10 Best Tourist Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

10 Best Tourist Destinations in Himachal
Himachal Pradesh literally means a snow-laden area, is a northern
state in the Indian Territory. It is rich in culture, heritage, and natural
beauty. With snow-capped peaks, fruit orchards, gushing rivers, and
enlightening temples, it attracts tourists from all over the world. The
place is a famous summer retreat and honeymoon destination for
Indians. The crisp Himalayan air offers a bunch of adventure
activities to explore the celestial land. Visitors long to extend their
stay to enjoy the ambiance and tranquility provided by the pristine
natural beauty.
Here is the list of top 10 destinations for tourists to help them plan a
better Himachal Pradesh trip.
Shimla: This snow capital of India is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. The
eminent tourist destination is surrounded by hills, mountains, and mystical woods.
The city boasts of buildings styled in colonial architecture and heritage. Since it
resides on top of 7 hills it is aptly named as Queen of hills. The winter season brings
tourists who enjoy snowfall and skiing activities while the summer season is for
chilling away from scorching Indian summers. The thick Himalayan forests reveal the
mixed charm of oak, deodar trees and flowering plants which bring hue and color to
the otherwise snow-covered land.
Kullu: The beautiful valley of Kullu is scenic with forests and apple orchards which
make it a paradise for visitors. The place has got its name from kulanthpeeth which
means the end of inhabitable land during the time celestial beings. It lies on the
banks of River Beas and falls between lower and greater Himalayan ranges. It is
filled with adventure activities namely trekking, skiing, mountaineering, and white
rafting. The best time to see the cultural festivals is right before Dussehra which
falls in the month of October.
Manali: The beautiful hill station of Manali is a dream destination and a popular
summer retreat for any domestic or international tourist. With picturesque
mountains, valleys, winding roads and gushing waterfalls, it offers pleasant nature
in its lap with exotic wildlife and forests. It is a hub for activities related to
adventure sports at Rohtang pass which shows a breathtaking view of glaciers,
lakes, and valleys.
Dharamsala: Located in the pristine and scenic valley of Kangra, Dharamsala is a cold
and tranquil hill station known for its temples and monasteries. The name literally means
resting place for weary travelers and pilgrims. It is the home to Dalai Lama, a famous
Buddhist monk. The place is always thriving with Tibetan and Hindu culture along with
museums, art galleries, and handicrafts. The lush greenery is a visual treat for nature
lovers along with other tourist attractions.
Kasauli: This hill station is a cantonment town which is famous for its architectural
buildings from the British Colonial rule. The town is quiet which makes it a
rejuvenating tourist spot for weary travelers. Indulge in the greenery of nature at
Kasauli and plan for a trek to get the best view of mountains and valleys. Relax your
mind in this calm town with flower gardens, artistic buildings, and tinted churches.
The dense woods are home to exotic flora and fauna which enhances the natural
beauty of the place. Chill down at a resort and indulge in local festivities which occur
during the month of June.
Chamba: The town sprawled across the river Beas, is a major refreshing valley with
fine temples and picturesque surroundings. The culture and traditions are well
preserved in this locality making it a popular spot for museums. The valley is rich in
natural resources is brimming with milk and honey. The river Ravi cuts through the
town which adds beauty to the wildlife sanctuaries and local temples. The rich stone
engraved temples are a sight to behold for every visitor.
Dalhousie: The small hill station of Dalhousie is a refreshing summer retreat with
snowcapped peaks and cool forests. A walk into dense forests or a trek of the
surrounding hills gives peace and clarity of thoughts to visitors. Being located at the
western end of Dhauldhar mountain ranges it provides a panoramic view of rivers,
valleys and mountain slopes. Karelanu, a natural spring located in this region is a
major tourist attraction with magical healing properties of its water. The months from
March to May are pleasant to visit this hill station.
Kangra: This ancient city is the most populated in Himachal Pradesh. Founded by the
Katoch rajas, the city got its name from the ancient surgeons who were popular in the
kingdom for their plastic surgery skills. It lies in the lower Himalayan ranges with
lush greenery as opposed to the snow covered places. Fort, museums and Buddhist
monasteries are some cool tourist attractions to indulge in this city. The tea gardens
and pristine nature attracts tourists from worldwide to see the dynasties once ruled
by ancient kings.
Kasol: Kasol is snuggled in the lap of Parvati valley with its river gurgling alongside the
valley. The fertile landscape of Himalayas with blue-tinged clear skies lets you
rejuvenate in its nature. A stroll along the frothing Parvati River and looming pine
forests is the best way to spend an afternoon with river water tickling your feet. With
Israeli inhabitants and hippies floating all around, the place has an exotic vibe attached
in its culture and shopping. The popular activities in Kasol are camping in the woods,
trekking, and shopping.
Mohan Shakti Heritage Park: Located in the midst of mountains, this heritage park
is the first of its kind in northern India. It is home to gorgeous landscapes,
archeological sites, temples, ayurvedic centers and theme parks. The ambiance is
clean and clear with attractive statues and forts. With an initiation to revive the Vedic
and ancient heritage, the park is a major tourist attraction for portraying Indian
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