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File No. CIC/BS/A/2014/000415/6864
29 January 2015
Relevant Facts emerging from the Appeal:
Mr. Kunwar Ajay Singh
55, Bai ka Bagh,
Allahabad – 211003, Uttar Pradesh
CPIO & Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices
Department of Posts
Lucknow Division
Lucknow – 226007-08
RTI application filed on
PIO replied on
First appeal filed on
First Appellate Authority order
Second Appeal dated
Information sought:The applicant has sought the following information:1. Total amount of MIS A/c opened in the name of Raja Ram Singh and Alka Singh in the year
2. Provide the date and month of opening of the said MIS account.
3. Provide the account no. of the said MIS account.
4. Said MIS is Joint A A/c or Joint B A/c.
5. By whose signatures the said MIS A/c is operated.
6. Provide the last date of payment made of the said MIS A/c.
7. BY whose signature the last payment was made in the said MIS A/c.
Grounds for the Second Appeal:
The CPIO has not provided the desired information.
Relevant Facts emerging during Hearing:
The following were present
Appellant: Mr. Kunwar Ajay Singh through VC
Respondent: Mr. B R S Mishra CPIO’s representative through VC
The appellant stated that MIS account referred by him was opened in PO Kalyanpur
Lucknow during October 2003 (maturity October, 2009) and he has the depositor’s statement to
support his contention. He further stated that an RD account was also opened by the depositor in
the same post office during October 2003. The CPIO’s representative stated that he will again
direct the post master PO Kalyanpur to go through the records carefully and will provide the
information, if located.
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Decision notice:
The appellant has given some inputs to help locate the information. As stated by the
CPIO’s representative he should direct the concerned post master to go through the records
carefully and provide the information requested by the appellant within 30 days from the date of
receipt of this order. If, however, even after a thorough search the information cannot not located
an appropriate affidavit should be filed before the Commission and a copy provided to the
The appeal is disposed of accordingly.
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy:
(R. L. Gupta)
Dy. Registrar/Designated Officer
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