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Book Synopsis
In the author s own words his
play "aims to set down within
a realistic framework, so
necessary to the theatre, a
nucleus of problems and
passions involving man in
general, and not blind people
in particular." The physical
blindness of the depicted
characters is only a motive or
pretext for presenting the
limitations we all share as
human beings. Accordingly,
the play must be understood
as a sketch of the tragedy of
man and his destiny, a
problem which again is
acquiring legitimacy and
urgency, outstepping from the
serious Spanish theatre
studies into the surrounding
reality. Two aspects are set
down as intentionally
dominant within the plan of
Buero Vallejo s work. One is
the social relationship, a
mixture of free and forced
situations, which
arestablished between a
strong individuality whose
reasoning and frustration
conflict with the reasoning
and passion of the
community. The other
involves the tension of the
visionary, the yearning for
"light" and the belief in it
which occasionally
distinguishes the people of
genuine religious feelings
facing the material interests
of the majority.
Book details
Author : Antonio Buero
Pages : 112 pages
Publisher : Stockcero
Language : Spanish
ISBN-10 : 9871136161
ISBN-13 :