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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
Figure 9
Figure 9
Volume 35 Issue 1
Incorporated 2006
Web Site:
January 2015
What's Inside
2015 Officers
John Daley
162 Rice Rips Rd.
Oakland Me 04963
Tel.(207) 872-9933
[email protected]
Vice President:
Dalton 'Shorty' Poulin
10 Dominic St.
Skowhegan Me 04976
[email protected]
Wayne White
60 Preble Ave.
Anson, Me. 04911
Tel.(207) 612-8863
[email protected]
Steven Symonds
668 Augusta Rd.
Belgrade, Me. 04917
Tel. (207) 495-3355
[email protected]
Safety Officer:
Bob Chapman
193 Malbons Mills Road
Skowhegan, Me. 04976
Tel. (207) 612-5027
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor:
Roland Woodworth
1270 Clinton, Ave.
Benton, Me. 04901
(207) 453-9319
[email protected]
Contest Director:
Dalton “Shorty”Poulin
Webmaster: Joe Gilbert
Distribution: Kevin Purnell
A note from the 2
Secretary's 3
KVCC indoor 4
Thank You and Snow 5
Winter 6
Upcoming Events at the Field
Feb. 15th Snow Fly-In. Really BAD weather date Feb. 22nd.
>> Indoor Flying Schedules <<
Indoor Flying at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Madison
Every Wednesday 9:00am to 12:00pm.
Every Tuesday Nights 6:00 pm to ….....
($$Donations Appreciated$$)
Indoor Flying at Garrett /Schenck Street School in Anson
February 13th and 27th 2015.
($$Donations Appreciated$$)
Indoor Flying at KVCC in Fairfield
Every Monday night 6:00 pm to 9 pm.
Please check the schedule in this newsletter.
($$Donations Appreciated$$)
If you have items for the newsletter, please have them submitted
as soon as possible! Thank you!... Ed
Should an event schedule change or be canceled, we will do our best to send out
an email notification.
If you have a classified listed on the website and you have sold the item please
take off the classified.
Next Meeting – February 4th.
Granite Leisure Time, Oakland.
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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
KVMA 2015
Event Schedule
Jan 7 Oakland Meeting - 7:00 pm
Figure 9
A note from the President
Jan 11 Snow Fly-in – 10:00 am
(Really BAD Weather Date – Jan 18)
As the winds and cold keep many of us away from outdoor flying, the
attendance and donations to the now four separate indoor flying locations
Feb 4 Oakland Meeting - 7:00 pm
continue to increase. Many club members supported Paul at his wife’s wake
Feb 15 Snow Fly-in – 10:00 am
and funeral. The winter is always a great time to get those flying projects
(Really BAD Weather Date – Feb 22) done. Remember to share with us your finished project. Memberships
expire on 12/31, renew ASAP so as not to miss out on any of the Club’s Fun
Mar 4 Oakland Meeting - 7:00 pm
Mar 8 Snow Fly-in – 10:00 am
Although you can be a member without a current valid AMA membership,
(Really BAD Weather Date – Mar 15)
you are not permitted to fly at the Club field. Your AMA membership gives
Mar 21 Swap Meet at GLT.
you the insurance and other benefits. Both current AMA and KVMA
Mar ?? & ?? OHTM Midcoast Model membership are required to have the privilege to fly at Club field. Guest
must also show current valid AMA membership.
No one will be allowed to place the Club in a negative position that might
Apr 1 Oakland Meeting - 7:00 pm
result in loss of the Club field.
May 6 Oakland Meeting - 7:00 pm
June 3 Meeting at Field - 7:00 pm
John Daley
June 21 Fun Fly Contest – 10:00
July 1 Meeting at Field - 7:00 pm
July 12 Art Aubé Glider Fly-In 10:00
July 26 Club Picnic 10:00 am
Aug 5 Meeting at Field - 7:00 pm
Sept 2 Meeting at Field - 7:00 pm
Oct 7 Oakland Meeting - 7:00 pm
Oct 4 End of Season Fly-in 10:00
John Daley's Sport Cub and a view of the field
Nov 4 Oakland Meeting 7:00 pm
Dec 2 Oakland Meeting 7:00 pm
Photo's by J. Daley
Bob Brown's Kadet Senior
Photo by J. Gilbert
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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
Figure 9
KVMA Meeting Jan. 7, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM with 9 members including 1 Guest. The Sec. Report was voted
accepted as printed in the Newsletter. The Treasurer’s Report was given and approved.
Guest Ron Poulin (Shorty’s Brother) was greeted.
Note was made of Paul’s wife passing and many members will attend the Viewing & Service in Monmouth.
Old Business:
This weekends Sun. Snow Fly was given as a reminder to all.
The tractor was discussed and Steve Symond will bring his trailer out on Sunday at the Snow Fly, we will
load it and Bob Chapman will take both trailer & tractor back to his house. Many thanks to both Steve and
The date for Owls Head was confirmed to be Mar. 28-29th. Our “Cabin Fever” swapmeet will be at GLT on
Mar. 21st.
New Business:
A motion was made and accepted to increase the Escrow by $300.00, making it now $1600.00.
A motion was made and accepted to order $50.00 worth of flowers for Paul’s wife Services.
The President stated that he will contact GLT about their continued donation to support the Club Webpage.
Due to Wayne being out with the flu, the covering talk will take place for the Feb. meeting
At 7:20 PM a motion to adjourn was approved.
John Daley
Bob Chapman's Cabon Z Cub on final!
I am not sure who's plane this belongs to. I think
this is George Rossingnol's Porter.
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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
Figure 9
Mon 01/26/15 Flying
Mon 02/02/15 Flying
Mon 02/09/15 Flying
Mon 02/16/15 No Fly. President Day. Campus closed.
Mon 02/23/15 Flying
Mon 03/02/15 Flying
Mon 03/09/15 Flying
Mon 03/16/15 No Fly. Jazz Gala.
Mon 03/23/15 No Fly. Jazz Gala.
Mon 03/30/15 Last day of flying until fall.
I suggest that those that fly at the KVCC save this page.
Flying into the sun!
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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
Figure 9
Winter Snow Fly-In
Jan. 11th was the Snow Fly-In at the KVMA field. According to the picture there were at least 11 people
there. Cooking was done by John Dyer, Bob Chapman and Joe Gilbert! Looks like a good time had by all!
Photo's by J. Gilbert and J. Wiley.
The gang at the Snow Fly-In
Jay Wiley's Sunday
John Dyer stretching out in his home away from home!
Joe Gilbert's Polaris
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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
Figure 9
Winter Project!
Jay Wiley has been working on a new plane for next year's flying season! It is a 1/6 Scale Nieuport 28 C-1
WW1 French biplane! The kit is by Balsa USA.
These are the photo's I have so far.
How about an progress update Jay?
Photo's by J. Wiley.
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Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
Figure 9
Membership/Renewal Application
Date of Birth (Youth Only):
Street Address:
AMA #:
NOTE: If you do not have your AMA number yet, please indicate the date applied here and report number to Treasurer as soon as
Date Applied to AMA:
RC Channels You Use:
E-Mail Address (if any):
“I have read and understand the safety rules.”
Signature: ___________________________________________
Please print and complete this membership application. Bring the completed application, along with your dues payment, to a
meeting or mail application and payment to:
Steven Symonds, KVMA Treasurer
668 Augusta Rd.
Belgrade, Me. 04917
Tel. (207)495-3355
[email protected]
AMA Web Site:
Dues: First Year \\$70, Regular \\$70, Senior $65 (65 and over)
Family (same household) \\$90
Youth (under 16) Free, Patron \\$30
Welcome to the Kennebec Valley Model Aviators!
KVMA Flight Instructors:
Thursday afternoon and evening during the summer months are designated as training periods and an instructor is usually available
(weather permitting) at these times to assist new members learning proper procedures and flight training. Other arrangements may
be made if necessary.
Eric Guilmet (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
57 DeMariano Rd
Mt. Vernon ME 04352
Ph: 207-293-4315
[email protected]
Sam Wade (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
20 Bolduc St.
Winslow ME 04901
Ph: 207-873-6696
[email protected]
Dave Begin (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
48 Yeaton St.
Waterville ME 04901
Ph: 207-873-0565
Wayne White (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
60 Preble Ave
Anson Me 04911
Ph: 207-696-8117
[email protected]
Dalton “Shorty” Poulin (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
10 Dominic St.
Skowhegan Me 04976
Ph: 207-474-3696
[email protected]
Roland Woodworth (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
1270 Clinton Ave.
Benton Me 04901
Ph: 207-453-9319
John Dyer (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
67 West Road
Belgrade, Me. 04917
Ph: 207-495-9214
[email protected]
Bob Chapman (Introductory Pilot Instructor)
193 Malbons Mills Road
Skowhegan Me 04976
Ph: 207-612-5027
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ray & Robin's
Hobby Center
West Falmouth Crossing Plaza
65 Gray Road
Falmouth, ME 04105
Phone: 207-797-5196
Fax: 207-878-2936
[email protected]
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