Information and Technology Services

Information and Technology Services
Minnesota State University, Mankato
January 2015
Richard Davenport
Vice President
for Technology and
Chief Information Officer
Ed Clark
Ed Clark
Interim Associate
Vice President
Jude Higdon
Bryan Schneider
Assistant CIO
Matt Clay
Assistant CIO
Network and
Wireless Services
Matt Malterer ITS 2
Ricardo Muggli ITS 4
John Workman ITS 4
Students (4)
COB IT Director
Bryan Hoffman ITS 3
Students (6)
Jerry Jeffries ITS 4
Michael McLaughlin ITS 4
Mike Menne ITS 3
Joan Reinen ITS 4
Mark Wildt ITS 4
Julie Bruggeman ITS 3
ImageNow Support
Dennis Fling ITS 3
ImageNow Developer
Casey Boone ITS 3
COE IT Director
Greg Leslie ITS 3
Students (0)
SBS IT Director
Sam Erickson ITS 3
Students (1)
Allied Health &
Nursing IT Director
Paul Cusick ITS 3
Students (1)
Senior Director of IAC
Shane Dwyer ITS 4
Students (5)
Executive Assistant
Vacant OAS,SR
Security Analyst
Ryan Williams ITS 2
Students (2)
Students (2)
Computer Store
Kristi Bakalyar
Computer Store Team
Sandra Popowski ITS 1
Neely Reasor ITS 1
Students (4)
ITS Communications
Rebecca Clark (PT temp)
Strategic Media Coord
Robert Petersen
Students (5)
Strategic Partnerships IT Director
Vacant ITS 3
Students (0)
Instructional Support
Jeff Henline ITS 3
Student Affairs
IT Director
Cathy Hughes ITS 3
Students (0)
Instructional Design
Michael Manderfeld ITS 3
Vicky Cai ITS 3
Carrie Lewis ITS 3
App Development
and Web Services
Ted Johnson
Assistant CIO
Lead Applications
Project Manager/
Linda Peters ITS 4
Senior Software
Said Ahmed ITS 4
Web Application
Matt Potocnik ITS 3
Andrew Smoley ITS 3
Vacant ITS 3
Database Developer
Kitty Wille ITS 3
Jeff Hundstad ITS 3
Students (2)
Website Developer
Nathan Rodeback ITS 2
Students (3)
ITS Strategic
Mitch Wallerstedt
Acting COO
Project Management
Joel Prybylla ITS 4
Donna Killion MgmtAnlyst1
Service Management
Cathy Colby ITS 3
Marni Dunning ITS 3
J.C. Grooms ITS 2
Technology Specialist
Ginny Fitzloff Mg mtAnlyst1
Service Desks
Dawn Leech
Senior Director
IT Service Desk
Norleen Turensky ITS 2
Shane Scott ITS 2
Monte Byron ITS 2
Tim Akers ITS 2
Justin Denker ITS 1
Joe Herke ITS 1
Abby Kaluza ITS 1
Derek Knoblich ITS 1
Joe Lehman ITS 2
Rachel Swansen ITS1
Scott Spangenberg ITS 1
Dan Thurston ITS 1
Shoumik Hasan ITS 1
Students (5)
ResTech Services
Jason Casey ITS 2
Vacant ITS 2
Campus Technology
Michael Dodd
Senior Director
Technology Leads
Jerry Anderson ITS 3
Nicole McGill ITS 2
Steven Rodman ITS 3
Damon Whitcomb ITS 3
Tim Wentz ITS 3
Students (30)
Electronic Repair
and Staging
Joel Baumann ITS 2
Tom Deike ITS 1
Students (5)
Edina Service Desk
Thomas Pischke (temp)