Friday Spotlight Derek Bluford & Quicklegal

Derek Bluford, CEO of Quicklegal, sat down with us this week to chat about what it
takes to be an entrepreneur, being named the Techweek Los Angeles LAUNCH
Competition champions and the future of Quicklegal.
Q: First of all – what’s something people probably don’t know about you? A: I use
to work for the Fairfield Police Department.
Q: What was your day-job before you founded Quicklegal? A: Before Quicklegal I
was the founder & CEO of another legal services company called California Legal
Q: What have been some pros and cons during your journey as an entrepreneur?
A: Building two successful businesses has definitely been a highlight. I started my
last company for $3K and sold it for a couple hundred thousand dollars in less than
two years. And Quicklegal’s success has been lots of fun! A downside has been that I
spend a lot of hours away from home and at the office, which means time lost with
my little one.
Q: For those that aren’t familiar, what is Quicklegal and why is it a valuable
resource? A: Quicklegal is the first and only app to provide on-demand legal
advice instantly via video chat. It’s affordable, effective and fast.
Q: Where did the inspiration behind Quicklegal come from? A: I have always had
a passion for helping the underdog. Many people get taken advantage of because
they can’t afford legal advice. So, after hearing about Doctors On-Demand and
their success, I decided to give Attorneys On-Demand a try. And Quicklegal was
born. I then hired one of the best app development companies in the county. Nine
months later, here we are.
Q: What was your LAUNCH Competition experience like? A: I loved the
LAUNCH Competition! We met a lot of other innovative entrepreneurs and made
some great friendships. Since the competition we’ve kept in touch. It’s a down-toearth community that “gets it” and is quick to help each other out. I love it!
Q: What was your first thought when they named Quicklegal the Techweek LA
2014 LAUNCH Competition winners? A: I was like OMG! This is awesome! I am so
proud of my team!!!
Q: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? A: Believe in yourself and
your business, but be realistic. Gather the data needed to support your idea. If it still
seems like a smart move, take the gamble! At the end of the day you only live once!
Q: What’s next for Quicklegal? A: Shark Tank! Right now we’re focusing on getting
ready for the show and making plans to expand our services to other states starting
in January. 2015 is going to be a big year!
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