28 January 2015
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*** "Blueberry cull to stop rust disease spread in
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Tasmania" (ABC Rural)
Truth abut cattle
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How to control woody
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*** "Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association head
Jan Davis to step down" (ABC)
*** "Identifying the variability of your soils is important if
you wish to manage your inputs" (H2Grow)
*** "Chinese dairy farms dump milk on the ground, cull
animals to address domestic oversupply" (ABC)
*** "New shipping service provides fresh options" (TFGA)
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Wool Report
The wool market seems to showing some much needed, albeit very
small improvements in the price being received for better specified
superfine types. AWEX quoted lots in the 16-17 micron range with
strength measurements in excess of 40 nkt as much as 50 cents
clean better than the previous week, which bodes well for
upcoming Tasmanian wool on offer in the market. Having said this,
my own analysis of prices being received doesn't turn up quite the
same result, with only selected spinners lots showing a lift in
premiums. Medium fleece wool seems to be where the pressure is
at the moment, with a week on week fall in prices. This is not a
great surprise as these categories have been enjoying a pretty
good run, particularly when compared to their finer counterparts.
The upcoming Chinese New Year, which this year falls on 19th
February is also a contributing factor to the easing of prices in the
medium wool and poorer fine wool types. At the broader end of the
range, crossbred wool also seems to of "topped out" with prices
easing very slightly recently. Demand for these broader wool types
remains very good, so I don't see prices falling away sharply,
but rather that they have had a stellar run for a long time, so a spell
is probably better to sustain the current demand?
The market this week is tipped to remain firm on the back of a
weaker AUD and auction volumes dropping below 40,000 bales
nationally for the first time since early spring last year. A couple of
upcoming dates for the diary; the traditional Tasmanian February
wool sale is on Tuesday 10th February with approximately 7,500
bales rostered. The following week we see the Roberts 2 tooth
flock ewe competition on again. Currently there are 18 entries in
this great event, so why not take a couple of days out of your
schedule to visit some, or all of these flocks and see what others
are doing and how they are performing?
Alistair Calvert—State Wool Manager
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wool reports
Mecardo Report - Fine Wool Basis and Hedging
Fine wool prices range from average to extremely low, while fine wool premiums to categories such as
21 micron are just extremely low. This article looks at some potential hedging opportunities this
situation presents in the current market.
The first thing to do is look at the relative positions of fine wool (in this case, we are using 16 micron
fleece that is 90 mm long with a staple strength of 35-39 N/ktx and vegetable fault under 2%) and the
21 MPG by the standards of the past decade.
Table 1 shows the percentile analysis
for each price series, along with the
current (last week) value and its
10-year price ranking. The 21 MPG is
trading at its 77th percentile (meaning it
has been lower for 77% of the past
decade), while the 16 micron series is
trading at its 10th percentile (it has
traded at lower price levels for only 10%
of the past decade). Clearly, the 16
micron price is very low and the 21
MPG at a good level.
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Roberts Blog
Effective drench
performance is proving to
be a real problem for
Australian cattle farmers.
Once thought to be an
issue only for sheep
producers, it is becoming
apparent that the cattle
industry is not immune.
Recent studies across
Australia confirm that 2
out of every 3 herds
tested produce poor
efficacy results when
using single active ML
(mectin) drenches.
Farmers already using
ECLIPSE have reported
improved weight gains
and getting their cattle to
market sooner when
compared to using their
previous single active
click here to read the
testimonial of a cattle
producer in Tasmania
The Truth about Cattle Drench
Over 90% of cattle producers use an ML drench. With repeated
use over a number of years, it’s no surprise that resistance to this
drench group is being seen more frequently. This reduction in
efficacy can cause production losses and ultimately lost income,
without any obvious signs of disease in the affected cattle.
Parasitologists agree that a key approach to managing resistance
is to build an effective combination drench into your drench
The good news is that ECLIPSE® combination pour-on for cattle
was proven to be highly effective, even when significant ML
(including moxidectin and doramectin) resistance was present.
The key is the combination of two powerful actives, abamectin and
levamisole, into one single, convenient (low volume) dose.
ECLIPSE is Australia’s first broad-spectrum combination cattle
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Roberts Blog
Summer is the ideal time
in Tasmania to control
any woody weeds you
have lurking in patches in
paddocks and along
fence lines. Particularly
Now is the perfect time to
start your pasture
clean-up program so that
you can look forward to
clean, profitable pastures.
click here for the woody
weed pdf control guide
Control Woody Weeds such as
Conditions have remained mild and with the good rain received
over the past month in Tasmania, plants are actively growing and
are at the best growth stage for good control. This is particularly
timely as you will want to achieve excellent control before fruit set
and an explosion of more weeds.
Dow AgroSciences has the complete range for all your woody
weeds needs. Tackle large infestations with Stinger Herbicide.
Smaller areas may be mopped up with Grazon Extra and smaller
weeds are perfectly controlled with Vigilant II.
In fact, this is the basis of Dow AgroSciencess’ three cycle
plan. Stinger is the most effective and economical herbicide to
manage wall-to-wall weeds. The following year, clean up any
regrowth or new seedlings with Grazon Extra. This ensures your
first year investment is protected. The third step requires a thorough inspection and tidy up any weeds with Vigilant II. Smash up.
Clean up. Touch up.
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Roberts Blog
A number of solutions
were required. One was
to reduce the flow rate to
2 l/s by changing the
pump’s pulleys so that
the pipe friction was
reduced, allowing a much
lower pump operating
pressure. Secondly, they
needed to remove the
float valve at the end of
the pipeline as it was
causing excess pressure
build up with the Mono
positive displacement
pump on shutdown.
Thirdly, the change to
PN8 pipe class had been
done at the wrong point.
They needed to replace
the first 2 km of PN8 with
polyethylene pipe blow out
The client made the
recommended changes
and called back to advise
they were very happy
with the end result and
were very appreciative of
the assistance provided.
Clearly, it would have
been better for the client
if they had the right flow
rate and pipe rating from
the start
Selecting the right pipe PN
(pressure) rating
Recently Iplex Pipelines Australia received a phone call from a
client who had some polyethylene pipe that had a blow out.
The client wanted to know what caused the problem and what was
required to prevent it happening again.
They got the client to send us through a Google Earth path of the
pipeline route. Using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data, they
were able to create an elevation profile of the pipeline route.
They also got the client to send through the pipeline and pump
details, including pipe size, pressure ratings and lengths, the flow
rate as well as the pump operating pressure. They entered this
information into our Pipeline Hydraulic Design software. This
allowed us to create a Pipeline Operating and Nil Flow pressure
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ROBERTS TWITTER ~ out and about in the field
Sunrise in the spud paddock, Australia Day,
perfect!, Northern Tasmanian Midlands
(Stuart Millwood)
Elm Leaf Beetle damage Cambridge TAS. Soil
drench protected trees v's untreated just
through the fence (Brenden Green)
Congrats to Elizabeth Hall and son James for
winning the 2014 Simplot potato grower of the
year award. (Stuart Millwood)
Heath to 10 month old pasture in NW Tas.
Storm white clover looking good.
(Dan Sutton)
ROBERTS TWITTER ~ out and about in the field
Flinders Island farmers are very resourceful
when out on the job. All modes of transport
covered (Terry Horan)
Potato crops at Winnaleah (NE Tas) received
40mm of rain. This season is shaping up to be a
cracker! (Stuart Millwood)
Brilliant poppy harvest conditions today at
Darlington Park (Scott Leighton)
Ranger Russet processing crop on the East
Coast of Tasmania bulking well. 30t/ac yield
potential (Stuart Millwood)
Machinery Dispersal & Vegetable Cooling & Packaging Equipment
Account: Freshgro & Bovill Brothers
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246 Brooke Street, East Devonport
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Friday 30 January 2015
Electric over hydraulic dock levellers, waste bins tipping, potato digger, bed former, Inter 434 tractor
(engine good, steering box needs work), 3 x 3 phase fridge compressors, cultivator, carryall 3pl, 3pl Lely
weeder (adjustable tynes), elevated stand, 2 bullock yokes, 2 x cray pots, horse drawn dray (good
condition), grain crusher with mixing bin, cast iron bath with feet, 2 x Skillion sheds with tin & weld mesh
walls, motorbike trailer, 5 x fibre glass bins, 3 x 100ltr fuel tank (2 with lockable taps), Lister single
cylinder diesel engine, Villiers petrol engine, concrete posts, treated timber posts, Newton & Co belt
driven stone crusher, 5 x Massey Ferguson cultivators, saw bench base, offset discs, corrugated iron 3m
lengths, 4” galv pipes 6m lengths, 3pl forks, 2x furrow Massey Ferguson mould board plough, qty poly
pipe, 3” irrig pipes, 3” irrig pipes with sprinklers, cultivator tynes, single plough, carryall, fertigator, 2001
Toyota 18 forklift (low hrs), roller racks.
Outside Entries - 1992 EB Ford Falcon (auto, 6mnth reg, 329,000km), Nordsten drill (24 run, small seed
box), qty hydroponic steel guttering (7.5m x 100mm x 180mm), roll 2.5mm plain wire, gripple contractors
Approved outside entries considered NO BUYERS PREMIUM – GST may apply
Enquiries: Mark Lamprey 0447 085208
Farm Machinery & Sundry Equipment Account: William Burbury
"Birralee" 210 Dingle Road, Lemont
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Thursday 5 February 2015
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6930 John Deere tractor with quick hitch loader only 946 hrs, D2 caterpillar dozer, Arians rotary hoe,
Bedford truck with firefighting unit, Honda eng & Davey pump, Delmade disks 850 32 plate, Ford Focus
car, Toyota Corolla, 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser ute, smudger, Massey Ferguson 220 industrial tractor
FEL with forks, Havelon splash allum boat with Mercury outboard, portable 56 panel chain yards,
Kurrajong 1000 super spreader, sterling stone rake, Berends pipe layer, treated posts, qty 2" rio bars,
ATV Slug Master, ATV Selecta spray tank & elec pump, Draffen sheep handler & crutching unit,
Harvestaire 5 lamb cradle, Lindsay lamb marking cradle & stand, qty 40ft railway iron, Oxy gages, Tarrup
4 disk mower, firefighting pump & motor, Aitchinson sod seeder 16 Tyne, Arc welder, Compact welder,
Cox Scout ride on mower, large fibre glass septic tank, McShane wire winder, Vicon super spreader,
shearer drill 14 Tyne, ring feeder, carry all, hay spike, jib crane, galv pressure tank, bale elevator, Stihl
066 chainsaw, Dewalt jack hammer, Hamilco heavy duty drill press, qty stock crates, docking bench,
portable foot baths, McShane shearing table, Cox garden mulcher, 4 x 1000L water tank, brown built
shelving, qty animal husbandry, 1000L diesel tank, endless chain
Outside Entries 1989 Subaru ute good order, 9 sect 9m folding pasture harrows, 100L Silvan spray unit,
2 x Pacemaker Irrigator Model PM4 SS90400 (hoses 3.5” x 200m, PM4 serial #’s 081-226 & 081-227)
Approved outside entries considered NO BUYERS PREMIUM – GST may apply
Enquiries: John Denholm 0418 122422
Vehicles, Plant & Machinery “Dalness” 200 Dalness Road, Evandale
Due to sale of property
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Wednesday 11 February 11am
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2001 Mitsubishi 4WD 2.8 Triton (204,000kms), 1990 Subaru ute (250,000 kms), Ford F600 tip truck,
TD15 bulldozer (recent engine repairs), root rake (to suit TD15), root rake (to suit D7), 3PL root rake,
McShane 3PL portable sheep yards (26 panel), 400l litre slide on fre unit, 2 x Chamberlain Combine
Seeder Mark 2, drill trailer, 8 sect harrows, 3PL post rammer, railway iron smudge, Little Giant 32 plate
discs (new discs), trailing grain feeder, 4” x 9m irrig pipes, 5”x 9m irrig pipes, qty pipe fttings, Murex 3 ph
welder, Lincoln PTO welder, ATV spray unit, qty railway iron & tram tracks, Hardie 10m boom, 2 x 1000
ltr fuel tanks, qty concrete fence posts, grain feed bins, approx 80 bales straw hay, shearing shed items
inc, wool table, dining table & chairs, fridge, microwave etc, McKay 3PL stone picker, Taarup 2024 6 disc
mower, Ford 3600 tractor (6100hrs), Massey Ferguson 200B drott (4 in 1 bucket & rippers), Allis Chalmers N6 header (24’ open front, Cummins 240hp), 2003 Commodore SS 5.7ltr auto (230,000
kms, 5 mths reg), CFM 500cc quad bike (875kms), Makita brush cutter, Dewalt & Makita power tools,
generator, Marshalltown plaster stilts, FYM 110cc dirt bike.
Collectables - 2 x antique scales, manual wool press, saw bench, four mill, qty steel wheels, sandstone
grinding wheel, Atom deluxe 14 greens mower, qty marble 7’ steps, shingles, cast steel verandah posts.
Household items - Filing cabinets, fre guards, ladders, back pack spray unit, chest of drawers, Reebok
exercise bike.
Enquiries: Kevin Matkovich 0417 325936
166 Magazine
Road, Dilston
Boutique Vineyard on Magazine
Professional advice was sought when planting these Pinot
Noir vines in 2010 and you will notice that no expenses were
spared when creating this vineyard.
A modern bungalow was built in 2013 and now overlooks the
vineyard. As the property is only 15 minutes from Launceston it will
appeal to those parties looking for a weekend hobby project with
accommodation or it could become a home for someone wishing to
commute to work. Features of the modern single bedroom cottage
include double glazed windows, wood fired ducted heating, gas and
electric cooking appliances and polished concrete floors. An
extension to the cottage has been designed to include 2 more
bedrooms and a second bathroom under the existing roof line.
Plans are available from the builder.
A spacious 5 bay Colorbond machinery shed accommodates farm
implements behind electric operated roller doors. Tank water
provides storage for household use and vineyard irrigation water is
sourced from a dam. The total area of the title is 39.67 hectares (98
acres). Possibilities for expansion have been catered for in the
planning of this vineyard. A new owner could double the number of
vines planted. The remaining area of land is native grasses and
eucalypt forest. Symons Creek flows along the southern boundary.
- Pinot Noir grapes
- Established under irrigation 2010
- Quality buildings
Contact ~ Peter Stackhouse Phone: 0408 133 408 Email: