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Macroeconomic Research
Chile Inflation
08 October 2014
September Inflation
Upward surprise explained by the dollar
Mario Arend ● [email protected] ● +562 2713 4903
Today, INE released its CPI print for September, which came in at 0.8% m/m, above market expectations (both
Bloomberg and UF contracts at 0.7% m/m, which was also our call). The inflation breakdown reveals a strong
influence from the recent depreciation of the CLP, as core goods inflation picked up significantly (+0.7% m/m,
explaining most of today’s upward surprise in our case). The y/y print stood at 4.9% (vs. 4.5% previously), well
above the central bank target at 3% (+/- 1p.p. tolerance range), while the cumulative m/m variation in the last nine
months was 3.9%. The BCCh’s favorite core inflation measure (IPCSAE: CPI ex-food and energy) rose 0.5% m/m (3.9%
y/y), reflecting the fact that much of the action was in volatile items, particularly food (+2.1% m/m), as largely
expected for seasonal reasons.
We note that prices of several goods directly linked to the exchange rate posted significant m/m variations in
September. To name a few, we observed sharp increases in the prices of female footwear (+2.3% m/m s.a.), manual
tools (+1.4% m/m s.a.), air fresheners and disinfectants (+2.5% m/m s.a.), floor cleaners (+3.3% m/m), anticancer
drugs (+11.1% m/m s.a.), and new cars (+1.9% m/m s.a.). We also note that in most cases the m/m increases began
one month ago, which largely coincides with the recent increase in the exchange rate (+8.3% from July 1 until
September 30). The other CPI basket products that we directly follow were broadly in line with our expectations,
such as volatile food prices, transport services, and gasoline.
In seasonally-adjusted terms, the CPI ex-food and -energy measure climbed 0.27% m/m, with goods ex-apparel
increasing 0.27% m/m and services ex-transport rising 0.32% m/m. We highlight that the increase in core services
ex-transport is in line with previous months’ increases, while in the case of core goods ex-apparel we observe a
significant pick-up in the last two months, which reaffirms the view of FX pass-through. The expansion of core
inflation in 3m/3m s.a.a.r terms remained unchanged at 2.9%.
Chart 1: CPI and CPI ex-food and-energy (%, y/y)
Chart 2: CPI ex-food and-energy
Sep-11 Jan-12 May-12 Sep-12 Jan-13 May-13 Sep-13 Jan-14 May-14 Sep-14
IPCSAE (%, y/y), 72.29%
CPI (%, y/y)
IPCSAE Goods (%, y/y), 27.85%
CPI ex food and energy (%, y/y)
Source: INE, BTG Pactual
This report has been prepared by Banco BTG Pactual S.A.
IPCSAE Services (%, y/y), 44.42%
Source: INE, BTG Pactual
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Chart 3: Goods in the CPI ex-food and-energy
Chart 4: Services in the CPI ex-food and-energy
Sep-11 Jan-12 May-12 Sep-12 Jan-13 May-13 Sep-13 Jan-14 May-14 Sep-14
Sep-11 Jan-12 May-12 Sep-12 Jan-13 May-13 Sep-13 Jan-14 May-14 Sep-14
IPCSAE Sevices (%, y/y), 44.42%
IPCSAE Core Sevices (%, y/y), 40.13%
IPCSAE Transport Sevices (%, y/y) (RHS), 4.29%
IPCSAE Goods (%, y/y), 27.85%
IPCSAE Core Goods (%, y/y), 24.85%
IPCSAE Apparel Goods (%, y/y) (RHS), 3.00%
Source: INE, BTG Pactual
Source: INE, BTG Pactual
As for diffusion indexes, the share of products above the 3% y/y threshold remained at 63%, which we see as a
high level, reflecting a more generalized inflation. For the m/m diffusion index (0% threshold in the seasonallyadjusted series), the figure remained unchanged at 65%, which we see as a still high level.
Chart 5: Diffusion index (0% m/m threshold of s.a. series)
Chart 6: Diffusion index (3% y/y threshold) and inflation
Source: INE, BTG Pactual
CPI (%, y/y)(LHS)
Difussion index (3% threshold)(RHS)
Source: INE, BTG Pactual
In light of i) an increasing output gap, ii) a decrease in oil prices, and iii) normalization of international food prices,
we believe inflation is highly likely to moderate in the next few months. For October, we preliminarily expect m/m
inflation between 0.3% and 0.4%, mainly on higher prices for volatile food. For year-end 2014, we now forecast
inflation at 4.9% (from 4.7%).
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