudia Martinez
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mason Jr.
Ms. Sherri Matteo
Mr. Sean Mattingly
Ms. Gail Mazzucchelli
Ms. Kathleen McCall
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McCann
Mr. Thomas McConnell
& Ms. Latricia Turner
Mrs. Jenny McCrank
Ms. Patti A. McCrory
Ms. Ronele McCurdy
Ms. Camille McDowell
Mrs. Sheri McElrea
Mrs. Patricia McGinnis
Mr. Harry McKenzie
Ms. Roberta McKinney
Mr. Bud McLellan
Ms. Marjorie L. McNabb
Ms. Michele McNamara
Ms. Michele McNellis
Mrs. Margaret McNinch
Ms. Lorraine McPherson
Mr. & Mrs. Zeke Mead
Mr. William Meade
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mees
Ms. Yoko Meiji
Mrs. Shawn M. Merrill
Mr. Peter Messner
Ms. Alison L. Metz
Ms. Barbara Michael
Mr. Marvin Miller
Mr. Daniel Miller
& Ms. Anne Leland
Dr. D. Craig Miller, M.D.
Mrs. Patricia Mirabelli
Mr. Michael A. Missasi
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Modrell
Ms. Corinne Mohrmann
& Ms. Carol Corrigan
Mr. Michael Molenda
Ms. Carol Molina
Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer
Ms. Denise Monaco
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Monize
Ms. Melissa Montresor
Mrs. Gertrude Moore
Mrs. Adelle More
Ms. Liliane Morin
Ms. Kim Morioka
Ms. Maureen Morley
Mr. Sascha Mornell
Ms. Beth L. Morris
Mrs. Caroline Mortara
Ms. Sally M. Morton
Mr. William Murdock
Ms. Jo A. Murray
Ms. K. A. Murray
Mr. & Mrs. John Mustain
Mrs. Beverly Muzio
Ms. Christina G. Myers
Ms. Holly Myers
& Mr. Kirk Neely
Mrs. Joyce Nagel
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Naselli
Ms. Preeta Nayak
Ms. Jeena Nayyar
& Mr. Arun Nayyar
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Neaves
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nelson
Mr. Allen Nelson
Mrs. Connie Neuman
Ms. Cynthia A. Newton
Mrs. Ruth Nilmeier
Mr. William Nisbet
Ms. Anna Marie C. Noche
Mrs. Ann Noll
Mr. Daniel Nomellini
Mr. Yuri Nosochkov
Ms. Victoria Nuttall
Mr. Eamon O’Driscoll
Mr. John Oettinger
Ms. Betty Ogami
Mrs. Susan C. Ogle
Ms. Cindy Olander
Dr. Danielle Olsen D.V.M.
Ms. Renee Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Ongerth
Ms. Christine Orlowski
Ms. Remedios Ortigas
Mr. & Mrs. W. Gregory Osborn
Mr. & Mrs. George Osborne
Ms. Sachie Oshima
Ms. Maryann Osmond
Mr. Reynaldo Osorio
Mr. & Mrs. James Otermat
Mr. Wayne Ott
Mr. Alan Ouye
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Owen
Ms. Shelley Paver
& Mr. Eric Brown
Ms. Martha Packer
& Mr. Bill Affleck
Mr. Daniel Padilla
Ms. Valerie Pagendarm
Ms. Kimberly Parker
Ms. Maria Parks
& Mr. Malcolm Stephenson
Ms. Andrea Parks
Ms. Maria Patino
& Mr. Steven Crocker
Mr. Peter Pau
Ms. Laurel Peacock
& Mr. John Ryan
Ms. Melinda Pengel
Mr. Arturo Pereyra
Ms. Linda C. Perez
Ms. Lora Perkins
Ms. Donna Petersen
Ms. Peggy Petras-Ames
Mr. Craig Phelps
Mr. Joe Phillips
Mrs. Pamela A. Phipps
Ms. Christine Pielenz
& Mr. Bill Laven
Ms. Sharon Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pinto
Ms. Marguerite M. Pitt
Mr. & Mrs. John Plane
Mr. Gary Pollek
Mrs. Barbara Poppe
Mrs. Anne W. Poulson
Mr. Ron Powell
Mrs. Helen Prather
Ms. Marilyn Proffitt
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Queen
Ms. Julie Quon
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rabichow
Ms. Linda Racine
Mr. & Mrs. David Rae
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raffo
Mr. Eric Rahneberg
Mrs. Laurie Rappoport
Mrs. Dorothy Ratto
Mrs. Norma Realini
Dr. & Mrs. Larry Recht
Mr. Jack M. Red
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Mr. Royce Reece
Ms. Marianne Rehfeld
Mrs. Jean Reimering
Mr. Jose Relinque
Mrs. Beth Remington
Mr. Rene E. Renard
Ms. Nancy Reynolds
Ms. Karen Richardson
Mr. Timothy Richmond
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Rider
Ms. Cecilia Ridgeway
Mr. Frank Ritchey
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Rivas
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Robel
Ms. Libby Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley Roberts
Ms. Renette Robillard
Mrs. Barbara Robinson
Mr. James S. Robinson
Mrs. Leigh Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rockwell
Ms. Carolyn K. Rogers
Mr. Hans Rohdin
Ms. Pam Rolph
Mr. & Mrs. James Rooney
Ms. Barbara A. Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Ross
Ms. Wanda Ross
& Mr. Michael McCoy
Mr. & Mrs. William Royer
Mr. Jorg Rudig
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Rudnicki
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Ruegg
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Ruggiero
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Runkel
Mr. Robert S. Rush
Ms. Sandra Russell
Mrs. Sharon Russell
Ms. Mary Russi
Mrs. Sandie Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Ali Sadat
Mr. & Mrs. Masaru Sagara
Mr. Michael Sager
Ms. Andrea Saint
Ms. Margine Sako
& Mr. Brad Heinzen
Mr. Alejandro Salazar
Mrs. Pamela Salgado
Ms. Karen Salomon
Mrs. Ann Salyer
Mr. William San Filippo III
Ms. Cara M. Sander
Mr. Blake Sandy
Ms. Susan Santini
Mr. Christopher Sarcone
Dr. John Sarconi
Ms. Marion C. Saroni
Ms. Anne M. Scanlan-Rohrer
Ms. Susan Schellenberg
Ms. Alice Schenk
& Mr. John Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Schiavo, Jr.
Ms. Lena Schliebus
Mr. Edward Schmidt
Ms. Joanne Schunter
& Mr. John Hult
Ms. Bernice Schwabacher
Mr. Randy Schwartz
Mrs. Geraldine M. Scopesi
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Selig
Mrs. Bonnie Semans
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Semenoff
Mrs. Suzanne Sengelmann
Ms. Brenda Shamlian
Ms. Betty Lou Shank
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Shaw
Mr. William Shaw
Ms. Carolyn J. Shebalin
Mr. Bernard Shek
Mr. Gin Shen
Mr. & Mrs. David Shepler
Ms. Tracy Sherman
Mr. James Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Shirley
Ms. Patty Short
Mrs. Allene Sieling
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sies
Ms. Dzidra Silver
Ms. Susan Simmons
Mr. Leon Simon
Ms. Julie Sims
Mrs. Lyn Sinko
Mrs. Mary Skuce
Ms. Leah Slater
Ms. Ann Slattery
Ms. Suzanne E. Sliter
Lorraine A. Smith
Ms. Kirsten Smith
Mrs. Marietta Smith
Mr. & Mrs. James Snider
Ms. Sylvia Soares
Mr. Michael Sogard
Mrs. Candace Soles
Ms. Diana Soto
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Soulard
Mrs. Mary Souza
Mr. Leon Souza
Ms. Laura Souza
Ms. Elizebeth Spann
& Ms. Claire Biron
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sparacino
Dr. Lauren Speeth
& Mr. Don Kane
Ms. Lina Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Govindaraji
Ms. Claire Stager
Ms. Christine Stanislawski
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Steck
Mrs. Ruth Steiner
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Steyer
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Stottler
Ms. Anthea Stratigos
& Mr. Gregory Chagaris
Mrs. Marye Ann Strehlow
Mr. John I. Strom
Mr. David Struck
Mr. Leroy Stubbles
Mr. Lawrence Sugimoto
Mr. & Mrs. David Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Sullivan
Ms. Edna Sumortin-Fernandez
Mrs. Catherine Sun
Ms. Rebecca Sunshine
Mrs. Nobuko Suruki
Mr. Joe Suzuki
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Swartz
Ms. Wanda R. Sweeten
Ms. Elizabeth Swenson
Ms. Sylvia Sykes
Mr. William Symon
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Syrett
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Talbot
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Talvola
Ms. Margaret Tao
Ms. Valerie Tarantino
Mr. & Mrs. George Tarleton
Ms. Shirley Taylor
Ms. Margaret Taylor
& Mr. Floyd Gonella
Mr. Bruce D. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Terwilliger
Mr. & Mrs. Al Tevis
Ms. Sue Thomas
Ms. Irene D. Thomas
Ms. Doris Thomasson
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Thompson
Ms. Carol A. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Thornton Clark
Ms. Laurie Tibbetts
Ms. Linda Tidwell
Ms. Adrienne Tissier
Ms. Helaina Titus
Ms. Jane Tollini
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tomberg
Ms. Laurie Torres
Mr. Michael Tracy
& Ms. Debbie Lelek
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Traum
Ms. Bonnie Tse
Mr. Alex Tsukerman
Ms. Kristen Tsukushi
Dr. Chia-Ling Tu
Ms. Susan Tunstall
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Tupper
Ms. Stacey L. Turpin
Ms. Heidi Ulrich
Ms. Jean E. Underwood
Mr. Bill Unger
& Ms. Teresa Luchsinger
Ms. Bansari Vaidya
Mrs. Lisa Van Buskirk
& Mr. Aaron Peterkin
Dr. Jacques Van Dam
Mr. & Mrs. Frits Vanderlinden
Mr. & Mrs. James Varner II
Mrs. Susan Vartain
Mr. & Mrs. Keoni Vaughn
Mr. Adolfo Velez
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ventura
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vian
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vickerman
Mrs. Anastasia Vigil
Mrs. Lynette Viswanathan
Ms. Lauren Vitelli
Mrs. Gwynned Vitello
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vorsatz
Mr. William Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Loren Walden
Ms. Karen Walsh
& Mr. James Berbee
Ms. Kathe M. Walsh
Ms. Janice J. Wang
Mr. Reino Wantin
Ms. Amy Warnecke
Mr. Raymond Warren
Ms. Lynn Webb
Ms. Katie Weber
& Mr. Nathan Mueller
Mr. Gene Welch
Ms. Willy Werby
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Werthman
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Whelan
Mr. Ken White
& Ms. Carolyn Crane
Mr. William White
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Whitlark
Mr. & Mrs. James Wiggins
Ms. A. Terry Wight
Mr. Jonathan Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Wilkes
Mr. Robert Wilkins
Mr. William Wilkinson
Mr. Joe Will
Mr. Michael S. Williams
Ms. Terri Williams
Ms. Nancy Wilson
Ms. Doris A. Winters
Mrs. Carla Wittenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Rory Wohl
Ms. Johanna Wolgast
Ms. Josephine Wong
Ms. Nancy Wong
Mrs. Barbara Wood
& Mr. Keith Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Woodhams
Mr. & Mrs. John Woods
Ms. Sonya Woods
Ms. Amy Woolf
Mrs. Marcia Wythes
Ms. Joann Yates
& Mr. William King
Mr. Fred J. Yeager
Ms. May L. Yee
Mrs. Lisa M. Yee
Mrs. Lynnett Yee
Mr. Alan Yee
Ms. Miyuki Yokoyama
Mrs. Donna M. Young
Mrs. Jean Kaster
Ms. Charlotte B. Keating
Miss Effie Keldsen
Ms. Elizabeth Lippitt
Ms. Margit Lowenstein
Dr. John D. Milburn III
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Mincks
Ms. Patricia Nieh
Ms. Jean Payseno
Mrs. Helen M. Powers
Ms. Elsa Roscoe
Mr. John Sacher
Ms. Jackie Schiedeck
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Shroyer
Ms. Elaine B. Smith
Mr. Forrest W. Stone Jr.
Mrs. Maureen K. Sturgeon
Mr. John P. Thomas
Ms. Clare Vlaming
Ms. Rose Woody
Mrs. Marion Yasinitsky
David J. Tsiang Foundation
David Rio Coffee & Tea, Inc.
Denrail Inc.
DES Architects & Engineers
Diamond Pet Foods
Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell
DPR Construction
Driscoll Foundation Inc.
Ellis Brooks Leasing, Inc.
Emery & Howard
Fidelity Charitable
First Carbon Solutions
First National Bank
Fog Dog Studios
Footsteps Child Care, Inc.
Franklin Templeton
GE Foundation
Genesys Telecommunications
Giant Steps Foundation
Girl Scout Troop #62403
$300 & ABOVE
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
21st Amendment Brewery
Good Eggs
ABD Insurance & Financial
Google, Inc.
Services, Inc.
Acacia Capital Corp.
Gordon & Betty Moore
Adobe Systems Inc.
Allen Drywall & Associates, Inc. Foundation
Grainger Foundation
Alta Mesa Improvement
Griffin & Sons Construction, Inc.
H.M. Bitner Charitable Trust
Half Moon Bay Lodge
AmazonSmile Foundation
Anderson Yazdi Hwang Minton Handlery Hotels
Harvest Festival
+ Horn LLP
Hathaway Dinwiddie
Ann and Gordon Getty
Heritage Realty
Home Depot Foundation
Barefoot Wine
Party at Brick Monkey!
On Sunday, February 22, Brick
Monkey & Brick Monkey2 will
donate 10% of purchases to
PHS/SPCA! Join Brick Monkey from 12-4pm, for a free
party with a dog contest.
Ms. Mei Yuan
Mr. & Mrs. Scot Zaccor
Ms. Mary Zadra
Ms. Diane Zagorites
Mr. Richard Zellerbach
Ms. Wenjie Zhang
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zukin
We wish to thank those whose
planned gifts to PHS/SPCA
have recently matured. Such
generosity and thoughtfulness
is greatly appreciated.
Mrs. Dorothy D. Batchelder
Ms. Nancy Cason Chiamos
Mr. & Mrs. J. Morse Cavender
Ms. Evelyn Dashiell
Ms. Louise A. DeTomasi
Doelger Charitable Trust
Thelma Doelger
Charitable Trust
Mr. Laurence Dorcy
Mr. Edward Drozynski
Ms. Milly Epsen
Mrs. Agnes Frank
Mr. Gary M. Graul
Mrs. Maureen Haywood
Barkley Fund
Big Joe Leasing & Rentals, LLC
Blume Foundation
Boston Private Bank & Trust Co.
Brick Monkey
Brownie Troop #62325
Build-a-Bear Workshop Bear
Hugs Foundation
Camino Real Pet Clinic
Camp for a Cause
Canas Realty
Capital Community
Foundation Inc.
Charity Gift Certificates
Cisco Foundation
City & County of San Francisco
Clorox Company Foundation
Colliers International
Combined Federal Campaign
of the Bay Area
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy
Cypress Funeral Services, Inc.
Daisy Troop #62210
David & Lucile Packard
Hood & Strong LLP
Howard and Betty White
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Intuit Foundation
John E. Manders Foundation
Jones & Jones Architects
Juniper Networks Company
Kaiser Permanente
Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co.
Langan Treadwell Rollo
Laughlin, Falbo, Levy
& Moresi LLP
Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc.
Leisure Family Foundation
Little Moving Pictures
Local Independent Charities
of America
lululemon athletica
M West Reit, Inc.
Matteoni, O’Laughlin
& Hechtman
McGovern Insurance
Melvin & Geraldine Hoven
Michael and Ina Korek
Foundation Trust
Milne Design & Build, Inc.
Nathan & Violet David
Nelson Roberts Investment
Network For Good
New Venture
Communications, Inc.
Newman’s Own Foundation
Nextag, Inc.
Nice Systems, Inc.
Nikon Precision Inc.
Nissen Family Charitable Trust
NorCal Combined Federal
Norris Family Donor Advised
North Peninsula Veterinary
Emergency Clinic, Inc.
Op4G, Inc.
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Parkside School
Peninsula Building
Materials Co.
Peninsula Gallery
Pet Food Express
Petco Foundation
Pet’s Rest
Posner Wallace Foundation
Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay
Rosendin Electric, Inc.
San Francisco Toyota
SanDisk Corporation
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Serramonte Center
Silicon Valley Community
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& Heger, Inc.
Skyline Construction
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South Hillsdale Animal
Stanford Department of
Electrical Engineering
Stanford Life-Span
Development Lab
Storyline Studio, LLC
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T.M. Summit, Inc.
Taube Family Foundation
Telerate Insurance Services
The Bank of America
Charitable Foundation
The Carey School
The Craft Foundation
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Town of Los Altos Hills
Twinkle Twinkle Preschool
United Airlines Foundation
United Way California Capital
US Bank
Valla Family Foundation
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
VMWare Foundation
Wag Hotels
Walter Hays Elementary School
Warren & Bernice Hensel
Wells Fargo Community
Support Campaign
Westin San Francisco Airport
William & Flora Hewlett
World Wings International Inc.
WSP Flack & Kurtz
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Monthly donors
Ms. Adrienne Acob
Ms. Lisa Adams
& Mr. John Heath
Ms. Priyanka Advani
Ms. Sandra Aguayo
Ms. Sharon L. Allen
Ms. Marilyn Alonzo
Ms. Dorothy L. Anderson
Ms. Audrey J. Anderson
Ms. Karen Andrade
Mr. Paul Anglehart
Mrs. Donna Arago
Ms. Eileen Arbues
Ms. Katherine Aromin
Mr. Josh Averill
Mr. & Mrs. William Bachalo
Mrs. Armina Badalian
Ms. Catherine Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Balestieri
Ms. Marsha Barnett
Ms. Kymberly M. Bartlo
Ms. Gail T. Bauer
Mrs. Sharon Becker
Ms. Sydney Behrendt
Ms. Shirley Bendick
Ms. Karen Berman
Mrs. Patricia Betleyoun
Ms. Carole E. Bianchi
Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Boetsch
Mrs. Viola M. Bowie
Ms. Mary Ellen Brady
Mr. Shel Brandenburger
Ms. Madeline Brane
Mr. Nathan Brickley
Ms. Judith Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brown
Ms. Roberta Browne
Mr. & Mrs. David Brubaker
Dr. Lisa Butler
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Butler
Ms. Ellie Cahill
Mr. Michael Callahan
Mrs. Olga Carlsen
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carlson
Ms. Alberta L. Casper
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Castellanos
Mrs. Jacqueline Cavalieri
Ms. Maureen Cawley
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cesena
Wesley & Gillian Chao
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chapman
Ms. Jennifer Charney
Ms. Chaco Chen
Ms. Tina Chiang
Mrs. Barbara Chiari
Ms. Sandra Chiesa
Ms. Judy Chin
Ms. Li Chu
Mrs. Carol Cicerone
Mrs. Melinda Clar
Ms. Rachel Clee
Mr. Jeffrey Cockrell
Mr. Jonathan Cohen
Mr. Steven Collins
Ms. Nicola Corzine
Rev. Catherine S. Costas
Ms. Alice Cottrell
Ms. Gladys Coulter
Mr. John Cranston
Mrs. Robin Cullen
Mr. James Cullison
Ms. Melinda Dart
& Mr. Jamie Padover
Mrs. Rosalyn M. Dean
Mrs. Katrina Deane
Mrs. Jane Deangelo
Mr. & Mrs. Phil DeMartis
Mr. & Mrs. John Demiris
Ms. Patricia DeNarde
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dewey
Ms. Diana Diehl
Ms. Andrea Dioli
Mr. Greg Doherty
Ms. Monica Douglass
Ms. Jessica Dowd
Ms. Elisha Dreher
Ms. Betty Duerr
Ms. Josie Dundas
Ms. Carmen Durastanti
Ms. Mandy Eisner
Mr. Daniel Empey
Mr. Thomas Endres
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fadis
Dr. Richard L. Fischer
Ms. Connie Fitzgerald
& Mr. Bill Lopez
Ms. Eileen Folan
Ms. Catherine Fortney
Ms. Harmony Fountain
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gabitass
Ms. Amanda Gaisford
Ms. Guadalupe Garcia
Ms. Ruth Gersh
Ms. Veronica Gonzales
Ms. Donna Gonzalez
Ms. Rita Guiliano
Mrs. Emily M. Haidri
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hall
Ms. Christine Halstead
Ms. Julie Hammack
Ms. Mary Ellen Haney
Ms. Adele Hansen
Ms. Jane F. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hartnett
Ms. Jeri Hawk
Mr. & Mrs. Juancho Herranz
Ms. Cecilia Herrmann
Ms. Anne M. Hilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Hoenisch
Ms. Shulamit Hoffmann
Ms. Lana Hopper
Ms. Elizabeth J. Howard
Ms. Haley Hughes
Ms. Deborrah Hussey
Ms. Kelly Ilnicki
& Mr. Mark Lambert
Mr. Scott Jahnke
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Ms. Birgitta Johansson
Mrs. Geraldine Johnson
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Ms. Antonia Koel
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Ms. Grace Lee
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Ms. Tzuling Liu
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Ms. Cathie Nelson
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Ms. Kathy Nutting
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Ms. Catherine Pickerel
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pickford
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Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rabichow
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Mr. William Rector
Ms. Loretta Reilly
Mrs. Beth Remington
Ms. Norma C. Reynolds
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Mr. Robert S. Rush
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Ms. Ann Schneider
Ms. Carolyn Schumacher
Ms. Rachel Seftel
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Ms. Kristie Shum
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Ms. Rachel Sorensen
Ms. Emily Stemmerich
Ms. Judy Strauss
Mrs. Nobuko Suruki
Mrs. Lori F. Sutton
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Syrett
Ms. Rebecca Tang
Mrs. Nelia Tariga
Mrs. Lisa Telles
Dr. & Mrs. David Tesarowski
Ms. Terri Tienken
Mrs. Michele E. Tomlinson-Ferro
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Torre
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Torstrom
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Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vaccaro
Ms. Debbie Van Wart
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Vargas
Mr. & Mrs. Keoni Vaughn
Mrs. Diane Vornoli
Ms. Dana Wakefield
Ms. Barbara R. Walsh
Ms. Inge Gauer
Ms. Gertrude Gebin
*Ms. Evie Gerber
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Mrs. Norma Haviland
Ms. Patricia Henshaw
Dr. Carroll Ann Hodges
Mrs. Paula Hoffman
Ms. Bronwyn Hogan
Mrs. Cindy Holzman
Ms. Kimberley Honeysett
Mr. William Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair Hwang
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Isola
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Jennings
Ms. Cheryl A. Joseph
Ms. Mary Lou Joyner
The Forever Friends Legacy
Society program honors those Mrs. RJ Kamprath
*Mrs. Jean Kaster
who remember PHS/SPCA
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kendall
in wills, trusts, and other
types of planned gifts. These Ms. Laura Kendall
Ms. Cheryl Kendall
gifts ensure the protection
& Mr. Glenn Nash
of many shelter animals for
Mr. Ronald C. Kinkeade
years to come. Many, many
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel
thanks to our dedicated
Forever Friends. To learn
Ms. Alexa Knight
more or become a member,
Ms. Diane Knight
contact Lisa Van Buskirk:
Dr. Felix Laks, M.D.
650/340-7022 x327
Ms. Wai Yu Lam
Ms. Mary Abbott
Ms. Carol Langham
Ms. Pamella D. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. J. N. Lazear
Mrs. Catherine Affrunti
Ms. Ingrid LeBlanc
Ms. Judy Allbritton
Ms. Barbara Legler
Dr. Seth Ammerman
Ms. Marla Lowenthal
Mrs. Mary Ancell
Mr. Gregory Michael Mahlow
Mrs. Susan M. Ando
Sophia & Doug Matgen
Bud & Joan Andre
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mazzetti
Mrs. Patricia Arthur
Dr. & Mrs. Burt McDowell
Ms. Harriet Ashley
Ms. Jeanne McFarland
Mrs. Betty Basham
& Ms. Patricia Muller
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bonino
Ms. Linda Mead
Sue & Fritz Brauner
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mees
Ms. Dorothy Lee Bray
Mr. George Metropulos
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Brenneisen
Ms. Michele Moffitt
Ms. Karen Bristol
Mrs. Carole Molder
Bob & *Kandice Brown
Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brown
Ms. Susan Monroe
Ms. Jeannette Bruffy
Ms. Anna M. Montenegro
Ms. Barbara Burdette
Mrs. Mary Nacey
& *Ms. B.J. King
Mrs. Barbara Nagata
Ms. Suzanne Butler
Mrs. Ruth Nilmeier
Ms. Ellie Cahill
Mr. Thomas D. Notaro
Mrs. Beatrice Cahn
Ms. Teresa Nowicki
Mrs. Mimi Casazza
Ms. Violet Orfans
Ms. Leslie A. Castellino
*Ms. Judith A. Ott
Ms. Lena Chang
*Ms. Jean Packard
Mr. Marvin Charney
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pitlyk
Ms. Mardi Clark
Mrs. Marilyn Porto
Mrs. Sara Cleary
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raffo
Ms. Judith Cochran-Stoba
Mrs. Maria Reed
Ms. Barbara Lou
Mr. Robert Richards
Ms. Jennifer Roberts
Ms. Carole M. Cole
Ms. Mary Elsie Robertson
Ms. Patricia Connor
Ms. Renette Robillard
& Mr. Linn Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Rodkey
Mr. Matthew Connors
Mr. Robert S. Rush
& Dr. Elneda Connors
Mr. Blake Sandy
Ms. Elizabeth Cox
*Ms. Jackie Schiedeck
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dali
Ms. Jane Seifert
Dean & Chris Davison
Mrs. Mary Shafer
Ms. Denise de Somer
Ms. Beverly Shapiro
Ms. Nadine E. Dean
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simmons
Ms. Donna DeSantis
Mr. & Mrs. George Skegas
Ms. Mary Di Marco Fox
Betsie Spann
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dilsaver
Ms. Claire Stager
Ms. Wendy Downing
Dr. Joanne Stenger M.D.
Ms. Alice Dutilh
Ms. Susan L. Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Einstein
Ms. Christina Marie Stockton
Mr. Thomas Endres
Ms. Margaret Suh
Ms. Carolyn G. Estey
Ms. Karin Thacker
Ms. Rachel B. Evans
Ms. JoAnn Thomason
Mrs. LaVerne Fahey
Ms. Terri Tienken
Mrs. Ruth Fair
Ms. Dorothy M. Torsen
Ms. Carol Felton
Mr. & Mrs. John Traversaro
Ms. Debbie Fischer
Ms. Anna Maria Traverso
Ms. Estelle M. Franklin
Ms. Susan Tunstall
Ms. Vicky Fry
Ms. Susan Valletta
Ms. Gloria Galatoire
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Walsh
Mr. Raymond Warren
Ms. Ann Wendin
Mr. & Mrs. William Werner
Ms. Catherine Whisman
Mr. William Wilkinson
Ms. Nancy Williams & Mr.
Donald Huffman
Dr. Tonita Wroolie
Ms. Elizabeth Yale
Ms. JuYu Yen
Mrs. Bessie York
Ms. Deborah Zeitschel
Mr. Victor Zeuzem
& Ms. Phyllis Dulaney
Rosemarie Waldo
Ms. Lenora Warren
Mrs. Patricia Weissberg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weissman
Mr. Ken White
& Ms. Carolyn Crane
Ms. Frances D. Williams
Mrs. Mary Wolf
Mrs. Sharon Wolinski
& Mr. Bernie Fairfield
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wood
Ms. Amy Woolf
Ms. Felicia Zeiger
*gift has matured
TO DECEMBER 31, 2014
2zlur Goodman
Ms. Laurel Goodman
Abraham Quigley
Ms. Laura Hansen
Andrew Lamphier
Mrs. Janice Lamphier
Andy & Grace Skulina
Ms. Susan Skulina
Andy Riemers
Ms. Kathy Luhman
Annie Jones
Mr. Arlex Dalmacio
Aoifa & Niabh Christian
Ms. Emily Anne Heinz
Apple Johnson
Mrs. Susan Delehanty
Ariel Melendez
Ms. Vilma Melendez
Babe & Bucky Taylor-Gonella
Ms. Margaret Taylor
& Mr. Floyd Gonella
Bailey Adams
Ms. Kathleen Joynes
Barney & Blondie Brown
Ms. Nancy Hawes
Baron Welte
Ms. Carol Welte
Beanie Enderson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lewis
Beau Bianco
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Brasel
Bella DeFrancis
Mrs. Vivienne Benoit
Bella Milos
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Milos
Bentley Book III
Ms. Carole M. Cole
Bibi Fung
Ms. Flora Fung
Big & Little Emma
Ms. Pamella D. Adams
Blackie Cocking
Ms. Gail Cocking
Blacky Ho
Ms. Weihsien Ho
Bo Knoss
Mr. Ryan Knoss
Bo Kornblum
Ms. Audra Sorman
Bob Clark & Judi Tranchia’s dog
Mrs. Donna Fields
Boo Jacobson
Mrs. Lois Jacobson
Boomer Edelman
Ms. Libby Roberts
Pet’s Eternal Rest
Brandy Diaz
Ms. Mary Zadra
Brandy Nelson
Ms. Karen L. Nelson
Breezy Geitz
Ms. Andrea Womer
Buddha Wright
Alison Toy
Buddy Bettinger
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Nordlund
Buddy Correia
Ms. Barbara Correia
Buddy Dodds
Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer
Buddy Hopkins
Tim & Jan Hopkins
Buddy Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Alafouzos
Buddy Schuitema
Ms. Jacqueline Peralta
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Buster Esperance
Ms. Linda Rosen, Ph.D.
Buzy & Mr. C Vaidya
Ms. Bansari Vaidya
Mr. & Mrs. Benny Sorensen
Charley Chalfin
Ms. Estelle Chalfin
Charlie Cohn
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Reid
Charlie Hanna
Mrs. Terri Stirm
Charlie Parr
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lewis
Chelsea Belle Cleary-Schultz
Ms. Carol Cleary-Schultz
Chesterfield & Julie Burke
Ms. Deborah Levy
Chewy Jonas
Ms. Audrey Jonas
Chippy Vegas
Ms. Lisa Marie Vegas
Chito Chang
Mr. Ken White
& Ms. Carolyn Crane
Cisco Bishofberger
Ms. Madeline Gonzalez
Coco Delehanty
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Coco Laughlin
Ms. Maryann Laughlin
Coco Strohecker-Hahn
Mr. James Strohecker
& Ms. Sue Hahn
Cooper Winters
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Munro
Cora Storch
Camino Real Pet Clinic
Cosmo Clements
Ms. Kristen Clements
Cowboy Baczynski
Ms. Renée Baczynski
CP Konerding
Ms. Martha Michel
Crystal Ossenkop
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rogerville
Cybelle Freeman
Ms. Deborah Freeman
Daisy Ho
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moreno
Daisy Mae Rutherford
Ms. Jenna-Marie Rutherford
Daisy May Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Kimberly
Daisy Susskind
Ms. Phyllis Eisenbaum-Apple
Dakota Miles
Mrs. Jo Ann Miles
Dallas & Kelly McKay
Mrs. Norma McKay
Dexter Jimenez
Ms. Pauline Jimenez
Dinuba Brown
Mrs. Jeane Makar
Dorth Johnston
Mrs. Janet Johnston
Duffy McEwan
Ms. Bertha McEwan
Erin Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. John Leonard
Fafa Bradford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bradford
Fiona Hepler
Ms. Laurie Hepler
Flyer Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Schmidt
Foster Bauer
Mr. Charles Bauer
Foxy Torci
Ms. Elizabeth Torci
Frak De Maria
Ms. Jill De Maria
Frankie Shaker
Amin Shaker
Freddie Cat Rabe
Ms. Debra Rabe
Freddie Ehlers
Ms. Tere White
Garrett Borson
Camino Real Pet Clinic
Georgie Franco
Mr. & Mrs. Ward Sims
Gigi Stefan
Ms. Jean Stefan
Gilbert Rubin
Ms. Leslie Rubin
Ginger, Penny & Margie West
Mr. & Mrs. William West
Goldie, Sugar & Angel Riebeling
Ms. C.D. Riebeling
Grace & Murphy Sieper
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Eckert
Gracie Ziegele
Ms. Jeannie Ziegele
Grady Crotty
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crotty
Griph Skuce
Mrs. Mary Skuce
Handsome Rosenburg
Dr. Allan Rosenberg
Happy Bostic
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bostic
Happy Solomon
Mrs. Mary Solomon
Harry Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. David McMichael
Heathrow Chow
Mrs. Erin Chow
Heidi Rosenweig
Camino Real Pet Clinic
Hobee Conroy
Mr. & Mrs. David Conroy
Honey Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Miller
Honey Tanti
Ms. Shirley Cotter
Hudson Giovannetti
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giovannetti
Jack Swift
Mr. Crispin Swift
Jadie Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wong
Jake Sutter
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sutter
Jasper Nunan
Mr. & Mrs. James Nunan
Javier El Gato
Ms. Linda Mendoza
JC St. John
Ms. Danielle Enderson
Jimmy Disbury
Ms. Patricia A. O’Kane
Joe & Rasquel
Ms. Tracy Stewart
Joe Beagle
Ms. Lara Collier
Juan Sykes
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Smith
Juliette Adams
Mrs. Roselle Adams
Justice Ocampo
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ocampo
Kate Cromosini
Ms. Ronele McCurdy
Katie & Emma Perine
Mr. and Mrs. John Perine, Jr.
Kato & Baby Tom
Mrs. Peggy Tom
KC Perez
Mr. Fred Perez
Ken Moore
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Kenya Huff-Smith
Ms. Catherine Gaiddon
Kiddy Earle
Ms. Dianna Earle
Kidosh Yucel
Ms. Zeynep Yucel
Kiko Kane
Ms. Beverley Kane
King Velcro Clingon Wahoo
Ms. Bonnie Borland
Kipling Clark
Ms. Janet L. Clark
Kirby Orton
Mr. Don Lim
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Syrett
Koda Basegio
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Germano
Kodibear Chuh
Ms. Elysia Chuh
Kona Bardony
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rogerville
Kona Mees
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mees
Koukla Giannoulis
Mrs. Catherine Giannoulis
Kurita Kitty
Ms. Loretta Loeffler
Kylee Szardenings
Ms. Laura Hansen
Lady, Sheela & Elsa Valadez
Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Valadez
Lexie Shmoop Hankin
Mr. Jonathan Kaslow
Libby Lamascus
Mr. & Mrs. George Andreini
Lilla Santin
Mr. Lance Santin
Lizzi & Salli Realini
Mrs. Norma Realini
Lizzie Brown
Bob Brown
Lola McGrath
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McGrath
Lori Coddington
Mrs. Martha Coddington
Louie Mosqueda
Mr. Michael Mosqueda
Louie Raffo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raffo
Lucas Chavarro
Mr. Wilfredo Cruz-Guevara
& Ms. Sonia Chavarro
Luckie Diaz
Ms. Jenny Diaz
Mr. Rich Scarpelli
Lucky Rohlfer
Mr. Elton Castellaw
Lucky Zimmerman
Mr. & Mrs. Ward Sims
Mr. Michael Zimmerman
Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmerman
Ms. Janet Zimmerman
Lucy Bohnert
Mrs. Paula Hoffman
Lulu Brooks
Mr. Ray Brooks
Luna Arana
Wesley & Gillian Chao
LZ Balestrieri
Mrs. Denise Balestrieri
Mac Seymour
Ms. Jane Seifert
Maddy Mrizek
Ms. Samantha Marshall
Madison Ferro
Ms. Jackie Gibbs
Maggie Mae Valadao
Ms. Kerri Valadao
Maggie Reininger
Mr. Adam Reininger
Marcella Wenzel
Ms. Donna Chambers
Max Dearth
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bohnert
Max Glenn
Mrs. Virginia Fortmiller
Max Priefer
Mr. James Frey
Max, Golda, Mitzi & Sophie
Mr. Jack Clarke
Maxine Hall
Alison Toy
McDuff & Riley White
Camino Real Pet Clinic
Menage Welf-Rutherford
Mr. Ronald Welf
& Ms. Linda Rutherford
Midnight Johnson
Mr. Randolph L. Johnson
Mishka Grenier
Ms. Judith M. Scanlon
Missey & Sammy Ortisi
Mrs. Theresa Ortisi
Misty Dykes
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Mitzi & Bentley George
Mrs. Robin George
Moby Chavez
Mrs. Kathryn Chavez
Mocha Brandin
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Rider
Mollie Dalton
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Irwin
Mollie, Robbie, Bobbie, Kittie
& Tiger Robinson
Ms. Pauline Robinson
Molly Dalton
Mrs. Doris A. Burke
Ms. Nancy Dalton
Ms. Patricia M. Kirwin
Molly Frederick
Mr. Richard Frederick
Molly Marie
Ms. Sharon A. McKenzie
Molly Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Harvey
Monique Olson
Mrs. Suzanne C. Parsons
Morgan Devero/Rosenfeld
Mrs. Shelly Caplan
Morgan Eisenbaum-Apple
Ms. Phyllis Eisenbaum-Apple
Mr. Grey
San Mateo Pet Supply
Mr. Whiskers Purmal
Ms. Heather Ferrai
Ms. Girlie Thomas
Captain & Mrs. Arthur Thomas
Muffy, Misty, Skipper
& Bubba Hook
Mr. Craig Hook
Muppet Tyson
Ms. Betty Oen
Murphy & Kobe GilbertZoltowski
Dr. Carol Zoltowski
& Mr. Alfred Gilbert
Mystic Chappelle
Ms. Kristi Chappelle
Nafanya Shcherbin
Mrs. Diana Shcherbin
Nala Brinkerhoff
Ms. Lori G. Fuchiwaki
Nala Olsen
Mrs. Gale Olsen
Natsu Noban Weston-Probst
Mr. Brian Probst
Nemo Dorn
Mr. John Brandt
Nica Loeffler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Luna
Nikki Wilkinson
Ms. Judy Brooks
Odie Jain
Kunal Jain
Old School Escajadillo
Ms. Yvonne Kissinger
Oliver Ricceri
Mr. Joseph Ricceri
Ollie Elkins-Peterson
Ms. Kathleen Elkins
& Mr. Richard Peterson
Orlando Anderson
Ms. Laura Drabik
& Mr. Christopher Stratas
Oscar DeSimone
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sutter
Oscar Dolan
Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Dolan
Oshinchan Brown
Dr. Naomi S. Brown
Panda & Gremlin Rowe
Ms. Carole Rowe
Panda Revolver
Ms. Rosemarie Fuentes
PaRa Enstam
Mrs. Sandra Enstam
Parker Jones
Ms. Mary Beroldo
Paw Hanson-O’Brien
Ms. Jane Okon
& Ms. Susan Andrews
Pawlina Paraskova CG
Mr. John Celona
Peaches Cunningham
Ms. Sylvia Sykes
Peaches Mead
Ms. Jane Gomery
Peanut Peterson
Ms. Theresa Peterson
Penny Guy
Mr. & Mrs. James Varner II
Peppers Perotti
Mr. Paul Perotti
Poof Zak
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Precious Gomery
Mrs. Elise Clowes
Prince & Lady McKay
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKay
Princesa Blanco
Ms. Ana Blanco
Princess Bridges
Ms. Rebecca Bridges
Pumpkin Feeney
Ms. Linda Feeney
Punky Dennison
Mrs. Barbara Sullivan
Quincy Greenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Chang
Ralf O’Hara
Ms. Yvonne O’Hara
Ray Milyukovskaya
Ms. Irina Milyukovskaya
Riley & Khalua Chop
Ms. Margaret A. Chop
Riley Dixen
Ms. Patricia Dixen
Riley Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Ross
Romeo & Gordy Jann
Ms. Jacqueline Jann
& Mr. Eugene Chun
Romeo Galante
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Rory Quok
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Quok
Rosie Kechichian
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kechichian
Roxie Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Duran
Roxie Lewis
Ms. Maryann Osmond
Ruddy Bud
Ms. Dianne McGinnis
Rufus Medeiros
Ms. Linda Vergas
Sadie Arnautou
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Arnautou
Sadie DeRenzi
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeRenzi
Alison Toy
Ms. Lisa Woodcock
Sadie Fithian-Garcia
Ms. Carrie Green
Sadie Hakes
Mr. Jason Hakes
Sadie Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Brasse
Sage Mumford
Mrs. Janice Mumford
Sally Rubio-O’Reilly
Ms. Joyce Kajikami
Sam & Cookie Jangwong
Mrs. Susan Von Stehling
Sammy Zarker
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Zarker
Samuel McAdams
Ms. Samantha Marshall
Sapphire Martin
Ms. Joanna W. Martin
Sara Crocker
Mrs. Sharon Crocker
Sasha Feflie
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Feflie
Schlitz, Paws, Mitzi & Kitty Yuen
Mr. Alexander Yuen
Schuyler “G-Money” Lockwood
Ms. Lisa Lockwood
Scooter Hancock
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGrath
Scruffy Meeds
Mr. Carl Meeds
Shadow Sagar-Roman
Ms. Sue Sunde
Shira Mayerson
Ms. Wendy Mayerson
Sidney Gould
Ms. Dorothy Gould
Simba Chard
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Chard
Simba Hodges
Dr. Carroll Ann Hodges
Simba Walsh
Mrs. Anita Walsh
Smokey Hockridge
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boland
Smokey Lin
Dr. Gordon Ray
& Mrs. Kim Sailors
Smoky & Annie Oettinger
Mr. John Oettinger
Snoozy, Sniffy, Muffin
& Poppy Hale
Ms. Helen Hale
Sonya Murray
Ms. K. A. Murray
Sophie Schunter-Hult
Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Gray
Ms. Kathleen Haggard
Ms. Barbara Massey
Ms. Janet Nestler
& Mr. Jeffery Appelbaum
Sophie Smith
Alison Toy
Soze Carabarin
Ms. Robin Goodman
Sprite Won
Ms. Louise Won
Ms. Lisa Won
Spunky, Chica, Chuy
& Scooter Garcia
Mrs. Mary Garcia
Stitch Filippi
Mrs. Beth Ann Gambardella
Sugar Foppiano
Ms. Judy Fisicaro
Sui Merrill
Mrs. Shawn M. Merrill
Sydney Teixeira-Lo
Mr. & Mrs. William McClintock
Tabby, Misty & Nellie Naeve
Ms. Pamela P. Naeve
Tache Sperling
Ms. Karen Sperling
Talon Ferro
Ms. Jackie Gibbs
Tasmine, Caesar & Cutter
Ms. Kimberly
Tennessee LaTorre
Mrs. Patricia Cauterucci
Tess Richter
Ms. Libby Roberts
Tessa Garvic
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Friel
Thisbe White
Dr. & Mrs. Burton White
Thomas Metteauer
Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Metteauer
Tiger & Misty Trujillo
Ms. Cristina Trujillo
Tiger Murphy
Mrs. Judith L. Murphy
Tigger Nakano
Ms. Patricia Nakano
Tina & McDuff Stevens
Ms. Geri J. Stevens
Tipper Lieberman
Ms. Gracie Lieberman
Tippie Baney
Mr. & Mrs. James Baney
Tobias Lincoln
Ms. Barbara Lincoln
Topaz MacDonald
Mrs. Dawn MacDonald
Travis Wanetik
Ms. Lynn Patner
Tripper, Bumby & Beau Walters
Ms. Carol Walters
Trixie, Cleo & Percy Olson
Ms. Renee Olson
Truffles Fishkin
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
Tucker Greenwood
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Jones
Tucker Merrill
Ms. Janay Michaud
Tulip Scholle
Mrs. Diana P. Scholle
Turbo & Sheba Murtha
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Murtha
Turbo, Ding Ding
& Bebe Cheung
Ms. Samantha Cheung
Tux Carlson
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Schilder
Tuxi Bakun
Mr. & Mrs. William Bakun
Venus Mohler
Mr. Ken Altera
Vinny Caviglia
Mr. & Mrs. John Caviglia
Waverlee Stevens
Ms. Jeniffer Strub
Whiskers Zadra
Ms. Mary Zadra
Whiskers, Misty, Patches
& Elric Ishisaki
Mr. Richard Ishisaki
Whiskey Gigli
Mrs. Maria Elena Gigli
Whyskee & Soda Rinaldi
Mrs. Diane R. Rinaldi
Willow BonDurant
Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-Peterson
Winston & Margaux Murphy
Ms. Lori Murphy
Woody Ford
Mrs. Nancy D. Shaw
Wow Wow Lau-Doshi
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Okubo
Yuki Au
Mrs. Susana Au
YuTu Pedersen
Ms. Paula Pedersen
Zachary Zebidiha Moreno
Mr. Robert Moreno
Zachary Zukin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zukin
Zeus & Bailey Gamble
Ms. Christine Khoury
Zoe Doneux
Ms. Helen Doneux
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Mr. Bill Adams
Ms. Sue Marksman
Mr. Tom Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Randall McCrea
Ms. Debbie Allen
Ms. Ann M. Seccombe
Ms. Mary Altman
Ms. Janice Matney
Ms. Dorothy M. Anderson
Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer
Mr. Harrison Anixter
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Gross
Mr. Cashmir Antosik
Ms. Lynne Calavano
Ms. Juana Arellano
Ms. Luz M. Arellano
Mrs. Sharon Armanino
Mr. & Mrs. John Branch
Ms. Kerry Burke
Ms. Joan Cantrock
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cortese
Ms. Maureen Dooley
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Edlund
Emerald Lake Country Club
Board of Directors
Mrs. Mary Gambertoglio
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Garibaldi
Mr. & Mrs. Hermann Hederich
Mr. & Mrs. David Maas
Ms. Mary E. Meissner
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nurisso
Ms. Rita Oosterman
Mr. Guy Young
Mr. Maxwell Arnold
Ms. Linda Colloran
Mr. Kevin Barnes
Mr. & Mrs. Don DeFriese
Mr. Douglas J. Barrett, Sr.
California Hearing Center
Mr. Peter S. Beck
Ms. Catherine Beck
Mrs. Paz Beegle
Mr. James Basore
& Ms. Lola Thompson
Mrs. Lyn Varni
Ms. Barbra R. Bennett
Ms. Rose Marie Ceroni
Ms. Manetta Bennett
Ms. Cindy Alfsen
Wendy Bilanski
Mr. James Bilanski
Mr. Jean-Paul Blanchard
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Marc
Mr. & Mrs. John Lovasz
Ms. Elaine Boatwright
Ms. Jackie Bianconi
Mrs. Gladys Bogdanoff
Ms. Joyce O. Brumbles
Mr. James Boike
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Del Torre
Ms. Leslie Bonner
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sutter
Mr. Larry Borgsdorf
Mr. & Mrs. James Baney
Mr. Tim Breen
Ms. Rosemerrie Decker
Mr. Mason Brown Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Baldwin
Mrs. Enid Brand
Mrs. Marlene Carder-Jobaris
Mr. Edwin Fong
Ms. Kathleen Gamba
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Heiser
Mr. Tom Mason
& Mrs. Carolyn Mason
Mr. Richard McCombe
Ms. Kit Myers
Ms. Cathy Nielsen
Mr. Frederick Burbank
Ms. Eleanor D. Bortner
Mr. & Mrs. Norton Pearl
Mr. George H. Cameron, Jr.
GFWC Peninsula Hills
Women’s Club
Mrs. Jane L. Carboni
Ms. Carol Olmert
Mr. George Cerruti
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Ley
Ms. Barbara Chiodo
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Stark
Ms. Hannelore G. Christman
Mr. Stan Christman
Mr. Herbert Chuck
Mrs. Evaline Chuck
Ms. Isabelle Clar
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bettencourt, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Coghlan
Ms. Mary Arbuckle
Dr. Stuart T. Cooke
Mr. Albert Acena
Mr. Del Crummey
Mrs. Pamela Spaulding
Ms. Jean M. Cuff
Ms. Leslie A. Beckley
Ms. Darlene Curtin
Mrs. Lorraine Papadakis
Mrs. Geraldine DaCosta
Ms. Diane Dacosta
Ms. Carolyn Damonte
Mr. Richard Barsi
Ms. Yvonne Dangler
Mrs. Fran Cohen
Mother of Randy Dardenelle
Mr. Randy Dardenelle
Mrs. Helen Della Pietra
Mrs. Julie Chamberlain
Ms. Linda McGibney
Ms. Vijaya Deodhar
Ms. Nilima Deshpande
Ms. Joanne Dimminger
Mrs. Virginia Warden
Mr. Leo Dinneen
Ms. Patricia D’Arcy
Ms. Debbie Fischer
Ms. Shoshannah Flach
Dr. Linda Janowitz DVM
Mrs. Diane Luhman
Ms. Kathy Luhman
Mrs. Lisa Van Buskirk
& Mr. Aaron Peterkin
Mr. Ken White
& Ms. Carolyn Crane
Miss Wangdue Dolma
Ms. Karine
Mr. & Mrs. Sean McNally
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Nishioka
Mr. Don Donsing
Mrs. Teri-Lee Lawler-Baack
& Mr. John Baack
Mr. Jeff Doyle
Mrs. Judith A. Doyle
Mr. Kevin V. Duca
Mrs. Sharon-Ann Baum
Mr. Walter S. Ferenz
Mr. & Mrs. John Gapp
Mrs. Janet Lundquist
Mrs. Trudy Malfatti
Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer
Ms. Patricia Friel
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Gulinson
Mr. & Mrs. David Weinberg
Mr. Nathaniel Fugitt
Mr. & Mrs. Cal Fugitt
Mary Furuike
Mrs. Dorothy Scanlan
Mr. Jeffrey Galaviz
Alison Toy
Muriel Glick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oosterman
Ms. Patricia Glynn
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Harames
Mrs. Lisa K. Gomes
Mr. & Mrs. George Baggott
Mr. Keith Gordon
Ms. Lucy Patti
Mr. Ronald Green
Mr. John Sturdivant
Ms. Catherine Greensides
Ms. Dorothy Radyk
Dr. Donald Griffin DVM
Mr. Cory David
Ms. Laverne Hallett-Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Nick DiMario
Mr. Frank Harrington
Ms. Carole F. Tomasello
Ms. Joan Haseleu
Mrs. Jeanne Ahearn
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Airisa
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Baggetta
Ms. Susan Bonkowski
Mr. Jim Clark
Ms. Patricia Gower
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kersten
Mrs. Kathleen Parkin
Mr. Jeff Pink
VB Golf, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. James Winstead
Christina Lauren
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bell
Mrs. Barbara Cottrell
Ms. Beth Faulkner
Ms. Mary Jean Greenwood
Mr. Jonathan F. James
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jasek
Ms. Lori M. Melin
K. L. Murphy
Ms. Margaret Loviner Layman
Ms. Patricia Appel
Vic LeNoble
Mr. Thomas LeNoble
Mrs. Barbara Settle
Mr. Dan Linski
Ms. Julie Harris
Mr. Joe Long
Mr. & Mrs. David McMichael
Mr. Peter Lucy
Ms. Stacey Adelson
––Mr. Herb Luders
Mr. Fred J. Yeager
Ms. Laverne Lukes
Mr. James Mitchell
Ms. Nancy Maffei
Ms. Denise Banahan
Josette Lee
Ms. Betty Magowan
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Maas
Mr. Bill Mahlman
Mr. & Mrs. John Fleming
Mr. Lloyd Malfatti
Mrs. Trudy Malfatti
Mr. Donald Manning
Mrs. Betty Manning
Ms. Katherine Manuel
Mrs. Virginia Gordon
Mrs. Bessie Kleines
Galen Marshall
Ms. Renette Robillard
Mr. & Mrs. George Martin
Ms. Mary Malatesta
Mr. Martin Martinez
Ms. Gail Cocking
There’s a class for that!
We offer seminars, minisessions, consultations, and
more to help dogs and their
owners correct behaviors
like jumping, barking, and
everything in between.
Mrs. Iris Dykes
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Mrs. Janet Eadie
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cook
Ms. Tammy Shephard
Ms. Vicki Erwin
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rauch
Mrs. Kathleen Everitt
Ms. Dorothy Bean
Mrs. Elizabeth Haning
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Louchheim
Ms. Pat Motto
Ms. Susie Pfau
Mrs. Donna Pribble
Mr. Ron Fahey
Ms. Maryann Laughlin
Mrs. Sheri Fernandez
Mrs. Caroline Bottoms
Mr. Christopher Fishtrom
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Fishtrom
Mr. Jay Fitzgerald
Ms. Shannon Ford
Mr. Steven Fletcher
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Deghi
Robert F. Fox
Ms. Madelone Fox
Ms. Kay Freeman
Ms. Deborah Freeman
Mrs. Connie French
Radm. & Mrs. Robert Abele
Mr. James Hildebrand
Mrs. June Hildebrand
Jack & Jessica
Mr. Ken Kawabata
& Ms. Ruth Ong
Ms. Cookie Jankay
Mr. Robert Bigelow
Ms. Nancy Jenkins
Ms. Nancy Taylor
Ms. Anne Jesson
Ms. Lisbet Beck-Jensen
Mr. Paul Craib
Ms. Terri Craib
Ms. Linda Schooley
Mr. Frank Kaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Norton Pearl
Ms. Audrey Kass
Mr. Paul Hammes
Mr. Jack Kawabata
Mr. Ken Kawabata
& Ms. Ruth Ong
Mr. Michael Kelly
Mrs. Susan Damos
Mrs. Prudy Laipenieks
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vitale
Ms. Ann Wright
Mr. James Laughlin
Mrs. Laura Laughlin
Ms. Christina Martin-Perlstein
Ms. Anita L. Rosa
Mr. Gino Massoni
Ms. Laurie Cardoni
Tony Mateo
Peninsula Classic Chevys
Debbie Mazzanti
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Maschio
Mr. Jack McArdle
Ms. Debbie Fischer
Ms. Joyce McCrum
Mr. & Mrs. David McKenzie
Mrs. Lee-Ann McCurdy
Ms. Jackie M. Bevins
Ms. Lise McGrath
Mr. James McGrath
Mrs. Edith McMillan
Mr. Warren McMillan
Dr. Britta Mendoza
Ms. Judith Berkowitz
Ms. Barbara Merideth
Mr. & Mrs. William Simons
Mrs. Dorothy Messner
Mr. Peter Messner
Mrs. Elisabeth Miranda
Mr. & Mrs. Valery Focken
Ms. Megan E. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Mitchell
Mr. Jim Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis McGuirk
Mr. George Nagata
Mrs. Barbara Nagata
Kilani Ventura
Ms. Florence Nebeling
Mr. Anthony Mayer
Mr. Ed Nordness
Mr. William Bergler Jr.
Ms. Duniece A. Oblender
Mr. & Mrs. William Royer
Ms. Kathleen O’Farrel
Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Coruccini
Mr. Henry O’Hara
Ms. Yvonne O’Hara
Clorinda Orlovich
Ms. Virginia O’Brien
Mr. William Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Maas
Mr. Samuel Pasco
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ruiz
Ms. Teresa Ruiz
Al Paulazzo
Mr. & Mrs. Achille Paladini
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Williams
Ms. Denise Pearson
Ms. Laura J. Torres
Jerry Piacente
Mr. & Mrs. Onorio Costantini
Mr. Vito G. Pollina
Mrs. Marisa Santana
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Ponty
Ms. Crescenciana Portillo
Ms. Virginia Guzalowski
Mr. James L. Powers
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Weindling
Ms. Susan Weindling
& Ms. Nancy McGee
Mr. Sam Radanovich
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Mullin
Marjorie Ramos
Ms. Mary Ellen Kearney
Mr. Anthony P. Rebele
Mrs. Elizabeth Rebele
Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Rees
Mr. & Mrs. Barry James
Ms. Harriet Roberts
Ms. Libby Roberts
Jesse G. Rogers
Mintz Levin
Ms. Marilyn Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Lucas
Mrs. Shirley Royer
Mr. & Mrs. William Royer
Mr. Arthur C. Rud
Ms. Marchele Bergamaschi
Ms. Joyce Russell
Ms. Fay Bracken
Mr. Scott Rutherford
Mr. Kenneth Rutherford
Mr. Caesar Sabbatani
Mrs. Diane Calvello
Nin Sarubbi
Mrs. Michele Zirelli
Mr. Arnold S. Schade
Ms. Gloria Mendoza
Mr. Mike Schade
Ms. Lauren Schreck
Ms. Celeste Gore-Schreck
& Mr. Thomas Schreck
Ms. Dina Scopesi
Mr. & Mrs. Vince Barsolo
Mrs. Bonnie Scott
Mr. Richard Scott
Mr. & Mrs. William Segale
Ms. Janet Nicolini
Mr. Harry Shank
Ms. Betty Lou Shank
Mr. George Sharpe
Dr. Patricia Archer
& Mr. Stephen Archer
Ms. Sarah Shema
Neyssa Marina
Ron Siddons
Mr. Richard Molano
Ms. Caroline Silva
Mr. Albert Acena
Ms. Joanne Simao
Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Giusti
Mrs. Joyce Guglielmi
Mrs. Jackie Hutchings
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Moran
Grandma Smith
Ms. Sydney Eyre
Ms. Mary F. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Vince Perry
Mrs. Graciela Spreitz
Mr. John Spreitz
Mr. Harold Stager
Ms. Claire Stager
Mrs. Mary Lee Stoddard
Mrs. Nancy Benedetti
Ms. Judith Cittadini
Ms. Connie Clabaugh
Mr. Conrad Donner
Ms. Deb Geraghty
& Mr. James Stavena
Ms. Christine Landry
Mr. Randell McMills
Ms. Dorilyn Stokes
Mrs. Betty Woehl
Mr. Carl Sumetz
Mrs. Jackie Hutchings
Mr. Tom Sutter
Mr. & Mrs. David McCarroll
Mr. Carlos Sweatt
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lubrano
Ms. Maureen P. Sweet
Mrs. Helene Hills
Ms. Evelyn Tealdi
Mr. Frederick Tealdi
Mr. Bill Tierney
Mr. Forrest Tiffany
Warren & Bernice Hensel
Lesley Todoric
Ms. Charrice Finks
Mr. Leonard Tullman
Ms. Christy Jeck
Subaru of America Foundation
Mr. Fred Umeda
Ms. Michele Ahuna
& Mr. James Ollendick
Mrs. Paola Vann
Mr. Charles Vann
Ms. Virginia Vavuris
Mr. Rene E. Renard
Mr. David Vennali
Ms. Mary Anne
Ms. Deb Viegas
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Galiotto
Ms. Lois W. Scott
Ms. Joanna Von Eitzen
Ms. June D. Venti
Mr. Ignaz Wachtel
Mr. & Mrs. Rimon Frucht
Ms. Penelope Wade
Ms. Marty Johnson
Ms. Mary Jo Warren
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kechichian
Robert Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Silvestri
Mrs. Ilene Weil
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Duvin
Ms. Connie White
Mrs. Joanne Gordon
Ms. Muriel Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Silvers
Mr. Ronald Witham, Jr.
Ms. Heather Dickson
S. Yamasaki
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ma
Ms. Bailey Zertuche
Mr. & Mrs. Don Rennels
Mr. Henry Zuniga
Ms. Cynthia Zuniga
Angelina Conti
Ms. JoAnna Conti
Annie Watson
Mrs. Felicia Watson
Arthur & Apple Pie
Mr. Alex Chick
Babe Trueb
Mrs. Nancy D. Shaw
Bailey Chesney
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Chesney
Barkley Magill
Ms. Carlie Magill
BB Affrunti
Mrs. Catherine Affrunti
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Forward
Bob E. Buttons
Ms. Doris A. Greenwood
Bro Lee
Ms. Jana Lee
Buffy Titus
Mr. Robert Titus
Buster Robb
Mrs. Denise Robb
Butters Roberts
Mr. Brian Roberts
Cadence Miranda
Mr. Russ Willsher
Winter 2015 PawPrint
Calvin Kuhn
Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-Peterson
Casual Cat Begley
Mr. Conor Begley
Coco, Shadow & Tuxi Gin
Ms. Debbie Gin-Wong
Cris & Cindy Pitt
Ms. Marguerite M. Pitt
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tomberg
Delilah Beizer
Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan
Desdemona Pronovost
Mr. Robert Pronovost
& Ms. Jenna Wachtel
Eddie Potsiadlo
Mr. & Mrs. John Potsiadlo
Edmun & Pinky Fang Rodoni
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rodoni
Emily Galindo
Mr. & Mrs. Raul Galindo
Mr. & Mrs. Tim German
Fergus Selleck
Ms. Denise Selleck
Finn Davis-Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis-Wilson
Frank & Moxie
Mr. & Mrs. Tim German
Frankiebutt Gruber-Nall
Ms. Marina Gruber
& Mr. Clayton Nall
Ms. Ronele McCurdy
Gilda Forster
Mr. Leroy Forster
Groucho & Cricket
Ms. Laura Kwiatek
& Mr. David Nakamura
Hapi Kane
Ms. Beverley Kane
Harley & Whiskey Pedersen
Mrs. Sandra A. Pedersen
Hermia Truong
Ms. Rose Truong
Hypatia Krantz
Mrs. Norma Krantz
Jasper Wall
Ms. Oreanna Wall
Josie Baxter
Ms. June Baxter
Just Sam
Mr. & Mrs. William Christensen
Kai Walker
Mr. Mark P. Walker
KC Lloyd
Mrs. Irene Lloyd
Kissls, Goose & Lilly Edgar
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Edgar
Lani Schiefele
Ms. April Yamaichi
Leia Stansky
Mr. Peter Stansky
Lennon Runkle
Ms. Larissa Runkle
Louie Ross
Ms. Vera Goldsmith
Maggie Bowker
Ms. Elsa Bowker
Margie Bowers
Ms. Maryanna Bowers
Mercy Bertolino
Ms. Gina Bertolino
Miko Dacanay
Ms. Regina Dacanay
Milo Lee
Ms. Lorraine Hatvik
Milo Roche
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kearns
Miss Sierra & Frankie Matteo
Ms. Sherri Matteo
Missey Patterson
Mrs. Dianne Patterson
Molly Chew
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Chew
Molly Patel
Jay Patel
Mr. Cheeks & Coconut
Seehaus Papson
Ms. Karen Seehaus Papson
Mr. Peabody Wheeler
Ms. Freddie Wheeler
Murphy & Steffie Mulligan
Ms. Leslie Mulligan
Murphy Byrnes
Mr. Daniel Byrnes
& Mrs. Linda King-Byrnes
Muttie Redmond
Ms. Eleonore Redmond
Nini Lin
Ms. Jean Lin
Obi, Niki, Dascha
& Moose Kurttila
Ms. Anne Kurttila
Peewee Schwartz
Ms. Brenda Schwartz
Penny Christensen
& Cody Beman
Ms. Ann Beman
Pepper Luque
Mr. Celestino Luque
Phoebe, Nugget & Missy Phillips
Mrs. Gloria Phillips
Pilot Fabre
Ms. Nolene Fabre
Porter Crowell
Mrs. Jean Crowell
Princess Cheng
Mr. & Mrs. David Cheng
Ripley Lewis
Ms. Nancy Lewis
Ms. Ronele McCurdy
Ruby Felici
Ms. Diana Felici
Rupert & Abigail Stemmerich
Ms. Pat Stemmerich
Rusty Schortgen
Mrs. Rose Schortgen
Sandy Graham
Ms. Kristin Kirkorian
Sasha Etezadi
Ms. Sylvia Bernardino
Sasha Kokezas
Mrs. Kathleen Kokezas
Savannah & Madison Ulrich
Ms. Heidi Ulrich
Snoopy Samuels
Ms. Sally Samuels
Spirit & Kona Legler
Ms. Barbara Legler
Star & Soleil Brown, Edward
Fisicaro & Harley Schriever
Ms. Judy Fisicaro
Star Walbot
Ms. Virginia Walbot
Starshine Bojack
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bojack
Taka Kwan
Ms. Helena Kwan
Mr. Richard S. Shaffran
Wicket Scharpf
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Flaherty
Zeus Houston
Ms. Susan Houston
Zoe Emerson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Taylor
Zooey Duran
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Duran
Mrs. Luisa Adams
Ms. Maureen Dake
Ms. Patricia Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Nikola Pavicic
Ms. Erin Rogge
Ms. Marilyn Tabor
Ms. Susan J. Thornton
Ms. Robyn Alexander
Ms. Michelle Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. George Almeida
Ms. Lezlee Grundy
Ms. Jennifer Alpaugh
Mr. Robert L. Hughes
Ms. Tiffany Anderson
& Mr. Dan DeMao
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Duke
Ms. Ruth Anewalt
Mrs. Mary B. Leonard
Ms. Cynthia Angell
Ms. Barbara Flannery
Shelby Ann
Ms. Nancy Marty
Ms. Emilynne Aringo
Ms. Beverly Schierer
Mr. Mark Assaf
Ms. Wendy Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Joey Baggetta
Mr. Matthew Connors
& Dr. Elneda Connors
Ms. Marsha Barnett
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Meadows
Mr. Paul Barulich
Mrs. Anne Marie Kniel
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Basta
Ms. Jacqueline Schneider
Ms. Carol Bayer
Ms. Vivian S. Altmann
Baywood School Staff
Ms. Aneea Toomajian
Ms. Susanne Beattie
Ms. Devora Weinapple
Mrs. Dawn Beavis
Ms. Patricia Everall
The Biacs Family
Dr. John Munnell
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bohlin
Ms. Beverly Bartlett
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Borghello
Ms. Jacqueline I. Smith
Ms. Suzy Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Pollard
Ms. Vicky L. Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Pollard
Ms. Addy Bredl
Mrs. Nancy Cate
Mrs. Silvia Gonzales
Mrs. Sabina Palmieri
Mrs. Paula Bullock
Ms. Susan J. Thornton
Dr. Thomas N. Burbridge Ph.D.
Ms. Nancy Meeks
Mr. & Mrs. David Cady
Ms. Maureen Hughes-Gress
Mr. Dan Campbell
Mrs. Joan Stone
Mr. David Canada
Ms. Barbara J. Paquette
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Carter
Mr. & Mrs. David Hock
Ms. Blanche M. Casari
Ms. Michele Casari
Mrs. Arline Castleberry
Mr. & Mrs. Tim German
Mr. Jeffrey Cheong
Ms. Angela Cheong
Mr. Steven Margolin
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Coda
Mr. & Mrs. Raj Thadani
The Cooper Family
Mr. Jack Broadbent
Ms. Lisa Corbett
Mrs. Anne Marie Kniel
Ms. Charlotte Cuvelier
Mr. Sean Bennett
& Ms. Heidi Gilman Bennett
Ms. Laura M. Glynn
Ms. Kelsey Hill
Mrs. Andrea Lessani-Willits
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McKown
Mr. Michael Ostrovsky
& Ms. Marina Fikh
Mr. Michael Dearing
Mr. & Mrs. David Dimmick
Ms. Jacqueline
Eva and Jack Denault
Ms. Kathleen Strafaci
Dana DeVaul
Ms. Shirlie March
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. Paolo Battaglini
Ms. Helen Doneux
Mrs. Suzanne Martin
Ms. Elizabeth Dyer
Ms. Kristin Link
Earlene & Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Richter
Mr. Robert C. Eckhardt
& Mr. John K. Boring
Ms. Linda Racine
Mr. & Mrs. John Ellis
Mrs. Joy McNab
Ms. Stella Escobar
Mrs. April Peebler
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Falletti
Mr. & Mrs. James Falletti
Ms. Claudia Hall
Ms. Hanako Fick
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sangervasi
Ms. Maureen Gallagher
Ms. Pat Spratt-Bauer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Genden
Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Forman
Ms. Sarah Gerfen
Ms. Lindsay Parker
Girl Scout Troop #30436
Ms. Nancy Kusumoto
Mr. Danny Goodman
Ms. Linda Racine
Ms. Laurel Goodman
Ms. Linda Racine
Ms. Ava Gurley
Mr. Joseph Lawrence
Ms. Brianna Haney
Ms. Jackie Anderson
Mrs. Heather Beck
Ms. Beth Chagonjian
Mr. Trevor Moquin
Ms. Lael Swart
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Harms
Ms. Kathleen Boone
Ms. Catherine Hartford
Mrs. Marilyn Pugliese
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hartney
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hartney
Mrs. Pattie Hartney
Mrs. Paul Vallot
Mr. Jeff Hayman
Ms. Lindsay Parker
Ms. Ann Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Henderson
Mr. Patrick Hennessey
Mr. Richard S. Shaffran
Ms. Eva Hess
Mr. & Mrs. Tim German
Ms. Elizabeth Hey
Mr. & Mrs. J. Dunham
Susan Hill
Mr. Andrew Shovers
Mr. Dorian Hirth
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Bowman
Ms. Ana Bess Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Chen
Ms. Lisa Dipko
Ms. Eva Hoffman
Mrs. Christine M. Lyons
Linda Holden
Ms. Susan Thornton
Mrs. Valerie Hubachek
Mr. & Mrs. Don DeFriese
Ms. Louise Husin
Mr. Dror Shimshowitz
Ms. Linda Jekel
Ms. Ruth Wilson-Anderson
Ms. Katherine Jensen
Ms. Ruth McMahon
Ms. Ronele McCurdy
Mr. Leif Jurvetson
Ms. Jillian B. Thomsen
Mr. Lucas Kasper
Ms. Anna Barr
Ms. Bridget Bertrand
Mr. Patrick Lorian
Mr. Carlos H. Sanchez
Ms. Anne Ting
Ms. Beth Keegstra
& Ms. Debra Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chethik
Ms. Laura Costello
Ms. Therese Divis
Ms. Diane Harada
Ms. Evelyne Peters
Mrs. Barbara Wood
& Mr. Keith Terry
Mr. Tony Yuan
Mrs. Mary Kiser
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lubrano
Dr. Mary Kmak
& Mr. Robert Johnson
Ms. Barbara Kmak
Staff at KKR
Ms. Laura Knight
Mr. Marquis Kuhn
Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-Peterson
Scott Kuriger
Ms. Maureen Curran
Mr. Austin Lachapelle
Ms. Linda S. MacDonald
Ms. Victoria Lagios
Ms. Daphne Lagios
Ms. Jocelyn Lau
Ms. Sonya Payne
Mr. William J. Layne
Mrs. Lauren Layne
Ms. Nora Lew
Mr. Raymond Gin
Mr. Bill Lofthouse
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Patten
Mr. Harrison Long
Mr. & Mrs. David Lapinski
Darcy Lees
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Long
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Parr
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lubrano
Ms. Deborah Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Lucett
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Mrs. Margaret MacNiven
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Mr. & Mrs. Randy Mapes
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Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Kaye
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Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Mason
Dr. Deborah Wojcik
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& Mr. Brad Heinzen
Ms. Elvira McKean
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Mr. & Mrs. Roger McLean
Mr. Charles P. Meeks
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Kristin Zaccor
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Winter 2015 PawPrint
We receive no funding from Humane Society of the U.S., ASPCA
or any national animal welfare organization. Our animals depend
on your support. For information about any of the options
below, please contact Lisa Van Buskirk (650/340-7022 x327,
or [email protected]) or visit
Our animals say “thank you for supporting us!”
General donations can be made by phone, mail, or
online. You can also mail your check or credit card
number (including the expiration date and your phone
number) to: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, 1450
Rollins Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010.
Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to honor
the memory of a beloved pet or person. We
send the family a notification
card. If the donation is $150 or
more, we will permanently display the deceased’s name on
our Memorial Wall. You can also
make gifts to honor someone
during their lifetime. Birthdays,
holidays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements
and “thinking of you” occasions are some
events you might consider for an honor gift.
Many companies match (often double or even triple!)
their employee’s charitable contributions. Simply
check with your employer or Human Resources
Department to see if they will match your gift. Visit our
website for a partial list of participating employers.
You can set up automatic payments for credit cards
and electronic bank transfers, or we can mail you
envelopes for the year if you’d like to write checks.
After the end of the year we send a summary letter
for your records, so you don’t have to keep track of
individual letters for each donation. You can now sign
up at
By remembering us in your will, trust, or other type
of planned gift, you can provide for your family and
friends while still making a difference. Become a
member of our Forever Friends Legacy Society and
protect the lives of innocent animals for years to come.
Gifts of stock offer two-fold savings. Donors pay no
capital gains on the increased value of the appreciated
stock and receive a tax deduction for the full market
value at the time of the gift. Transferring is easy!
Donate your car, even if it won’t pass smog
or isn’t running. We handle all the paperwork,
allowing you to gain a tax deduction while avoiding the hassle of selling. We can arrange to have
your vehicle picked up, or can coordinate a drop off.
Please visit or contact Dana Troy:
650/340-7022 x 389, [email protected].
Winter 2015 PawPrint
The Art of the Start
Book Party
Saturday, March 21
Member & former
Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki
discusses his book
at this kid-friendly
event at our Center
for Compassion. See for info.
12, 26
6-8pm, Coyote Point Shelter.
6-8pm, Coyote Point Shelter.
50% off, 1127 Chula Vista, Burlingame.
50% off, 1127 Chula Vista, Burlingame.
& 9-11am, Center for Compassion,
21 340-7022 x328 for more info.
9-11am, Center for Compassion,
340-7022 x328 for more info.
12-4pm, Center for Compassion,
see back cover for more info.
7-8:30pm, Center for Compassion,
340-7022 x344 for more info.
7-8:30pm, Center for Compassion,
340-7022 x344 for more info.
9-11am, Center for Compassion,
340-7022 x328 for more info.
9-11am, Coyote Point Parking Lot
drop off gently used items for resale
10-12pm, $15, Center for Compassion
340-7022 x308 to register.
12-4pm, 2400 Broadway, Redwood City
Free party with dog contests. 10% of
purchases all day benefit PHS/SPCA.
340-7022 x375 for more info.
We will be closed:
• Presidents’ Day, February 19th
• Easter Sunday, April 5th
Kitten Nursery
Saturday, May 30
Join us in our Kitten
Nursery and see its
vital work. Visit our
website for details.
6-8pm, Coyote Point Shelter.
50% off, 1127 Chula Vista, Burlingame.
7-8:30pm, Center for Compassion,
340-7022 x344 for more info.
& 9-11am, Center for Compassion,
25 340-7022 x328 for more info.
9-11am, Coyote Point Parking Lot
drop off gently used items for resale
Winter 2015 PawPrint
ecember’s storms and floods displaced
way to transport pets
dozens of locals from their homes. Once
(like a carrier); have
again PHS/SPCA was a safety net, providing
three days’ worth of
free temporary sheltering for pets belonging
your pet’s food, water
to owners receiving Red Cross assistance.
and medications; and
Fortunately, most pet owners had a plan in
ensure that your pets
place for their pets before the storm forced
have both a tag
evacuations. PHS/SPCA urges all pet owners
microchip. Visit either
to plan ahead for emergencies. Line up
of our shelters, no appointment necessary,
alternative pet-friendly, housing; have a safe
and have your pet microchipped for just $30.
Unless noted otherwise, call 650/340-7022
followed by the three-digit extension below.
Zeus, a 10-year-old Pit Bull who’d
been in our care for over two years,
spent the holidays with his new
family. PHS/SPCA once again made
good on our promise to find homes
for every healthy dog and cat in
our care, regardless of how long it
takes. Given the timing, Zeus was a
media darling, a star of the season’s
heartwarming happy ending tale.
Adoptable Animals (updated daily)
ext 823
Behavior Helpline
ext 183
Behavior Helpline en Español
ext 186
Continuing Care (for pets)
ext 327
ext 821
Dog Training Classes, Consultations
ext 667
Donations (including vehicle donations)
ext 389
Education Programs (including tours)
ext 369
Field Services/Stray Rescue
Pet Assisted Therapy
ext 328
Pet Loss Support Group
ext 344
Planned Giving
ext 327
Reporting Animal Cruelty
ext 601
Spay/Neuter Clinic
ext 328
Wildlife Care Program
ext 314
Pick of the Litter Resale Shop
1127 Chula Vista in Burlingame
We’re open weekdays from 11-7pm and weekends
from 11-6pm. Potential adopters should arrive an
hour before closing to complete an adoption.
Non-profit Org.
U.S. Postage Paid
San Mateo, CA
Permit #511
1450 Rollins Road, Burlingame, CA 94010
Wildlife Open House
The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA invites
you to explore our Wildlife Care Center and
learn about our vital work before we kick off the
busy season. The Center is not usually open to
the public, so please join us for this rare opportunity
to tour our rehabilitation facilities and participate in
fun, educational activities for kids and kids-at-heart.
Dine on Hella Vegan Eats’
food truck, who will donate
a portion of their sales
Dissect owl pellets, remove
glue from loose feathers, &
much more
Watch an artist create a wildlife-themed graffiti mural live
Participate in our
raffle & you could
win great prizes
This event is free, and donations are welcome. Our
Wildlife Care Center can always use mealworms, raw
unsalted peanuts, dove seed, unsalted creamy peanut
butter, spray millet & more. For more ideas & info,
visit or call 650/340-7022.