Gemstones for each month

Gemstones for each month
January – Garnet
If you were born in January, the garnet is your birthstone. It is a red gem that goes with any
jewelry. They are found in sedentary rocks and come in various grades.
February – Amethyst
Amethyst is your birthstone if you are born in January. It is produced when there are impurities
in quartz which give it the purple color. It has a deep purple color which symbolizes royalty. it
also exudes power and wealth.
March - aquamarine
Aquamarine loose stone is a type of beryl which is a mineral found in metamorphic rocks.
Beryl come in a wide variety of color which are red, blue, yellow, light green and colorless.
April – Diamond
If you were born in April, you are lucky to have one of the rarest gems, diamonds. They are also
the most expensive. They come in different colors which include pink, red, green and blue. But
there is also the pure colorless one which is more common.
May – Emerald
Emerald is found in Zambia, Brazil, Colombia and Afghanistan. Most of them are treated to give
them a deeper color. They are also very rare.
June – Pearl
Pearls are gemstones are formed by living organisms and mollusks. Most of the pearls come
from Philippines, Australia and Indonesia.
July - Ruby
Ruby is the gems for those born in July. They are famously found in mogok valley. It has a deep
red color. They are also found in Vietnam, the United states and Thailand. It is used to increase
August – Peridot
Peridot is a gemstone with a vibrant glow and is green in color. It is found in hotpots such as
Hawaii. Most of the peridot gems come from San Carlos reservation in Arizona. It is also found
in China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.
September – Sapphire
The sapphire gemstone is for those born in September. It is deep blue in color. You do not have
to worry about the lab created sapphire getting scratched since it is very strong. The blue
sapphire stone is found in India and Kashmire. It gets its color from traces of iron and titanium.
October - Opal or tourmaline
Anyone born in October can choose from opal or the green tourmaline. Opal is formed when
water picks up silica dioxide and deposits it into cavities with trace impurities. The water will
evaporate and leave the silica dioxide. Most of the Opal gemstones are found in Australia.
November – Topaz
Topaz is a glass gemstone associated with November. It has a variety of yellow hues. Topaz gets
its bright yellow color from impurities just like most gemstones. It is colorless in its pure form.
But it can take on a variety of colors. Most of the topaz gems come from Brazil. It is also found
in Russia, Australia, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Germany and the United States.
December - Turquoise, Tanzanite or Zircon
If you were born in the month of December you are very lucky. You get to chose from any of the
three gemstones. All these stones have a deep blue color. You can also opt for their lab created