Types of Business Insurance Coverage at AmTrust

AmTrust is the third largest writer of workers’ compensation coverage for
small businesses in the United States, according to SNL Financial’s 2016
Workers’ Comp market share report. While workers’ comp is largely what we
are known for, our product portfolio contains a wide array of different
coverages to suit the needs of our agents’ small business clients.
Keep reading to find out more about the selection of insurance products
AmTrust has to offer.
Workers’ Compensation
Let’s start with what we are most known for: workers’ comp insurance
coverage. Having a dependable workers’ comp policy in place is so important for
any business, but especially for small businesses. Damages for injuries suffered at
work can amount to thousands or even millions of dollars. Without sufficient
coverage, employers could be susceptible to punitive damages, pain and suffering
lawsuits and astronomical medical bills.
AmTrust works closely with its agents to place insurance for small-business clients
that is intended to comply with insurance requirements and help them succeed.
We cover more than 350 eligible classes of business, including hotels, professional
offices, restaurants, retail stores and more.
State Disability
A State Disability Benefits Insurance policy helps a business retain its most
important asset – their employees. Simply put, it provides financial security to
employees while they are out of work due to a covered off-the-job injury or illness.
AmTrust offers benefits coverage to bridge the gap and help your clients’
employees make ends meet while they try to survive on a disability benefits check.
Below are some of the potential benefits to a business carrying a Statutory
Disabilities Insurance policy:
•Improved health outcomes of employees
•Reduced out-of-work time for ill/injured employees
•Increased employee loyalty
•Higher team morale
Find out more about AmTrust’s State Disability Insurance coverage.
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Auto
As the saying goes, “accidents happen.” This is especially true when it comes to
automobiles. A Commercial Auto policy is designed to provide coverage in the
event of a collision between a commercial vehicle with another vehicle or an object.
It also helps protect businesses from litigation related to automotive incidents.
Perhaps most importantly, however, it helps ensure that your clients’ employees
have medical expenses taken care of after a work related auto incident.
AmTrust’s Commercial Auto product covers a wide range of businesses, such as
commercial and residential contractors (HVAC, landscaping, roofing) or
distributors (food and beverage, auto parts, etc.) to name just a few.
If your clients ask why they may need this type of coverage, check out “Why Small
Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance.”
Business Owners Policy (BOP)
This type of insurance combines coverages a business normally would buy
individually into one bundle. A standard BOP covers three things:
•General Liability– If a customer is injured at your client’s place of business,
General Liability insurance is designed to cover the potential medical costs and
associated legal fees. It also covers advertising injury – certain offenses like copyright
infringement and libel.
•Property – This helps ensure that your client’s property is covered in the event of
damage – ultimately helping to keep a business up and running. Property coverage
can be “named-peril,” “open-peril,” or “special.”
•Business Interruption– A major storm, an electrical outage, a hacking incident –
any of these can abruptly stop a business in its tracks. This coverage is designed to
protect your clients during a covered event, even potentially replacing money that
would have been made if not for the incident.
To learn more about the benefits of BOP coverage, read our blog post “3 Reasons
Small Businesses Need BOP Coverage.”
Additional Coverages
Cyber Liability Insurance
A 2017 report from CSO shows that the impact of cyber security events has
increased. Additionally, they estimate that cybercrime damage costs could hit $6
trillion annually by 2021.
What does all this mean? Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your
clients are covered for a cybercrime event, especially for smaller businesses
according to an article from Trend Micro.
The level of coverage your client needs will vary from business to business. In
addition to basic cyber liability coverage, AmTrust’s Cyber Liability policy also
includes coverage for Website Media Content Liability, Regulatory Defense and
Penalties as well as PCI Fines, Expenses and Costs. So as your client’s business
expands into the digital and mobile space, so does their coverage to address risks
associated with any violations of privacy, plagiarism or piracy, copyright and
trademark infringement, alleged defamation, libel or slander relating to their
Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
This is a valuable insurance product specifically designed to help protect businesses
from employment practices liability exposure. Insured events generally include
alleged discrimination, wrongful termination or demotion, sexual harassment and
retaliation. This coverage is inexpensive and includes free risk and employee
management services previously available only to larger companies.
Regardless of company size, the possibility of being sued for one of the above
infractions is a reality for any business. Without an EPLI policy in place, your client
may have to pay for any losses associated with employment practice litigation out
of pocket.
Learn more about EPLI coverage and its benefits.
Workers’ Compen Coverage and Much More
We are continuously evaluating the market and our agents’ needs to deliver new
products from workers’ compensation to commercial insurance. Subscribe to our
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