Annual Report 2014 - St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA

Annual Report
Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the Parish
January 25, 2015
“St. Andrew’s is a JOYOUS, GROWING, INVITING, and CARING Episcopal Church.
As such:
 Our worship balances traditional liturgy with new and innovative ways
to connect with God, each other and the community.
 We have dynamic programs for those exploring their journeys as Christians.
 We provide an environment that allows children to enjoy
worship and Christian education.
 We are learners and doers with opportunities for all to become involved.”
The Rev. Jenny Montgomery
Mr. Steve Benson
Mrs. Susan Lobachyov
Ms. Day Smith Pritchartt
Mrs. Michelle Roach
Ms. Aubrey McEnelly
Director of Music and Organist
Parish Secretary
Minister to Families
Family Service Pianist
Mrs. Jen Gowetski
Ms. Debbie Green
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Mrs. Christine Ensley-Bakker
Mr. Miguel Lazo
Mrs. Mary Lynn Rynkiewicz
Mr. Peter van Voorthuizen
Mr. Craig Lawrence
Ms. Sarah Louppe Petcher
Mr. John Seggerman
Mr. Bas Bakker
Mrs. Janey Cartmell
Mrs. Marie Hone
Assistant Treasurer
Mr. John Bartlett
Mr. Richard Knight
Mr. Craig Lawrence
Saint Andrew’s Parish Ministry
With Christ at the center of all we do and believing that all baptized persons are gifted and called to
minister to others in the name of Christ, we as St. Andrew’s Church work to offer a variety of ministry
opportunities for all who want to grow in faith. Pledging our support of these ministries, the Vestry
commits to providing guidance, resources, and encouragement for these groups to carry out their
mission and ministry.
Ministries of Leadership
Rector’s Report
Vestry Report
Mutual Ministry Review
Parish Office
2014 Statistics
Ministries of Finance
Finance Committee
Golden Jubilee Trust
Memorials Committee
Christmas Tree Sales
Ministries of Formation
Family Ministry
Glorious Companions
Parish Renewal Weekend
Ministries of Outreach
Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs
Outreach Projects
Ministries of Parish Life
Welcome and Fellowship
St. Andrew’s Players
Shrine Mont
Congregational Care
St. Anne’s Guild
Ministries of Physical Spaces
Buildings & Grounds
Sacred Spaces
“Plot Against Hunger” Garden and Apple Orchard
Ministries of Worship
Altar Guild
Lay Worship Ministries
Lay Committee for Seminarian
Photo Highlights
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
Index I
The Rev. Jenny Montgomery
One of my favorite prayers in our Book of Common Prayer is A General Thanksgiving found on page 836.
Reflecting on 2014, I see many ways this prayer is being fulfilled in our life together as St. Andrew’s
“The splendor of the whole creation” is seen on our five-acre campus. Examples this year are the border
of colorful flowers planted in our Memorial Garden, vegetables growing in our Plot Against Hunger
Garden, apple trees bearing fruit in our orchard, the Japanese maple tree aglow with morning sun, a
blanket of snow in winter (great for sledding down the rectory hill!), and crepe myrtles and azaleas in
pastel bloom, all bringing out the best of God’s creation right here in our church yard.
“The wonder of life” is made visible in newborn babies—welcome Ava, Jacob, Benjamin and Sofia! And
my how our children are growing by leaps and bounds. Diana grows an inch every time I see her. Layal
is no longer a baby and neither is Jaclyn. Connor, Thijs, Bella, Chloe, Emily, Reese and Janey are now
trained to be acolytes. Marshall and Katarina are our youth preparing for Confirmation. Tasha is a high
school senior. And our Children’s Choir…talk about wonder of life!
“The mystery of love” is apparent in marriage—blessings on Chris and Kelly, who married in October;
on Laura and Mike Ingles, who celebrated 40 years of marriage in July; and on Jim and Anne Williams,
who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary this year. “The blessings of family and friends and
loving care, does indeed surround us on every side.”
There are the many “tasks that demand our best efforts and lead us to accomplishments which satisfy
and delight us.” Think “The Canterville Ghost,” Shrine Mont, FISHing Sundays, Community Picnic, the
fall Parish Renewal Weekend, Sacred Spaces, and last but not least my surprise birthday party! Recall
the glory of Easter Sunday worship (thank you Steve and Choir), the flames of fire at Pentecost, the
memory of the saints who have gone before us on All Saints, the glow of candlelight and dancing stars
on Christmas Eve. Remember each of the eight baptisms this year—Eloise, Phoebe, Rose, Ruby, Ava,
Benjamin, Justin and Sofia. Think of all the outreach we’ve done this year—backpacks, bag lunches,
Christmas Angel, fundraising for Haiti, 3,000 pounds of fresh produce harvested for AFAC.
In this prayer, we also “thank God for those disappointments and failures that lead us to acknowledge
our dependence on God alone.” I was disappointed when we didn’t receive the Lily Grant to fund my
sabbatical. And when someone leaves our parish for any reason I feel disappointment, even when it is
best for them. And so it is we said goodbye this year to Judye Talbot when she and Jerry retired to
Florida. We said goodbye to June and Orval Hansen, who moved to Boise, Idaho to be closer to their
family. We said goodbye to The Rev. Steve Rorke, who was unexpectedly called as an interim rector in
Maryland. Through death, we said goodbye to Inez Wilkes, who died at age 105. And we said goodbye
to Olga Len, who died in October. Each of these losses reminds me that life is short, relationships are
precious, and we are all dependent on God’s help, especially in the hard times.
What it comes down to is Jesus, “for the truth of his Word and the example of his life…” The little
deaths we experience throughout life (loss of job, loss of love, loss of health, loss of dear ones) all offer
us hope of new life in Jesus Christ. It is through the gift of the Spirit “that we may know Christ and
make Christ known in all times and in all places.” Which is exactly what we’re doing here at St.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 1
Andrew’s in lots of ways as you will see as you read through this Annual Report of 2014. How blessed
I am to be your rector! “Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for all that you have done for us.”
Mrs. Jennifer Gowetski, Senior Warden
Throughout the year, the Vestry worked thoughtfully as a team in strengthening the role of Vestry
Liaisons, supporting and empowering the many ministries at St. Andrew’s. In particular, the Vestry
supported the important work of the Sacred Spaces Team in facilitating the vision of our whole church
community for our physical space. The Vestry also celebrated the work of the Playground Committee,
which reached its fundraising goal, and is moving forward with the playground project—a project that
was approved by the Vestry in 2012. Finally, the Vestry continues to encourage and support the FISH
program, which enables children and adults alike to engage in Christian learning in new ways.
The Vestry also had to make difficult decisions about financial and personnel matters. In all instances,
the Vestry members worked together to do what was in the best interests of our congregation. In light
of Mother Jenny’s upcoming sabbatical in 2015, the Vestry also took the important step to select our
Senior Warden-Elect for 2015, Mary Lynn Rynkiewicz, to enable a smooth transition.
As a Vestry and as a church community, we continue to live out each element of the St. Andrew’s
vision. A joyous spirit propels us forward. We are growing and inviting through the work of the
Welcome and Fellowship Committee, our programs of worship and music, and our evolving FISH
Program. We are caring, not only for each other in St. Andrew’s but also for the community around us
and the world, which is demonstrated through the donated abundance of our garden and our Haiti
mission team.
The Vestry members who will complete their three-year term in January 2015 are Jennifer Gowetski,
who served as Senior Warden in 2014, Miguel Lazo, and John Seggerman. Three new members will be
elected at the Annual Meeting in January. Continuing members are Christine Ensley-Bakker, Debbie
Green, who served as Junior Warden in 2014, Craig Lawrence, Sarah Petcher, Mary Lynn Rynkiewicz,
and Peter van Voorthuizen. At our monthly meetings this year, Mother Jenny provided constructive
guidance and spiritual motivation. As a Vestry, we read and discussed At Sea with God by Margaret Silf,
which provided guidance as well as insight. Marie Hone, our register, prepared the minutes with
wonderful skill and good humor. We worked together to live the St. Andrew’s vision to be a joyous,
growing, inviting, and caring Episcopal Church.
On Saturday, May 31st , the Vestry, staff, ministry lay leaders, and the rector engaged in our fifth
Annual Mutual Ministry Review. The Rev. Jonathan Bryan once again facilitated the review from 9am –
noon as we reflected on our mutual ministries with Mother Jenny, one another, and the parish at large.
The agenda was designed to celebrate successes and develop appreciation for the infrastructure of the
parish in light of authority and leadership. We celebrated our terrific development over these past five
years, improving so many parts of our mission and ministry. The next stage of leadership, we believe, is
to begin developing best practices for accountability and management. These will be not only be helpful
support when Mother Jenny is on sabbatical but is intended to strengthen the mutual ministries of all at
St. Andrew’s.
In the second hour we developed an understanding of the sabbatical proposal for the parish and clergy
renewal. We then evaluated our mutual ministries in light of mutuality, misplacement of resources and
best practices. Ministry Committee Norms were discussed with an expectation that Vestry liaisons will
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 2
share these norms with committees for input and implementation.
In the last hour we determined seven key areas of ministry and began the process of aligning ministries
with these seven broad areas. (See below.) We departed at noon, with an increased sense of mutuality of
ministries and commitment to strengthening them.
Infrastructure of St. Andrew’s
Proposed Liaison Ministries; approved by the Vestry October 14, 2014
Communications – Vestry Liaison – Mary Lynn Rynkiewicz
Communications Ministries - Chair
Social Media
Parish Directory
Annual Report
Worship Materials
Pew Cards
Finance – Vestry Liaison – Christine Ensley-Bakker
Finance Ministries - Chair
Memorials Committee
Budget & Stewardship
Christmas Tree Sales
Formation – Vestry Liaison – Miguel Lazo
Formation Ministries - Chair
Glorious Companions
Renewal Retreats
Baptism/Confirmation Prep
Adult Forums
Outreach – Vestry Liaison – John Seggerman
Outreach Ministries - Chair
Endowment Human Need
Visiting Choral Groups
Area Musicians in Concert
Outreach Projects: (Haiti, Arlington Street People, Garden/Orchard,
Arlington Food Assistance, Christmas Angel, Doorways)
Parish Life – Vestry Liaison – Craig Lawrence
Parish Life Ministries - Chair
Welcome & Fellowship
St. Andrew’s Players
Congregational Care
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
Shrine Mont Parish Weekend
Sabbatical Planning Group
St. Anne’s Guild
page 3
Physical Spaces – Vestry Liaison – Sarah Petcher & Peter van Voorthuizen
Physical Spaces Ministries - Chair
B&G Committee
Playground Committee
Sacred Spaces Team
Memorial Garden
Community Building Usage
Information Technology
Worship – Vestry Liaison - Wardens
Worship Committee - Chair
Altar Guild
Lay Worship Leaders
Ushers & Greeters
Family & Choral Worship
Contemplative Worship
Feast Days & Special Services
Supply Clergy
Mrs. Susan Lobachyov
The parish office continues to be the center for all communication to the parish. The weekly E-News,
Sunday bulletins, and parish notices are all generated and produced from the office. The parish
calendar is also maintained and can be viewed from our parish website. With over a dozen community
groups using our parish facilities on a regular basis, scheduling of these groups is coordinated through
the church office. The new position as Parish Administrator will begin in February 2015. This new role
will include previous responsibilities as the Parish Secretary, as well as many of the Assistant
Treasurer duties previously handled by Janey Cartmell.
The Rev. Jenny Montgomery
Our Average Sunday Attendance for 2014 was 105. Our worship attendance on Easter being 242 and
for Christmas services, 257 people attended at least one of the three services. Last count we had 132
active baptized adults in our parish, 13 inactive or shut-in, 46 children and youth under the age of 18,
and four college-age young adults.
We had eight baptisms in 2014 and one confirmation. There was one Celebration of Marriage and five
Burial Services. Patricia Austin transferred her membership to The Falls Church Episcopal, Gordon and
Ashley Clark transferred to St. Paul’s K Street, Kathy Pryce and her family transferred to St. Peter’s in
Arlington, and Judye Talbot transferred to The Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida. We were blessed to
have several new families become part of St. Andrew’s in 2014.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 4
Mr. Bob Len
The Finance Committee is chaired by Bob Len. Members include our Treasurer, Bas Bakker, as well as
John Bartlett, Rob McDonald, Harry Amos, and Danielle Metzger. The Finance Committee is required
by the Canons of the National Church and the Diocese to advise the Rector, the Vestry, and the
Treasurer on financial matters. We view this charge to the committee as involving several major
responsibilities. Our primary goal is to focus the attention of the Vestry on the most important financial
issues presented to St. Andrew’s, while leaving the details to the Finance Committee. In this way, the
Vestry can devote its attention to more important matters relating to the ministries of St. Andrew’s.
The committee highlights for this year included the discussion and eventual implementation of online
giving, ongoing discussions about the stewardship process and a very spirited discussion about the
2015 budget. Goals for the upcoming year include developing better financial reporting to help the
Vestry identify potential budget issues and to provide ministry leaders with more information about
where they stand with respect to their ministry budgets during the year. We also will work closely with
the Sacred Spaces team as they develop a timeframe for improvements to our campus will be made.
Our goal will be to create an investment strategy for our funds that matches the time horizon over
which the funds will be spent.
One other change for 2015 is that Rob McDonald will take over as the committee chairperson. I will
remain on the committee.
In summary, we view the mandate for the Finance Committee to be to align our finances and budget to
promote and support the St. Andrew’s vision of being a joyous, growing, inviting, and caring Episcopal
Mrs. Joy Oakes
The Counters Ministry allows individuals to provide a necessary service for the parish, while also
building relationships with our fellow parishioners. The time commitment currently averages between
30-60 minutes per month.
Each Sunday, a two-person team counts cash and checks received during the week and the
contributions collected during the two services. We also serve at special events, such as the Player’s
performances. Counters categorize the checks, and then photocopy all checks and any envelopes
containing cash. We fill out a tally sheet for the treasurer, and prepare and deliver the deposit to our
bank nearby.
The counters team currently includes: Jane Bartlett, John Bartlett, Janey Cartmell, Warren Duvall, Ted
Edwards, Joyce Fall, Joan Fern, Bob Len, Warren Marton, Joy Oakes, Lloyd Starns, and Steve
Want to learn more? Interested in joining the Counters Team? Please contact Joy Oakes at 703.465.1685.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 5
Mr. Tom Cassidy
In its 2014 Fiscal Year (October 1, 2013-September 30, 2014), the Golden Jubilee Trust contributed $6,000
to the Vestry’s playground project. The Trust also set aside an additional $6,000 from income to
contribute to the project on a “matching fund” basis—an amount that was contributed in December
2014. This $12,000 contribution to the playground project represents by far the most significant gift to St.
Andrew’s by the Trust.
KEY FINANCIAL DATA (as of September 30, 2014)
Net Value of Trust Assets
Principal contributed
Accumulated income and appreciation*
* Amount potentially available for reinvestment or distribution.
Under its current Constitution, the purposes of the Golden Jubilee Trust are as follows:
to create a financial endowment of permanent funds from which the interest and
dividends earned shall be used for funding and supporting the activities and interests of
the Parish, including but not limited to programs for Christian education, financial
support and stipends for clergy and seminarians, scholarships, musical programs and
activities, evangelical activities, participation in human needs and outreach, and repair
and replacement and construction of physical buildings and property, and projects of the
Diocese of Virginia and Region Three.
The Trust is funded by voluntary contributions, gifts, and bequests outside of the Parish’s operating
budget. All contributions to the Golden Jubilee Trust are deposited to a Trust account separate and
distinct from the Parish’s other financial accounts, and then invested. All contributions to the Golden
Jubilee Trust are counted as principal. All investment income—including dividends, interest, and
realized capital gains from asset sales—are counted as income.
A Trust Committee of three Trustees appointed for three-year terms by the Vestry administers the
Golden Jubilee Trust. The term of one of the Trustees expires each year. Income of the Golden Jubilee
Trust can be used to fund any of the above described purposes, upon proposal by the Vestry and the
concurrence of at least two of the Trustees. The principal of the Trust can be loaned or distributed for
any of the above described purposes upon a finding of Good Cause, the concurrence of all three
Trustees and approval by a two-thirds vote of a quorum of the Vestry.
Trustees :
Richard Knight
(term ended December 31, 2014)
Bruce Pickle
Tom Cassidy
Doris Smith
(term ends December 31, 2015)
(term ends December 31, 2016)
(term ends December 31, 2017)
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 6
Officers :
Tom Cassidy
John Williams
The Trust Committee of the Golden Jubilee Trust met regularly throughout the fiscal year. The
Committee’s work in 2014 focused on three objectives: (1) continuing our consultation with the Vestry
and Rector to identify appropriate projects; (2) overseeing the Trust’s investment portfolio to generate a
reasonably reliable annual income stream while preserving capital: and (3) acting to enhance the Trust’s
profile and role within the life of the Parish. In addition, at the end of the calendar year, after 5 years of
committed service, Richard Knight’s term ended and Doris Smith succeeded Richard as a Trustee.
Regarding the first objective, the Trust Committee regularly consulted with the Vestry on the status of
the playground project and when the $6,000 grant should be distributed. In addition, after consultations
with the Vestry, the Trust Committee decided to make an additional $6,000 matching grant to the
playground project. As stated above, the additional $6,000 was contributed in December 2014, and the
total $12,000 gift to the playground project represents the single largest gift from the Golden Jubilee
Trust to St. Andrew’s. Looking forward to 2015, the Trust Committee is prepared to contribute at least
$6,000 towards one or more projects, outside of the normal financial needs of St. Andrew’s.
Regarding the second objective, the Trust’s Fiscal Year 2014 revenue from investments was $8,843 (up
from $6,395 in FY 2013). The net asset value of the Trust (net of the $6,000 contributed and the
additional $6,000 set aside for the playground project) increased by the amount of $18,467 during the
Trust’s Fiscal Year 2014, which ended on September 30, 2014, representing an increase of 10.7% in the
value of the Trust’s net assets during the latest fiscal year.
Finally, the Trust Committee is committed to enhancing the profile and impact of the Golden Jubilee
Trust to the life of St. Andrews. The Trust Committee believes that the playground project will be a
continuing gift to the life of the parish. In addition, the Trust Committee hosted a coffee hour following
the 10:00 worship service on October 26. The Trust Committee hopes that individuals will consider
making gifts to the Trust and including the St. Andrews and the Trust as part of estate planning.
The Golden Jubilee Trust lists the value of its investments at their market value, adjusted monthly. A
copy of the St. Andrew’s Golden Jubilee Trust Statement of Financial Position as of September 30, 2014,
together with the related Statement of Activity for Fiscal Year 2014, is available from the Treasurer of
the Trust upon request.
Mrs. Lloyd Starns
The purpose of the Memorials Committee is to assist Parish members and others who wish to make
memorial or celebratory gifts to St. Andrew’s, to identify appropriate ways for their use in the parish,
and to implement such use.
Active members for the year have been Ruth Duvall, Carol Kiranbay, Trudy Koczyk, Warren Marton,
Jean Tienken, and Ann Yarborough. Two meetings were held in January and November, with
communication between members as needed during the interim.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 7
We are pleased to report the following results of our work during 2014:
Additional plantings in the Memorial Garden (Garden funds)
Crape Myrtle tree planted at Lorcom Lane entrance (In memory of Bob and Janet Gilka)
Purchase of a portable pull-up screen for presentations in undercroft and elsewhere (Memorial
funds for Inez Wilkes)
Donation for development of a Christian Education software application for home use by St. Andrew’s
parishioners and other churches nationwide (Memorial Funds for Inez Wilkes, Robert Watson,
and Mary Lou Nemir
At the end of 2014, Memorial Funds total about $6,913, of which $4,400 is available for future projects,
$1,300 is committed but unspent, and $1,200 reserved for the Memorial Garden. As we look forward to
this next year, we are eager to explore new and meaningful ways in which to support the life and
ministry of St. Andrew’s, and would appreciate suggestions from parishioners. Also, we would be
happy to welcome new members!
Mr. Bob Len
In 2014, we had one of our best tree-selling seasons and only had about five trees left unsold. One of the
more rewarding aspects of being involved in the tree sales is the widespread support from the
congregation in helping to sell the trees. This year, more than 15 people were involved on the two
weekends when we sold trees. While the sales of Christmas trees each winter raises some funds for our
church, this ministry also demonstrates the community and comradery at St. Andrew’s and our
relationship with the broader neighborhood community.
Ms. Day Smith Pritchartt
St. Andrew’s is a family, and it is the goal of Family Ministries that all members of our church family
continue to grow in our love of God and in our sharing of that love with all of God’s people. Each and
every member of St. Andrew’s has contributed to Family Ministries this year—from the simple action of
sharing the Peace with someone of a different generation, to attending (and helping with!) Sunday
FISHing, each of us is responsible for helping all of us live into the promises we make at each and every
You can see our family-ness at work in everything we do: from worshipping together as children of
God, to learning about our story and traditions, to working hard to help others, to playing together and
having fun: it can be hard to tell whether any event is “all about” worship or education or outreach or
fellowship, just as it can be hard to tell whether what we are doing is “for the adults” or “for the
children.” Because, like a family, we are living and growing together all the time. However, some
activities stand out as particularly important to our common life.
The Family Service continues to grow, and to provide a place where those new to church worship and
those with young children may experience the mystery of God’s presence and love, while becoming
familiar with Episcopal worship. What we do in the Family Service is really the pattern for all of God’s
people: we come together, sing our praises, hear the stories that make us who we are, and respond to
God with prayers of thanksgiving and concern. When we celebrate the Eucharist with our extended
family, we know that we are part of a story that started long ago and will continue long after we are
gone. And everyone participates in the Family service, from the youngest prayers of thanksgiving “for
our pets,” to more mature expressions of concern for those who lack food, housing, or live with war, to
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 8
the parent who helps someone else’s child remain focused, there is a job for everyone. We are
particularly thankful to our inspiring musical leadership from our pianist, Aubrey McEnelly, and our
music leaders Karen Colmie, Rhett Petcher, Bruce Pickle, and JC Scott.
St. Andrew’s is in our second year of experimenting with a “hybrid” program of Christian Education,
which offers weekly online readings and discussion questions along with face-to-face gatherings every
four to six weeks to learn together (and eat lunch and play!). We call it FISH (Families Integrating
Sunday and Home) and it is intended to make conversations about what we believe as easy and natural
for families as conversations about school or work or current events. The FISH website has something
for all ages, both weekly and seasonal. If it is not your current habit to visit the site, you will find there
reflections on the Gospel reading from the Sunday before, as well as links for personal daily devotions
and information about the church season. It really is a link to help our church family integrate what
happens on Sunday with the rest of their lives, whether starting a prayer practice or discussing a
Christmas outreach budget.
Some of our Sunday FISHing events this year were: “Know It All Games,” where children impressed
their parents with how much they knew about the liturgical year, and parents amazed themselves with
their liturgical proficiency; the “Easter Walk,” where we experienced the amazing events of that first
Easter (with help from some St. Andrew’s Players); the “Be a Blessing” weekend, where the children
produced a play based on the life of Abraham while the adults engaged the Biblical narrative at
Renewal Weekend; and “Passport to Haiti,” where our mission team shared Haitian food, art, language,
music, and games with the congregation to help us understand why they are going and why it matters
to the rest of us. Each participant helps with every Sunday FISHing, bringing food, setting up lunch,
and cleaning up after. Frequent volunteers who have led activities and small groups are Mary Lynn
Rynkiewicz, Leslie Harrington, Joan and Craig Lawrence, Hannah Ceen, Corttney and David Roan, and
Claire and Marshall Jones. And the entire Haiti Mission Team, especially Carol Kiranbay, and with the
help of Joyce Fall, produced Passport to Haiti.
Every project we have done to help others this year has included the efforts of our entire church family.
From the youngest to the oldest, we have worked together to take care of our garden and orchard, to
make bagged meals for the homeless, to bring canned food to church for AFAC, to provide backpacks
and back-to-school supplies for Arlington’s most needy schoolchildren, to adopt Angel families at
Christmas, and to pray for our sisters and brothers in Haiti and imagine how God might use us to bring
them hope. The adults who coordinate each of these activities have made special efforts to ensure that
the entire St. Andrew’s family may participate, and parents have made each one a priority for their
families. Special thanks are offered for the work of Dave Smith and all the garden crew, Marcela Scott
(in every project!), Jen Gowetski, and, again, the do-everything-with- everybody team of Joyce Fall and
Carol Kiranbay.
Every time we are together it is a blast, but three events this year were unforgettably fun. Celebrating
our rector’s special birthday in June, especially welcoming the parish family to the 2310 house, was my
personal favorite. Shrine Mont in July, where we all got to do NOTHING together, was as great as
always. And everyone enjoyed the Parish Picnic in September; I am very sure that God gets as much joy
from seeing us play together as from anything else we do. I am also very sure that everything we do is
what it is because of who we are and what we make it. We are a blessed family of God.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 9
Ms. Carol Kiranbay
The Glorious Companions, a study group of about 11 women, continue to meet on Wednesday
mornings at 10:30 a.m. in the Lounge for fellowship and discussion of our current book. The books are
chosen by consensus and are generally related to spiritual growth. We are a relaxed group; intermittent
attendance is NOT frowned upon. We usually have coffee and sometimes a sweet. This year we
welcomed newly retired Joyce Fall and said goodbye to June Hansen as she left for Boise. We welcome
new members...try it, you’ll like it!
Mother Jenny usually joins us for the final discussion of each book to get our reactions and opinions and
to share some of her insights on the book and/or its subject. Day Smith Pritchartt has been very helpful
in recommending books.
Books we’ve read in 2014 include:
A Dangerous Dozen: 12 Christians Who Threatened the Status Quo but Taught Us to Live Like Jesus
Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion
Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Matthew
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
The Rev. Jenny Montgomery
“What we need is a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.” This was one response from a Vestry
member when asked about their expectations for our parish renewal weekend. Another stated that “the
weekend should focus on uniting the congregation in an identity, a common goal, or focus within a
framework or story for the parish.” Another hoped that at the end of the weekend we would know
more fully what it means to “be” the church.
Thus, we came together on the weekend of October 17-19, 2014 for a parish-wide renewal weekend
entitled “On Being the Church.” The Rev. D. Frank Wade was our renewal speaker. The weekend was
kicked off with about 50 of us enjoying a potluck dinner. Day then engaged the children in some games
and making props for their Sunday performance of “Be a Blessing” while the adults enjoyed the
opening plenary with Frank.
Mesmerized by his storytelling ability, we heard the story of the church as seen and known in scripture.
We began with Genesis and the obedience of Abraham. We moved on to Lot and the notion of
community as the experience of God in our midst. We ended the first session with the prophet Isaiah as
a catalyst for making a difference outside of Andrew’s.
Saturday morning we returned to hear the rest of the story of the church as revealed in Jesus. We had
lunch together and the children went back to rehearsing while adults spent the remaining time
wondering how we, as St. Andrew’s Church, are obedient to God, are experiencing community, are a
catalyst for making a difference in our community, and are serving as a repository of shared values. We
discussed the culture of St. Andrew’s and some of our traditions and values. We asked how the voice of
St. Andrew’s was heard in our community. We wondered if St. Andrew’s should take a stand on issues
and how we might be a place where all sides can come together and share their religious and political
views. We asked at what level conversations about our culture are taking place. Discussion was lively
and productive. Someone wanted to know if Frank could come back and do some more teaching.
On Sunday morning after the 10am service the children performed their show “Be A Blessing.” The
weekend indeed exceeded many of our expectations. The experience of being together in study and
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 10
fellowship did unite us a little more and gave us a framework to be the church in this place. A special
thanks to Joan Phalen from St. Albans for coming to help Day with the children’s show and to Frank
Wade for being our renewal speaker!
Mrs. Joyce Fall
The “Endowment” was set up by vote of the Vestry and the Parish to enable future generations to have
an Endowment’s to use wisely for increasing the ministry for outreach and human needs.
The Vestry approved the establishment of a St. Andrew’s Endowment Fund in October 1988. On
August 1989, the Vestry approved the text of its constitution and changed the name to the St. Andrew’s
Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs. Then the Parish also voted to approve establishment of
the Endowment at the annual meeting in January 1990 and adopted its constitution.
In 1991, the Internal Revenue Service recognized the Endowment as a 501(c.)(3.) entity, gave it a tax
number, and authorized it to receive tax-deductible contributions.
The Endowment is a separate fund from the funds of the Parish and is managed by the Committee
appointed by the Vestry. It provides another path for parishioners to give through the Parish to
outreach and human needs through bequests in wills, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift
annuities, assignments of the life insurance, and transfers of cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate.
FINANCIAL ACTIVITY: January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014
Beginning Assets on hand: January 1, 2014 ….
Contributions from Parish …………………
Dividends & Interest ……………………...
Appreciation of Investments ………………..
$ 111,933.14
$ 955.00
$ 5,444.24
$ 9,063.41
LESS: Grant Activity and Expenses - 2014:
Software development
Local Outreach
Haiti Outreach
Wider Church
Total …………
$ 100.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 500.00
$ 2,650.00
$ 2,100.00
$ 100.00
$ 6,450.00
Ending Assets on hand - December 31, 2014 - $ 120, 645.79
Total Grants: 2012-- $6,395.00; 2013--$5,950.00; 2014 $ 6,450.00
Committee Members: Joyce Fall, Harry Amos, Priscilla Carey, Ruth Duvall, Mike Ely, Johanna
Berge Lazo, Richard Knight, Peter Wehmann, and Dave Smith.
Check Signing Authority: Richard Knight, Ruth Duvall, and Joyce Fall.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 11
Mrs. Joyce Fall
ANGEL TREE PROGRAM: For a third year, St. Andrew’s has participated in the Salvation Army’s
Angel Tree program. The purpose of the program is to provide NEW clothing/shoes/toys for children
of the neediest families designated by The Salvation Army in the Washington, DC area to receive
Christmas assistance. We adopted 45 angels this year, an increase of three from last year. (Chair: Jen
Canned goods for the Arlington Food Assistance Center are collected every Sunday in baskets placed at
the doors to the church. A total of 1,155 pounds of grocery items were delivered to AFAC in 2014,
slightly exceeding the 1,000 to 1,100 pounds of donations in the previous 4 years. In these years of
economic difficulties, St. Andrew's has only been able to maintain its level of donations, but has not been
able to increase its donations to match the increased demand at AFAC. Although the economy is now
improving, the client base at AFAC remains elevated due to the uneven distribution of the benefits of
this improvement. Therefore, it will be important to maintain, or better to increase the level of donations
in the new year. In addition, a $100.00 check was sent to AFAC from the Endowment for Outreach and
Human Needs. (Chair: Warren Duvall)
AFAC “PLOT AGAINST HUNGER”: St. Andrew’s completed its seventh year of vegetable gardening,
growing tomatoes, cabbages, squashes, and other hearty vegetables. The garden produced 2,801 pounds
or fresh produce. This, along with 595 pounds from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) came
to a grand total of 3,396 pounds, which was donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Center.
This year an “urban apple orchard” on the St. Andrew’s campus was added. Twenty-four apple trees
were planted in the spring that we hope will produce a bounty of produce in the coming years. A
donation of $850.00 from the Endowment was provided to assist in funding the orchard. See the
Ministries of Physical Spaces section for more details on the Garden. (Chair: Dave Smith)
Andrew’s has partnered with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing’s Backpack Program to
provide backpacks and school supplies to the children of their residents. Our families with school-aged
children were asked to involve their children in the selection of one additional backpack for a child who
needed one, and other parishioners were asked to donate a variety of needed school supplies. A
donation of $300.00 was also given to the Backpack Program from the Endowment. (Program leaders:
Day Smith Pritchartt and Carol Kiranbay)
ASPAN’s BAGGED MEALS FOR THE HOMELESS: As in years past, in 2014, we gathered in the St.
Andrew’s kitchen about once a month to assemble between 60 and 72 meals in support of ASPAN
(Arlington Street Peoples’ Assistance Network). We spread the peanut butter and fill the sandwich bags
as we give thanks for all of the blessings afforded to us. All ages are welcome and it is always a great
teaching moment for our young people. Meals were funded by an $800.00 donation by the St. Andrew’s
Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs and we are grateful for that ongoing support. We would
like to thank the Smith family (Dave, Doris, and Diana) for picking up most of the food with which we
fill each bag; AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center) for donating the bread; and each and every
person who has provided their time to assemble sandwiches, fill bags, organize pint-sized volunteers,
and deliver the meals to the park on N. Oakland Street where the homeless gather. We are looking
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 12
forward to more afternoon of fellowship and service on March 28, April 25, May 30, July 25, August 22,
November 28 and December 26, 2015! (Chair: Marcela Scott)
ARLINGTON THRIVE (formerly AMEN): Arlington Thrive is the only organization in Arlington
County, Virginia that provides same-day, emergency financial assistance to County residents who
experience sudden financial crisis such as temporary unemployment or illness. A $100.00 check was
forwarded to Arlington Thrive from the Endowment.
DOORWAYS for Women and Families: Doorways provides a temporary community shelter and
resource center for abused, homeless or at-risk women and families. A $400.00 check was provided to
Doorways from the Endowment.
HAITI OUTREACH: During 2014, St. Andrew’s continued its partnership with St. Peter’s School in
Berault, working through the Reverend Frederic Menelas. We are supporting a daily school lunch
program for 181 students in kindergarten through 6th grade. For most of these students in this remote,
mountainous area, their parents can barely scrape together the minimal school fees and this is the
children’s main meal of the day.
Through donations from the Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs and from Lenten mite box
collections, we have been able to contribute $2,280 in May and $1,000 in September for the school lunch
program. ($2.100 was funded by the Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs.)
As the Haiti mission prepare for our April 13-20, 2015 trip, our group consists of eight missioners—
Mother Jenny, Hannah Ceen, Jen Gowetski, Debbi Healy, Carol Kiranbay, Libby Schollaert, Polly
Southall, and Peter Wehmann—and we are being assisted by Priscilla Carey, who has a wealth of
experience from the previous St. Andrew’s mission trip several years ago. We have been meeting once a
month on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast, prayer, and discussion of the purpose and logistics of this
In December, we launched an Advent campaign to raise funds for the trip. Our funding goal was $8,000
(for international and in-country travel, room and board, etc.). Events included a very successful bake
sale on December 7 and a visit on December 14 by the Reverend Roger Bowen, who preached and led
an adult forum on Haiti. As part of Sunday FISHing on December 14, we had an event entitled
“Passport to Haiti,” which included activities on art, music, food, language, everyday life, and sports.
In addition, we raised funds by the sale of Singing Rooster coffee and stained-glass Christmas tree
ornaments. (Chairs: Carol Kiranbay and Libby Schollaert)
HEALTH WAGON: The Health Wagon strives to meet the unique challenges of health care delivery to
the medically under-served and indigent in poverty-stricken areas of rural Appalachia. Through the use
of this innovative mobile health unit, health care doors are opened to many needy individuals, families,
and communities; doors that would have otherwise remained closed. A $100.00 check was sent to the
Health Wagon from the Endowment.
MEALS ON WHEELS: St. Andrew’s assists people in need beyond our parish by volunteering through
Meals on Wheels (MOW) of Arlington. The service allows people unable to cook/shop for themselves to
maintain a nourished life with independence and dignity. It also provides a check-in on those who live
alone as any unanswered delivery is reported. Each Monday through Friday, a commercial kitchen
prepares and packages a hot meal and a cold meal for each client, and then trucks them to the First
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 13
Presbyterian Church (Ballston area). Volunteers pick up the meals and deliver them to homebound
individuals. There are approximately 15 routes across Arlington, each serving 9-12 clients. St. Andrew’s
volunteers include Ken and Tierney Bates, Janey Cartmell, Jane Massant, Libby Schollaert, Chandler
von Schrader, and Peter Wehmann. (Chair: Janey Cartmell)
MUSTARD SEED PROJECT: The Diocese of Virginia's Mustard Seed Fund provides grants to churches,
regions, ministry teams and college chaplaincies to assist with a broad range of ministries, both here at
home and throughout the world. The Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs provided a $100.00
check that was sent to the Mustard Seed Project.
movement began in 1968 when a group of citizens in Charlottesville, VA envisioned an improved
criminal justice system in which restorative justice was the driving force. In 1974 OAR was established
in Arlington, VA. Their mission : “OAR, a community-based restorative justice organization, blends
compassion and accountability to assist offenders in leading productive and responsible lives, to the
benefit of all.” A $100.00 check from the Endowment was sent to OAR.
SCHOLARSHIPS: St. Andrew’s awards scholarships for post-secondary education by The Endowment
for Outreach and Human Needs. Students graduating from high school and going on to post-secondary
education are eligible, as are older students currently enrolled. This year the Endowment for Outreach
and Human Needs awarded a $1,000 scholarship, which went to a student in our congregation. (Chair:
Ruth Duvall)
“WHO ARE YOU, JESUS?” CAMPAIGN ON KICKSTARTER: St. Andrew’s offers a way for families to
grow together in the Christian faith by worshiping God, learning our stories, making a difference in our
community and the world, and being part of a joyful and caring community. In December 2014, the
Endowment for Outreach and Human Needs provided a $500.00 check to help fund an app that uses
Jesus' own words to answer the question, "Who Are You, Jesus?" using age-appropriate Scripture for
children. This will be an additional tool that will greatly benefit our families at St. Andrew’s. (Minister
for Families: Day Smith Pritchartt)
Ms. Carol Kiranbay
This ministry was formed in February 2014 by joining the Fellowship Council and the Newcomers
Ministry. We meet bimonthly and seek ways to make St. Andrew’s a “joyous, growing, caring and
inviting Episcopal Church.”
Our main activities this year were dinners for newcomers at the rectory, the community picnic in
September, a TED talk adult forum in observance of Earth Day, and a midsummer poetry reading.
Members, who rotate presiding at our meetings are Helen Ely, Debbie Green, Carol Kiranbay, Craig
Lawrence, Libby Schollaert, Peter Wehmann, and Jon White. Mother Jenny and Day Smith Pritchartt
join us as their schedules permit. Our first meeting in 2015 will be on February 8, and we are looking
forward to welcoming a new member, Jean Lynn.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 14
Mrs. Jane Massant
Twenty fourteen was a very busy year for us. It began with auditions for one play and ended with
auditions for another. In the middle was as an emotional farewell to our founding mother, June Hansen.
Sad as this event was on one level, it gave us a chance to appreciate not only her impact on lives within
the church community, but that of the St. Andrew’s Players since its inception, 42 years ago.
Our annual production, “The Canterville Ghost,” based on a tale by Oscar Wilde, presented us with the
opportunity to once again cast a growing group of children who have been bitten with the theater bug.
Along with their fellow adult cast members, they portrayed English snobs, American brats, mysterious
gypsies, hysterical cooks, and of course, one scary, yet somewhat pitiful ghost. The cast and crew had
great fun (especially with the special effects), bringing to life this lighthearted story contrasting human
frailties with courage. As always, none of this could have happened without the time, effort, and
commitment of countless people, too many to mention. Set, Sound, lights, make-up, costumes, publicity,
concessions, dinner theater, stage crew—you get the picture. And of course, there was our fundraising
“St Patrick’s Day Dinner.” The entertainment was wonderful in 2014 and promises to be better in 2015.
Don’t forget to put March 14th on your calendar!
We’re moving into 2015 with a super-size musical, “Children of Eden.” The cast of over 40, half children,
half adults, will begin rehearsals on January 25. We are still looking for additional helpers to ensure that
this magnificent work, based on the first 9 ½ chapters of the Book of Genesis, is all that it can be. We are
so pleased that friends from outside the parish have joined forces for this and other recent productions.
However, this is a bit of a “make or break” time for the St. Andrew’s Players. This past year has helped us
realize that there will be leadership shifts and we need new participants from within the Parish if this
particular ministry is to survive. Our goal continues to be: fostering “artistic talent and fellowship among
the members of our parish, to provide quality entertainment for a family audience, and most importantly,
to show God’s love for His people through the medium of theater.”
Ms. Leslie Harrington
We had another successful parish weekend at Shrine Mont in July of 2014. A slightly smaller group than
usual enjoyed a variety of activities—biking, hiking, swimming, sitting on the porches, eating the
wonderful food. We also had two awesome Saturday morning sessions— a lively Bible study for adults
led by the Rev. Joe Glaze featuring very entertaining skits based on Bible stories, and the fun-filled
children’s session—including DiscipleLand and Bible Bingo. While our traditional Saturday night
campfire got rained out, we had a great sing-along on the porch at Virginia House instead including
s’mores. And as always, we enjoyed a spirit-filled worship on Sunday morning at the Shrine.
Our tentative 2015 dates are July 17 to 19. We’ll be sending out more information on dates, rates, and how
you can help in late March or early April. We hope you will be able to join us on the mountain!
Mrs. Priscilla Carey
Our work continues to make St. Andrew’s a caring community. We work beyond the confines of a
committee structure and lead by example as we identify a need and attempt to meet that need. This year
the entire congregation was called on to provide meals for those welcoming babies into the world, drive
parishioners to doctor’s appointments, and provide meals to those in need. With our committee funding,
we send flowers on behalf of the entire parish family to help those in need smile.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 15
Ms. Trudy Koczyk
St. Anne’s Guild, an established women’s group of over 50 years, meets quarterly in the Lounge for
Christian fellowship and service. Meetings are held in March, June, September, and December on the
third Tuesday of the month. The meeting starts with a short business discussion, followed by lunch and
a program. Voluntary contributions provide the means for inreach and outreach. In recent years, St.
Anne’s Guild outreach support has included the Arlington Corps Division of The Salvation Army, The
Arlington Community Temporary Shelter, Grace House, AMEN, the Society of St. Margaret for its
mission in Haiti, OAR’s Project Christmas Angel, the Washington National Cathedral earthquake
reconstruction fund, and the St. Andrew’s lounge project.
Members include Peggy Amos, Janey Cartmell, June Dudley, Ruth Duvall, Joyce Fall, Joan Fern,
Heather Fitzgerald, Debbie Green, June Hansen, Carol Kiranbay, Trudy Koczyk, Leida Nemir, Lloyd
Starns, Jean Tienken, Nancy Von Schrader, and Ann Yarborough.
All are welcome. For more information, call Trudy Koczyk at 703-536-7842.
Mr. James Williams
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder, B&G’ll Be There... ensure the celestial campus looks good and that its systems work well. Until that happy day comes,
however, B&G has lots of chores down here at St. Andrew’s. This report covers the main ones in 2014,
and it starts with four general comments.
First, B&G takes a “broken-windows” approach to maintaining the buildings and grounds of St.
Andrew’s. That means we try to have things fixed as soon as a problem comes to our attention,
believing that delay can only lead to a worse situation. This approach does not always succeed -- e.g.,
despite many efforts, water still invades the Choir Vesting Rooms -- but in general it keeps the St.
Andrew’s campus looking good. Of course, achieving that goal costs money -- lots of it. St. Andrew’s is
fortunate that each year the Vestry is able to approve substantial funds for the M&R accounts that cover
the Church, Rectory, 2310 House, and grounds. In 2014 those three M&R accounts, plus the accounts for
window-washing and maintenance of the borderlands, consumed some $ 28,000. B&G is seeking a
higher level of funding in 2015.
Second, B&G is shifting from its traditionally reactive mode of problem-fixing to launching projects that
seek to boost infrastructure and avoid costly fixes by preempting the problems that underlie them. By
definition such projects are pricey, so only one or two can be done each year. In view of deliberations in
the Sacred Spaces process [see below by Warren Marton], however, B&G cut back its proposed projects
for 2015, in order to reduce the risk of conflict.
Third, getting estimates and fixing problems take a lot of time -- by phone, with email, and on site.
Vendors have to be found and vetted, appointments have to be set, and vendors must be met at hours
that range from 6 a.m. to early evening. Sometimes vendors do not answer their mail or show up at the
agreed time; sometimes they all come on the same day. Juggling these balls can be a challenge, to put it
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 16
mildly. These operational facts of life explain why hiring a part-time facilities manager -- a proposal
that is made from time to time -- would not be very useful.
Fourth, due to legacy systems the Church building has a consistently high rate of maintenance each
year, but -- perhaps due to major overhauls in the past 20 years— the Rectory and the 2310 house do
not. Last year the Rectory had a big ticket item for a new roof, and the 2310 house got relatively little
attention. This year, the Rectory required less coverage but the 2310 house needed repairs to its flue
and fireplace; and roof, window frame, and siding. It also required sealing of cove joints in the carport;
resloping the lawn away from two foundation walls; and repainting of both finished levels, and
patching and painting the basement walls.
Our main efforts in 2014 involved electricians, roofers, plumbers, and arborists; Greenview
Landscaping, which has groomed our campus [including the borderlands] for close to half-a-century;
and Carrier, which handles HVAC issues for the Church.
[1] Our electricians spent a lot of time replacing high-ceiling lights in the Nave, ceiling lights and
ballasts in the Undercroft, and outside lights on the portico and walls; tracing a short circuit and
restoring 13 of the 14 lights atop the stone wall of the portico; and reviving legacy fixtures in the front
porch and interior of the 2310 house.
[2] Beyond noted repairs to the 2310 house, our roofer sealed three large windows facing the Memorial
Garden, installed weep holes on the portico walkway, pressure-tested the four downspouts near the
Main Entrance to rule out leaks, and diagnosed new problems in the flat roof above the office wing.
[3] Our plumber was a frequent visitor who dealt with problems in the kitchen and bathrooms of the
Church, and the bathrooms of the 2310 house.
[4] Old trees continued to need grooming, and some were removed entirely. J. L. Tree heavily pruned a
large black cherry and poplar that had been shading the back of the Vegetable Garden. That pruning
may explain in part why the Garden yielded more crops this year. A large wild cherry in the
borderlands fell during a storm and, because it impacted the road and school parking lot, the County
removed it. The County also removed three dead trees from its land next to the Upper Parking Lot.
[5] Beyond groundskeeping and snow removal that are covered by a three-year contract, Greenview [a]
cleared the buried drain pipe from the Memorial Garden to the Lorcom Lane curb, [b] removed four
old pear trees to make way for the Apple Orchard in front of the 2310 house, leaving one vine-swathed
evergreen as a lonely sentinel, [c] re-sloped and sodded two sides of the 2310 house, [d] replaced
gnarled vines/weeds with liriope/sod at the front entrance of the Rectory, and [e] planted near the
Lorcom Lane parking lot a splendid crape myrtle that Mother Jenny dedicated in May to the memory
of Bob and Janet Gilka. That tree was the first to be planted under the new Master Tree Plan [MTP]
adopted by the Vestry. Under the MTP more trees are in line to be planted in the front and side yards
of the Church.
[6] At great expense and effort, Carrier kept our decrepit legacy systems working. The unexpected
extent of this HVAC trouble-shooting absorbed funds and time that originally had been planned for
special projects. Major HVAC jobs in 2014 included: replacing an incorrectly installed pressure relief
valve on the Weil-McLain boiler to meet the exacting standards of the Hartford Steam Boiler
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 17
Inspection and Insurance Company, which finally issued a two-year certificate of operation; repairing
big leaks in an Air Handler Unit behind the stage; diagnosing a leak above the stove that turned out to
be the result of a sagging condensate pipe far away in the boiler room; and re-hanging that pipe to end
the problem.
Managing HVAC issues in a large building requires far more time and a much larger skill set than
managing HVAC issues in a home. Our annual M&R contract with Carrier is second in size only to the
one with Greenview. To interact productively with Carrier personnel, B&G must have a working
knowledge of the systems that Carrier maintains, how they work individually and how they interact
collectively. B&G must know how to adjust thermostat controls on the large Air Handling Unit in the
boiler room, and on the Honeywell units in the rear of the Nave and the rear of the Undercroft behind
the stage. B&G must also know how to bring the boiler and the chiller on line, when -- as happens each
year -- slight ripples in the ‘dirty’ power of our area cause them to shut down. The B&G portfolio
entails monthly interaction with Carrier personnel by phone, email, and site visits.
To deepen the pool of talent that is on call to fix minor HVAC problems, B&G trained a few volunteers
in how to set thermostats for the Nave and restart the boiler and chiller. These are the most common
problems that occur. Typically, B&G is given short notice of events for which the Nave requires
occupied-room temperature -- e.g., a wedding or funeral, or a tuning of the sensitive Perry-Madden
Organ. We trained first a few B&G members, and then members of the lockup team [see below]. B&G
hopes to train more folks in 2015. Agreeing to learn simple HVAC tasks carries no obligation to join
B&G, but of course we hope that one step will lead to the other!
Safety and security remained a concern that B&G shared with others. Our campus is blessed to lie in a
good ZIP code, but stuff can happen even here and it is wise to take precautions. One step is preparing
and updating our weekly duty schedule, which ensures an inside sweep of the Church before external
doors are locked each night, and a select unlocking of those doors each morning. Knowing that St.
Andrew’s takes care to keep its premises safe is a comfort to all who use our space, notably groups
with children. Four parishioners now staff our lockup team; more are being sought. A second step was
a project that lasted some two years. B&G and former Senior Warden Warren Marton drafted a letter
on safety and security practices that the Vestry approved and that Mother Jenny mailed to all groups
that use our campus. Initial response by several recipients was very positive.
When kitchen problems were reported with the Vulcan stove and the JET-TECH commercial
dishwasher, B&G brought in technicians to fix them. Finding those experts was a challenge, because
not many firms deal with such equipment. After clarifying with Steve Benson and Vestry members the
requirement for more space in front of the Nave, B&G hired a general contractor to move to the
Undercroft two rows of pews, relocate their modesty rails, cut off their floor bolts, and patch holes in
the tile. We had a vendor fix broken wooden blinds in the Undercroft and re-cord many of them. For
the first time since those blinds were installed, one no longer needs a stepladder to raise or open them.
B&G is happy to help other groups in St. Andrew’s. One weekend in August the Church did a major
house-cleaning—perhaps its first in decades. B&G had no role in the house-cleaning, but it was tasked
to get rid of the huge pile of stuff that emerged. B&G hired College Hunks Hauling Junk to schlep
away two truckloads. That done, B&G arranged for Goodwill Industries to pick up several pieces of
usable furniture; a shredding service to destroy financial records; and the County’s hazardous waste
disposal facility to take some 70 cans of old paint. For months B&G was in touch with the Playground
Committee to define the best site, give advice on issues that affect permitting by Arlington County, and
obtain bids on items such as fencing and carpet mulch. Finally, B&G is in contact with the
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 18
St. Andrew’s Players to find a more secure spot for their sensitive electronic and audio-visual
B&G members are working with the Sacred Spaces Committee and CG&S, a local architectural firm, to
present to the Vestry a master architectural plan for St. Andrew’s. This process is yielding real benefits
to B&G. For example, the CG&S Facility Assessment Report contains much information on
infrastructure and legacy systems. It notes a minor problem with chimney flashing that B&G had its
roofer fix. The same Report brought to light that a louver for the mechanical room at the main
entrance of the Undercroft had been walled up long ago. We are reviewing with CG&S
the impact of no louver on the old Air Handling Unit in that room.
By no means did B&G do all the work on buildings and grounds in 2014. Dave Smith led teams of
volunteers who cared for the Vegetable Garden and the Apple Orchard [see more below]. Warren
Duvall, the dedicated Bulbmeister of St. Andrew’s, continued his ministry of replacing burnt-out bulbs
in the Church. It is amazing how many different bulb types the building has, and how inaccessible
some of them are. In July, Joan and Craig Lawrence spent a long weekend completely redoing the
flowers in the Memorial Garden. Joan’s comprehensive October 2013 report on the Garden is an
essential guide to those who tend it. Richard Knight donated useful and attractive furniture from his
legal practice: eight upholstered conference-room chairs, a partner’s desk and chair, an office
refrigerator, and lateral file cabinets with locks.
As a matter of principle, B&G scrupulously tries to document its work with e-mails that summarize
the who-what-where-when-why of each step. We believe it is important to have an up-to-date file on
projects that each year consume a huge part of the St. Andrew’s budget. In the interest of
transparency, and to produce a record that can pass any audit, we submit detailed background with
many invoices that go to the Treasurer for payment.
The number and complexity of B&G issues lead to many e-mails. Not everyone in St. Andrew’s has
time to skim, let alone to read, them all. For that reason B&G tries to send its e-mails only to persons
with interest or need to know. If you receive B&G emails but wish to be removed from the addressee
list, or if you do not receive B&G emails but wish to be added to the addressee list, please inform Jim
Williams or Richard Knight. Persons who wish to learn what B&G is doing should first read the
minutes of B&G’s monthly meetings. B&G posts those minutes on the bulletin board near the Front
Office a day or two after each meeting.
A ministry of volunteers, B&G is open to all persons regardless of age, sex, high-church/low-church
leaning, personal preferences, favorite NFL team, physical infirmity, or mental defect. Our agenda is
complex and long; our monthly meetings are lively and productive. B&G members are problemsolvers who enjoy the challenge of keeping the St. Andrew’s campus in tip-top shape. That one
sentence defines the B&G ministry. Our motto, which we acknowledge at the start of each monthly
meeting, comes from Psalm 127: “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”
Like all workhorses, B&G members want new stablemates -- fillies, geldings, or stallions. Time and
the endless stream of problems take a toll in personnel turnover. That means that B&G needs to fill
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 19
more stalls in its stable. We, therefore, urge folks to drop by, kick our tires, listen to our discussions,
and sample our tasty—and free—coffee and danish. Once each month we meet in the Lounge at 9
a.m., usually on the Saturday that comes just before the Vestry meeting. B&G meeting dates are listed
on the electronic calendar. Come check us out in the New Year. You have only to show up. You can
also discuss your interest with anyone in B&G.
At the end of 2014 the B&G team consists of Harry Amos, Bill Clement, Richard Knight, Dave Smith,
and Jim Williams. Sarah Louppe Petcher is our Vestry Liaison. Our bench strength is deep. All of us
have served in leadership positions for the Vestry, the Endowment for Outreach, the Golden Jubilee
Trust, the Vegetable Garden, the Apple Orchard, and/or the Sacred Spaces Committee. John Milton’s
sonnet line well applies to this B&G team: “They also serve who only stand and wait.”
Mr. Warren Marton
In 2013 the Vestry read and discussed the book Holy Places, which describes a process, with many
examples, for deciding whether and how to renovate the sacred spaces of a church. The timing
seemed right for St. Andrew’s to pursue this topic of renovation. After all, for many years, the
installation of an elevator has been discussed, and funds donated for such purpose, about $275,000,
remain unspent. Also, other ideas were percolating: a playground, upgrades of the Undercroft and
Kitchen, as well as a new suggestion to renovate the Renehan Center for potential rental by a local
pre-school. By the end of 2013, the Vestry agreed that a Sacred Spaces Team comprised of non-Vestry
members should be formed to address this topic.
Early in 2014 the team was formed, consisting of members: Warren Duvall, Ted Edwards, Joan
Lawrence, Warren Marton, Erin May, and Dave Smith, as well as consultants: Richard Knight and Jim
Williams. Warren is the chair of the team, Mother Jenny participates in most of the meetings, and
Peter Van Voorthuizen is the Vestry liaison. Rules of procedure were adopted, and the team went to
The team quickly concluded that we needed to obtain broader input from the congregation.
Notwithstanding those projects already “on the table,” there surely would be other views from the
congregation on St. Andrew’s needs. We felt it was essential to identify current needs as well as
longer-term needs all in support of the St. Andrew’s vision to be “Joyous, Growing, Caring, and
Inviting.” All the needs should be addressed in an integrated Master Plan that could be phased and
implemented in a manner consistent with available funds as well as fund raising. This led to the
decision to seek professional input from an architect experienced in Arlington regulations and church
After performing a search, receiving recommendations, reviewing a proposal and performing a “due
diligence” evaluation, the team recommended that the Vestry approve a contract with the architect
firm of Cox, Graae & Spack to prepare concept designs. The Vestry approved the recommendation
In September, based upon the results of a survey of congregation views, in which 96 responses were
received, and the results from interviews with 20 St. Andrew’s ministries, the architects Bill Spack and
Lindsay Hellender prepared six conceptual designs that addressed the needs expressed by the
congregation and the ministries. After several meetings between the team and the architects, three
conceptual designs remain under consideration. Each design includes installation of an elevator and
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 20
renovation of the Undercroft and Kitchen, and each design provides for a different use of the Renehan
Center, i.e., (1) use mainly for administrative offices, including rector office, and meeting rooms, (2) use
mainly for future St. Andrew's program needs, such as outreach, education, various other meetings,
and (3) use for a pre-school, including access to lower level bathrooms and occasional access to Undercroft.
In early January 2015 the architects will provide cost information on the three designs. The team is
planning to meet with the architects later in January to go over the costs and identify next steps. This
will be followed by a recommendation to the Vestry, after which the architects will meet with the
congregation to present, in effect, the Master Plan and discuss the basis of the plan and answer
questions. Implementation of the plan will follow at a pace determined by congregational support of
the design as well as available funding resources and expectations for future funding resources.
In summary, 2014 has been a busy year for our team. We met 16 times, sponsored several forums and a
presentation to the congregation, and have generally accomplished our objectives for the year. We look
forward to 2015 when we expect to reach agreement on the Master Plan and begin implementation of,
at least, parts of the plan.
Mr. Dave Smith
St. Andrew’s sponsors a “Plot Against Hunger” to grow fresh produce for the Arlington Food
Assistance Center (AFAC) for distribution to low-income Arlington residents. AFAC is a communitybased non-profit organization that provides supplemental groceries to our Arlington neighbors in need.
St Andrew’s has been sponsoring the garden for 7 years and our partners at AFAC note that the garden
fresh vegetables are well received and greatly appreciated by their clients. Every pound is needed
because of the growing client base and the garden is a major contributor to the Plot Against Hunger
program for AFAC.
This ministry attracts volunteers from the Parish along with a number of volunteers from the
community. From a “community gardening” perspective, the Garden has promoted awareness of
wholesome, sustainable gardening practices among our children and their families and has helped
AFAC reach their goal of providing fresh vegetables and fruits for their clients. St. Andrew’s is blessed
with a large campus and the garden has been a wonderful way to share our bounty with the community. It has also been a great opportunity for many new gardeners to enjoy the pleasures of gardening
while knowing their yield will be sincerely appreciated.
Two exciting new additions were add this year: a) the establishment of an “urban apple orchard” on the
St. Andrew’s campus and b) the addition of a bee hive at the back of the garden. We planted 24 apple
trees in the spring that we hope will produce a bounty of produce in the coming years. Eight trees are
larger (4-5 years old) and 16 are two-year saplings. Over the course of the season, it became apparent
that the local deer would not easily stop feasting on our young apple trees so after the unsuccessful use
of a number of “home” remedies thought to discourage deer, we gave in and installed wire fences
around each tree. To date, this effort has proved to be successful in protecting our young saplings.
In 2014, we began the season earlier than previous years. We met in February to plan our garden with a
great digital garden planning “app” available from Mother Earth News. The Plot was deep plowed just
in time to permit our first work day on Saturday, April 5th when we planted radishes and carrots from
donated AFAC seeds along with Kale and Cabbages grown in the Smith basement under lights. Later in
the month, the garden was the recipient of collards from the Episcopal School greenhouse in
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 21
Alexandria and more Smith basement kale. We successfully leveraged the “Signup Genius” website to
maintain our water, weeding, and picking schedule throughout the season. These early crops added
pounds to our yield and were deemed a great success. Unexpectedly, we continued to pick kale and
collards throughout the entire growing season from these early plants.
Starting in May we hosted a number of work days and were once again the recipient of wonderful
tomato and pepper plants from the Episcopal School. The Smith basement garden additionally
contributed more tomato, pepper, summer squash, tomatillos, and winter squash seedlings to finish out
the summer garden. In early June, we installed an above ground drip irrigation system to the delight of
all the volunteer waterers! The irrigation system also helps to conserve water and keeps the moisture
off the foliage effectively combating disease.
We continued to harvest good yields of summer vegetables up until frost in mid-November and
harvested additional cold-tolerant vegetables until the weekend before Thanksgiving. Our total yield
for the year was 2,801 pounds…a new St. Andrew’s record! Additionally, St. Andrew’s continues to
host a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm produce cooperative every Thursday. The
Sinclair’s bring fresh produce for distribution to subscribers and have produce available for purchase
by the community. The Sinclair’s donated their excess CSA vegetables totaling 595 pounds this year
also a new record. Together the St. Andrew’s plot and CSA yield exceeded 3,396 pounds! We attribute
our great success to our loyal volunteers (totaling 15ish) made up of both parishioners and AFAC
community volunteers along with the great amendments and previous stewardship of the plot by
earlier gardeners. Finally, we sincerely appreciate AFAC acquiring donated seeds and connecting us to
the Episcopal School for their help providing seedlings.
Mr. Steve Benson
Twenty fourteen highlighted a number of special music events and important program developments
in the music program at St. Andrew’s.
During Lent, we enjoyed special presentations by viol d'gamba performer Tina Chancey at both the
Healing Service and at a following Sunday afternoon recital. Easter was again a special time with
trumpet players Caleb Rakestraw-Morn and Mark Davis enhancing our service music and the annual
rendition of Handel’s Chorus “Hallelujah” (Messiah). Bagpipes and drums returned for our annual St.
Andrew’s Day celebration, and at Christmas we were again blessed by the talents of the Kivrak-Lazar
string trio and trumpeter Mark Davis. Special appearances on Christmas Eve by sopranos Jessica
Lawrence-Hares, Jane Massant, and Ruth Ann Pinkman enhanced the 10 p.m. Candlelight Service, and
the Family Service enjoyed the Children’s Choir singing “Away in a Manger.”
Continuing maintenance and upkeep work on the pipe organ at St. Andrew’s remains a necessary and
important focus of our work. We are anticipating the completion of some improvements to the
mechanisms of the instrument in early 2015. Challenges involving tuning stability continue and
exploration for solutions with our technical firm will be part of our 2015 activities.
There has been some notable interest in using the St. Andrew’s Nave as a performance venue from
outside performing groups and ensembles in 2014. In particular, the Arlington Symphony and the
National Men’s Chorus have expressed interest in using our facilities. We are hoping for two or more
visiting high school choir presentations in 2015. St. Andrew’s Nave is noted for its very fine acoustics
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 22
for music, and this attribute, combined with our location, provides a venue that can be of special interest to area performance ensembles. The support of the Buildings & Grounds Committee remains an
important component of these activities.
I am especially pleased with the growth in musical ability of the Adult Choir, which provides support
for congregational singing and special anthems during our “season” almost every week. While small in
number, the choir’s devoted attendance and increased ability to handle more advanced and varied
repertoire is significant. Our Services of Worship are blessed to have the steady commitment of our
Adult Choir members. It is hoped that more volunteer singers will find it possible to join us on Sunday
mornings at 9 a.m. for our pre-service rehearsals so that we may increase in size.
Last but not least, we all join in celebrating the growth and development of our Children’s Choir. I extend my sincere and special thanks to Karen Colmie, Day Smith Pritchartt, Jenny Montgomery, all of
the parents, and especially the children for their continued participation and commitment to this special
and important ministry. We look forward to continued growth in the Children’s Choir in 2015.
Mrs. Ronnie Doherty
During 2014, the Altar Guild continued its ministry of altar preparation for every regularly scheduled
service, creation of flower arrangements and care of altar linens, vessels and clergy vestments. Guild
members also took on extra duties, including preparation and clean-up, for the special times of the
liturgical year, such as St. Andrew’s Day, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy
Week, Easter and Pentecost. Other services, such as the Bishop’s visit and the Annual Meeting Service
also required the efforts of the Altar Guild. The Guild also prepared for and, on many occasions,
participated in seven baptisms, one wedding, and four funerals, all of which were held at St. Andrew’s.
All of these “labors of love” are performed by a group of 17 dedicated and hard-working members:
Tierney Bates, Janey Cartmell, Ronnie Doherty, Joyce Fall, Joan Fern, Greer Gilka, Suzanne Glenn,
Leslie Harrington, Debbi Healy, Laura Ingles, Carol Kiranbay, Joan Lawrence, Leida Nemir, Lloyd
Starns, Jean Tienken, Nancy Von Schrader, and Ana White. Without their commitment and
perseverance, it would not be possible to perform all the tasks necessary to preserve the liturgical
heritage of St. Andrew’s.
We welcome any member (male or female) of St. Andrew’s who would like to be a part of this vital but
behind the scenes ministry. There are many varied tasks and there is a place for everyone’s talent.
Please contact me or any other member of the Altar Guild for more information.
Mrs. Ana White
The main purpose of the Lay Worship Ministries is to aid the church by scheduling lay persons in a
number of positions during the 8 am, 10 am, and any special services. In 2014, the Lay Worship
Ministries made great strides by adding a number of youth acolytes for both the 8 am and 10 am
services. Unfortunately, the same year saw a great loss in the ranks of ushers for the 10 am service. In
order to maintain a consistent presence at both services we need more volunteers in most of the service
areas, with our main areas of need being ushers for the 10 am service and servers for the 8 am service.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 23
Mrs. Diane Marton
In the fall, when Michelle Roach joined St. Andrew’s as a seminarian, a Lay Committee was
established to provide support and feedback during her time with us. A Lay Committee is
required to be part of the Field Education program at Virginia Theological Seminary. The Lay
Committee is chaired by Diane Marton and includes Marc Hone, Lloyd Starns, Peter Wehmann,
and Mary Youman. Lay Committee members attended an orientation session at the Seminary this
fall and have convened regularly while Seminary classes are in session, following the guidelines
established by the Seminary’s Field Education Program.
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
page 24
St. Andrew’s Annual Report 2014
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