Composite Dental Filling is the tooth-colored fillings inserted in the cavity. It is one of the
most preferred and popular types of dental filling procedure because it looks similar to the
natural tooth and fixes perfectly.
Composite fillings are very strong, sturdy and durable. They don’t crack even if you chew
and grind your teeth. These are rough and tough. If you are looking for an artificial tooth
that looks similar to your original teeth then it is a perfect choice.
Composite fillings are the best fillings for teeth because of several reasons:
Discreet- Composite fillings can be given the shape, size, and color according to your
requirements. It gives a disguised natural look.
Bonding- Composite fillings bond with your original teeth because it provides ideal
support to your other teeth.
Multi-purpose- Composite fillings are used to fill cavities as well as to repair chipped
teeth. Hence, these fillings can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
Minimally-Invasive- It is a minimally-invasive process because in this procedure the
doctor needs to remove only the decayed part of the tooth.
Long-lasting- Most of the fillings fade color and break up after a few years or
months. But composite fillings last forever if taken proper care.
Compatible- There is no risk of allergies or any kind of infection with composite
Procedure of Composite Fillings
The steps that are being followed for composite fillings procedure are:
1. To reduce the effect of pain during the procedure, the dentist will numb the affected
area with anesthesia.
2. The decayed part of the tooth is being removed with the help of drill, laser, or air
abrasion device. The method used for decaying depends upon the preference of the
3. The dentist will remove the cavities and debris to prepare for filling.
4. A layer of the composite is placed into the cavity and hardened with the help of a
special light.
5. Finally, the dentist will polish and remove the extra parts and gives final touches on
the teeth.
Cost of Composite Fillings
The composite dental filling cost depends upon the situation of the patient. The accurate
cost will be quoted by the doctor according to the location of the tooth, the amount of the
filling required and the situation of the patient’s oral health.
Maintenance of Composite Resin Fillings
The maintenance of composite resin fillings is very easy. You only need to maintain oral
hygiene. Some of the factors that you can consider to maintain the composite are:
Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste regularly.
Floss your teeth once a day regularly.
Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash at least once a day.
Go for regular dental cleaning services to prevent plaque and tartar formation on
your teeth.
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