Prayer List -

Prayer List
February 8, 2015
General Concerns
Our Nation
Our Session & Congregation – pray for our
strength, evangelism and leadership skill
Conflicts in the World
Israel/Gaza Conflict
Christians in Pakistan & Iraq
Plane Crash & Other Disasters
Traveling Mercies
Military Service Personnel
Houston Roberts– (USAF) Alaska
Cale Foy (USAF) – Johnson City, Tn. (McCurry)
Major Dean Allen (USAF)Reserves (Roberts)
Jeffery Martin – (US Army) Alabama (Martin)
Mission Work
WNC Brain Tumor Support
Al-Anon groups - Sun. Wed. & Thur.
Habitat for Humanity
The Community on Haywood
First Step Farm
Presbytery of Western NC
Rev. Barbara (Bobbi) White, Executive
Mr. Bert Sigmon, Stated Clerk
Marriage and Family Life
Robbie Spencer – applying for new job
Norma Spencer – insurance issues
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Health & Wholeness Hospitals
Health & Wholeness – non-hospital
WAPC Member
George Plym – Carcinoma, no treatment
Margaret Anne Felkel – heart problems, treat non-surgical
Betty Whiteside – continued improvement
Chuck Hines – Hospice,c ancer, seriously spreading
Betty Huntsinger
Jennifer Hester
Betty Bryant – hospice (Clontz)
Mark Bryant – broken hip (Whiteside)
Lynn & Joe Bryant – dealing with parent's medical
conditions (Whitesdie)
A.C. McCurry - Stroke
Jim Lewis – Kidney (Lewis)
Brighten Oliver -leukemia (Leicht)
A.C., McCurry – health concerns (McCurry)
Clark Cox – bone cancer (Clark)
Louise Schlegelmilch – (C.Schlegelmilch)
Howard Scott – bone cancer (Stewart)
Gloria Scott - (Stewart)
June Everhart – fractured foot (Elaine Hawkins)
Mildred Bishop – Cancer (Madie Hawkins)
Kay Allen – kidney tumor (Whiteside)
John McCann – cancer (Deborah)
Delores Chalk – Stroke (Martin)
Benjamin Wheeler Daryl Baxter – cancer (Shotwell)
David Bell – Cancer & death of adult child (Clark)
Jacob Vanlandingham – leukemia (preschool student)
Kim O'Donnell & Sister, Kelly – PMO parent preparing
for kidney transplant (Roberts)
Joel Sloan – GBS (Roberts)
Alma Lowe – cancer (Jessica Boone)
Lisa Laney – breast cancer (Roberts)
Janice Rice – breast cancer (Roberts)
Troy Myrick - (Roberts)
Angela Hopper – lung cancer (Graves)
LB Laney
Tori Lockhardt – car accident (Hines)
David Shirlin – storke, bone cancer (Hines)
Elosie Landis – colon (Hines)
Grace – eye sight issues (Yvette Odell's niece)
Melissa Allen – health issues (Roberts)
John Dowdle – stroke (Stewart)
Dot Cowden – fell (Logan)
Laura Eply – medical problems (Byas)
David Erwin – eye surgery (Hines)
Gordon Patrizio – heart attack (D.Allen)
Mike Batts – (C. Miller)
Sharon Freeman – breast cancer
Pat Chattaway – brain tumor (Martin)
Linda Whiteford – cancer (Stewart)
Marvin Ward – hip replacemnt @ age 91 (Hawes)
Will Alexander – (Stewart)
Michael Beatty & Family – (Stewart)
Katie – drug problem – (A.Toren)
Kathy Andrews – Cancer (Spencer)
Prayer List
February 8, 2015
Remember Our College Students
Erin Johnston – App State
Colt Miller – WCU
Charlie Hobart – AB Tech
Crystal Hobart – Greenville Tech
Phillip Roberts – Baylor Univ.
Courtney Roberts – UT at Austin
Amber Foy – Master's program, East Tenn. Univ.
Dawn Salley – AB Tech
Continuing Health Concerns
WAPC Members:
Cecil Roberts – vision concerns
Brennan Allen
Sam Carroll – (Price’s grandson)
Austin Ferrell – (Price's grandson)
Congregation of the Week
Waldensian, Valdese, NC
Mary Wilson
Lucy Barnett – @ daughter’s, Simpsonville, SC
Retirement & Health Care Homes
WAPC Members:
Ailene Starnes – Columbus, NC
Faye Barnard – Trinity View, 316,
Hazel Garbee – Highland Farms – asst’d living
Praise & Joy
Betty Spivey – Alzheimer’s
Jason Lewis – job opportunity
John – lost job
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Buster Watts – Hospice (Hawkins)
Betty Gregg - Mountain Ridge, Ridgecrest (Pat Byas)
Konner James Leicht, is home
Wilson and Dana Hawes - pregnancy
Visitors to WAPC
Norma Spencer – February 9
Andi Spencer – February 12
Serving God as a family: loving, caring and reaching out to others
Prayer List Contacts: WAPC Office 258-0903
If you have placed a concern or person on the prayer list, please contact us regularly
with updates, even for long term requests. Thank you.