Switch of the print advertisement media to Bulk SMS

Switch of the print advertisement
media to Bulk SMS?
In today’s era bulk SMS has
turned out to be the greatest
transition in the field of
advertisement making it a very
easy task now. It has provided
access to the target market with
just an SMS. It has turned out to
be the easiest and cheapest
source for the entrepreneurs to
take their enterprise to the
Print media, broadcast media and
other types of expensive
advertisement has been
overpowered by digital media
especially the Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS
service in India has made
marketing more direct, efficient
and more personnel in comparison
to other marketing media.
Bulk SMS is considered to be most easily informational message in just one click.
It is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing communication and
information between both staff and customers.
Bulk SMS can broadly be bifurcated in transactional and promotional SMS.
Transactional, on one hand are considered to be informative massages, which is
mainly being used to deliver any information to the existing customers; and on
other hand promotional SMS are used for promotion either to the existing
customers or other targeted bulk. Both the messages serviced have proved to be
beneficial from the business point of view. Transactional SMS helps to maintain
a link with the existing customers and nurture Client Company’s relationship
and promotional sms helps to promote and elevate the business.
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most reliable source of marketing
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