S T . M A R Y M A G D A L E N C AT H O L I C P A R I S H
Our Mission & Values
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Parish is a Eucharistic community
that places God first in all things and comes together as a
family to Love as Christ Loves and Serve as Christ Serves .
a welcoming spirit loving God with all of our celebrating the
and a culture of
heart, our soul, our
center of our faith
genuine inclusion strength and our mind to through creative,
into our diverse
actively and passionately vibrant and diverse
parish family
build the Kingdom
Faith Formation
committing to life-long
learning through
Catholic education
from childhood
through adulthood
responding gratefully
with sacrificial
and supporting generosity for all God
strong families
has given us
in today’s world
Witnessing & Evangelizing
living the Gospel by
sharing & teaching our faith
through conversion of mind,
heart, & reconciliation
with God & one another
Mass Times
Daily: Monday through Friday: 7am, 8:30am Thurs.: 7pm (Español )
Weekends: Sat: 8am, Vigil: 5pm, 7pm (Español) , Sun: 8am, 10am (Interpreted for the Deaf) , 12Noon, 5:30pm
A DDRESS : 861 Maitland Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 ✥ W EBSITE :
P HONE : 407.831.1212 ✥ F AX : 407.831.1560 ✥ E-M AIL : [email protected]
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
those we don’t know? How are we preparing to leave a legacy our Catholic heritage for those who will come after us?
This weekend we begin our November Message series
“Loving the way God Loves, Giving the Way God gives.”
We are going to look at ways in which God loves and gives
and how we, too, may be loving and giving to others. We
begin our message series by celebrating All Souls – the day
when we remember loved ones – those who have gone to the
Banquet of the Lord before us. To prepare to join in the
banquet, we need to prepare ourselves. To do God’s will,
not our own. Even Christ recognized this, when he said in
today’s Gospel: “I came down from heaven not to do my
own will but the will of the one who sent me.”
Our CHALLENGE for the week: Please commit 20
minutes of quiet time with God during the next week to read
and reflect upon the brochure we mailed and are in the pews
entitled “Loving the Way God Loves… Giving the Way God
Gives…” During your daily prayer time (which could be
during the week at Mass), during our Eucharistic Adoration
(Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm), or in the quiet of
your home, please reflect upon how you have personally experienced God’s Love and God’s Giving in your own life.
What led to it? Prayer? Did it come by surprise? How did it
make a difference in your life? How did it make you feel?
How did you respond to give thanks to God? Did you learn
Christ has shown us, by concrete example, how to live our
anything from it about God showing you how to live by the
lives and how to do the Father’s will. He didn’t just tell us
way he loved or gave to you? This could also be a good
how with eloquent wor ds of wisdom, but by his own
example. Together, what can we learn from the life of Jesus – exercise to do with your family or spouse at the table after
from the loving actions of God the Father and the Holy Spirit dinner or while gathered together before bedtime. Offer each
that can help us to be more loving and giving in our everyday the optional opportunity to share something from their life
lives? For instance:
experience they are grateful for.
If you have young children (or artists or aspiring artists of
any age), we would love to receive simple drawings illustrating an act of God showing how he loves and gives to his
people. Name and age are optional. Example: Jesus giving
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so
that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might someone a smile or loaf of bread or healing a sick person.
have eternal life” (John 3:16). “For us men and for our
salvation he came down from heaven… For our sake he was In Christ,
crucified under Pontius Pilate, he suffered death and was
P.S. I can’t believe a month has passed already since Fr.
buried, and rose again on the third day in accordance with
the Scriptures...” (From the creed we recite at Mass)
Michael’s arrival. We look forward to his joining us each
year, and when he gets here, immediately put him to work.
When we see the symbol of Jesus on the cross, it reminds us As you know, Fr. Michael is a gifted preacher, a scholar of
of the degree to which he loved us… Every married person
Canon Law, and an all-around good fellow. His good sportsknows the joy of marriage and every parent knows the joy of manship truly comes to the surface at CommunityFest, when
having a child. But they will also tell you of the sacrifices
we dressed him up, this year as the Tin Man, and put him in
often required in marriage or parenthood… Love and
the opening parade. We might as well have wrapped him in
sacrifice go hand-in-hand – joy and suffering. Our God has
aluminum foil and set him in the oven with the outfit we
walked that struggle with us and reminds us we are never
made him wear. But he wore it, and soldiered on.
alone in that journey and will always give us the strength we
need to get through tough times.
Believe it or not, Fr. Michael has been coming to our Diocese
since the days of Fr. Caverly. He loves this parish, and we
love him. I say to him every year that we look forward to the
God has shown us by example how to love and give
generously – without counting the cost: Scripture is full of day that he will join us permanently. That day has not yet
come, but you never know.
good news stories of Jesus healing the sick, feeding the
hungry and helping those in every imaginable need, despite
Fr. Michael heads back to the dank, gray winter of Wales just
being tired and in need of food, shelter and rest.
as we enter into the beautiful days of Florida’s winter
months. We wish him the very best, and look forward to his
How should we give? As God has given to us…
joining us again, next fall. Our Father Michael is like the reWe have inherited a great deal from our spiritual ancestors
turn of the swallows to Capistrano. You know autumn has
(our family, loved ones, and even those we don’t know –
those in our parish who went before us.) We have inherited arrived with Fr. Michael’s arrival. The Fr. Michael Burke
room at the rectory remains ready for him.
our faith. We have inherited everything around us, often
from those who didn’t even know us. How do we give to
God has shown us by example how to love and give
Youth Steward of the Month
In gratitude for God’s gifts of time and talent to all of
us, we gratefully acknowledge and salute:
Marcia graciously shares the Body and Blood of
Christ as a Eucharistic Minister and serves our
brothers and sisters in Christ who cannot join us at
Mass by bringing the Most Holy Eucharist to them as
a Minister to the Sick. In addition, she helps out at
CommunityFest and enriches her own faith by
participating in Bible Study. She has also participated
in the Great Adventure Bible Study and Living the
Eucharistic Series.
With deep gratitude, we thank you, Marcia!
Parish Sacrificial Giving
In gratitude for the gifts we have received from God,
parishioners and visitors made a joyful return to the
Lord of $35,283 on October 25 and 26 for the
mission and ministries of St. Mary Magdalen. Thank
you for helping us carry out Christ’s mission and
Thanks for Giving First Fruits & Taking a Step!
✥-Ofrenda con Sacrificio: En gratitud por
los dones que hemos recibido de Dios, los feligreses y
visitantes hicimos retorno gozoso al Señor de
$35,283 el 25 y 26 de octubre para la misión y
ministerios de la Parroquia Santa María Magdalena.
Gracias por ayudarnos a seguir llevando a cabo la
misión y el ministerio de Cristo.
!Gracias por dar los primeros frutos y dar un paso!
Free Car Wash to ALL SOULs aged 65 and up,
with Coupon! Join us on Sunday, November 2 from
8:30AM to 2PM! This coupon is good for 1 carwash
for seniors age 65 and up and all veterans regardless
of age.
Time Talent Treasure
Stewardship Thought for the Week?
During the past two weeks you should have received
two mailings exploring Stewardship and Sacrificial
Giving. You were asked to prayerfully reflect upon
what the priorities of your life are and where God fits
among these priorities. In the second mailing of October 28, you were asked to decide the portion or percentage you will give to the parish and to other charities
during this coming year. Please bring your completed
commitment card with you to Mass next week for
“Covenant Sunday”. It is the day our Sacrificial Giving
Commitment Cards are brought to the altar during the
offertory procession and presented with the rest of the
gifts as “First Fruits” to our Lord.
“When you have come into the land which the Lord,
your God, is giving you as a heritage, and have occupied it and settled in it, you shall take some first-fruits
of the various products of the soil which you harvest . . .
and, putting them in a basket . . . you shall go to the
priest . . . (who will) set it in front of the altar of the
Lord, your God” (Deuteronomy 26:1-4).
Visitors & New Parishioners
We are so blessed that you decided to join us! Won’t you join our
Catholic community by registering at St. Mary Magdalen?
Registration forms are available at the Connection Central
“Concierge” table in front of the Church, by calling Lisa Oak at
the Parish Office 407.265.2300, or by filling out the form below.
Please drop it in the mail, collection basket, or you can sign up
online at
Name: ____________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
C o u p o n
f o r
SMM’s Youth Ministry
4th Annual Car Wash
Lavado de coches gratis a todas las almas de 65 años en
adelante, ¡con cupón! ¡Únase a nosotros el domingo
2vde noviembre, de 8:30AM a 2PM! Este
cupón es válido para 1 car wash para las
personas mayores de 65 años o más.
Además, tambien invitamos a todos los
veteranos sin importar la edad.
City/Zip: __________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
861 Maitland Ave — Altamonte Springs — FL — 32701
First Steps Tour & Reception
Are you new or visiting? Did you miss the last session
or just want to participate? Then you are cordially
invited for a parish tour and general information on our
ministries, services, mission and vision on Sunday,
November 9 after the 12NOON Mass. Enjoy a light
reception to formally welcome and help you become
acclimated to parish life! We will meet at the
Connection Central Concierge table at the front of the
Church. ✥-Un Recorrido de Primeros
Pasos y Recepción: ¿Es nuevo, o está de visita?
¿No pudo asistir a la última presentación, o sólo
quiere participar? Está cordialmente invitado a un
recorrido de la parroquia. Recibirá información
sobre los ministerios, servicios, misión y visión de la
parroquia el domingo 9 de Noviembre después de la
Misa de 12PM. Seguidamente disfrute de una
recepción para extenderle nuestra bienvenida y
ayudarlo a ambientarse a nuestra vida parroquial.
Nos encontraremos al frente de la Iglesia en la mesa
del Connection Central Concierge.
Gleaning is Back
We will be going gleaning once again, this time for
corn. Join us on Saturday, November 8 as we caravan
together from our parking lot to the Apopka/Mount
Dora area. The day will start at 7AM and we will return
around 1PM. Sign up today after Mass if you are
interested in going. E-mail Stephanie Spies at
[email protected] for more information. ✥¡Vuelve el tiempo de cosecha! Nuevamente
vamos a cosechar, esta vez maíz, el sábado 8 de
noviembre. Saldremos en caravana desde nuestro
estacionamiento de la iglesia al área de Apopka/Mount
Dora. El trabajo comenzará a las 7AM y volveremos
aproximadamente a la 1PM. Los que quieran participar,
por favor inscríbanse después de cada Misa este fin de
semana, o contacten a Stephanie Spies a
[email protected] para más información.
Marriage and Family Retreat
St. Mary Magdalen is hosting the "Together in Holiness"
Marriage & Family Retreat on Saturday, November 15 from
8AM to1PM in the Parish Life Center. Presented by the John
Paul II Foundation for Life and Family, spouses will receive
motivating insights and practical guidance for embracing a
vibrant spiritual life in their marriage and family. Come and
treat yourselves to this morning of inspiring presentations,
prayerful reflection and conversation with the one you love.
Meals included. Free childcare. $45/couples and $25/
individuals. Register today at or ✥- Retiro de Matrimonio y
Familia: Santa María Magdalena es el anfitrión del
"Together in Holiness"Marriage & Family retreat el sábado
15 de noviembre de 8AM - 1PM en el. PLC. Presentado por
John Paul II Foundation for Life and Family. Las parejas
recibirán ideas motivadoras y orientaciones prácticas para
abarcar una vida espiritual viva en su matrimonio y con su
familia. Vengan y participen en esta mañana de
inspiración, oración reflectiva, y de poder tener
conversaciones con la persona que amas. Comidas
incluídas. Cuidado de niños gratis. $45 /parejas y $25
individual. Regístrese hoy en o
50 + Ministry
Join us on Sunday, November 9 at 11:30AM at LongHorn
Steakhouse on Douglas Avenue in Altamonte Springs for an
afternoon of good food and fellowship. Please R.S.V.P. by
November 8 so the restaurant can prepare the proper
number of tables. Contact Terry at 407.761.1506 or Jeanne
at 407.260.9515 to save your spot! ✥- 50 + Ministry:
Únanse a nosotros el domingo 9 de Noviembre a las
11:30AM en el Longhorn Steakhouse de Douglas Ave. en
Altamonte Springs para disfrutar la tarde con una buena
comida y amistades. Por favor respondan el 8 de
Noviembre a más tardar para que el restaurante pueda
preparar las mesas necesarias. Llame a Terry al
407.761.1506 o a Jeanne al 407.260.9515 para reservar
su lugar.
Tear Drops Prayer Devotional
There is power in prayer! All are invited to gather as a
community on Monday, November 10 at 7PM in the Chapel
to pray for your own and our fellow parishioners’ children,
siblings, spouses, relatives, co-workers, and friends who
need our prayers, as well as for those who left their faith,
that all will find peace in the Lord. ✥-Tear Drops
Oración Devocional: ¡Hay poder en la oración!
Todos están invitados a reunirse como comunidad el
lunes, 10 de noviembre a las 7PM en la capilla para orar
por todos nuestros hijos, hermanos, cónyuges, familiares,
compañeros de trabajo y amigos que necesitan nuestras
oraciones, así como para aquellos que abandonaron su
fe, para que todos puedan encontrar la paz en el Señor.
Grief Support Ministry
The Church dedicates November to remembering those who have died in our
community. The SMM Grief Support Ministry is available to anyone
suffering the loss of a loved one recently or in the past. Everyone is welcome
Monday and Thursday mornings from 10 to 11:30AM in the Parish Office.
Additionally, a diocesan certified grief counselor is available for private and
individual counseling to anyone having trouble dealing with a loss and unable
to come to the Parish. For directions or more information call Rosemary in
the Parish Office at 407.265.2307. ✥-Ministerio de Soporte para los
Afligidos: La Iglesia dedica el mes de noviembre para recordar a todos a
todos aquellos que han muerto en nuestra comunidad. El Ministerio de Soporte a
los Afligidos de SMM está disponible para todos los que han perdido un ser
querido recientemente o en el pasado. Y todos son bienvenidos a participar en
nuestras reuniones las mañanas de los lunes y jueves de 10 a 11:30AM en las
Oficinas Parroquiales. Además, un consejero diocesano para los afligidos está
disponible para atender, privadamente, a todos los que tienen dificultad con la
pérdida de un ser querido y no pueden venir a la parroquia. Para dirección o
más información favor de llamar a Rosemary a la oficina parroquial al
Eucharistic Adoration
"Could you not watch an hour with me?" (Matt. 26:40). You are invited to
spend time before the Blessed Sacrament sharing your deepest thoughts with
Jesus or just be still with Him offering praise and thanksgiving for all He has
given us. Adoration will be provided in the Chapel between October 27 and
November 26, Monday through Wednesday & Friday, 9AM to 7PM and
Thursday 9AM to 6:30PM . Become a "Guardian of the Hour" by signing-up at
the concierge desk after weekend Masses or in the room outside the Chapel
during the week. ✥- Adoración Eucarística: ¿"¿Así que no habéis
podido velar conmigo una hora? (Mateo 26:40.). Los invitamos a compartir
ante El Santísimo Sacramento. Comparta con Jesús sus pensamientos más
profundos, o simplemente quédese tranquilo con El ofreciéndole alabanzas y
acción de gracias por todo lo que Él le ha dado. Tendremos la Adoración en
la Capilla desde el 27 de octubre al 26 de noviembre, de lunes a viernes de
" uardián de la Hora". Vaya a la mesa del
9AM a 7PM. Conviértase en un G
conserje para inscribirse después de las Misas de fin de semana o en la salón
afuera de la capilla durante el fin de semana.
Living the Beatitudes
Join us Monday, November 17 at 7PM in the Mother Teresa Room where
Deacon Henry Libersat will present on Blessed are the Merciful and Blessed
are the Peacemakers of the Beatitudes! Evening hosted by Acts 29 and the
Evangelization Team ✥-Viviendo las Bienaventuranzas: Únase a
nosotros el 17 de noviembre a las 7PM en el salón de la Madre Teresa, donde el
Diácono Henry Libersat explorará las Bienaventuranzas: ¡Bendito sean los
misericordiosos; y Benditos sean los que trabajan por la Paz! La noche ha sido
organizada por Hechos 29 y el Equipo de Evangelización.
“Living Your Strengths”
Free One-Day Retreat!
We are, indeed, uniquely created to
serve God in wonderful and powerful
ways! Join us Sunday, November 16 at
1:30PM in the Parish Life Center and
don’t miss this one-day retreat that
provides foundational information on
the “Living Your Strengths” concept
that will begin you on the journey of
being the best version of yourself for
the Kingdom of God. We focus on what
you naturally do well, because that is
where God has gifted you! In
preparation for the retreat, we highly
recommend taking the Clifton
StrengthsFinder® (theme names are
trademark of Gallup, Inc.) to discover
your Top 5 “Signature” themes of
talent. The “Living Your Strengths”
book can be purchased for $15 in the
Parish Office or Religious Book Store.
If you are not ready to take the Clifton
StrengthsFinder® and just want to learn
more about the strengths concept, you
are more than welcome to attend. There
is no fee for the retreat itself! Contact
Melissa Findley at 407.265.2311 or
[email protected] ✥Viviendo Sus Fortalezas: ¡Un
día de retiro gratis! Verdaderamente
somos creados como individuos únicos,
para servir a Dios de una forma
maravillosa y poderosa. No se pierda el
retiro el 16 de Noviembre a la 1:30PM
en el Parish Life Center. Este día de
retiro nos proveerá la información
fundamental sobre el concepto de
“Vivir Sus Fortalezas” para iniciar el
camino que lo guiará a ser su mejor
versión de sí mismos para el Reino de
Dios. Nos enfocamos en lo que cada
uno de nosotros hacemos bien
naturalmente, porque éstos son los
dones que Dios nos ha dado a cada
uno. Les recomendamos que haga el
ejercicio: Clifton StrengthsFinder® (los
títulos de los temas son propiedad de
Gallup, Inc.)” que se encuentra en el
libro “Viviendo Sus Fortalezas” que
está a la venta por $15, en la oficina
parroquial o en la tienda de libros
religiosos. Este ejercicio le ayudará a
descubrir sus primeros 5 talentos
principales. Si no está dispuesto a
hacer el ejercicio, sino simplemente
quiere conocer más sobre el concepto
de “fortalezas"también puede asistir.
No se cobra nada por la asistencia.
Póngase en contacto con Melissa
Findley llamando al 407.265.2311 o
[email protected]
XLT is back!
Please join us in the church on
Friday, November 14 at 7PM, for
an evening of praise, worship and
Adoration of the Most Blessed
Sacrament. Our first XLT of fall
will feature Deacon Henry
Libersat, Michael Scotchie, and
the XLT Band. We hope to see
you there! If you have never been
to XLT before, now is the time to
check it out. You will be glad you
Adopt a Family
The Adopt-a-Family parish program is looking for parishioners interested
in adopting a family this holiday season. Please consider sharing your
blessings with a family that could use a little extra help this Christmas. If
you are interested in sponsoring a local family, please contact Sandy
Matusz at [email protected] or 407.325.4390 for more information.
“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see
your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16. ✥- Adopte una Familia: El programa Adopt-a-Family
parroquial está buscando feligreses interesados en la adopción de una
familia durante la época navideña. Por favor, considere compartir sus
bendiciones con una familia a quien le vendría bien un poco de ayuda en
esta Navidad. Si está interesado en patrocinar a una familia local,
póngase en contacto con Sandy Matusz al [email protected] o
407.325.4390 para más información. D
" e la misma manera deja que tu luz
brille ante los hombres, para que vean vuestras buenas obras y
glorifiquen a vuestro Padre que está en los cielos."Mateo 5:16
Children's Holy Hour: All children and their parents are invited to a Children's Holy Hour on Friday,
November 14 at 3:30PM in the Chapel. There will be prayer, songs, and adoration at a child's level. Contact Dulce
at 407.538.7833 for more information. ✥- Hora Santa de los niños: Los niños y sus padres están invitados
a la Hora Santa de los Niños el viernes 14 de noviembre a las 3:30PM en la Capilla. Habrá oración, canciones, y
adoración apropiada para la edad de los niños. Para más información por favor llamen a Dulce al
Kids Mass Ministry is Here! Ministering to families with children ages 6 months to 5 years, Kids
Mass Ministry offers a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment to inspire children to know and love God
through Bible stories, crafts and activities. The ministry is currently offered during the 10AM Mass. For more
information and to register, please contact Larann Wilson at [email protected] or 407.265.2303. .
Disciple Volunteers needed! Our Children’s Liturgy of
the Word Ministry is in need of disciple volunteers for the 10AM and
12PM Masses to help us in bringing the Word of God to our K-5 grade
children in such a way that they understand the teaching and can apply
the lesson in their own daily lives. Please contact David Salazar at
407.310.8150 or [email protected] for further information. ✥
¡Necesitamos Discípulos Voluntarios!: El Ministerio de la
Liturgia para Niños necesitan más voluntarios durante las Misas
dominicales de las 10AM y de las 12PM. Por favor, ayúdenos a llevar
la Palabra de Dios a nuestros niños de Kínder al 5to. grado de tal
manera que comprendan las enseñanzas y para que aprendan como
aplicarlas en sus vidas cotidianas. Para más información por favor,
póngase en contacto con David Salazar al 407.310.8150 o
Spiritual food, physical food, &
fellowship: 5:30 to 8:30
Middle School Night:
Wednesdays 7 to 8:30pm
How our Youth Thank God
I sang for my sister.
I gave my turn to someone else.
I made a birthday card for a friend.
I prayed every morning for a sick
✥ I made dinner.
✥ I helped babysit my brother.
✥ I spent time with my grandmother.
✥ I vacuumed downstairs.
✥ I made breakfast for my family.
✥ I shared with my friend.
✥ I did my best on my Red Ribbon
✥ I rubbed dad’s back.
✥ I went to LifeTeen.
✥ I helped work on the kitchen at my
great-grandma’s house.
Youth Stewardship 10/26: $105.83
✥-Early Learning Center: St. Mary Magdalen’s Early Learning Center
fall enrollment is open! Stop by to learn about our VPK and Pre-K through 3
enrollments. We are open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM. Call 407.831.3740
ext5381 for more information. ✥-S t . M a r y M a g d a l e n ’ s E a r l y
L e a r n i n g C e n t e r : ¡Inscriba a sus niños este otoño! Estamos abiertos de
lunes a viernes de 7AM a 6 PM. Los invitamos a que visiten el centro de VPK y Pre-K.
Habrá 3 oportunidades distintas para inscribir a sus niños. Llame al 407.831.3740
ext.5381 para más información..
✥-SMM School: Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime! Register for the 2014– 2015 school year at
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School. It is our mission to teach gospel values, build a community of faith, and
provide a rigorous educational experience in a safe, supportive environment. SMM accepts Sister Parish Tuition
as well as Florida Step Up for Students Scholarships for those families who meet the criteria. Visit their website, for more information. Contact the School Office or email [email protected] for
additional information or an appointment to take a tour of our school. ✥-E s c u e l a d e S M M : Ha
comenzado la inscripción para el año escolar 2014-2015. Las familias, el profesorado y la parroquia comparten
en el desarrollo del potencial espiritual, académico y social de cada estudiante como un único hijo de Dios. Para
obtener más información sobre nuestra escuela o programar un recorrido, póngase en contacto con Brenda East
al teléfono 321.280.5330.
Our Lady of Grace Shrine
What Does the Pope Say? From Cradle to Kingdom
Did you know that Pope Francis
has a Twitter? He posts often and
below you can find a few recent
Would you like to honor a loved one or a
special event by providing flowers for the
Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in the Church?
If you are interested in donating, please
contact Jo Ann at the Parish Office at
the Seminara Family
Jesus’ Cross shows the full force of
evil, but also the full power of
God’s mercy.
The family is where we are formed
as people. Every family is a brick
in the building of society.
To change the world we must be
good to those who cannot repay us.
Do you want to follow Pope Francis on
Twitter? Go to
Pray for these parishioners who are
celebrating new life in Baptism,
Marriage, or Eternal Life.
Adeline Christine Ames
Joseph Michael Haslach
Abigail Grace Toschlog
Stella Grace White
David Deardorff
Julia Gruskin
Ron York
Michael Slivinski
Alan Getz
(Husband of Zita)
Hours: Mon-Thur 8:30 AM -7 PM ; Fri 8:30 AM -4:30 PM Sat 9 AM -12 PM Phone Number: 407.831.1212
Associate Pastor
Associate Pastor
Sacramental Minister
Pastoral Associate
Fr. Charlie Mitchell
Fr. Ed Thompson
Fr. Alfonso Cely, O.P.
Fr. Patrick Patton
Lois Locey
Marshall Gibbs, Juan Cruz, Jerry Kelly, Henry Libersat,
Greg Nelsen & Bill O’Brien, Israel Colon
Steward for Music & Liturgy
Liturgy Assistant
Steward for Contemporary
Christian Choirs
Mark Ayers
Debbie Karleskint
Andres Ocampo
Fax: 407.831.1560
x 2310
x 2310
Lorianne Rotz
x 5332
Brenda East
x 5330
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A Prayer of Thanksgiving…
Our gifts are most appropriately presented at the
Offertory of the Mass. The celebration of Christ’s
sacrifice is a fitting context for our own sacrificial
offering which is a grateful response to the unfathomable
love God has shown for us.
Too often, we want to separate the issue of giving,
particularly the giving of money, from those more
“spiritual” aspects of our faith life. However, the Catholic
Bishops of the world at the Second Vatican Council
recognized and taught us that:
“The separation between faith and life is one of “the more
serious errors of our age.”*
Yet, the commitment to Sacrificial Giving is one of the
most important expressions of what our faith means to us.
Offering our gifts at Mass places them in an appropriate
context of prayer and response to God.
In the offering, we can express our joy in having first
received and in now being able to give back. We are able
to say, “Thanks be to God!” We can give back some
portion of the tremendous gifts that have first been given
to us, the most important of which we celebrate at the
Eucharist. There is no better time to fulfill our
commitment to Sacrificial Giving than in the atmosphere
of prayer and thanksgiving.
We remember, too, that this commitment is one of
personal as well as communal prayer and part of a lifelong
process of turning toward God. Just as our giving forms an
integral part of the ritualized expression of our faith—the
Mass—so is it woven into struggles and joys we
experience on our personal faith journey.
* From Vatican II, Guadium et Spes (no. 43) and repeated
many years later in the U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral Letter
entitled, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response (1992).
IS ….
A Gift...
No gift is truly a gift unless it is given freely, without
reservation or condition. The gifts of God are given to us
in just such an unconditional manner and we are called to
model our giving after God’s.
This does not negate the idea of a challenge grant or a
matching grant. These grants are given above and beyond
one’s regular unconditional giving to spur or motivate
others to give or take a step in their giving. The donor
does not normally set the conditions of the challenge
grant, but the organization itself does. More often than
not, the organization actually seeks out a challenge grant
donor because the tool is well known for being effective
in motivating the membership at large. Our challenge
grant donors have all been very loyal, generous,
committed and sacrificial in their giving, and they want to
do everything they can to help our parish to carry out its
God-given mission.
The motive for giving a sacrificial gift is not the
expectation of getting something back. However, there
are many passages throughout both the Old and New
Testament where God promises to abundantly bless the
generous giver and to look out in a special way for those
who place their faith and trust in God enough to tithe.
Thus, we don’t give in order to get something back, but
God will bless our generosity a hundred-fold.
We are able to give what we give because God has already
given to us. Sacrificial Giving is really a response, then, to
the generosity of a loving and merciful God. Thus, the
motive for giving is a grateful response for all the many
gifts God has given us, including the gift of life itself and
the gift of being repeatedly forgiven. We acknowledge
that we are not the starting point for the giving, but we are
simply passing on a portion of what we have received.
The important concept of unconditional giving does not
mean that the parish or the charities to which we give are
not to be accountable for the gifts given. It does mean that
our decision to give is not contingent upon the particular
use of the gift.
F AT H E R E D ’ S Q U E S T I O N B OX ©
Question from the Collection Plate
✥ Can You pray for the Dead? ✥
The Bible in statement and the Church in practice enjoin prayers for the dead. “…It is a holy and
wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from their sins.” (2 Machabees
12:44). The Church celebrates Masses for the dead and dedicates the month of November to
praying for the dead. In the Lazarus – Rich Man “story” of Luke 16, the Rich Man in Hell cannot
profit from the prayers or any other kind of help (a point of the story), but those in Purgatory can.
Do you know by name for sure anyone in Hell? Eternal rest grant to all our dead. (“Catechism,
3 Mon: PHIL 2:1-4; PS 131; LK 14:12-14
4 Tue: PHIL 2:5-11; PS 22; LK 14:15-24
 Louis Poposky
Intentions of John De Caprio, Jr.
 Josephine Slivinski
 Joe, Jerry and Chris Cina
 Rene Sandeau
5 Wed: PHIL 2:12-18; PS 27; LK 14:25-33
Sunday, November 2
 Don Gallagher
 Edith Pelegrino
 Daria Dittmer Hardin
 David Hartman
 Brennan-Schad Families
 Joseph Spellman Family
Daylight Savings Time Ends at 2am Today!!
Baptism Class – School Cafeteria – 3:00PM
The Bible Timeline Series – Adult Center – 6:30PM
LifeTeen – PLC – 6:30PM
Monday, November 3
Men’s Bible Study – Mother Teresa Room – 7:00AM
Grief Support Group – Parish Office – 10:00AM
Confirmation Class – PLC – 6:30PM
Young Adult 20’s & 30’s Meeting – St. Francis of Assisi Room – 7:00PM
Centering Prayer Meeting – Parish Office – 6:30PM
Parent Confirmation Meeting – Adult Center – 7:00PM
New Beginnings Meeting – School Room 105 – 7:00PM
The Gospel of Matthew Series – San Juan de la Cruz Room – 7:15PM
 Margaret Kiffe
 Betty Wheeler
 Chris Aurand
 Emma Sisco
6 Thur: PHIL 3:3-8; PS 105; LK 15:1-10
 Gary and Michael Sydnor
 Jim Cathcart
 Donald J. Feulner
Intentions of Hibett Lozada
Intentions of Luis Ocampo
In thanksgiving to St. Jude of Thaddeus
Tuesday, November 4
Father Ed’s Bible Class – Parish Office – 7:30AM
CCW Planning Meeting – Mother Teresa Room – 9:30AM
First Reconciliation Class – PLC – 6:30PM
American Sign Language Class – Parish Office – 6:30PM
The Bible Timeline Series – Mother Teresa Room – 7:15PM
Wednesday, November 5
The Gospel of Matthew Series – PLC – 9:45AM
Group – St. Francis of Assisi Room – 11:30PM
Wednesday Afternoon Seniors – San Juan de la Cruz Room – 1:00PM
P.R.E.P. – Church – 4:00PM
7 Fri: PHIL 3:17–4:1; PS 122; LK 16:1-8
Quick Journey through the Bible – St. Ignatius of Loyola Room – 6:30PM
 Rosa M. Colon
EDGE – PLC – 7:00PM
 Fermin and Myriam Arana
Our Lady’s Rosary Group – Chapel – 7:00PM
 Deceased Members of the Gulde-Ernst Families
 Matthew Musick
Thursday, November 6
 Joan Floegel
Teresa Room – 9:30AM
 Dean and David Clausen
Grief Support Group – Parish Office – 10:00AM
8 Sat: PHIL 4:10-19; PS 112; LK 16:9-15
 Consuelo Fraga Ruiz
 Rosalinda Paz Pascual
 Eva Verdeja
 Somilia Bazile
 Rosa M. Colon
 Deceased Members of the K of C
 Guillermo Rizo
 Fernando Lema
9 Sun: EZ47:1-2,8-9,12;PS46;1COR3:9-11,16-17;JN2:13-22
Friday, November 7
Oración Centrante – Parish Office – 10:00AM
Niño’s en Accion – St. Francis of Assisi Room – 6:30PM
Renovacion Carismática – San Juan de la Cruz Room – 7:00PM
Saturday, November 8
Confirmation Retreat – PLC – 9:00AM
P.R.E.P. – Church – 9:15AM
Sunday, November 9
 Jerry Mc Donough
 Angelo Agrusa
Irish American Society Meeting – School Cafeteria – 1:00PM
 Frances Mc Carron
Newcomer’s Church Tour – Church – 1:30PM
 Patrick and Marie Scanlon
Retrovaille Meeting – Pope John Paul II Room – 2:00PM
Safe Return of our U.S. Deployed Military
The Bible Timeline Series – Adult Center – 6:30PM
 Joe Verlander
LifeTeen – PLC – 6:30PM
 Eleanor Mulson
 Lou Di Lello
If anyone has up to three tickets to a Disney World park (after 4pm is
 Drew Martinez
 Josephine Benetto
great!) that would be valid on November 15, 2014, and are willing to do John Carta. Jr.
nate them to the parish, would you please contact Lois at 407.265.2317 or
 Victoria Isola
[email protected], We would be most grateful!
 Gary Fasen